Chapter 437: Saintlands Trial (3)

 Chapter 437: Saintlands Trial (3)

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"Demonic Hand Imprint!"

As the sculptures woke up, Murong Qingcheng faced the direction with the most concentrated attacks and issued a palm strike. The palm energy that contained destructive properties caused the sculptures in a wide area to leave the ground and float in the air as if they were no longer affected by the gravitational pull. Soon after, they were destroyed along with rumbling explosions.

However, the next moment, the black smoke once again gathered the scattered powder, reviving the sculptures.

These sculptures with undying bodies were exceptionally tough to deal with indeed.

"Seems like I need to use elemental sword intent." Ye Chen had previously used the slaughter sword intent to scrape off large amounts of Yuan Qi from the undying monsters, rendering the latter incapable of recovering their peak battle power within a short duration and making them lose strength with every strike. However, at this moment, he obviously couldn't use the slaughter sword intent, since the opponent wasn't a living being.

At the same time, the Sky Thunder Cut carrying his destruction sword intent would be endlessly more powerful than a normal Sky Thunder Cut. As he slashed out, the destructive aura that could shake one's entire being overflowed. In a straight line, all the weeds instantly lost vigor and withered down, then burned down into a black powder.

A magnificent sword light bloomed, stopping dozens of sculptures in their tracks. Sword scars of varying shapes and sizes appeared on their bodies, and this time, the black smoke was unable to make its way out through the scars. Anytime a trace of black smoke appeared, it was instantly obliterated by the destructive sword intent.

The destructive sword intent had restrained the undying bodies of stone sculptures.


Murong Qingcheng didn't have a clear understanding of elemental sword intent. She only knew that once a sword artist had comprehended an elemental sword intent, their accomplishments would be much higher compared to other sword artists. For example, a Life and Death sword artist who had comprehend an elemental sword intent would be much more powerful than one who hadn't. As for why even Life and Death Kings would be unable to comprehend it many times, not only was it because of one's comprehension ability, it was even more so related to one's soul. After all, there were existential disparity from person to person. Regardless of how rich a cripple could be, he would still be a cripple.

As she thought up to this point, she fell into a slight daze. Ye Chen's sword intent wasn't limited to one, but should be of three different kinds. For one person to comprehend three different sorts of great sword intents... the True Spirit Continent had never seen such a thing throughout its history. If all these three sword intents were grown to Life and Death grade, his accomplishments would be too frightening. As for whether he could surpass ancient Sword Kings and become the second Sword King or first Sword Emperor, she couldn't really tell. After all, comprehensive growth was much more difficult than unilateral growth. However, one with eight in every aspect would probably be inferior to someone with ten in one aspect. Walking the absolute peak of one aspect was an extremely terrifying achievement.

In any case, as long as Ye Chen attained the Life and Death realm, his accomplishments would definitely not be low.

"Green Lotus Splitting Mountain!"

Ye Chen swept the Greenwood sword in his hands in a circle, blooming magnificent sword lights that were overflowing with the destruction sword intent like a green sun. As a result, all the sculptures were cleaved in half. The broken sections issued gurgling noises as the black smoke coming out of them gradually weakened.

"Let's leave!"

There was no need to smash heads against these stone sculptures. Ye Chen chose a direction and continued forward, with Murong Qingcheng closely following behind him.

They walked for a long time, but didn't encounter any new sculptures.

Soon, the two arrived beside a huge river. It was around a dozen li wide and immeasurably long. In the dusky surroundings, the river water gave a cold and grim feeling.

At the edge of the river, a stone tablet was erected with five huge words written in black on its surface, "Golem Heart, Soul Extinguishing Wave!"

The two tried to decipher the meaning for long time, but to no avail. In the end, they could only move forward, following the river.

After walking for a dozen li, the river's flow gradually turned faster, forming a whirlpool. This place was actually an intersection point of three rivers. At one side of the intersection point was a towering black mountain. In the direction of the mountain facing the river was a hundred meters high stone sculpture. The sculpture was on the mountain's body itself, indistinguishable from the mountain's terrain at all.

The sculpture's color was green along with a faint black hue, sitting upright. Its hands and feet were not that of humans, but seemed like claws of a demonic beast. For some reason, the two felt a frightening demonic intent coming from the statue, which seemed to make the sculpture come alive,

This was clearly a golem.

"Golem Heart... Is this it? No matter how you look at it, it doesn't seem ordinary." Ye Chen was quite clear that since the stone sculptures could come to life and assault them, this golem should be even more powerful. Although, he could only guess what the Golem Heart was pointing at.

Sitting near the intersection point of three rivers, as the golem oversaw the vegetation and river water, it didn't somehow become tranquil. Instead, it gave off even more of a hair-raising and blood-curdling feeling. If this had been the external world, who knew how many ships would have met their end at this place.


The golem's eyes faintly moved, and as they did, winds and clouds were raised in upheaval. The river water rose in raging waves, charging towards the two. In the next moment, the golem stood up, and at that very instant, the space itself shook as a frightening demonic intent overflowed, covering the heaven and earth and radiating out in every direction.

