Chapter 434: Saint Lands Conveyor Gate

 Chapter 434: Saint Lands Conveyor Gate

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The battle between the two led to a huge commotion. Yin Demon Ancestor and Master Jaderiver were also paying attention to their battle. Their expressions were that of surprise before slowly turning profound.

Daoist Ironwood, Old Man Sky Eagle, and the other Sea of Soul realm experts were astonished as well. Although they knew that Ye Chen was no ordinary Astral Reaching and seemed as if he had condensed sword soul long ago, they didn't expect his sword intent to be this powerful. Could it be that his talent in the aspect of will was that of an absolute genius only seen once in ten thousand years, just like Sword Kings of the ancient era who were graced by the heavens itself?

"Is this for real? We actually had a true dragon level genius with us. If it's heard outside, it'll create huge waves."

"True Dragon level genius, aren't you a bit overestimating?"

"No, I'm certainly not. To possess a master sword will as an Astral Reaching expert, and you're telling me he is not a true dragon level genius? I won't believe it even if I'm beaten to death."

"Right, he is indeed befitting of being called a true dragon level genius. Throughout the entire south sector, there are merely five who possess such qualifications, and among them, only two barely make it. And even they are just regarded as true dragon level geniuses."

Despite the intense battle, various Sea of Soul realm experts were discussing. The astonishment Ye Chen had brought them was indeed too huge.

It should be known that inside a region, the number of absolute geniuses which were the most talented geniuses was around five. However, when ascending to a sector, they wouldn't be as eye-catching. After all, these five geniuses when grouped with those from eight to nine regions combined wouldn't seem that extraordinary.

In that case, absolute geniuses were further divided into categories. The first were ordinary absolute geniuses. There was not much to say about this grade, except that only those with exceptional talent in all aspects could make it. Strength was not the only factor taken into account.

The second was the true dragon category. The term true dragon implied that they must have the potential to break into Life and Death realm. As for the appraisal criterion, it was actually quite simple. Apart from having exceptional talent in all aspects, they must have a world-shaking ability. For example, Ye Chen having a master grade sword intent at Astral Reaching realm was enough to be called world-shaking.

"So what if you have master grade sword intent? I'll defeat you anyway."

Saint son Goldwind bellowed. His arms spread out as if holding an invisible sphere, hurling it towards Ye Chen.


The ground split open in a semi-circular arc. It happened so fast that it seemed as if it had suddenly appeared there. Ye Chen and all those around him felt as if the time itself had frozen. Saint son Goldwind's psyche had turned their thought process sluggish.

"What a thick psyche!"

Ye Chen's heart tightened. Saint son Goldwind's strength really couldn't be looked down upon. If this psyche attack landed on him, he would be crippled even if he didn't die.

"But, that doesn't mean it has no weakness."

The psyche had been condensed into a sphere, so its destructive power was the strongest. But, it also meant that it was exceptionally hard to reach perfection with it. Ye Chen steered his soul power to the peak, then slashed out towards the weak point of the psyche sphere. It was the point where it had been condensed with the most imperfection, and had the most instability.


The psyche sphere slackened and exploded, creating a crater.

A full power strike of Goldwind Saint son didn't affect Ye Chen much. It was like a rumbling thunder but with little rain.

Following the success of his first strike, Ye Chen strode forward and slashed out the second strike.


Spurting out a mouthful of blood, the pale-faced Goldwind Saint son was sent flying back.

"Saint son!"

Sang Qing and Bayan were dumbfounded. They were exceptionally clear on his strength. He was not one bit below them, and could be ranked in the top ten throughout the race. Otherwise, he couldn't have become the number one expert among the young generation of the race. However, he was bested by the blue-robed sword artist at this moment, who seemed even younger.

The two wished to assist him, but Yin Demon Ancestor and Master Jaderiver were not that simple either. Their offense might be weaker compared to Ye Chen, but in terms of speed and defense, they were quite frightening. The two of them were barely able to hold them off, so how could they find the opportunity to aid Goldwind Saint son.


The number of people Goldwind Saint son brought with him was higher than Ye Chen and rest. When they saw the former being in trouble, they immediately pulled out the short spears from their back and shot towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen couldn't disregard the spears. It could be said that the defense was his weakest aspect, being weaker than any Sea of Soul realm expert who had condensed martial soul. Having received the amplification of psyche, even if these didn't kill him, he could receive heavy injuries. It was simply not worth the risk.

The Destruction sword danced in the air, issuing sword lights that severed the incoming short spears. Ye Chen's knees bent slightly, and then he launched his body into the air. The next moment, a huge scar appeared on the ground where he was standing. The soil surrounding the scar had turned into grains of sand like powder. The attacker was none other than Goldwind Saint son, who had just suffered Ye Chen's strike. With the support of his underlings, he wished to take the opportunity created by the spear waves to catch Ye Chen unprepared. However, he didn't expect the latter to be so quick to react and easily dodge his attack.

Pop Pop Pop Pop!

