Chapter 440: Time Ancestor, Space King

 Chapter 440: Time Ancestor, Space King

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The flying speed of the undying altar was unbelievable, seeming as if it was leaping in the air and covering more than a dozen li with every leap. After three or four leaps, it was already fifty li away, leaving behind an illusory white dot in the sky.

But, Yin Demon Ancestor was also worthy of being a master grade expert. His body erupted with full power, and a faint, gray colored whirlwind surrounded him, chasing after the altar.

"Get here!"

Following Yin Demon Ancestor's roar, the space around the undying altar shook as yin and yang reversed. At the same time, a huge yellow hand descended, clenching around the altar.


Ripping through the huge yellow hand, the undying altar came charging out and disappeared into the void, completely vanishing from Yin Demon Ancestor's range of perception.

Interweaving sawteeth shaped blade light flickered, almost tearing apart the space itself. Unfortunately, it was a step slower than the undying altar.

Yin Demon Ancestor stopped his chase with an ugly complexion. Although he knew the undying altar was extraordinary, he never imagined that it would be able to enter the void. It was a means of Life and Death realm after all. Regardless of how powerful he was, he couldn't tear open the space, and had no chance at pursuing.

"Wait for me to find you. It will be the day you die, unless you can cultivate the undying body in this little time."

How hard it was to cultivate the undying body was something the Yin Demon Ancestor didn't know. However, comparing it to the undying body of Life and Death realm, one could presume its difficulty. It should be known that entering the Life and Death realm was no easy feat; as hard as ascending the heavens. In the history of the True Spirit Continent, the most Life and Death Kings born within a hundred years had only been fourteen, and the least were a mere eight. Therefore, even though Ye Chen could be said to have a shortcut, to cultivate the undying body within a short period of time was simply impossible. Even fifty years might not necessarily be enough.


White rays interweaved to create a thin defensive layer, keeping the berserk space energies outside. As the power of space thickened occasionally, the undying altar would tremble a bit, which was otherwise shuttling smoothly through the void.

Standing on the vast, thick altar, Ye Chen was looking outside the defensive layer.

The world outside was not substantive at all. There were only floating colors, but since they were too strong, it was impossible to tell exactly how many were there. These colors seemed liquid, but not liquid at the same time; gaseous, but at the same time not gaseous; solid, but the same time not solid. They seemed quite near, but were untouchable.

"So, this is the power of space!"

Ye Chen recalled the Void Shattering Finger. As a profound skill, Void Shattering Finger required the profound of space to be aroused. The profound of space was considered as one of most inconceivable profounds. Those proficient in the profound of space could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Therefore, even after several years of obtaining the three styles of Void Shattering Finger, Ye Chen had no means of making any progress, and was stuck at the tip of iceberg.


Hesitating slightly, Ye Chen struck out his finger. The formless finger energy passed through the defensive barrier without any restriction, and made contact with the energies of space.

With that, a mystical scene occurred. In the floating space energies, a helix-shaped ripple appeared. It was about a couple dozen meters long and three meters wide. Of course, these measurements were based on visual observation. How long and wide it really was, Ye Chen couldn't say for sure. At this moment, he was feeling the connection between the power of space and Void Shattering Finger.

"Space Mentality!"

Seeing this scene, astonishment flickered in Murong Qingcheng's beautiful eyes. There was a saying in True Spirit Continent, 'Time is Ancestor, Space is King.' Its meaning was that of all profound mysteries, time was the ancestor, and since time was unfathomable, space was the king; all the other profounds followed after them.

The reason Xuan Ho was so powerful precisely because she had grasped the profound of space, enabling her to be second only to the Void Emperor amongst Life and Death Kings, and on par with Evil King, Dragon King, and other such reputed Kings. But, this was only the ranking of True Spirit Continent. Outside the True Spirit Continent, there was a boundless ocean which contained an unknown number of frightening characters, unbeknownst to anybody. For that matter, all the Kings had a deep apprehension towards the boundless ocean.

Pow! Pow! Pow!

Ye Chen repeatedly used Void Shattering Finger. The defensive barrier of the interweaving white rays could not block the energies from propagating outwards, allowing Ye Chen's strikes to be fully transmitted outwards and interacting with the power of space.

As he struck continually, his understanding towards the space mentality became increasingly deeper.

Space was just like a giant furnace. Apart from the space itself, all other things were its fuel. Grasping space mentality was like gradually understanding this giant furnace. When one's space mentality reached the peak and would near the essence of the space, one would enter the profound stage. Profound of space was much more mysterious than space mentality; while the space mentality was like understanding the giant furnace, the profound of space was like controlling this giant furnace; controlling all matter inside it.

Ye Chen's eyes closed slightly as he extended his right finger straight, as if condensing a formless energy.

The undying altar continued to shuttle swiftly and smoothly.

On the altar, Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng both had different expressions. One was stationary, as if deep in comprehension, while the other was watching the former with an unfathomable black light in her eyes.


A sudden halt!

