Chapter 451: Seems Like A Tough One

 Chapter 451: Seems Like A Tough One

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"What? Are you afraid?" The newcomer was in his twenties. He had a bulky body, and the way he looked at people was extremely sharp. After seeing that Mu Lingfeng seemed to be a little bit out of it, he thought that his opponent had been shocked by his aura; so, he asked with his eyebrows flicking.

Mu Lingfeng turned around and said, "You will know once you try."

"Hehe... You just wait for your failure! Before you do, remember my name, Li Shao! Heh!"

Just as he finished talking, Li Shao jumped into the air and his right leg kicked out like a falling star, fast like a lightning bolt.

"Moon Cut!"

Mu Lingfeng had a sharp look in his eyes as he held his breath, sucked in his belly, and took a big step forward with his right foot. The long blade in his hand sliced through the surface of the ground, throwing out an attack.


The bright yellow blade light shot out, attacking towards the left side of Li Shao.


Li Shao frowned and changed the direction of his kick, performing an extreme kick power attack and shattering the blade light.

Mu Lingfeng made up his mind, attacking especially at Li Shao's left side. Therefore, no matter how the latter decided to change his leg art, nothing changed for the former or that sharp look in his eyes. It was as if those eyes could see through every flaw of his.

After dozens of attacks, Li Shao could feel something was not right, since he was supposed to be thirty percent more powerful than Mu Lingfeng. It should be him who should have had the upper hand while his opponent tried his best to catch up. But right now, they were somehow stuck in a situation where they both were at the same level. As the time passed, Li Shao could feel that his leg art was largely limited.

"I can beat you without the leg art!" After pouring the Zhen Yuan back into both of his palms, Li Shao twisted them in the air. That powerful palm power was like a huge wave that rushed out towards his opponent.

"Come on!"

The more Mu Lingfeng battled, the more powerful he got. He performed his blade art smoothly without any blockage, pushing his blade power and blade intent to the next level.


Another dozens of attacks had passed when the two seemed to have made a decision as they both performed their most powerful attack. It was enough to tear open the qi wave of the mountains as it blew both of their bodies back while making them puke out blood.

"Alright! This round, we are even."

The Thunder Princess stopped the two, who looked like they were about to attack again.

"Huh! This time, you were lucky." Failing to beat Mu Lingfeng, Li Shao was quite embarrassed. However, he would not go against the Thunder Princess.

Mu Lingfeng seemed extremely calm, "Next time, you will not be my opponent."

Just like this, the two left the main stage.

"I apologize for not beating him." After going back to his own seat, Mu Lingfeng said to Ye Chen with Zhen Yuan; he was extremely impressed with the latter.

Ye Chen said, "It is alright. I am quite surprised that you managed to break it even, since there was still a huge power gap between you and him. It is not the kind of difference you can fix with a few tips."

Ye Chen was indeed impressed. He was hoping that Mu Lingfeng would not lose his face, but he did not expect to see him being that horrifyingly powerful. Mu Lingfeng had not only managed to continue being himself, but somehow managed to perform even better. No wonder he was regarded as the representative of the young generation, the new star after Ye Chen.

It had not been a good start for the South Rudra Region as well as the Slashing Mountain Region. Although people from other regions were not purposely targeting the Slashing Mountain Region, but all of the young warriors from there started to lose one after another. It was reasonable, since even the weakest warriors from powerful regions such as the Thunder Region and the Gold Sand Regions could win against almost half of the young warriors from Slashing Mountain Region.

"Cold Moon Spear, Race Star Mountain, is it really okay for you to sit back? Your Mountain Region has not won even one battle so far."

Pointing at the center of the River Mountain Platform, a tall teenager named Cao Tie who came from the Snow Iron Region called out the warriors' names directly.

Hearing him, Cold Moon Spear Xu Jiang, who wore white robes, slowly stood up.

On his side, Race Star Mountain frowned, "Now? Are we going up there now?"

