Chapter 444: First Time Training The Undying Body Art

 Chapter 444: First Time Training The Undying Body Art

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"Hehe... I had not expected to see the Red Water Man here. He did not attend the last year's martial tea gathering. Perhaps, he did not think that he was powerful enough to surprise the crowd."

The tallest restaurant in the Thunder city was the Bao Xiang Restaurant, with eighteen floors. It was just like the Wind Rain Restaurant, and was regarded as one of the top three restaurants. On the eighteenth floor, a teenager in plain clothes was watching the battle outside the Wind Rain Restaurant. The existence of the young man in red and Huang Kaishan did not escape his eyes.

A good-looking lady in blue clothes chuckled, "Head disciple, prepare to shock the crowd this time as well, please!"

The young man shook his head, "How can I shock the crowd with my ordinary power? That Ye Chen and Murong Qinghcheng are very powerful. Perhaps, the power they have shown is not even their true power."

"Head disciple, why be so humble to compliment others?" That lady in blue was indeed the sister disciple of Feng Yanrou, Qing Zhu. The head disciple she was addressing was naturally Ling Hanye, the core disciple of the Snowy Martial School. Right then, she made a face, showing that she was displeased on hearing what he had just said.

Ling Hanye forced a laugh. This sister disciple of his always said what was on her mind.

Feng Yanrou frowned; she was beautiful as usual in her white dress. She said, "Qing Zhu, once we arrive in the martial art tea gathering, watch what you say, and don't exaggerate the truth."

"I know!" She made yet another expression.

Standing up, Ling Hanye said to the two, "Alright, we have rested in the Thunder city for two days now. Let's prepare to travel further."


"Two sirs, I am Lu Ming from the mountain region... They call me the Sky Flyer. This is my first time here, and I am grateful to meet you two.

"I am Sun Peng from the mountain region. I would like to make friends with you two."

"You guys are here for the tea gathering right? Let's go there together then, shall we?"

On the fifth floor hallway, all of the young warriors who saw Murong Qingcheng beating Luo Qiu wanted to be friends with them. They came to greet them; however, most of them were martial geniuses from the mountain region, which was quite similar to the South Rudra Region. They had also been regarded as weak for a long time. However, two hundred years ago, a Life and Death Realm warrior emerged in that region, which was a bit better than the South Rudra Region. As for the martial geniuses from other regions, they did not feel the need to come and act friendly, since they had powerful warriors in their own region.

After getting rid of those people, Ye Chen and the other three went down from the fifth floor and chose a VIP room on the fourth floor, so that no one would find them.

Inside the room, the four sat in front of one another.

Gu Youyun said, "I had guessed that you guys would be here, since the reputation of the thunder princess is extremely widespread. Almost every martial genius would want to see it for themselves."

Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng exchanged a look slightly.

Both of them had not foreseen that they would appear right in the Thunder Grave area inside the thunder region. They did not hear about the tea gathering until later. But of course, even without the undead bodies and the underworld, they would have probably heard about the martial art tea gathering and come.

Ye Chen asked, "Are there a lot of people from the South Rudra Region here?"

"You don't know? All of the rank 6 martial institutions had encouraged their core disciples to attend the tea gathering to see the martial geniuses from other regions, so that they would know how big the world is and how powerful other warriors were. Only then would they go back and train even harder in order to surprise the crowd next year." Gu Youyun explained slowly.

Ye Chen nodded and agreed with what she had just said.

She continued, "Before me, Yan Chihuo, Li Daoxuan, and Lin Yun had all started their journey towards here. So, there should be about twenty of us from the South Rudra Region in the tea gathering."

"My head disciple had been to the last year one, so he will definitely come to this one as well." Li Jie said suddenly.

Ye Chen glanced at Li Jie. He still had some kind of problems with the Floating Mountain Martial School. Although it had been resolved by Long Biyun, who was the leader, there was still something there. He knew why Li Jie brought up Sikong Sheng, and he also knew that it would be impossible for Sikong Sheng to stay the same for the past four years. He knew that he might even be more powerful than Gu Youyun right now.

Gu Youyun looked at Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng. To be honest, she was a bit scared to attend this year's tea gathering, because South Rudra Region was nothing in the people's eyes. In their opinion, South Rudra Region represented the weak, and there were no powerful warriors there. She knew that she could not make much of difference with her power alone. She did not know what she would do if someone decided to push her into the spotlight.

Fortunately, Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng were here.

Ye Chen was a legendary existence in the South Rudra Region who had replaced her head disciple, Sikong Sheng, when he attended the Hidden Dragon Rank competition for the first time. This past four years, crazy stories about him had never stopped. Everyone was guessing about his true power now, and whether he would be able to lead everyone else outside South Rudra Region to compete with the martial geniuses from other regions.

