Chapter 439: Undying Body Scroll

 Chapter 439: Undying Body Scroll

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Three colored!

Four colored!


As the monochromatic light changed into a six-colored one, the Undying Rock Wall started trembling and the human depressions on the wall started shining from inside. The light they emitted was such that the surface of the wall seemed like a transparent, six-colored, unpolished jade.

In the next moment, the light from the wall bloomed brilliantly, turning the dark sky white as unceasing bursts of glowing light were emitted.

"What's going on?"

Yin Demon Ancestor raised his head and peered into the depths of mountain range.

Outside the Saintlands, in the rainforest of underground world, the human statues that had fallen down from the surface started trembling. They suddenly rose up in the air and moved towards the Saintlands. Enroute, they suddenly disappeared in the void.

As this scene was witnessed by the Greenwood Saint Clan, they believed to have seen a miracle, their mouths left hanging open.

The sculptures didn't pass through the conveyor gate, as they arrived inside Saint Lands through the space. The sculptures of saintlands, as if reacting to an invasion, all resurrected, roaring in the latter's direction as they charged at an astonishing speed. Those who were near chased after them while frantically attacking. The whole scene gave off a feeling of mutual destruction.

Peng! Peng!

The external sculptures emanated a brilliant light, and all those sculptures of Saintlands that made contact with it immediately crumbled apart, their undying bodies rendered completely ineffective.

The external sculptures were flying at an astonishing speed, only intermittently visible in the sky. Within merely ten breaths of time, they arrived at the radiant valley. Then, they properly arranged their positions in the sky and entered into the depressions on the wall one by one.

The light that had been illuminating the heaven and earth was immediately restrained as the sculptures returned. Complicated lines appeared on the bodies of the sculptures, which indistinctly linked to the lines on the wall, forming a complete network which led to the center of the wall, just above the cavity.


With a muffled sound, a golden rock sprouted outwards. Although the rock wasn't golden, the light it emanated was more golden than gold itself. Going past the golden light and looking inside the semi-transparent rock, Ye Chen and Murong QIngcheng could see a sealed handscroll. It was precisely this handscroll that was emitting the golden radiance. It had no connection with the rock whatsoever.

"Golden Scroll!"

As the perpetrator, Ye Chen could naturally tell that this scroll was not ordinary. He felt that this golden scroll ought to contain the cultivation secrets of the undying body.


Slowly, cracks started appearing on the stone, which leaked even more of the overflowing golden radiance, making the stone itself seem like a hedgehog. But, this wasn't the end. Above the stone, a golden phantom formed gradually, sitting cross-legged. The phantom's appearance was quite vague, but the aura it emanated was as boundless as the heaven and earth, making one unable to hold back from kneeling down and bowing.

"Golden light, golden phantom... Don't tell me that it's the undying body?"

Several thousand li away from the mountain's core, an amazed expression flickered on the Yin Demon Ancestor's face. Back then when he had discovered the map of the undying body, there was also a picture. In the picture was a golden scroll, and within the radiance of golden scroll was a golden phantom sitting cross-legged. The golden phantom before his eyes was exactly the same.

"Undying body... Yes, this is definitely the undying body. Somebody freed the restraints, allowing the undying body to appear once again in this world. B*stard... I will kill him. The undying body belongs to me." He had studied the undying map for more than fifty years. Was it not to obtain it himself? He had lost motivation before, but it was not because he no longer cared for it, but rather because there was no sight of it, and his body was completely battered. However, with the undying body now within his sights, he would kill whoever tried to stop him from getting his hands on it.

With his eyes tinged with a faint redness, Yin Demon Ancestor charged towards the center of the mountain range at his peak speed.


The stone shattered, and the golden scroll once again appeared in the world.

"Eh? It's not substantive, but made of energy." Ye Chen focused his eyes and discovered that the golden scroll wasn't a true scroll, but was condensed from a golden energy. The faintly discernible characters it contained waved about in a rhythmic manner.

The golden scroll remained still for a moments before violently exploding. A boundless golden light swarmed Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng. At that moment, the two felt as if the time itself had stopped. They couldn't feel anything, and couldn't even bring themselves to think. The only thing left behind was their vision filled with the overflowing golden light.


Suddenly, Murong Qingcheng spurted out a mouthful of blood, sent flying back the golden light. Ye Chen, however, didn't receive any harm and continued to be engulfed by the golden light.

"The Golden Scroll's requirements for soul are way higher than a low grade profound skill. No wonder...." Murong Qingcheng had a pensive look as she more or less understood the situation. It wasn't that the golden light rejected her; instead, she was rejected by the process of elimination, since her soul's essence didn't have the qualifications.

