Chapter 433: Martial Soul Grade Psyche

 Chapter 433: Martial Soul Grade Psyche

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"Interesting! He was actually concealing his strength." Saint son Goldwind could discern the strength based on the holy snake's vision and hearing. For example, the scene of Yin Demon Ancestor and Master Jaderiver combinedly taking out Elder Saintsnake was seen by the holy snake and transmitted to him. As for Ye Chen, he was merely equivalent to an ordinary Sea of Soul realm warrior, not standing out at all. However, at this moment, when the latter suddenly exploded with twice the strength compared to before, he couldn't help but take notice.

Taking a look around, he said, "Elder Saintsnake Executioner, I'll leave those two for you. It shouldn't be a problem, right?"

"Saint son can rest easy. Once I act, they will have no place to go."

The priest elder to his left let out a cold smile. Saint son Goldwind was the holy son of the Billowing Saint race. He had an impeccable talent and comprehension, and thus, tremendous potential. Therefore, although his strength didn't pale in comparison to the latter, as far as identity was concerned, he was quite inferior. Inside the clan, Saint sons and Saint daughters were only below the clan leader.

"I, Bayan, will kill them for sure." The priest elder to his right was staring at Master Jaderiver unblinkingly.

Saint son faintly nodded, "Alright, go then!"

Hearing these words, the priest elder named Sang Qing pounced on Yin Demon Ancestor. With but a thought, a formless but substantive psyche armor appeared on his body. His left hand carried a flickering silver-colored shield, while the right hand was holding three-pointed, double-edged spear. Although the subterranean races didn't cultivate Zhen Yuan, they cultivated their bodies twice as much. Therefore, each one of them had powerful bodies. When they ran, they looked like gigantic elephants charging forth.

"Impudent!" Yin Demon Ancestor made a grabbing motion, and a more than a meter long crooked blade appeared in his right hand. The back of the blade was thick, and its edge thin and sharp. With a wave of his right hand, a cold light flitted, immediately ripping through the air.


In the first exchange, both were evenly matched.

"Your opponent is me." Seeing that the former had begun their battle, Bayan was unwilling to fall back. His two hands spread out, creating phantom nets. The next moment, the psyche nets filled the sky, enveloping Master Jaderiver, layer upon layer, tightly sealing him inside.

Master Jaderiver's eyes narrowed as he unleashed a huge jade spiral by relying on his martial will, shielding himself as the nets shrouded him.

As for others, they were extremely busy as well. However, in comparison, the subterranean race was the one holding the complete advantage. Their psyche was crucial for long distance attacks, and their spears could easily pierce through the bodies of Astral Reaching experts. In close-combat, their powerful bodies completely outmatched Astral Reaching experts. Every single one of them was a demonic beast in a human form. However, not everything was disastrous for the experts from above the surface. Their fighting skills completely outclassed the subterranean humans; the two were simply on different levels.

Murong Qingcheng was facing three opponents by herself. These three were different from the rest of the subterranean humans. They weren't going for her life, and seemed to be having some other plans. Murong Qingcheng had improved in almost every aspect after condensing her martial soul, but on confronting the formless but substantial psyche, she didn't have any methods to settle the battle quickly.

"You can consider it your fortune to die by my hands." Goldwind Saint son approached Ye Chen step by step with a relaxed expression. To him, confronting Ye Chen was like killing a chicken with an ox-blade. In any case, he didn't have much to do, so why not find some amusement?

Although Ye Chen didn't make out his words, the latter's contempt didn't go unnoticed. He stood in his place, unmoving like a sword ready to be unsheathed at any moment, and giving off a swift and fierce aura of a sword artist.

Goldwind Saint son smiled coldly and suddenly waved his arm.


A formless psyche blade slashed at Ye Chen's neck as a nearly hundred meters long scar appeared on the ground. As for why it didn't hit the target, it was not because Goldwind Saint son had shown mercy, but Ye Chen slightly tilted his head, dodging at the moment of danger.

"Pretty good."

Goldwind Saint son curled his mouth upwards.

"Have a sword as well."

Unconcerned about whether the former could hear him or not, Ye Chen took out the Destruction Sword and slashed downwards, causing a torrential Sword light to gush forward.


In the end, Goldwind Saint son had looked down on Ye Chen too much, and didn't anticipate that Ye Chen's sword would be this quick. Thus, was unable to dodge in time. He could only erect a psyche barrier before him and quickly thicken it.

The sword light condensed from the destruction sword intent rammed into the barrier. Cracks appeared in the barrier as the trees in the surroundings exploded, converting into ash and dust that soared into the sky. Goldwind Saint son, who was caught off-guard, was pushed several steps back before finally dissolving the impetus.

He waved his palm while glancing at his right shoulder. A chunk of his golden fur had been ripped off. Bits of his hair fluttered behind his body, causing his complexion to become extremely ugly.

"Very good! You've succeeded in sparking my interest. I wonder if you will be able to resist my following move..." His expression had turned a bit grave. He hadn't been able to take care of Ye Chen with the ease he had imagined. Of course, he still didn't treat Ye Chen as a formidable opponent, and had merely become somewhat serious.

"Gold Storm!"

Goldwind Saint son roared, expelling all the air before him. One after another psyche blades shot out like a torrential rain.

Clank Clank!

As Goldwind Saint son's roar rang out, Ye Chen struck at every single psyche blade. But, since his sword was too quick, it gave off an impression as if he had only struck out three or four times, when in reality, he had issued a total of seventeen strikes, every single one of which had cleaved through the psyche blades.

"B*stard, die!"

The ground under his feet crumbled as he stepped, while even more psyche blades started to take shape. They started to spin fiercely, forming a horizontal tornado made of psyche blades. The tornado's mouth opened like a fan as it rushed towards Ye Chen.

"Sky Thunder Cut!"

Holding the destruction sword, Ye Chen slashed out his most powerful and proficient Sky Thunder Cut. It immediately pierced through the tornado, cleaving it in two as if cleaving the heaven and earth.

"Impossible! How could his sword intent be so powerful?" Goldwind Saint son's expression finally changed. He had already condensed his martial soul a year ago, and his will was comparable to Sea of Soul realm experts of the world outside. After he transformed his will into psyche, his offensive power was amplified by several folds. Since Ye Chen could resist his full power strike, didn't it mean that the latter's sword intent was comparable to Master sword artists? Twenty-something years old with a master grade sword intent? It was simply inconceivable. At least, in the world underground, there was nobody capable of such a feat