Chapter 443: South Rudra Regions Twin Stars

 Chapter 443: South Rudra Region's Twin Stars

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"What? Beating three warriors with only one sword attack? No! He did not even officially throw out an attack! It was only a finger sword!" Inside the lobby, all of the young warriors coming from different nations in or around the Thunder region were shocked by what they had just witnessed. In their point of view, these three people were companions of Luo Qiu, so they would not be that weak.

That finger attack of Ye Chen was too powerful. Although it was not targeted at them, they still felt like there was a sword pointing at them.

But, Luo Qiu was thinking something different. He was clear that he was just as powerful as his companions without using his martial spirit. Therefore, he knew how difficult it was to beat the other three with only one finger attack. Was this guy really from the South Rudra Region?

Since when had there been such a powerful warrior there?

Luo Qiu was feeling a bit dizzy. He stared at Ye Chen, who was looking down while sipping his wine, not able to put together another thought. Right then, Ye Chen looked like a great sword that had not been taken out of its scabbard yet. It was impossible to tell exactly how powerful he was. He did not dare to walk up to him recklessly. Once a sword artist took out his sword, then blood would be doomed to appear.

However, he had already made a statement, and if he left now, then it would be really bad for his reputation. If he drew dirt on the reputation of the Thunder region, he would be blamed by other martial geniuses from the same region. Therefore, even if he did not have the power to compete with Ye Chen, he would have to pretend he did.

He shifted his look right back at Murong Qingcheng, who was a perfect existence in his eyes.

"For competing with that sword artist in blue, I am not that confident. But with her, I know I can win. Plus, all I have to do is to get close to her." It was not that Luo Qiu did not have a high confidence, as he did not even use all his power during that battle with Gu Youyun. He reassured himself that it should not be that hard to get close to her.

Letting out a breath, Luo Qiu said with a loud voice: "I admit that I was being rude before. There are one or two top warriors in the South Rudra Region after all. However lady, I think you are a bit overconfident here. How can it be hard for me to get close to you? I will show you now how it is done."


His body turned into three shadows, attacking towards Murong Qingcheng from three different directions and with three different styles.

Murong Qingcheng, on the other side, simply shook the wine in her glass. The crystal-colored alcohol started to swirl in circles, one swirl after another. When Luo Qiu reached about twenty meters near her, she lifted her glass and spilled the liquid towards him.


One mouthful of wine had been poured out and turned into crystal colored wave of water which landed heavily on three Luo Qius, causing the latter to sneer. A powerful Zhen Yuan exploded from his body, and that aggressive, red, fiery wave of power clashed with the crystal wave, looking like it wanted to steam away this wave of liquid.

However, this alcohol was not as simple as he had expected. It was wrapped by an invisible, horrifying power field, which made the liquid extremely heavy. It was like a huge river that had been compressed into a tiny stream of water.


It went through that burning fire wave instantly and blew Luo Qiu away easily.


Everyone couldn't help but gasp. One glass of wine had blown away Luo Qiu, and they all now knew that Murong Qingcheng was not as weak as she might have seemed to be. And, that sword artist in blue seemed to be even more powerful than her. They could not help but wonder if the South Rudra Region was about to rise up again.

Gu Youyun had already gotten back to the fifth floor's hallway. After seeing this, she thought to herself, 'Murong Qingcheng has lived up her reputation after all. I thought before that I had already reached beyond her, as even Yan Chihuo and Li Daoxuan might not be as powerful as I am now. I was being too optimistic and naive after all.'

"Second sister disciple, are you okay?" The young man who had come with her asked concernedly.

She shook her head, "I am alright!"

"I did not foresee that Murong Qingcheng had already become so powerful. She might have reached beyond Yan Chihuo and Li Daoxuan."

"I think so as well, unless both of them have already made huge breakthroughs as well. Also, even if they did, they might still not be able to compete with her."

The young man suddenly sighed, "It has been four years since the head disciple was last here. I wonder how he is now, and how powerful he has gotten. Second sister, do you think that he can beat Ye Chen when he comes back?" For the last sentence, he deliberately lowered his voice, as he obviously did not want Ye Chen to hear it.

Gu Youyun did not answer immediately. The young man was the relatively new disciple of the Floating Mountain Martial School, Li Jie, who had ranked tenth in this year's Hidden Dragon Rank. His talent and comprehensive ability was also extremely powerful; otherwise, why would he have the opportunity to join this martial art that the Thunder Princess had hosted? However, Li Jie was very young, and because of that, he thought very highly of himself and his martial school. He was not happy about the fact that his head disciple might not be able to beat Ye Chen.

However, only warriors who had attended that year's hidden dragon rank competition knew about Ye Chen's true power. It was not simply the magnitude of his power, but how deep and mysterious his power was. From the beginning to the end, no one knew where his limit was. It was like even if his opponent had used all of his power to force him to use all of his, he would reveal even more power in the next second, making it seem to be endless.

As for her head disciple Sikong Sheng, Gu Youyun was still quite impressed with him. In the area of comprehensive abilities, Sikong Sheng could definitely be ranked in the top three in the whole South Rudra Region. And, with four years having passed, he must have grown even stronger, since the bloodline of king warrior would be more and more powerful as the growth of the warrior continued all the way until he used up his potential.