Although a lot of people did not think that Sikong Sheng was weaker than Ye Chen, it was only their own belief, since there would be no way of finding any proof. If Ye Chen were able to maintain his status, the possibility of him beating Sikong Sheng again would be higher than Sikong Sheng winning against him.

On the other side, Murong Qingcheng was the top beauty of the South Rudra Region. A lot of people were talking about her constantly, and of course about her beauty as well. Gu Youyun had also thought that there would be some kind of exaggeration about her beauty. But today, after meeting her again, she found that Murong Qingcheng had already reached way beyond her, to a realm that she could not imagine. Even without Ye Chen, Sikong Sheng's title as the top warrior would be endangered, since Murong Qingcheng definitely had the power to compete for the number one seat.

With these two people appearing in the tea gathering, Gu Youyun felt safer. At least, she would have some kind of backbone when she was called out during the party.

However, this would be the complicated part. They were competitors inside the South Rudra Region, and her martial school had problems with Ye Chen officially. But, now that they were all out of South Rudra Region, they had not only protected her, but also boosted her confidence. She did not know whether she was lucky or it was just quite sad for her.

'Head disciple, I wonder what kind of power do you have now?' Gu Youyun sighed, thinking to herself.

Time passed like running water, and the sky darkened again. Ye Chen and the other three moved into the hotel and prepared to rest for the next couple of days before leaving again.


The sky was pitch black, stars decorating it along with the bright moon. The moonlight went through the curtain and poured into the bedroom, dyeing the room milky white.

Sitting on his bed, Ye Chen recalled the manual of the undying body, examining it deeper.

There were three manuals in total. He had no idea about the second and the third part, but he thought that the first part should be trainable.

"It turns out that the first realm of body flesh recovery is meant to augment the recovery of the body condition. Under normal circumstances, a warrior with a light wound would not need treatment but time. However, they would still need time and treatment for severe wounds. But, after training the first realm of blood flesh recovery art, their recovery speed would increase hundred times more, and those wounds would only take one second to cure completely."

The more Ye Chen read, the more shocked he got. He had not expected to be this mysterious and powerful, being related to the ultimate meaning of human bodies.

Human brains had the ability to memorize things while the human bodies were able to do so as well. And, that memory would be the main driving force behind the recovery. If it lost the ability to remember, the human body would be ruined, with the slightest wound costing the warrior's life.

The effect of the treatments and the usage of the medicines was to improve this recovery process of the human body. When a warrior lost the core body function, then all kinds of treatments would be useless. This blood flesh recovery art was akin to receive healing and also increasing the effects of external healing by hundred times. That was why the result would be that the warrior could ignore all kinds of small physical wounds.

Taking another breath, he continued reading. The training for it was not that hard, but it seemed rather complicated.

The reason it did not seem hard was because the whole process only contained one step, which was to create a mental or soul mark onto his body, with which he would have finished one-third of the whole training. Once finished with the soul mark, he would reach completion.

As for the reason why it seemed rather complicated, it was because it would be extremely hard to leave a mental or a soul mark on a human body, since it was not a weapon or any other physical object. Human bodies contained souls, so the two were intertwined, which made it even harder to leave an extra mental or soul mark.

"Regardless, I will try to leave a mental mark now. Once I get the hang of it, I will try the soul mark."

He took a deep breath, carefully activating his mental power to form a mental mark inside his body.



It was as if his body was a drain, that once he managed to form and press the mental mark onto his body, it was gone in the next second. It seemed to be impossible for it to last long, not to mention, persist permanently.

"Let me try again. There must be a way."

Late at night, Ye Chen continually tried his best.

Luckily, his soul itself was extremely powerful. No matter how many times he used his mental power, he did not feel exhausted. Plus, he made the right choice to try the mental mark first, since it was weaker than the soul power, which allowed him to try as many times as he wanted. On the contrary, if he used his soul power, then he might not be able to last long.

"Yeah, this time, it seemed to work a bit."

After countless times of trying, he had finally managed to succeed once. This time, it was not a completed mark, but a broken one. Because the outer part of the mark still disappeared after a while, only the part on his heart managed to last. He suspected that his heart would stay intact and be cured immediately after being stabbed right through without the enhancement of Zhen Yuan. Nevertheless, it was a huge breakthrough.

He took out a dagger, and then did something shocking - he took off his shirt and stabbed the dagger lightly but right into his heart, without even accumulating his Zhen Yuan.

Blood poured out like a river, and he then pushed it in for another three inches, half a centimeter from his actual heart. However, he did not dare to actually puncture into his heart, since he wanted to see exactly how fast he could recover his wound.

Within one blink, the blood had stopped.

In two blinks, the blood and flesh seemed to recover a bit.

Within thirty seconds, he was completely cured.

"Woo! How amazing! Without this immortal martial art, even if I had learned how to make a mental mark, I would not have been able to do this!" He revealed a smile.