Chapter 430: Will Power

 Chapter 430: Will Power

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The forest people were mad at the fact that one of them had been caught, so they started shooting twice as many arrows at their enemies. Furthermore, one-third of them went towards the Three Veins Spirit Warrior.

"You underdeveloped cavemen! Go back to where you came from!"

The Yin Demon Master started attacking. Being a part of the group, although he did not care about others being alive or dead, it did not mean that he did not care about it at all. Especially considering the circumstances they were in right now, they could not afford to lose any Sea of Souls Realm warrior.

As he waved his hand in the air once, all of the arrows froze mid-air, then flew backward.

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!

The arrows came fast, and they went back even faster. The trees were punctured through, and the grass cut in halves. In the depths of the forest, countless humans had been pinned to the trees or the ground.

"Master level martial spirit!" It was Ye Chen's first time witnessing this level of martial spirit. Although it was not as powerful as the sword intent, it was even more powerful in a lot of areas. For example, this attack from the Yin Demon Master was something Ye Chen could not produce.

Glancing at Yin Demon Master, Ye Chen thought to himself, 'Judging from attacks, the Yin Demon Master and Green Water Spirit Master were both not as powerful as me. But, the martial spirit can not only increase attacking power, but also their defense and speed. One on one, the possibility of me winning would not be too high. One against two, it would be more likely for me to lose, which would be why I cannot allow it to happen.'

Ye Chen had not formed his sword spirit completely yet, and his cultivation was not as powerful as the Sea of Souls Realm warriors, but his sword spirit so far contained the element of immortality, which was deemed to be powerful. Combined with the will power which only master level warriors could have, his attacking power could only be competed with by master level sword artists. But, he knew that powerful attacking power did not mean powerful battling power. Also, master level warriors would have much stronger bodies than him, while his body could only compete with normal Sea of Souls Realm warriors, which was because of his usage of Sky Demon Flower petals.


Seeing that the Yin Demon Master had taken care of the trouble, the Three Veins Spirit Warrior sneered and pushed his palm power, blowing the captured human into the air and smashing him onto the five-meters-wide trees. All people could hear was a loud swoosh sound as he picked up an arrow and threw it out casually. That arrow that was enhanced with martial intent was more powerful than an arrow shot out of a bow. It went right through the human's chest, and only stopped completely after pinning him on the huge tree, letting him hang like that.

"I ask you, can you understand the words coming out of my mouth?"

The warrior asked.


What a roar!

The captured person seemed very powerful. His muscles that were covered in strangely patterned tattoos looked like they were made of steel. His pupils seemed to be slightly different from normal humans, and were more like beasts'. Furthermore, his teeth were even sharper. He continued to struggle, opening his mouth and making threatening sounds, which made him look extremely bestial and aggressive.


Another arrow went through the stomach of the human as Three Veins raised his voice and asked, "I have asked you, do you understand me?"

Just as Three Veins asked the question, the two arrows had been pulled out automatically, and an evil, cold light flashed across the human's eyes. He bended his knees and pushed his feet back on the tree, shooting out like an eagle at the warrior.


Unfortunately, the gap between their powers was too big, since Three Veins was a spiritualist who trained a legitimate martial spirit. He smashed the human's head into pieces with only one palm. All of a sudden, blood and flesh spilled everywhere.

Turning around, he looked at the Yin Demon Master and the Green Water Spirit Master, "I think they have their own language, so they don't understand what we are talking about. Also, they seem to have learned about martial spirits. Not only do their arrow contain great power, they can also control their arrows with their will power."

Green Water Spirit Warrior shook his head and said, "They have not formed their martial spirit yet. That invisible power is another application of their will power, which would be something similar to the sword intent."

"Indeed, it was another application method. If I have guessed it right, then it should be called mind power, a trained invisible will power." Yin Demon Master said.

"Mind power!"

Hearing him, everyone was shocked. They had no idea from where Yin Demon Master knew about this, but their eyes looked more and more intrigued. If they were able to figure it out and learn it, then they would be able to increase their power again. This kind of opportunity was very rare.

Yin Demon Master had noticed the change of people's expression and sneered, not saying anything.


Ye Chen secretly said to Murong Qingcheng, "Mind power does not suit us actually. We can either train the mind power or the Zhen Yuan; it is a one-or-another choice. But, the mind power is indeed quite powerful. These people have only learned the basics, and do not understand it deeply yet. I heard that once the mind power has been trained to a very high level, the trainer would be able to grasp the stars off the sky, and be able to separate microscopic items."

He was still thinking about the source of the power of those underground humans, when he suddenly recalled the information regarding the mind power after hearing Yin Demon Master's speech.

