Chapter 432: Goldwind Saint Son

 Chapter 432: Goldwind Saint Son

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After being hurt, the snake let go of his power and crawled back into the lake. However, the boat had also started falling from the sky after losing its balance. Right then, another snake jumped out of the lake, swinging its tail and trying to break the big boat in half. Right at that critical moment, Ye Chen thought about it, then poured his power onto his left hand and blew the boat away.


Ye Chen separated from the boat while the tail of the snake flashed past between the two and brought up a huge wave of water.

Pap! Pap! Pap! Pap!

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen stepped lightly on the surface of the lake. He then twisted his feet, a wave of twisting force supporting him as he ran at an extreme speed while waving his destruction sword through the surface of the water.


The power below his feet exploded as he jumped into the air and stabbed right into the throat of the snake.


The head was cut off directly, and in the next second, the snake's blood rained down heavily. That snake not only failed to seize the opportunity, it had lost its head and was left with a smooth cut in its place.

Ye Chen took care of the situation so effortlessly, but it did not mean that all of the people had it easy. Besides the twelve Seas of Souls Realm warriors, the rest of the warriors were going through the most critical moment of their lives. A lot of them were stuck on the boats that had been blown upside down by the snakes while some of them had been dragged into the water. The huge lake was filled with blood and human flesh.

"Hehe... Just try to protect yourselves! In here, you are all so fragile, just like rabbits waiting to be hunted." The speaker was a Sea of Souls Realm warrior who had been in the underground world for a couple of days. In the condition where everyone's power got repressed to only thirty percent. But, up until now, not a single Sea of Souls Realm warrior had been killed or had died from natural causes, which made this warrior think that there would not be anything in this underworld that could threaten him. While he was relaxing, he could not help but joke about those Astral Reaching Realm warriors who were fighting for their lives.

Hearing him, some of the people made a face.

"So what? This underworld has just revealed a tiny bit of its power. Who knows how many more powerful things or beings would appear, and how dangerous it would get."

"If I had known that this would happen, I would not have stayed here to watch."

"There is no point in saying these things, since the most important thing right now is to figure out how to leave this place."


During that mess, a three-hundred-meters-long snake appeared out of nowhere. To be more accurate, it was more like a huge eel; there were dorsal fins from its head to the end of its tail, which looked like a dragon's tail. Also, the crystal white eel had mustache hairs right next to the cheek, fifty to sixty meters long each. When it opened its mouth, the tiny teeth visible were completely different from a snake's. The red tongue of its swished out and then was sucked in quickly, along with another three to four people, including that Sea of Souls Realm warrior who was just mocking the others.


The moment he realized what was going on, he threw out a palm attack onto its head. However, that eel was extremely powerful after living for hundreds of years. Even that palm attack which contained the warrior's martial spirit only made it tilt slightly, leaving no damage. It had instead aggravated the eel even more, making it eat its prey without a second thought.


Everyone woke up from their shock and started to paddle their boats with their best capabilities, moving towards the direction opposite from the eel.

After swallowing three to four people, the eel did not look like it was satisfied. So, it joined the other snakes behind it and continued to blow up boats and eat up all the Astral Reaching Realm warriors there.

The Green Water Spirit Warrior could not handle the sight anymore. So, he stood on the end of the boat and performed another of his self-invented profound sense martial arts.

''Jade Cut!''

With the help of his martial spirit, ten beams of water flow appeared out of the lake. They formed into string-thin blades, layering on top of one another like a huge net while moving towards those huge group of eels and snakes.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The martial spirit of a master level warrior would be extremely powerful. With the media of those water blades, its power had been brought out to its fullest. As a result, besides those eel-shaped snakes, the rest of them had been torn into pieces without a chance to fight back. Meanwhile, those more powerful eel-looking snakes were not having it easy either, as net-shaped cut marks had been left on their bodies. Blood continued to pour out of their wounds, dyeing the lake even darker.

''Demon Cut!''

The Demon Master also started attacking. He twisted his arm, shooting out his bent blade. The body of the blade cracked open immediately, forming an even sharper pattern on the side as it sliced right through where the eels were wounded before.


Blood poured out like a waterfall as the top part of the eel fell down and sank into the deep part of the lake.

''Master level is indeed powerful even in this condition where they have lost most of their Zhen Yuan.'' People who witnessed all of this were shocked at how powerful Master level warriors were.

The lake was not that huge, but without the enhancement of the Zhen yuan, it had been one week of full speed traveling, but they had still not reached the edge yet. No one knew how long more it would take.


On the land, the lake was connected with a long river which had divided a lot of different styled buildings into two areas. A teenager with golden fur was squatted on the side of the river, his palm patting the head of a snake.


''There seem to be around seventy of them. You guys killed about twenty, but there are two extremely powerful ones amongst them who had killed the Holy Snake Master?''

