Chapter 446: Resisting Beast Prince, Mo Xiang

 Chapter 446: Resisting Beast Prince, Mo Xiang

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Hearing these words, the linen-robed man said, "Sword artists have the sharpest insight. If it didn't work the first time, it wouldn't work in the future either. But, you don't necessarily have to target him. Your poison is not useful just for killing."

"You mean that woman?" Five Poison Ghost Commander guessed the linen-robed man's meaning. The latter remained silent.

"Hehe... You're right. I don't have to focus on that kid. As long as I can poison his friend, he will have to come find me." The Five Poison Ghost Commander closed his eyes and focused his soul power back on the heartless poison Qi, floating it back towards the Rainwind Restaurant.

The poison Qi was formless and colorless, and its density was even thinner than air. Moreover, it moved in a strange manner, as if taking air as its propagation channel. If one didn't carefully scan their surroundings with soul power, they wouldn't be able to discover the fatal poison Qi in the air around them.

The heartless poison Qi appeared in Murong Qingcheng's bedroom and moved in on her.

Murong QIngcheng's eyes suddenly opened, and a black light flickered in them. She saw a strand of purple in the air, the strand which was simply invisible to naked eye. It was unknown how she saw it; even Ye Chen hadn't been able to see the purple strands in the air, but it was seen by her.

She reached out with her hand and clenched it.

In the next moment, the poison Qi curled up into a sphere, being forced together by an invisible force field. Since its density had become too high, the purple became exceedingly rich.

"Poison Qi! Someone is trying to plot against me." The muffled explosions of Zhen Yuan corroding within the Demonic force field resounded. Murong Qingchen's brows slightly creased before her deep gaze peered into the direction of the poison Qi, as if looking for its source.

As her gaze barely fell on the restaurant's outside, the mist like poison Qi immediately dispersed along with popping sounds. Many people in the vicinity mysteriously fell down, poisoned to death. Immediately afterward, people in the surrounding buildings fell down one after other. By the time people felt something wrong, apart from Clasping Yuan and Astral Reaching experts, not even chickens survived within a perimeter of a thousand meters. It was merely a wisp of poison Qi formed and diluted, but it was able to kill majority of people in a perimeter of thousand meters after spreading out. Its toxicity was simply unimaginable, much toxic than any poison available on the market.

"Discovered again!"

Five Poison Ghost Commander's face was flushed. First time, he lost before Ye Chen, and now, he again suffered a loss against Murong Qingcheng. This was no longer a case of embarrassment, it was simply a matter of shame. In any case, he was a Sea of Soul realm expert proficient in poison arts. He actually suffered back to back losses against two Astral Reaching experts.

Without an explanation from the Five Poison Ghost Commander, the linen-robed man already knew that a lot of people died in the vicinity. These deaths meant that the Five Poison Ghost Commander lost control over his poison Qi or voluntarily scattered it. Therefore, the possibility of success was almost zero. If he had succeeded, there was no reason to cause so many casualties. That was just asking for trouble.

"We can't stay here any longer. Get out first!" The linen-robed man said coldly, and the two left the courtyard, disappearing in the district.


The door of Murong Qingcheng's room opened, and Ye Chen made his way in, "Seems like someone is targeting me. Are you alright?" After suffering the poison attack, Ye Chen spread out his soul power in every direction. However, before he could find the source, something happened in Murong Qingcheng's room, and the nearby people also began to die one after another.

"This poison is powerful!" Murong Qingcheng's right hand was clenched. Within the distorted force field, a purple poison Qi was condensed into a sphere like a wriggling purple liquid.

Ye Chen sized up the poison, "The culprit ought to be a poison master. Moreover, the soul power in the poison Qi is really hard to sense."

"Sea of Soul realm expert!"

Murong Qincheng's brows creased faintly. Only Sea of Soul realm experts had the ability to utilize soul power.

Ye Chen nodded. The culprit was definitely a Sea of Soul realm expert.

"Why would they target us?"

"There is not much clue, but I can think of one person. One of the hundred and eight Ghost Commanders, the Five Poison Ghost Commander. It's said that his poison could kill millions. Of course, I merely thought of him, and have no proof for the time being, the Southern sector is vast beyond limits... It might easily have been someone else."

Ye Chen didn't remember directly offending a poison master. Thus, he could only associate it with the Five Poison Ghost Commander, who was shrouded in a mist of secrecy.

Since Murong Qingcheng was fine, Ye Chen bid his leave and returned to his room.

With that, the night passed silently.

The following morning, four people hastened towards the north.


The sky was clear as if rinsed, covered in scattered white clouds. And underneath it were vast plains with a few towering mountains.


A huge shadow flitted by a mountain peak.

Immediately afterward, two more shadows flew by from the other side. The mountain peak shuddered a few times. The left side of the summit, which was grazed slightly, instantly crumbled and became semi-circular in shape as if somebody had taken a bite from it. Next, two similar semi-circles appeared at the right side. The entire summit seemed like an apple which had been chewed off a few times.

