Chapter 449: Sikong Sheng

 Chapter 449: Sikong Sheng

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The power testing pillar flickered violently, and it only took it a moment to go from the first up to eighth row. As all the ten stones lighted up, the light suddenly turned red, then purple, and eventually black.

The participant was not a nameless individual, but a reputed genius of Thunder Region. However, he wasn't even ranked in the top ten of the Thunder Region.

"Eighty, black color!"

"The absolute pinnacle strength of Astral Reaching realm!"

Spectators commented while sighing.

It should be known that usually, eighty lights represented the full worth of an Astral Reaching expert by itself. However, the last stone of every two rows carried a little trick. It could emit three kind of lights: red, purple and black; purple derived from red, and black derived from purple. The colors reflected the tester's offensive power.

However, this fact in itself wouldn't have caused people to be so amazed. The reason they were so surprised was that the tester wasn't even in the top ten of Thunder Region. Didn't this mean that Thunder Region had at least ten more people who could light eighty stones with a black light, or even more?

"Too powerful! Thunder Region is indeed worthy of being the most powerful region of the southern sector. Be it the overall strength, average strength, or peak strength, it far outstrips the other regions. Eighty lights and black color, that might be the achievement of only the strongest characters of Slashing Mountain Region and South Rudra Region."

"You can't say that for sure."

The testing continued in an organized manner. As it went on, it became apparent that only ten or twenty percent of participants would be able to make it in.

Soon, it was Murong Qingcheng's turn,

Murong Qingcheng didn't use her full strength. She faintly raised her left hand and punched the air.

"Eighty with a black color!"

As everybody was astonished, Ye Chen also underwent his testing. He raised his two index fingers and pointed in air, lighting up eighty stones with black color.

"Again eighty with a black color."

Two eighty lights and black color in quick succession caused everybody to pay attention to the two. However, they had never seen these two individuals, and neither did they know where they came from.


At another entrance of the Glory Garden...

"Edict Prince has arrived!"

"I wonder if he can light up more than eighty."

"We'll find out soon."

Amidst low murmurs of discussions, Edict Prince faintly smiled and struck out with a finger, emitting a beam of finger energy. It struck the crystal sheet, immediately creating a dazzling radiance. Eighty stones, black color.

"Eighty with a black color... Seems like Edict Prince isn't showing his true strength. But, it also seems fair, since not many would be willing to show their most powerful offense on the power testing pillar. The basic purpose here is to simply pass the test."

"Not true. There is one individual who even though wouldn't show his true strength, would certainly leave his mark."

"You're talking about Astral Spirit son, right? He has never liked to let others get the better off him. Amongst the three true dragons, he is the most domineering."

"Look over there! The girl with Edict Prince is about to take the test."

The beautiful woman called You Xin showed no movement. She merely glanced at the pillar, and the crystal sheet immediately rumbled. She also got eighty with a black light.

"What sort of attack is this? I'm pretty sure she didn't attack at all."

"I wouldn't dare to be sure."

"She probably did, but we couldn't catch it."

The spectators were bewildered.

"Let's enter."

Edict Prince pulled You Xin's hand and entered the garden.


At the garden's third entrance...

"Eighty four!"

"Astral Spirit son indeed has the offensive power of Sea of Soul realm. Moreover, it's not eighty one or eighty two, but eighty four. He should be stronger than early Sea of Soul realm experts."

"Perhaps! But, this is not his strongest attack."

"He can very possibly overpower a Sea of Soul realm expert."

Enjoying others' admiration, the red-haired youngster raised his foot and walked inside as his body gave off a demonic kind of aura; reckless and flamboyant, without anything held back. If a normal person were to act in this manner, they would only give off an air of arrogance and conceit. However, it seemed so natural coming from Spirit son that it seemed as if he were simply born with it.

Behind Astral Spirit son, the long purple haired bewitching girl curled her lips and inwardly and said, "Eldest senior brother, I'm here not just to challenge Edict Prince and Thunder Princess this time. It will be you after them."


A Score of eighty with a black light.

The purple haired girl went inside, leaving behind a fiery rear view for spectators.


The Glory Garden was too vast; the location of the Tea Gathering was the Mountain River Stage.

The Mountain River Stage was actually a platform that stretched for several li. It gave off a milky white color, making it seem like a white marble. However, those who frequented here knew that its construction material was not white jade at all, but the best quality refined thunder stone known as thunder iron. With thunder iron as a base, the platform's surface was then molded with white jade resin, giving it an imposing and heroic aura.

There was a pavilion incorporated in its construction, which spanned in all four directions in a haphazard yet stylish manner. Only the center area had the actual huge empty area, with dimensions of about two li.