Xu Jiang said, "Except us, there would be no safety guaranteed for the rest of the pack."

"Be careful."

Race Star Mountain knew what Xu Jiang was thinking- only by beating the opponent could they save face for the Mountain Region, just like what the South Rudra Region had done.

The battle finally began. Xu Jiang had been titled the Cold Moon Spear for a reason. He held his silver long spear in his hand as its spear light shot out in all directions; it was as if he was standing in the river on a pitch black night, which was reflecting light from the moon.

Cao Tie had trained the gold element Zhen Yuan; it was not only sharp, but also extremely powerful at defending. Combined with his martial intent, he managed to block out the attack from the Cold Moon Spear.

"If this is what you have, then you will definitely not be able to block out that spear attack." Xu Jiang said lightly.

Cao Tie chuckled, "You and I have similar power. If you want to beat me with one spear, it would be impossible. But, you can obviously try your best!"


Xu Jiang took a deep breath as the silver spear spun in his hand.

The shadow of the spear circled as the yuan qi poured out, and a deep ocean like swirl formed in front of Xu Jiang. It attracted all of the air around them. As the spear spun faster and faster, its sucking power increased as well. Cao Tie, who was battling against Xu Jiang, froze a little at the sight of that, and could not help bumping his own body towards the tip of the spear.

"Not good!" Cao Tie seemed to be frightened as he pushed his Zhen Yuan, trying his best to escape from the sucking power.

"Too late now!"

A spear mark flashed once in the air before disappearing completely, and the protective Zhen Yuan layer broke down within the second. Cao Tie's clothes in front of his chest had been sliced open. If Xu Jiang had not gone easy on him, that spear attack would have punctured through his heart.

"Thank you!"

Xu Jiang took back his spear and stood up straight.


Cao Tie and Xu Jiang did not have any problems with each other; so, even if one lost to another, it was not a big deal. Furthermore, Cao Tie was sincerely impressed by Xu Jiang's spear art.

"Cold Moon Spear Xu Jiang, I, Huo Xiao, have always been waiting to see you! Let us battle!" Someone from the Fire Pond Region stood out at this moment.

Xu Jiang frowned. He knew that this man did not seem easy to take on.

It was indeed a top-five ranked warrior from the Fire Pond Region. He had beaten ten warriors in a row in the last tea gathering, before being beaten by Mo Xiang, the prince of beasts. It had been two years since then; it would be impossible for him to not improve at all.

"Please!" Xu Jiang shook out a spear flower.

"Of course!"

There were a lot of muddy natural ponds inside the Fire Pond Region, which were normally filled with rotten things that transformed into inflammable gases after a while, making the whole region a victim of forest fire all the time. Therefore, most of the warriors who lived in the Fire Pond Region all practiced fire element body and Zhen Yuan, since they would be able to augment their training with the perfect training environment. Unsurprisingly, this Huo Xiao trained the fire element Zhen Yuan as well.


A creepy, green colored flame shot out. Huo Xiao seemed to be way more powerful than Cao Tie, so Xu Jiang was forced to continuously back out. He was not able to throw out the attack which had beaten Cao Tie.

"Fire Shine World!"

Huo Xiao then threw out a punch. That aggressive, burning-hot fist power shot out at an extreme speed, forming countless unpredictable qi flow that pushed Xu Jiang out, who was trying his best once again.

"Huo Xiao has won. The warriors from the Fire Pond Region are rather powerful after all."

"One of the top powerful warriors from the Slashing Mountain Region has failed. Now, there is only Race Star Mountain left. If he loses as well, then the Slashing Mountain Region will definitely sink into an awkward situation in this tea gathering."

"The South Rudra Region and the Slashing Mountain Region had both been in the weaker position all this while. I don't think they will be able to change that within one or two years."

The failure of the Slashing Mountain Region gave the crowd something to talk about. But after a while, the topic seemed to always go back to the South Rudra Region.


