Chapter 442: He is Ye Chen?!

 Chapter 442: He is Ye Chen?!

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"Two to one, I don't even need to fight hard to win!"

Gu Youyun could see that Luo Qiu was not someone ordinary, and could be ranked at the same level as Yan Chihuo and Li Daoxuan from the South Rudra Region. However, she was not the same herself either. With the bloodline of the Stone Emperor, her cultivation and general power had increased with an extreme speed. Within five years of time, she had already trained to the peak level of Late Astral Reaching Realm. If it were some other martial geniuses, it would take them way longer. With her king warrior's bloodline, even if she did not try her best, her growth speed would already be way faster than the others. Of course, once she had used up all of her potential, then the growth would not be this stable, and it might take her a long time to make further progress.

That was why the bloodline of king warriors was so appreciated, which was for a reason: it was rather more common for martial geniuses to die due to different reasons, and a lot of them grew up to be nobodies. But, the warriors who carried king warrior bloodline were guaranteed to grow to a certain level, and there was no chance of them becoming a nobody.

The bloodline of the king warriors was just like a paved out road, and all the warriors needed to do was to walk the walk.

"Take it!"

Holding her breath, Gu Youyun extended her body, ignoring the twenty meters distance between them. She then appeared immediately in front of Luo Qiu, throwing a bright yellow punch at him.

The latter revealed a smile as he reached out his left hand effortlessly.


Both of them contained the tough power within, without leaking out a single drop of it. But, the second when the two forces clashed, those powers started to fight with each other. The blasting wave shocked the whole building to the extent that it could explode at any second. Young warriors inside the lobby hurried to perform their Zhen Yuan protective arts, trying to save the building that they were all in.

"Let us battle outside!"

Seeing that her punch did not make an impact, Gu Youyun's body blurred out. Suddenly, she reappeared outside the building with a speed that was so fast that most of the powerful warriors did not even get to see what had happened. But, they all knew that this woman was not someone ordinary; otherwise, she would not be at the same level as Luo Qiu.

Luo Qiu seemed a bit surprised to see it as well.


He followed behind her. Judging by the flying art, he was just as fast as Gu Youyun before. He then said, "No wonder you are so confident. I see that you have some kind of tricks up your sleeves. But unfortunately, it will not be enough to beat me."

The two left the building one after another, both floating above Thunder City.

The rest of the warriors were quite interested in this battle as well, so they all walked next to the window and looked outside. As for Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng, they were already standing right next to the window earlier, and right now, all they needed to do was to tilt their heads slightly towards the window.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

On top of Thunder City, the two exchanged attacks constantly, and the blasting waves spread out in all directions. The sky had also been dyed with a dark red color, bringing up heavy wind.


The red light in Luo Qiu's palm changed, turning into a huge millstone. As it spun, it crashed extremely aggressively towards Gu Youyun, who was standing dozens of meters away.

"Stone Emperor Body Protecting Fist Art!"

Gu Youyun did not back out as she stabilized her qi and blood while she lowered her body. All of the Zhen Yuan in her whole body had been poured out as she threw out a powerful fist attack.

Once the fist had been thrown out, her protective Zhen Yuan layer was strengthened; the dark yellow colored light around her looked like a small sun, but the light was not unbearable for naked eyes.

The millstone was broken, but Luo Qiu was not shocked, somehow able to laugh at what had just happened. He formed his hands into claws and attacked towards Gu Youyun. Each claw of his scratched a little bit of the yellow sun off. Obviously, Luo Qiu was better at his claw arts than his palm arts, and his extreme fire element seemed to contain exploding power.

Pap! Pap! Pap!

Luo Qiu's claw speed was too fast. After dozens of claw attacks, Gu Youyun had only managed to throw out a dozen fist attacks. That burning hot fire light was extremely condensed like burning red lava. Each drop of it brought up a fiery light, and would then turn into a fireball before exploding eventually.

Seeing her protective Zhen Yuan start to look dimmer and dimmer, Gu Youyun looked the same as she focused on her defense while throwing out powerful and well-thought attacks, giving people the impression that nothing could take her down.

Murong Qingcheng said, "She is the descendant of the Stone Emperor after all. Her training speed must be extremely fast, and her ability to learn martial arts would be better than anyone else. This body protective fist art of the Stone Emperor is something she had already trained to the extreme. But, her power now can already be ranked in the top five of the South Rudra Region."

"The king warrior bloodline... indeed powerful!"

Naturally, Ye Chen could tell that Gu Youyun was very powerful. When he was competing in the Hidden Dragon Rank competitions, Gu Youyun would be barely ranked in the top ten; and if those who were too old to compete in the competition were also considered, she could only be ranked in the top fifteen. But, after four to five years, she did not stop growing stronger. It was not hard to see that after she reached the Astral Reaching Realm, her potential of carrying the king warrior bloodline had fully revealed itself; one day of her hard work would equal to some other warriors' days of toiling. Actually, in the area of training speed, even Ye Chen could not compete with her.

With those thoughts in mind, Ye Chen could not help but think of other top martial geniuses from the South Rudra Region, and wondered how powerful they had gotten over the years. He knew that Sikong Sheng and Tuo Baku would not grow slower than Gu Youyun, since the former also carried the bloodline of a king warrior while the latter seemed to be the same.

"Stone Emperor's Anger!"

Each time she took on a claw attack, there seemed to be a counter power appearing in her body. It seemed to be accumulating constantly; the more there was, the more powerful it got. Once the counter power had accumulated to a certain degree, she groaned quietly once before she threw out a huge attack that contained the power of a mountain and earth back at her opponent.