The teenager squeezed his eyes together as he patted the snake again, asking it to dive into the lake. He then stood up and said coldly, ''With me, the Goldwind Saint son here, I will not let anyone leave this place alive. They will all have to die.''

As the holy son of the Billowing Saint Race, his power could be ranked in the top ten there. That Serenity Saint Daughter, who had been kidnapped one year ago, was his self-proclaimed sister who was supposed to be married to the holy son who was the most powerful. No one had foreseen what ultimately happened, which aggravated their people a lot.

''If I had guessed it right, those two powerful outsider warriors should be at Master level. So, I think that I will take two high priest level masters with me then.

Turning around, the holy son walked towards the highest building.


Another three days passed by, and everyone finally saw the land, which was no different from the normal world. The only thing that was slightly different was the dark, dim sky. There was no sunshine that had been pouring down from the gray clouds, but some kind of artificial light beam.


The boat docked on the shore, and the remaining fifty warriors jumped out one after another.

''What kind of a place is this? Nothing here looks right!''

''No place in the underworld looks right. What are you expecting?''

After crossing the desert, a mountain forest appeared inside their eyes, which looked like it had been through countless battles. The ground was full of dents, the trees were all cut down one way or another; some of the places were even more dangerous than the quicksand area. The group had witnessed a small snake sink in without ever climbing back up.

Carefully entering the forest, the group did not even have the chance to let out a breath before they heard three exploding sounds. Five Astral Reaching Realm warriors had been punctured through by small pieces like broken punching bags. Blood poured out of their bodies as they were blown ten meters away. They died on the spot, but in an extremely frustrating way.


Ye Chen frowned.

Murong Qingcheng was startled for a moment, and then remarked, ''Judging by the vibration pattern from before, it should be a mind power explosion trap, I had not expected the people in this world to have already trained their mind power to this extent.

''We had just left the deadly lake, but we are in danger again! I guess we can only try our best and fight back then.''

Being regarded by the underworld people as preys was not a good feeling, no one liked it, since they all wanted to continue living. Therefore, only through battling would they have a chance of surviving.

On top of a hill close by, a group of humans appeared suddenly.

The leading man was a buff-looking teenager, his shoulder wide while his head was small. He wore a fancy-looking golden fur, revealing his chest that had a weird-looking pattern on it, displaying his high power. On his sides were two elders with white hair. There were weird-looking tattoos on their faces, and their eyes were extremely sharp.

''Outsiders... you all have to die.''

The teenager was speaking in a rusty normal language, which seemed a bit out of place.

The Sky Eagle Elder laughed, ''He knows our language! Although it is only one or two words, it shows that there must have been people before us here.''

Green Water Spirit Master nodded, ''Since the underworld actually exists, it isn't beyond expectations that there must have been some kind of contact with the outside world before.''

The strong teenager was indeed the Goldwind Saint Son, who scanned through the crowd and quickly examined the Demon Master and the Green Water Spirit Master, eventually focusing on Ye Chen. He seemed to notice that Ye Chen was a bit different. He sneered, before diverting his sight onto Murong Qingcheng.

His breath quickened as he said to the high priest master standing right next to him, "I am keeping this woman. Do not kill her."

"What a great taste you have! This outsider woman indeed has a great posture. She might even be more graceful than the holy daughters." The master standing on the left cracked open his giant mouth, while the one on the right said, "Should we take her back and make her our holy daughter?"

"I just want her today. As for the others... kill them all."

An intense desire and killing intent flashed through his eyes, and then he raised his hand into the air, followed by waving it down.

Although the group did not know what he was talking about, after seeing the expression on his face and his gesture, they all knew that it could not be good.

"Damn! They all treat us like animals. Do they really think that we are that easy to take on? Kill them!"


There was no need for words anymore. Including Ye Chen, their hearts had all been filled with killing intent, and their eyes slowly turned red.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

It was Goldwind Saint son who started the attack. His choice of weapon was a long spear that could be thrown in the air. Countless long spears enhanced with mind power tore apart the air and attacked towards the group, their speed reaching beyond normal.

"Get back!"

Anger flashed across the face of the Demon Master as he waved his palm and his Master level power poured out.


Suddenly, the master on the left side of the holy son attacked. A mind power hammer punctured through the martial spirit of the Demon Master, disabling him from stopping the attacks of the long spears.

In the next second, four Astral Reaching Realm warriors did not have the time to react before they were stabbed right through and blown away by the force.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

At that instant, a bright sword light spread everywhere, and at least one-fourth of the spears were flicked away. The warrior standing behind those sword lights was Ye Chen in his blue outfit. Right then at that place, he did not plan to hold back his power, since there would be no point if everyone on his side was killed in no time.