Chapter 431: Holy Snakes

 Chapter 431: Holy Snakes

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Fighting against living creatures, using the killing sword intent would be already enough. For objects, using the destruction sword intent would be more suitable, since the killing intent was aimed at living beings, while destruction intent would be for everything else.

He waved out a sword attack, and that destruction qi spread out aggressively, without any restraint. With this sword attack, that mind power net was like snow under sunshine as it started to melt away. All of the plants around suddenly started to dry out, looking like it they had undergone hundred years in an instant.

A low hum was heard from the deep end of the rain forest. The next second, an invisible mind spear shot out towards Ye Chen at an unbelievable speed. It went through a huge tree on the way, which did not dry out or break in half. But, the part where it went through had lost a huge section, turning into ashes and falling down onto the ground. Meanwhile, the spear did not decrease its speed.

Facing that, Ye Chen changed his steps as he held his destruction sword with both hands and waved out casually.


That invisible sword light outshone the whole rainforest, turning the rest of this part of the world into a black and white place. The sword light sliced past the mind spear, breaking it into two parts.


Using his soul power, Ye Chen could sense the movement of his opponent. He jumped into the air, stepping over a couple of trees, then sliced down his sword again. That sword contained not only the destruction sword intent, but also his most perfected immortal sword intent. As it formed an invisible sword light, all of the color in this world suddenly returned to normal. That high spirited will power crashed its way through, and was a few times more horrifying than the destruction sword intent alone, since what followed the destruction power was loneliness, while it was eternity that followed the immortal power.

That underworld human screamed in a bizarre manner as he pushed his mind power to the maximum, creating layers after layers of mind power defenses. He then formed another layer of mind power armor on his body, and a shield in his hand.


A scary, bone-shaking sound was heard from the depths of each person's heart. The immortal sword light went through each layer of the human's defense, the shield, and eventually landed on his mind power armor.

That armor continued to repair itself, but that immortal sword light did not seem to back out. It seemed to have an endless power, tearing that mind power armor aggressively. Eventually, the mind power armor broke down, and that immortal sword light also rushed into its enemy's soul.


That guy screamed once, falling onto the ground without another sound. His strong, beautiful muscles lost their shine completely, looking like a dead, rusty piece of metal.

The remaining underworld humans were shocked; the dead man was their leader, who had the strongest will power, and would even be ranked in the top twenties in their tribe. He could easily take on one hundred enemies on his own, and they had never expected to see him be killed by those outsiders. Also, that guy who had killed their leader frightened them. It only took him one sword attack to break their leader's defense and even have his soul got destroyed.

In the next second, the loud chatter was heard again. All of those underworld humans started to talk in an unrecognizable language anxiously, but the conversations did not last that long. In fact, it had only been a few blinks' time before they started to back out along with their huge dogs.

"Huh! They have brains after all." Yin Demon Master did not see Ye Chen battling the leader of the underground humans, so he sneered.

Green Water Spirit Warrior said, "I did not expect to see another type of civilization in this underworld. I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad one."

The former said, "Regardless whether it was good or bad, if they get in my way, I will kill them all."

The latter laughed, then glanced at Ye Chen. Although he did not exactly see Ye Chen fighting with the leader, but his instinct had told him that the reason those humans decided to back out had a lot to do with Ye Chen, which intrigued him even more. An Astral Reaching Realm warrior could force those underground humans to back out... No matter what kind of tricks he used, he should not be underestimated.

After a huge battle, there were still seventy something warriors remaining. Among these people, twenty of them were wounded to different extents.

"B*stards! I had no idea that I would be wounded by a freaking dog."

"Those weren't dogs man, those were ancient greyhounds. They were born to hunt prey for humans, even hunting huge beasts."

"Let's get out of here. You never know if they would come out again."

After the battles, the whole area was full of destroyed plants and trees. The air was filled with a bloody smell, which could easily attract more beasts. The group could not take another huge hit, so they left the twenty dead bodies and headed for one of the directions.

No one knew exactly how big the rainforest was. The sun and the sky above were nowhere to be spotted, and there did not seem to have an end in front of them. There was only endless humidity and those horrifying mosquitoes.

The group maintained the same speed and continued to travel forward, creating a small path out of those rich plant growth.

When they were passing a huge branch of a tree, a poisonous snake that disguised itself as a green leaf attacked the group. It twisted its body and turned into a beam of green lightning, attacking directly at Ye Chen's neck vein.


Without even looking, he raised his right hand and flicked his finger, shaving off the head of the snake instantly.

"Look! There is light ahead! We are out of the rainforest!"