The blasting wave that contained an exploding power spread out in all a result, Luo Qiu backed out for hundreds of meters after being hit by that punch, looking a bit in trouble.

"It seems like that this attack is your ace attack." Luo Qiu waved his hand to shatter that aggressive attacking qi flow, then he sank into his thoughts as he squeezed his eyes.

"Luo Qiu, what are you waiting for? Can you not beat her? Her?"

Luo Qiu's companions laughed; they seemed to know that Luo Qiu was more powerful than this.

"What is the hurry? I am just warming up."

Luo Qiu did not care about the comments.

Then, his eyes opened again, and he said slowly, "The South Rudra Region had martial geniuses like you, so they are not that bad after all. But, I will not go easy on you now. Only the truly powerful ones can survive and be kings in this world. It always has been like his."

Gu Youyun said, "Sure, do your best. I will take it all."

"Alright then!"

Luo Qiu stepped out as his right hand formed into a claw and raised all the way up. Five burning red lights extended from his five fingers. Without looking closely, that hand of his looked like a giant red claw. It then tightened and bent into a hood, slowly changing from a relaxed form to battling mode, nothing different from a real claw.

"Deep red claw!"


Luo Qiu arrived in front of Gu Youyun as the red claw was waved down, leaving a beam of burned out black streak in mid-air.


Gu Youyun's protective Zhen Yuan was shattered unable to even handle one attack of his. But, she was already prepared for this, as the second killing attack of her body protective fist had been performed immediately.

"Double attack!"

Her left hand formed into a fist while her right formed into a closed-up palm, containing a strong, tightened force and a relaxed force respectively. With both her fist and palm, Gu Youyun managed to block out the dark red claws head-on. The double attack contained not only the fist attack and palm attack, but also a strike movement. Just as the red claw was shattering down, she used her elbows and attacked again both from the left and right; that extreme power seemed even richer with the enhancement of the mud mentality.


Before, it was Luo Qiu who had the upper hand; but now, his protective Zhen Yuan layer had been shattered by Gu Youyun.

"It looks like I would have to go all out."

Luo Qiu looked extra serious. He obviously had lost in the battle of competing their same level power. Although he did not want to admit it, it would do him no good if he continued to lie to himself, since it was the truth after all. But, the good thing was that there was a huge unavoidable power gap between the two, since he had formed his martial spirit three months ago, which increased his battling power drastically as his martial intent increased as well.

"Back out!"

The fire-element Zhen yuan exploded, and Luo Qiu did not back out even a step while Gu Qiuyun was completely blown away.

"Martial spirit!"

Gu Youyun frowned, not happy at what had happened. Her talent in training was incomprehensible, but the formation of the martial spirit was based on the training of the soul and mind power. And in that, she was just like the other martial geniuses. With the martial spirit, her opponent's power would at least increase by forty to fifty percent.

"There is still some distance between the martial spirit and I, even with the help of the blood evil stone." The martial spirit was not something that a warrior could have within days; they would have to have enough cultivation, and there would still be two paths one would have to take before achieving. One would either have to accumulate mind power slowly, or use some kind of enhancement or media to help purify their will power. But, Gu Youyun still did not have sufficient cultivation.

Luo Qiu's companions did not seem to know that he had already trained his martial spirit, and all had their mouths wide open. They then mumbled to themselves, "This martial art gathering... Luo Qiu has quite a high ambition!"

"Forming the martial spirit is a milestone in growth We are not at the same level anymore."

"Hehe! Before, we were indeed exaggerating, but now, I am sure that Luo Qiu can take over South Rudra Region all by himself."

They were chatting and discussing while Lou Qiu attacked again.

"Hundred Crack Claw!"

The simple movement had been performed to its limit with the enhancement of his martial spirit, as a result of which the attack's speed had reached a new peak.

Gu Youyun backed out again, not having a chance to fight back.

Right then, the space in front of Gu Youyun started vibrating. The invisible power field wrapped around the countless claw shadows, and in the next second, they all started to twist and eventually crack.

"Who was that?"

Luo Qiu was shocked, looking over to the direction where Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng were standing.

Murong Qingcheng slowly lifted up a wine glass, which was still half full. She said lightly, "You said that there is no one from the South Rudra Region who can fight you. So, I will sit here and not move. If you can manage to get close to me, then you win."

"Murong Qingcheng, Ye Chen!" Gu Youyun had just noticed that they were here. It was not that her observation skill was off, but that Luo Qiu and his companies had captured her full attention. Plus, there were so many powerful good-looking martial warriors on the fifth floor who were all at a similar age.

"He is Ye Chen?!"

The young man who was traveling with Gu Youyun started to study Ye Chen, since the latter was a legendary existence in the South Rudra Region. People continued to hear about him even now, and all the disciples had set him as their goals. But of course, there were people who questioned his true power, thinking that after all those years, he might not be as powerful as people had said he was.

"We seem to have two more warriors from the South Rudra Region. We will take care of them." The warriors that came with Luo Qiu started moving, performing their martial arts.


The bright sword light shone over the whole lobby, but Ye Chen used his finger instead of his sword, waving out effortlessly.

In the next second, all of the windows on the fifth floor were shattered, while all of the chairs and table flew into the air. That sharp sword aura had made almost everyone close their eyes. They could feel that their soul was shivering. On the other side, those three people who were attacking him felt that they were being sliced by hundreds and hundreds of blades. Consequently, their confidence and aggressive aura disappeared completely instantly.


The three puked out blood, falling down from the fifth floor.