"Demonic Will!"

Ye Chen sucked in a deep breath. He was not surprised that the golem had come to life like the stone sculptures, but due to the will that was completely different from martial will. It was actually the exceptionally rare demonic will. Demonic will was like sword will, derived from the martial will, but now standing on its own and perfecting its own system. In the ancient era, only those who possessed demonic will were considered as true demons.

Cleaving apart the waves with his sword, Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng gazed straight at the golem.


As the golem stood up, its body evidently seemed quite stiff. But, once it punched out, it was exceptionally swift and violent. Even before the punch was issued, its pressure scattered the gray clouds in the sky. The majestic fist energy under the amplification of demonic will seemed to almost pierce through the heaven and earth.

Ye Chen faced the fist energy with his sword without any hesitation.


Thunder surged, and everything within the area fell into a darkness as thick black clouds assembled, unleashing lightning. The explosive energy from the collision of sword Qi and fist energy straightaway vaporized the river, revealing a pitch-black riverbed.

Ye Chen glided several hundred meters backward out of control, his clothes issuing 'zi zi' noises like a flag.

"Force Field Cut!"

Murong Qingcheng intuitively felt that the golem had some connection with her. She also struck out and the two opposite force fields collided together, creating a frightening cleaving power which slashed at the golem's head. She further steered her demonic force field to the peak, raising her guard for the unexpected.


The golem's reaction was rather slow. The Force Field Cut slashed off a part of his neck, creating a huge crack. Of course, compared to its ginormous body, this crack was nothing but a dot, nothing consequential at all.

Its eyeballs moved towards Murong Qingcheng, and it punched out again.


The force field outside her body instantly crumbled, and her body shot back while she vomited out a mouthful of blood, landing a thousand meters away. However, in Ye Chen's eyes, this scene had an entirely different meaning. To him, this was Murong Qingcheng's true strength, or perhaps close to her true strength. If it had been an extreme Astral Reaching expert, he or she wouldn't have survived this strike in any case, no matter whether he or she had condensed a martial soul embryo or not.

Ye Chen sucked in a deep breath as the sword intent on his body turned increasingly thicker. It pierced the sky, and his own body seemed like an unsheathed treasured sword,


Stretching his body, Ye Chen's figure shot towards the golem as he slashed out a sword strike at it.

The might contained in this strike was inconceivably huge, almost cleaving off half of the golem's body. What made Ye Chen a bit surprised was that the golem didn't have an undying body; the crack in its body couldn't be healed. As for what was still pushing it onwards, it was perhaps the remnants of the demonic will.

The golem's body swayed, but it still stiffly issued another punch.

The fist energy covered a huge area, leaving Ye Chen no other option other than raising his sword in defense and flying back again with his blood and qi rummaging inside his body.

At this moment, Murong Qingcheng charged ahead with her mouth corners stained with blood as she issued the Demonic Hand Imprint's Heaven Expelling style.

Originally, this move couldn't have threatened the golem in any away. However, after Ye Chen slashed open half of its body, causing its upper body to sway as if it could fall at any moment, Murong Qingcheng's palm strike caused its body to be riddled with scars.

The golem showed no expression of pain and punched out again. As it struck out, one of its fingertips fell down. It turned out that it was already about to fall while it was facing Ye Chen. When it punched out at this moment, the fingertip was ejected with a frightening speed, carrying a boundless demonic will.

"It's dangerous!"

Ye Chen slashed out a beam of sword light, chopping the fingertip in half.

However, the remaining half still struck Murong Qingcheng, carrying her body several li away.

In the air, Murong Qingcheng spurted out blood on the finger, and an astonishing scene occurred. The demonic intent on the finger, as well as on the faraway golem, was sucked out and simultaneously poured into her Soul Sea between her eyebrows. Losing the support of the demonic intent, the golem crumbled, only preserving a chunk of stone at the right of its chest, which floated towards her.

"Golem Heart... So this is what it meant."

Ye Chen let out a sigh of relief. It seemed like the golem was an inheritance of the Demonic Dao. Murong Qingcheng cultivated the Demonic Dao, and thus, she naturally accepted the inheritance.

As the demonic intent poured into her Soul Sea, Murong Qingcheng's face turned strange. Seeing the stone flying towards her, she reached out and caught it.


The stone exploded and revealed a black-colored jade.

"Are you hurt?!" Ye Chen rushed over and asked.

Murong Qingcheng shook her head, "I'm alright, but my martial will has transformed into demonic will, and martial soul embryo has also converted into a demonic soul embryo. Moreover, it has grown one step further. It's now close to a real demonic soul."

"Soul has its own essence. Since you can accept the demonic will, it means you are suitable for the Demonic Dao." With the vast knowledge of Battle King, how could Ye Chen not know these things? Some people were incapable of comprehending the sword soul. This was not just related to one's comprehension ability, but also the soul itself. If one's soul could only receive ordinary sword intents, it would be extremely hard for one to develop an elemental sword intent. In the same manner, since Murong Qingcheng's martial will smoothly transitioned to demonic will, it meant that she was naturally suited for the Demonic Dao.