"I have no idea, because they are out of our league." Gu Youyun said lightly.

Li Jie said nothing, but thought, 'Can it really be that huge of a gap? They are both Astral Reaching Realm warriors, so how can we not see or predict the result? And now, there is also Murong Qingcheng rising up out of nowhere.' Everyone had started to worry about the head disciple. Before, there was only Ye Chen, but now, there was also Murong Qingcheng; it had turned into a three-party race.

'How could she blow me away with one glass of wine?!' Luo Qiu could feel his face burning, his eyes turning red. It was not that he had not thought about the potential method Murong Qingcheng would use to beat him, but he had not expected to be just a glass of wine. Even if he was already so reckless and did not care about things, being blown away by a girl who used just a glass of wine had embarrassed him after all.

"Take my Dark Red Claw!"

That martial spirit of his vibrated between his eyebrows, and a human-shaped halo appeared out of his body, which was a sign that his martial spirit was being pushed to its limit. He yelled while lifting his right hand over his head; five sharp red light extended out, turning into a dark red colored sharp claw, attacking towards Murong Qingcheng.


The claw light had not arrived, yet that powerful pressure had already marked the ground. At that moment, Luo Qiu's attacking power had been pushed to its limits.

"Sky Demon Palm Print!"

As Murong Qingcheng made a beat with her left hand, a huge black hand pressed onto that claw light.


The claw light had been shattered, and all of the gravity had disappeared around that huge hand. Some buildings had been scratched slightly, and their top parts started to float in the air.

"Dark Red Armor!"

Lou Liu's expression changed immediately while a heavy, deep red armor formed around his body, wrapping his whole body within, including his eyes.

However, the power gap between the two was just too huge. Even with the enhancement of the Zhen Yuan armor, Luo Qiu could still not block out Murong Qingcheng's most effortless attack.

The armor shattered completely while Luo Qiu vomited a mouthful of blood before being blown away.

"Too powerful! Since when have these two new horrifying martial geniuses appeared? One could beat three Thunder region martial geniuses with one finger attack, while the other could blow away the powerful and aggressive Lou Qiu so casually. This level of power would be shocking even in the Thunder region. With them attending the martial arts , the South Rudra Region would be able to control the scene and not let people look down on it anymore."

"These two should be regarded as the twin stars of the South Rudra Region."

"What a good name! If it gets spread out, the other martial geniuses from the South Rudra Region would be able to regain their reputation."

The young warriors on the fifth floor were discussing passionately about them, as they were very intrigued by Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng.

On the contrary, the martial geniuses from the Thunder Region were not as reckless as Luo Qiu, since one would have to have comparable power to be reckless, and they knew that they were not strong enough to compete with these two. They knew that they would lose face as well if they were reckless, since they were not that powerful in the thunder region after all.

Ye Chen sat on the chair as he shook his head and said, "It looks like he has not given up yet."

"Let this attack finish this battle!" Murong Qingcheng remarked.


The red light blossomed like fireworks as Luo Qiu flew back up again. He did not care for the blood that dripped down the corner of his mouth as he said with a low voice, "If you can block out the last attack of mine, then I, Luo Qiu, will admit my loss."

"Bring it on."

Murong Qingcheng looked extremely relaxed.


Just as she finished talking, endless invisible beams of power shot out of Luo Qiu's body. Under those heat waves, all of the people and residents within miles of radius felt like their bodies were on fire. They all ran out of this area without looking back, sweating out from their back. In front of their eyes, all of the houses around started to have smoke coming out of them and small flames started to burn out.

"Luo Qiu seems about to perform his profound sense martial arts."

On the street, the three friends of Luo Qiu did not go back to the fifth floor of the restaurant as they did not have to face to see the people there. So, they hid under the stairs to watch the battle.

"Huge Sun Godly Claw!" Luo Qiu yelled. With that, all of the air around him started to twist immediately and explode. All of the water yuan qi had been steamed away completely, which made his body blur out completely like a shaky reflection on water. As the process of the air being twisted and bursting continued, a volcano inside Luo Qiu's body seemed about to explode. That burning heat spread out from the four limbs of his to his right hand. It was a normal looking hand, except it was wrapped by highly condensed lava Zhen Yuan within seconds.


After throwing out a claw attack, his palm power exploded up the fire element yuan qi in front, along with the other natural yuan qi. It actually looked like the explosion of a volcano. A lot of people suspected that this claw attack would destroy the restaurant and the area around it, including the people present there.

At that moment, a beam of black human halo appeared out of Murong Qingcheng's body. That horrifying demon mentality suddenly spread out in all direction. Half the population in Thunder City could feel it, and they were all shocked by this new level of martial intent.

The result was obvious - Luo Qiu lost. Judging by the attacking power, Murong Qingcheng had the extremely rare demonic intent, and it even had reached the highest level; she was only half a step away from achieving a real demonic spirit. Even if Luo Qiu had performed twenty percent of his profound sense martial art, it was going to be impossible for him to threaten her.

The whole thing happened within a short period of time, and Luo Qiu had lost again.

On a building nearby, a young man in red and a man in yellow were standing there quietly. The one on the left looked extra cold, and was very good-looking; while on the right, it was indeed Huang Kaishan, who had lost to Ye Chen on Blue Mountain Island.

"It was okay. Let's go." The young man in red turned to leave.