After a while, to everyone's shock, Yan Chihuo stood up for battle. He walked to the battlefield with big steps - he wanted everyone to change their opinion about their capabilities, and show them the new South Rudra Region. Even if there were a lot of powerful warriors like him here from the South Rudra Region, but if changes were to happen, then they should start with him.


Taking out his burning red blade, Yan Chihuo lifted it up and pointed it at Huo Xiao.

"Let's do this!"

"Oh?" The latter flicked his eyebrows as he asked, "How come Sikong Sheng did not come on stage? It has been two years since the last tea gathering. Did he not manage to make any progress at all?"

Yan Chihuo said, "I will be enough for this."

"Alright then! I will beat you first. Then, I can force out Sikong Sheng." Although Sikong Sheng was not one of the top warriors, he had still gained some reputation. Huo Xiao did not have the confidence to beat him for sure before, and he still did not; but, for beating a nobody, he had all the confidence he needed.

The two both trained fire Zhen Yuan. All of a sudden, the two miles wide field was filled with flames which made the whole place extremely hot. The extremely tough top white jade started to crack open under this extreme heat, generating loud noises.

"Fire Shine World!"

Huo Xiao performed the attack that had beaten Xu Jiang, but Yan Chihuo did not back out at all. He jumped down, waving out his blade from above. That blade attack was like a crack on the earth; people could see the lava pouring and shooting out into the sky before forming a red colored, huge burning blade. It had not only broken open the fist power, but also blown away Huo Xiao's body.

"Thirty- three Blade Net!"

With one blade attack alone, he had managed to gain the upper hand. Yet, his blade attacks did not stop, as he continuously threw out thirty-two more blade attacks. The heated blade light layered over one another, creating a blade net that fell down on Huo Xiao.

Pooh! Puff! Pooh! Puff!

Even though Huo Xiao tried his best to break out of the blade net, the flame on the net had canceled out most of his fist power. The remaining fist power could only manage to damage tiny parts of the net. The next second, his protective Zhen Yuan layer had been cut open. Blood spilled out as he was blown away again.

"What? Yan Chihuo from the South Rudra Region has won?"

"This Huo Xiao was ranked top five in the whole Fire Pond Region! He is no nobody! On the contrary, this Yan Chihuo was not the number one warrior, yet he somehow managed to beat Huo Xiao? This kind of power has indeed reached beyond the Slashing Mountain Region! How surprising!"

Yan Chihuo's victory had allowed a lot of people to see that the South Rudra Region was not a place to be disregarded. Although not many of them had managed to come to this tea gathering, half of the seventeen people that had come still had not shown what they had yet. No one could see exactly how powerful they were.

After beating Huo Xiao, Yan Chihuo welcomed another two opponents, both of whom were no weaker than Huo Xiao. The second opponent was even thirty percent more powerful than the first, and was from the Cloud Wavy Region.

The battle was extremely tough, and they both had changed their battling style a couple of times. But eventually, Yan Chihuo managed to hold on and won three battles in a row. He had lifted the whole South Rudra Region to a place where they would not be looked down upon again.

"Nice! It will soon be time for me to join the battle!"

It was a warrior from the Black Gold Region, the third ranked young warrior named Shi Ting. He had beaten Sikong Sheng in the last tea party, which made him the person who had embarrassed Sikong Sheng before. After seeing him stepping out, Sikong Sheng squeezed his eyes, but did not say anything.

"Yan Chihuo, let me go. You should recover some of your Zhen Yuan." Li Daoxuan could tell that Yan Chihuo had burned out a lot of his Zhen Yuan and energy. Battling against powerful warriors in a row would definitely be exhausting. So, he thought that he should join to replace him.

Yan Chihuo hesitated, then said, "Be careful! This guy seems quite dangerous."

"I know." Li Daoxuan nodded.

"Ye Chen, do you think that Li Daoxuan can win?" Mu Lingfeng was quite impressed by Ye Chen, so he could not help but ask.

Ye Chen said, "The two both seem to have a similar level of power. So, in the end, they would have to compete with the richness of the mental power."