"In the entire southern sector, we, the Beast Resisting Sect, might be the only people moving with such leisure." The voice of a shadow in the back could be heard. It was a gray-robed youngster with long and thick tiger eyes as well as a bulky build. The shadow underneath him was actually a huge black roc. The roc was ten meters long, and its wingspan was almost twenty meters. It was actually an eighth ranked demonic beast, Black Wind Roc. Although its battle power was impressive, its most attractive quality was its speed, which could instantly explode up to seven times the speed of sound.

On the other Black Wind Roc beside him, an elegant woman faintly smiled, "Second senior brother, you've been very excited since yesterday. Did you see the sweethearts of your dreams?"

The gray-robed youngster blushed and said, "Don't tease me. I like her, but she might not like me. If I can have the strength of eldest senior brother, I'll be alright."

On the back of the roc ahead, a handsome black-robed youngster stood with his hands behind his back. Although frantic gales were blocked by their protective Zhen Yuan, for some reason, intentional or unintentional, a bit of wind seeped in, causing his black robe to flutter, giving him a confident and unbridled look. Hearing the gray-robed youngster's voice boosted through Zhen Yuan, he curled his lips and said aggressively, "Second junior brother, if I were you, I would have gone ahead and explained myself as it was. Men should be a bit more aggressive. Unfortunately, nobody except the Thunder Princess has caught my eye. Otherwise, I would have stopped being single long ago."

The elegant woman covered her smile with her hands and said, "You see, even eldest senior brother is supporting you."

The gray-robed youngster's face blushed even more as he scratched his head.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The three sped through on rocs, leaving behind black arcs.

The speed of the rocs was quite fast, leaving one person after another behind. When they were passing by four people, the handsome youth subconsciously glanced at them. But as he did, he couldn't turn it back. Even when they had passed by them, he continued to look while turning his head, then deliberately reduced the roc's speed.

In his line of sight, two of the four were men and two women. The youngster on the right had an ordinary appearance and an ordinary aura. There was nothing special about him. The woman beside him was quite beautiful, with a long figure and a delicate posture. However, he had seen a lot of beauties like her, and didn't care much about her. The one worthy of his attention was the blue-robed youngster with a longsword tied on his waist. He had a calm expression, but when he looked at him, he immediately felt a powerful intent.

If the blue-clothed youngster caused him to spare a few glances, then the woman beside the former caused him unable to take his eyes off. He couldn't believe that there were other another woman in this world capable of rivaling the Thunder Princess both in looks and bearing. As he looked at her, he felt his heart beating faster.


The roc made an arc in the air and stopped before the four.

"Eldest senior brother, is something the matter?" The elegant woman and gray-clothed youngster were puzzled and turned around as well.

Seeing their path blocked, the four immediately halted.

The four were precisely Ye Chen's group.

"Respects to you four. My humble self is Beast Resisting Sect's Mo Xiang." The handsome black-robed youth jumped off the roc and cupped his hands.

Ye Chen asked, "Is there something we can help you with?"

Mo Xiang smiled, "Meeting by chance is fate. I presume you're going to Thunder City. We're going there as well. Why don't you join us?"

"There are a lot of meetings by chance... It doesn't mean fate." Ye Chen said indifferently.

"Hehe!" Mo Xiang was unconcerned and turned his gaze towards Murong Qingcheng, "Can I know your good name, miss?"

Murong QIngcheng stared blankly for a moment, then said, "Since you're so sure this is fate, then let's see how long it will continue."

Seeing Mo Xiang hitting on Murong Qingcheng out of nowhere, Gu Youyun found the situation somewhat amusing.

"Miss is right, though I really believe there is fate between us. See you later in Thunder City." After being met with instant rejection, Mo Xiang wasn't angry at all. He knew that these affairs needed time. If his first impression went wrong, it would take a lot of effort to repair the damage.

Jumping back on the Black Wind Roc, Mo Xiang turned back and said, "Thunder City is not as calm as you're thinking. If you find some trouble, come look for me, Mo Xiang. Later."


After saying these words, he left on the roc without even turning his head back. At somewhat of a loss, the gray-robed youngster and elegant woman smiled bitterly and followed after him.

After they left, Gu Youyun said, "Resisting Beast Prince, Mo Xiang, the eldest disciple of the fifth-grade sect, Resisting Beast Sect. His talent is only second to the Thunder Princess in the entire Thunder Region. He is considered to be top ten throughout the whole southern sector. How unexpected to run into him here!"

"Resisting Beast Prince, Mo Xiang!"

Ye Chen retracted his gaze. He could feel that the former was quite powerful, and his aura was extremely pure, which meant that his Zhen Yuan's purity is exceptionally high. In Ye Chen's eyes, he was the strongest person in the younger generation he had seen apart from Murong Qingcheng.

"Let's move!"

Thunder City would be filled with young experts, and the group was already prepared for it. If Mo Xiang could astonish them by himself, they would simply die from shock once inside the city.

Thus, they passed off the incident with Mo Xiang as a minor matter in the back of their head and hastened towards Thunder City.