At this moment, the stage was already filling up with youngsters less than thirty years old, with the rate still rapidly increasing. It would soon be completely packed.

"What a Feng Shui gem."

Relying on his dragon Qi, Ye Chen could tell the extraordinariness of the stage. The entire site looked like the dragon eye of Thunder City, giving it an effect as if there was a breathing dragon.

Murong Qingcheng faintly watched the stage before her attention was attracted by two youths coming over.

The youth directly in front wore a seven-starred robe and had an elegant appearance. His eyes were tranquil and stature slender. When he walked, no sound arose; however, it didn't feel strange at all. Instead, it felt as if he was walking on a breeze, lighting up the atmosphere wherever he went.

But, the red-haired youth in the right was his exact opposite. He had a demonic aura that was tyrannous to the extreme. He seemed like a demonic commander who held the world in the palm of his hand. His powerful aura even seemed to be changing his surroundings, filling it with a bloodthirsty and riotous air.

Involuntarily, her gaze went to Ye Chen, the sword artist who originated from the same place as her. Always calm and unhurried, amidst numerous geniuses, he was neither too eye-grabbing nor too ignorable; always staying in that middle spot. At a glance, he seemed exceptionally calm; but, it was only if one dug deeper that they would discover the peerless and stunning sword qi ready to spill blood at a moment's notice.

Murong Qingcheng believed that the number of people paying attention to Ye Chen wouldn't be more compared to her. Even the elegant youngster and red-haired youngster paid attention to her at the first glance, and didn't treat Ye Chen as a big rival. It wasn't that their perception was lacking, but she herself had only felt this point after spending some time with him. Even Sea of Soul Daoists might not be able to distinguish Ye Chen's extraordinariness.

There were four true dragons in the sky, but to distinguish the dragon qi through confrontation was exceptionally hard. Ye Chen himself couldn't do so. Only Life and Death Kings and experts of Feng Shui would be able to achieve that. This had nothing to with strength and discerning power.

Gradually, the people charging in became increasingly less.

The stage soon had more than three hundred people there, reaching close to four hundred. Amongst the crowd, Ye Chen spotted Yan Chihou, Li Daoxuan, Tuo Baku, Lin Yun, Bing Ling, Gu Youyun, and others. Of course, there was the black-robed Sikong Sheng as well.

"Ye Chen, Murong... long time no see." Yan Chihuo and Li Daoxuan walked over.

"Hehe... Ye Chen, it has been too long since we saw each other. After this gathering, we need to have a proper reunion. These few years, I've really been going through a hellish cultivation." To talk with Ye Chen in this manner, Tuo Baku was the only one who could do it.

Ye Chen smiled bitterly, "Let's deal with this Martial Tea Gathering First. Save everything for later."

"Don't worry! Our numbers might be less, but it doesn't mean we'll fall behind." Tuo Baku said confidently.

Soon after, the cold-eyed Bing Ling also walked over.

At another side...

Sikong Sheng and two other black-robed youngsters stood up together.

"So, is he Ye Chen? He doesn't seem much!" The youngster who seemed a bit younger in age sized up Ye Chen and then spoke.

Sikong Sheng replied curtly, "You'll find out soon enough. No need to ask much."

"Hmm... To make you, Ye Fourth, pay so much attention... he must have his means. I wonder to what degree though."

"Ye Seventh, can't you speak a little less? To be able to participate in Martial Gathering, nobody is a simple character. Better be cautious beforehand, lest you suffer an unexpected failure."

"Heh, don't worry. I'm not some three-year-old kid."

Sikong Sheng gazed at Ye Chen deeply as the latter also happened to look towards him, causing their eyes to meet.

'Ye Chen, I've awaited this gathering for so long. You didn't let me down either, and have indeed participated.'

Sikong Sheng's insides were rampaging. Not many people knew that he had actually been the Ye First of Seizing Moon Pavilion, which was merely a side branch of Evil King Pavilion. However, after the last Tea Gathering, he was invited to Evil King Pavilion as a replacement for Ye Seventh. Thereafter, by relying on his King bloodline and talent, he not only shed off his identity as a replacement, but made lightning-fast progress and became the fourth out of seven Ye, gaining Evil King's attention.

"Ye Chen, wait for my challenge!"

Sensing the extreme determination from his eyes, Ye Chen smiled indifferently. After four years, the latter had become much stronger. Moreover, even his identity seemed to have changed. The two youths with him were definitely not simple. In their leisurely and relaxed appearance was a confidence, a confidence that was different from usual. In precise terms, it was a confidence that emerged from their identity.