"We do not belong to this world. I do not know what kind of level their power would have reached in this world." Murong Qingcheng frowned as she whispered.

Ye Chen nodded, "I think the others are all considering this as well."


'Ho! Ho!'

'Ho! Ho! Ho!'

The underground humans had soon recovered from the intense blow of the Yin Demon Master. They did not shoot out another wave of arrows, but started an even more powerful attack. Suddenly, people could see the bushes start to shake like waves, as the sound of things moving extremely fast continued to be heard. According to the height and the vibrating frequency, it was not coming from the underground humans, but very fast, less-than-one-and-half-meters-tall creatures, which made everyone even more worried. They all adjusted their position, preparing to battle any time.


The first creature jumped out of the bush, and was a dog-like, two-meters-long, and one-meter tall beast. It was ten times stronger than dogs. Its hairless skin was covered in black-yellow patterns, which made it look very dark. Its huge feet had four blade-like sharp claws. Compared to its body, its not-so-big skull was wrapped in thick bone shell. Its pair of eyes shone with a dim but cruel light. Its huge mouth was full of teeth, as light purple liquid dripped down from it.

It was a huge dog beast from the underworld.


It roared, jumping onto the nearest Astral Reaching Realm warrior. It bit right into the warrior, and the latter did not even have the time to scream before being decapitated.

Soon, more of the huge dogs jumped out, fighting against everyone. Because of their aggressive attacks, the beasts had got the ultimate advantage.

"We are being haunted!"

According to their instinct, Ye Chen thought that the underworld humans had treated them as their prey. They first used arrows, then let out their huge dogs. This was also the common method of normal humans, which was also the most effective method. He did not know what was waiting for them after this.

At this moment, a huge dog jumped into the air towards Murong Qingcheng.

She looked the same as she reached out her right hand with her gold stringed gloves causally. She managed to grab the neck of the beast in advance, then twisted her body and used the momentum to push it onto the ground, creating a loud smashing sound.

Blood dripped down the corner of the beast's mouth as it tried its best to struggle out.


Twisting her wrist, she broke its neck.

On the other side, there were two beasts attacking Ye Chen.

With the destruction sword in his hand, he took one step back as he reached out his right arm. He stabbed the right eye of a dog beast, then used sword step and sliced the face of another in the next second. He eventually cut off one of the beast's throat.


Blood spilled into the air as the two huge dogs fell onto the ground.

Not waiting for another second, Ye Chen threw out two sword attacks and killed them both effortlessly.

"What a tough skin! I am afraid that it would be more powerful than most people here."

The Sea of Souls Realm warriors were of course not included, and Ye Chen was also at the same level. Only a few of the remaining Astral Reaching Realm warriors had trained some kind of body enhancing martial arts, which allowed them to compete with the dog beasts, while the rest would have to use their skills to go for head-on battles.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

While the huge beasts got everyone's attention, the humans started their second round of attacks. Waves of unexpected arrows were shot out suddenly from a tricky angle, taking the lives of numerous warriors.

Being in the passive position was never Ye Chen's style, so he used his sword steps and turned into a beam of sword light, attacking towards the wave of incoming arrows.

"Fast Four Sword!"

The destruction sword that contained sword intent shot out one sword attack after another. They layered one over another, cutting through trees and grasses. The whole area seemed to be cut in half, spilling blood everywhere.

"Earth Sky!"

The Yin Demon Master did not pay attention to what Ye Chen was doing and flashed his body once, blowing away two huge beasts. He then flew into midair, raised up his right hand, and threw an attack towards the deep end of the rainforest.


Not being able to use Zhen Yuan did not mean that he could not perform his profound sense martial arts. Even with only the martial intent, Yin Demon Master's attack was not something capable of being handled by anyone. All of a sudden, the ground in front burst up in half, turning inside out, which was very shocking visually.

Green Water Spirit Master did not want to fall behind, so he drew half a circle with each hand. His martial intent twisted the air and yuan qi from the underworld, accumulating into a huge swirling power field. He used another method to perform his profound sense martial art, the Jade Swirl!


Everything in front of him had been sucked into that power tornado, including trees, bushes, and the underworld humans. They all had been pulled into the middle of the power tornado and then crushed into ashes.

After killing quite a few underworld humans, Ye Chen was about to choose a new battlefield when he suddenly frowned. In his soul power senses, he could feel that he was being covered in an invisible net, which was the mind net. It would be impossible to notice without soul power.

"More powerful underworld humans have appeared."

He did not need to guess to know that it was from powerful underground humans. The net made with mind power was way smarter than the mind power in those arrows. It meant that the user had a much more powerful mind power, and he or she could affect reality based on his or her will already.