Chapter 438: The Undying Rock Wall

 Chapter 438: The Undying Rock Wall

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Without thinking too much, Murong Qingcheng turned her attention to the black jade. It was shimmering with a soft light and felt mild and smooth on touch. As she infused it with Zhen Yuan, various scenes suddenly started playing in her mind.

On a crimson wasteland, a true fiend was floating under a red moon. It had bat wings on its back, two horns on its head, and a pair of silver eyes. There was no skin on its body, only a hard, armor-like layer of fiber. The two meters high fiend had the same body shape as that of humans. But, if one looked at it, one would only have one feeling: it was strong. Not just in terms strength, it was strong in essence; innately strong, an existence above humans.

Across the fiend was a black-robed human. If the fiend was a true demon, then the black-robed human was an acquired demon. Strands of a black aura curled about his body, seeming as if it contained a spiritual nature.


The bat-winged fiend issued a chop, covering the heaven and earth in a magnificent dark light. The sky suddenly shattered and earth split open.

"Soul Extinguishing Wave!"

The black-robed man raised his head, his eyes gleaming with a frantic and domineering light. He whirled his hand, condensing a black sphere with an equally magnificent black light, which immediately radiated out in a fan-like shape. Its might kept on increasing on the way, and not only did it counteract the fiend's strike, it further sent it flying for several hundred li.

In silence, the fiend fell on the ground, as if it had lost its soul. But, there wasn't a trace of injury on its body.

Murong Qingcheng's body was stretched taut in admiration. The black-robed man smiled at her, and a wave of black of light suddenly flooded her thoughts.

Ye Chen didn't disturb the stationary Murong Qingcheng. He had gone through the experience of receiving a profound martial skill himself. In the course of this process, the receiver's mind would turn into a complete mess. The latter wouldn't be waking up for a while, and if awakened by force, it might even harm her spirit.

After quite a while, Murong Qingcheng finally opened her eyes.

"So, the Soul Extinguishing Wave is actually a low grade profound sense martial skill. Its target of attack is soul. If your soul isn't powerful, your body won't help you no matter how strong it is."

Ye Chen spoke in amazement, "A soul-focused profound skill... It must be similar to an ordinary mid grade profound skill."

Soul was not like a physical body. Even an ordinary Sea of Soul realm expert might be able to kill a Daoist or even Master with a weak soul. Of course, the former might also end up being instantly killed.


As the two were discussing, a huge horned python suddenly charged out of the overflowing river. It was immeasurably long, and a frightening ten meters thick. Washbowl-thick scales covered its entire body, and its skull, which was as high as a skyscraper, was no different from an awl. Its frantically flapping tongue seemed like a dozens of meters long spear.

Bringing with it a violent gale, the python stabbed at them furiously. The soaring evil qi again caused the sky to darken. Thunder roared, and lightning rained down, exploding several mountains in the vicinity. Burnt black stones and rocks splattered in the air, covering the sky.

Wanting to try out the demonic will's might, Murong Qingcheng stood in her place and issued a palm imprint that contained a peerless demonic intent.

With that, the python's horn was severed, and a huge palm imprint appeared on its skull. A black qi soared from the imprint, and the python's body, which hadn't even fully left the river yet, shot back instead, crashing into the golem's mountain and dying instantaneously.

An ancient eighth grade demonic beast couldn't sustain even a single palm from Murong Qingcheng!

It should be known that demonic beasts of ancient era were much more formidable than the current era. A seventh grade demonic beast of ancient era could contend an eighth grade beast of the current era. These eighth ranked beasts were almost equivalent to the lowest ninth grade beasts. They might be somewhat inferior, but the difference wasn't much. To end an eighth grade ancient beast with one strike, the might of demonic will was simply unbelievable.

As the possessor of demonic will, Murong Qingcheng understood its excellence and shortcomings much more thoroughly. She said, "Demonic will is like sword will, as it abandons amplification of defense and focuses solely on offense."

Ye Chen was quite clear that there was no such thing as weak or strong in wills. Martial will treaded a balanced path. It provided a comprehensive amplification in offense, speed, and defense. On the other hand, the sword will focused the most on offense, then on speed, and last on defense. Demonic will was most likely the same as well. As for the intricate differences between them, he wouldn't know since he and Battle King both had sword wills.

"Let's move! We might be able to find a way out of here."

At this moment, Ye Chen was no longer looking for anything here. His only wish was to leave the underground world.

"Yeah." Murong QIngcheng faintly nodded in affirmation.


Standing across the hundreds of meters high sculpture, Yin Demon Ancestor's face was somewhat thrashed. He could ignore the fact it had the strength equivalent to Daoist grade, but its undying body was causing him an endless pain. Regardless of how he struck, no sign of harm was seen on its body. This left him completely helpless.


The sculpture punched out, its wings scraping layers off the ground.