Ye Chen opened his eyes, his fingers pointed outwards moving without any sort of trajectory.

Outside the defensive layer of the altar, a splash appeared in the space, from inside of which, a spiral wave rapidly spread out... Ten meters, fifteen meters, twenty meters, twenty five meters... This time, Ye Chen broke all his previous records, creating a spiral wave of twenty meters.


Ye Chen let out a breath, feeling quite exhausted. The Zhen Yuan this wave consumed wasn't much, but the amount of concentration required exceeded his imagination. If were to strike again, he feared he might end up flat on the ground.

"Of the three-styled Void Shattering Finger, I've eventually comprehended ten percent. Only a ten percent of the Void Shattering Finger is more powerful than Sky Thunder Cut. Space mentality is more powerful than its counterparts by several folds indeed, and might even be more than ten folds more powerful. Unfortunately, two fingers are my limit. Unless a life-and-death situation occurs, I can at most use one finger."

If he couldn't kill his opponent with one finger, he might still be able to run. However, if were to use two fingers and didn't succeed in killing his opponent, he wouldn't be able to escape at all. Thus, for the current him, Void Shattering Finger was a double-edged sword. If used well, it could be a one-shot-killing-move; but if used poorly, it could cost his own life.

Murong Qingcheng could not tell how powerful Void Shattering Finger was by just watching. Time and space could never be judged from outside. They were usually plain killing moves. However, judging by the fact that Void Shattering Finger had been aroused through the space mentality, it had to be a serious killing move.


Thunder Region...

It was a region with the thickest thunder Yuan Qi. Its vastness didn't fall behind Misty Snow Region at all; medium when considered within the South sector as a whole. It was the strongest region of the southern sector, giving birth to the most powerhouses, geniuses, and even sects.

Thunder Regions had four major dangerous regions, one among which was called the Shrill Thunder Tomb.

The Shrill Thunder Tomb sounded like a graveyard, but it was not what people usually would think of. From one perspective, it did seem like a graveyard for thunder and lightning. It was quite vast, extending thirty three thousand li from north to south, and twenty eight thousand li from east to west. Due to a peculiar magnetic field, its air and underground region was covered with lightning which was visible to eyes. Thus, it was named the Shrill Thunder Tomb.

A lot of people went to explore Shrill Thunder Tomb every year, majority of which consisted of explorers possessing the thunder attribute. Here, they could find thunder-attributed medicine, ores, treasures, and even comprehending thunder mentality here was not a bad choice.

"Sixth, do you feel that the surrounding lightning seems to have become much more frantic?"

At the edges of the Shrill Thunder Tomb, an Extreme Astral Reaching expert said to his peer.

The youngster called Sixth replied with a surprised expression, "You think so too? I thought I was the only one who felt that."

"Right, the frequency of lightning was never this fast before. As I see it, we should leave this place as soon as possible. Shrill Thunder Tomb is a graveyard for lightning, but the number of deaths inside is not low either."

"Yeah, you're right. Let's leave this place!"

Their figures spread out, swiftly flying outward.


Just as the two had guessed, the frequency of surrounding lightning was getting increasingly higher. In a few blinks of an eye, the frequency doubled, and after fifteen minutes, the entire area was shrouded by the lightning. A glaring light suddenly erupted, seeming like a luminous white sun.


In a perimeter of several hundred li, the entire ground was trembling. At the center of the lightning eruption, a huge object came breaking up through the ground, shooting up in the air. It was surrounded by boundless lightning, and possessed a flaming lightning tail.

"Look quick... A lightning sphere spouted out from there."

The strange phenomenon could be clearly seen from thousands of li away. As the huge object was shooting through the air, it seemed like a curling lightning sphere.

When the huge object ascended ten thousand meters up in the air, it lost all momentum and dropped down. Its lightning and the surrounding lightning clashed, issuing a series of explosions.

In the end, the huge object crashed on the even grounds, and the lightning disappeared, making it clearly visible. It was a hundred meters wide and four hundred meters high, six-pillared-altar. At the center of the altar were two individuals; one was a man and the other a woman. The man was wearing blue robes and carrying a longsword at his waist. The woman was wearing a long purple skirt and had a thin veil covering her face. Her long hair were like a waterfall and eyes like the cold stars.

The two individuals were precisely Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng.

They were carried out of the underground world to the outside world. But, they didn't know where they were.


The white ray barrier went back inside, and the two walked out.


Suddenly a bolt of lightning flashed, slashing the ground black.

Murong Qingcheng muttered, "I guess this is the Thunder Region. Only the Thunder Region's Thunder Yuan Qi could be this dense."

"Thunder Region!"

Ye Chen smiled bitterly. Extreme Yin Region was at least a few hundred million li away from Thunder Region; it was a really remote. As for this region which was the strongest in the southern sector, Ye Chen had long since heard about it. As far as he was concerned, he would have sooner or later visited it. Therefore, he didn't have much to say.

The ground faintly trembled. Ye Chen turned around and saw the altar sinking underground until it disappeared completely.