The golden light gradually converged and formed a golden light sphere. Inside the sphere, the pupils Ye Chen's emotionless eyes had become golden. If observed carefully, one could see various ancient characters inside his golden eyes. These characters were too small, and were constantly rearranging themselves.

The instant light sphere formed, Ye Chen had already awakened. He was dumbfounded for a moment before he checked his present condition, then went on to inspect his Sea of Soul.

'Sure enough, it's the undying body... the undying body scroll."

There were too many characters within the Undying Manual. As the first few characters were properly rearranged, Ye Chen could finally be sure. The golden scroll really did contain the secrets of the undying body. However, the undying body seemed to be divided into two parts, and he had only received the first. As for whether the second part was present or not, he couldn't tell for the time being.

Soon, the characters had all arranged themselves.

"Undying body, first part, three realms- first layer: flesh fusion... Except for external injuries with a deficient nature, anything can be healed in an instant."

The so-called external injuries with a deficient nature meant an injury to the very core. For example, a cut wouldn't be classified as one, but a broken arm or leg would be. It was an injury of the core of that part, and the first layer wouldn't be able to mend it.

"Second layer: Regrow. Broken leg, broken arm, broken head, all can be healed in an instant at the expense of basic life essence. The more serious a core energy is, the more of the basic life essence will be expended. If the basic life essence is insufficient, the injury will not recover completely. If the basic life essence is used up, the ability will lose all effect."

There was not much need to speak about 'Regrow'. As long as one's limbs were not completely crushed or turned into mincemeat, they could be restored. However, Regrow was different from Blood Fusion, as it required the basic life essence. What was basic life essence? It was one's innate Yuan Qi. Usually speaking, it was exceptionally difficult to increase one's basic life essence. There wasn't much difference in the basic life essence of Mortal Realm martial artists and Astral Reaching martial artists. However, once one crossed over to the Sea of Soul realm from the Astral Reaching realm, one's basic life essence would increase by several folds. After all, the body was no longer mortal after the Sea of Soul realm, and thus, one's basic life essence would naturally be exceptionally rich and vigorous.

"Third layer: Flesh Derivative. Body derived from mincemeat; requires a huge amount of basic life essence. If insufficient, the reborn body will be weak, depending on the degree of deficiency of basic life essence."

The Life and Death realm's undying body had three layers; first was Regrow, second was Flesh Derivative, and the last was Blood Rebirth.

The undying body accounted by the golden scroll also had three layers. The second and third layers of the golden were scroll were the same as that of Life and Death realm. Unsurprisingly, Blood Rebirth ought to be in the second part of the scroll. Unfortunately, there was no sign of it till the point the characters had rearranged.

"Although Flesh Fusion is inferior to Regrow, for the current me, it's really important and relatively easy to learn."

Although Ye Chen had the Blood Yang Flower and greater half of Heavenly Demonic Flower, he still had to expend a lot of time to heal. If he could successfully cultivate Flesh Fusion, he would be able to instantly recover his peak, moreover, without spending any basic life Yuan Qi.

In a life and death battle, having one's opponent be riddled with scars and bruises while one was standing in peak condition had a conclusion that was self-evident.

The golden sphere suddenly shrank into a small golden pellet and entered Ye Chen's Soul Sea located between his eyebrows. With that, he regained the control of his body.

Right at this moment, a figure arrived inside the valley like lightning. His vision fell on Ye Chen, Murong Qingcheng, the undying altar, the undying wall, as well as the sculptures on the wall.

He was none other than Yin Demon Ancestor.

"Tell me, kid... Where is the cultivation scroll of the undying body?" Not wasting any words, Yin Demon Ancestor's face flickered with a chilly killing intent as he unblinkingly stared at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen knew that words wouldn't do him any good, so he said indifferently, "I have nothing to say."

"Hehe... It seems like you got it. Hand it over... or die."

Yin Demon Ancestor didn't put Ye Chen in eyes at all. Perhaps he would have been apprehensive of the latter without Zhen Yuan. But now, the latter was no different from an ordinary Sea of Soul realm expert to him. He could swat him to death with the back of his hand at any moment.

Ye Chen smiled faintly, "Perhaps, you won't have the chance."


As soon his words sounded, Ye Chen jumped onto the undying altar, and Murong Qingcheng, whom he had informed beforehand, did the same almost simultaneously.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Yin Demon Ancestor had a bad premonition. He let out a roar and slashed his blade towards Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng on the undying altar.


The blade light was bounced back, and the radiance of the altar enveloped around their bodies.

"You think you can hide here forever?" Yin Demon Ancestor's fury soared. He extended his right hand, wishing to flip the altar.

"I said you won't have the chance!"

Using some unknown method, Ye Chen steered the altar. It transformed into a beam of white light, shooting off into distance. Yin Demon Ancestor's face turned ashen before he frantically plunged into pursuit.