"Yin Demonic Chop!"

The Yin Demon Ancestor faced it with his treasured blade.

The man and sculpture had fought hundreds of rounds. But, from the beginning to the end, neither of them could do anything to their opponent. Finally, Yin Demon Ancestor could only give up tangling with his opponent. He used 'Earth As Heavens' to make the sculpture stagger, then escaped using his escape art.

A whole day and night passed when he was finally able to escape from the sculpture. The latter's speed almost made him faint. Fortunately, it was still a bit less compared to him, and after a whole day, he managed to gain several thousand li over it.

"Hm? There is a huge mountain range ahead."

From the even ground, Yin Demon Ancestor could see a huge mountain range in the distance. This mountain range was quite different than those in the world outside. The mountain range was black in color, and the sky was also dark. It seemed like night, whereas outside the mountain range, it was a bright day. There was a clear contrast between the two.

"Let's have a look."

Like Ye Chen, Yin Demon Ancestor no longer had that maddening desire of the undying body's secrets. Of course, it was a different matter if they presented themselves before his eyes. Otherwise, his only wish was to leave this place and return to his own world. Otherwise, if he were to stay, he wasn't sure if he could keep on living for long. Not to mention the subterraneans, even the sculptures were enough to stress him out.


Increasing his speed to eight times the speed of sound, the Yin Demon Ancestor entered the mountain while being extremely cautious at the same time.

In the depths of the mountain range, two figures were flying across. They were, of course, Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng.

With the demonic will and demonic soul embryo at the critical point, Murong Qingcheng's speed was no longer much inferior compared to Ye Chen's. Her battle strength had improved even more, and her overall gains were huge without a doubt.

"That place has something strange!"

Murong Qingcheng's eyesight was exceptionally powerful. Separated by several thousand li, she could spot something peculiar with the mountain range's core. That place seemed to be pervaded by a layer of mild white light, as if there was a huge radiating source placed there.

"Let's go take a look."

Ye Chen had also seen it already, and thus increased his speed by thirty percent.

In a quarter of an hour, the two arrived at the shining location.

The scene before their eyes made them somewhat astonished. Their eyes reflected a huge valley, and the white light coming from there. It was a simplification to call it 'light', as it seemed a bit foggy. Precisely speaking, countless light rays were tangling around each other. They were extremely distorted and constantly squirming.

After tossing a stone inside and observing that nothing had happened, the two operated their protective Zhen Yuan cover and entered the valley step-by-step.

As the white rays made contact with their protective Zhen Yuan, they showed no reaction, but the two could indistinctly feel that there was a faint interaction between the two. It seemed as if the two wished to blend into each other.

After walking around for a couple dozen li, the two saw an altar- an enlarged version of the undying altar. It was a hundred meters high and four hundred meters wide. Its six pillars went all the way up into the dark sky like the sky's pillars. This white light was coming precisely from these pillars. But, the higher it got, the darker the light became, and the place where the light rays were the most brilliant was precisely the surface of the altar.

"Undying altar... It has to be the undying altar. Didn't think that this place would also have an undying altar." After a careful observation, Ye Chen was certain that this altar was the exact same as the one through which they had arrived. The size was probably the only difference between the two.

Approaching the altar, Ye Chen discovered a beam of light shooting from its center and illuminating the rock wall across.

The wall was as smooth as a mirror, seeming otherworldly. It was grand, majestic, and emanated an ancient aura. The portion of wall lighted up was a cavity, and around it were all sorts of human-shaped depressions. The biggest was around a hundred meters wide, and the smallest was merely a dozen meters wide.

Before the wall was an erected stone tablet, with three words written on it in ancient characters- Undying Rock Wall.

"Don't tell me it's really undying." Undying altar, then undying wall... Seeing the depressions on the wall, Ye Chen seemed to have thought of something, but at the same time not. He only knew that he was forgetting something important, and he couldn't be at ease because of that.

Murong Qingcheng spoke in a hesitant tone, "Do you feel that the sizes of these depressions are exactly the same as those in the stoneman arrays."

"That's right... the stone sculptures!"

With Murong Qingcheng's reminder, Ye Chen recalled that these depressions had more or less the same sizes and figures as those human sculptures above. To solve this situation, they must install those sculptures from the surface which had come with them. However, who knew how far the rainforest was from this place. Moreover, the two didn't have any method to go out, or any means to bring them back here. So, what were they supposed to do in this situation?

"In any case, let's see what mysteries does this undying altar contain."

Ye Chen's attention focused back on undying altar.

At the altar's base, Ye Chen found an unusual crack. This was not a crack formed due to damage, but due to two things closely fitted together. It seemed as if the altar could be rotated.


Placing his palm on the altar's edge, Ye Chen pushed it in a certain direction. As he had expected, when the altar had spun halfway through, the light coming from its core changed colors.