Dodging Goldwind Saint son's strike, Ye Chen didn't proceed onto engaging the former in a life-and-death battle. Instead, following the momentum, he flew over to the group of subterraneans that had just surrounded him. With a flick of his right hand, a sword light overflowed and blood splattered everywhere.

"Psyche Cage!"

Seeing Ye Chen killing subterraneans like chopping melons and slicing vegetables, Goldwind Saint son gnashed his teeth and formed a sealing type psyche barrier around the former, wishing to trap him in and then bombard him with group attacks.

Just as the psyche barrier formed up, Ye Chen stepped out. That thin psyche barrier posed absolutely no hindrance to his light slash.

"Too powerful! Can he really be called an Astral Reaching expert?"

Ye Chen killed a lot of subterraneans, so much so that he inadvertently saved a few Astral Reaching experts. As these experts saw him killing subterraneans with such ease and then casually dissolving Goldwind Saint son's attack, they were dumbstruck. In their eyes, even Yin Demon Ancestor and Master Jaderiver were not this ferocious. Just the master grade sword intent was also not enough to explain his strength.

Freeing himself from the psyche barrier's restriction, Ye Chen's figure flashed and suddenly arrived near Murong Qingcheng.


One of the individuals surrounding Murong Qingcheng was alarmed. But, before he could utter a second word, his throat was slashed by a sword, instantly killing him.

The other two panicked and immediately escaped towards Goldwind Saint son, but Murong Qingcheng acted swiftly. Like a butterfly streaking amidst flowers, her figure immediately charged out as she issued a palm imprint on the left person's chest.

With a 'kacha' sound, his chest caved in, spurting out blood and flesh without ceasing. Having received a life-threatening injury, he immediately lost his battle power. At the same time, the other person was overtaken by Ye Chen through a seemingly strange footwork, impaling him through his neck.

Ye Chen was about to go take care of Goldwind Saint son, but a large group of people suddenly entered his soul power, advancing towards them at a high speed. The leader of the group had an exceptionally powerful aura. Merely his gaze was enough to suppress one's will and make one feel as if their soul was being ripped apart.

"An absolute expert is here!"

With their faces faintly flickering, Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng sucked in deep breaths. Raising their speeds to the limit, they charged towards a vast desolate zone. In a few breaths, they were already one li away.

As if recalling something, Goldwind Saint son shouted, "Not a single one of them should escape."


The subterraneans immediately spread out, sealing off Yin Demon Ancestor and the rest.

Yin Demon Ancestor and Master Jaderiver exchanged a glance, and as if agreeing without prior consultation, immediately abandoned their opponents and escaped the battlefield. They were exceptionally clear that the incoming person was stronger than the two combined. The latter's will was at least at the Daoist level. Once this will transformed into psyche, it would allow a three to four-fold amplification, which was capable of sweeping through the entire battlefield.

How could the subterraneans that were a part of the encirclement be their opponents? They easily tore open a hole in the encirclement and escaped.

Old man Sky Eagle, Daoist Black Eagle, and the rest also sensed something amiss, then madly rushed to follow Yin Demon Ancestor and Master Jaderiver.

However, Rock Spirit Warrior and Yuan Gold's luck wasn't that good. The moment they moved, they were intercepted by Goldwind Saint son's group and immediately lost their lives.

In this manner, the lively battlefield crumbled as Billowing Saint race's reinforcements approached. Nobody wished to stay and fight to death.



In less than five breaths, more people died on the battlefield than the huge battle before. Less than twenty people were still alive, seven or eight still inside the encirclement.


With a huge explosion, the remaining seven-eight people inside the encirclement all died thanks to a white-haired old man who had just arrived. He also had golden fur draped over his shoulders, and had eye-catching eyebrows which seemed like two wyverns.

"Great Elder!"

Sang Qing and Bayan faintly bowed.

The white-elder glanced at Goldwind Saint son and asked, "Why were there so many deaths?"

Goldwind Saint son sucked in a deep breath and said gloomily, "I made an error in judgment. Apart from the two that the holy snake told me about, there was another powerful person. I couldn't obstruct him." Before they had set out, the clan already knew about the information regarding the outsiders. So, the arrival of great elder was no surprise to him.

The white-haired old man faintly nodded, then peered into the distance, looking at Ye Chen and others who were several li away. Suddenly, his brows raised as he spoke in a low voice," This is bad. That place has the conveyor gate to saint lands. You three come with me while the others rest and regroup in the clan."


Before his words were even out, his figure shot out like an arrow from a bow.

Goldwind Saint son and the other two didn't dare to be neglectful and chased after his back.

Their speed was too quick, especially the old man's. Under the amplification of psyche, each step of his covered two to three hundred meters. He caught up to a few Sea of Soul realm experts. With a wave of his palm, a frightening psyche storm instantly crushed them to death.

"That mountain peak has a conveyor gate. Hurry!"

At this moment, speed was life. If one lacked speed, one would be sooner or later overtaken by the old man. From the way he instantly killed Sea of Soul realm experts, they knew that they were not his match even when combined. Ye Chen was holding Murong Qingcheng's hand while his sword intent was pouring out to the limits, making their speed lightning fast.