The Astral Reaching Realm warrior who walked in the front yelled out. Hearing him, everyone looked rather relaxed, showing a huge smile.

Walking out of the rainforest, they saw a huge lake waiting for the group. It was not a simple green colored lake, but instead, it looked extremely surreal with its dazzling colors. Under the dim light, the group felt that they had arrived in a magical world.

There were birds playing on the lake, looking extremely peaceful.

"Let's sail boats!"

Someone suggested.

"Yeah, I agree!"

Both sides of the lake were still surrounded by the rainforest, and only the direction in front of them seemed to have a possibility. Of course, the group was hoping that it would lead to somewhere other than more rainforests.

After deciding, they started to cut down wood for making boats.

Each of them had their eyes on their favorite boats. Ye Chen and Murong Qinghcng created the simplest boat. It was only a triangle with the length of forty meters and width of fifteen meters. They layered five different layers together in order to make it strong and stable. Then, they used the special vines of the rainforest, which were also very strong and tough, to the extent that normal Astral Reaching Realm warriors could not break it with only one attack.

After building the huge boat, Ye Chen built four stands for oars. He then made four oars, each of them being twenty meters long and three meters wide. They looked like they were made for giants.

"Although the lake looks quite calm now, no one can foresee the danger there. It is good that we prepare some small ones." Seeing that there were people rushing to sail out, Ye Chen did not hurry at all. He liked to prepare for everything, so that even if he faced danger, he would have a backup plan.

Hearing this, Murong Qingcheng did not have a problem at all.

After building the small boats, they put them into their storage rings.

Soon, the two boarded the big boat and held an oar in each hand, moving them in the water and making the boat travel from slow to fast.

When they were passing the strange-looking birds, these birds did not seem to be scared, but they flew up to increase the distance between them.

While no one was looking, a huge bird disappeared above the lake, without bringing up even a splash.

Slowly, the warriors on the boats could not see the rainforest in the back anymore.

"There are the Holy Snakes from the Wavy Holy Tribes in this Holy Lake. Some of them will die." A group of people walked out of the rainforest. Their leader was a white-haired elder with a strong-looking body and dark skin. He wore a white leather piece. That white bone necklace around his neck was huge, each of those skulls around his neck bigger than a child's. He moved his lips, talking in some kind of special language.

The person standing right next to him laughed, "They love the sacrificing ceremony. They will be good for it."

The leader shook his head, "Since more and more ancient places have been dug out, more and more outsiders are coming in here. This is already the third time in this decade. Before, which was one year ago, the Wavy Holy Tribe had even lost a member, which was why we, the Blue Wood Holy Tribe, had decided to kill all of the outsiders."

"The third elder refers to the Hearty Holy Lady, right? What a beauty! What a shame too! I wonder what kind of trick that outsider had used to trick her and win her heart, trying to sneak her out. No wonder those members of the young generation of the Wavy Holy Tribe hate the outsiders with a burning passion."

"Don't underestimate the young generation from the outside world. Although they have trained differently, because there are a lot of them, there must be some rather strong ones among them."

"Yes, elder!"

"Let's go!"

The leader had a strange look in his eyes as he looked at Ye Chen, who was ten miles away now, before turning to go into the rainforest.


The lake seemed to be endless and surreal.

Hearing the waves, Ye Chen did not stop at all.

Right next to the left side of the boat, Murong Qingcheng saw a beam of black light flash once before her eyes, then she said lightly, "We are tracked by something."

"It seems to be snakes."

Ye Chen answered.


Just as the last sound of Ye Chen's voice was heard, the very first boat was attacked. A hundred-meters-long, black snake jumped out of the water, opened its mouth, and swallowed an Astral Reaching Realm warrior instantly, leaving him no chance to even react. A lot of warriors with great observation ability had seen that the "snake" had a long beard, just like the so-called 'dragon beard'.

Splash! Splash! Splash!

There were more than one of them, which kept jumping out of the surface of the lake and taking the warriors away from where they were.


Murong Qingcheng put down the oar and lifted up her arm, grabbing onto the snake that had just jumped out of the lake. She then twisted her body and threw that snake miles away, making it land heavily back into the water.


All of a sudden, her body wobbled, as the boat she was standing on started to fly into the air.

"I am on it!"

Ye Chen jumped down, grabbing onto the edge of the boat while hanging his body on the side. He then waved his right hand with his destruction sword, quickly cutting off another even bigger black snake.

The shell of that snake was extremely strong. However, Ye Chen's killing sword intent was especially aimed at the living creatures with physical bodies. So, that snake got a full-body-length sword mark which was soaked with blood, dyeing the lake red.