Chapter 429: The Underground Humans

 Chapter 429: The Underground Humans

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Hundred meters high in the sky, once one lost Zhen Yuan, it would mean losing the ability to fly. Even if it were an iron ball, it would be smashed into an iron discus throw, not to mention a human body.

"Tie your clothes up!"

At that critical moment, some of the warriors thought of tying their clothes together and making a huge parachute to decrease their falling speed. Fortunately, with their mental power, they would not need to infuse any more Zhen Qi or Zhen Yuan to open their storage ring. Otherwise, they would not even be able to open their own storage rings.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!...

Countless different colored clothes expanded like dandelion as their falling speed got slower and slower, eventually lowering to a speed at which people could let out a breath.

The other people saw them and did the same.

Ye Chen was planning to take out his flying puppet, but if he did so, then everyone would know about it. He did not have the confidence to take on Ying Demon Master and Green Water Spirit Master in such a situation.

"I will lend you my clothes." Murong Qingcheng wore dresses and undergarments, so it would not look good to actually take out her clothes.

But, she smiled, "No, it is okay. I have this."

A black shadow flashed once, then specially made skydiving wings appeared behind her back. They were black colored and five meters long. With those wings of a bat or demon, she regained her flying ability. Although it was not the best, but it would be better than having nothing. And, with her help, Ye Chen got some assistance as well.

All of those parachutes landed in the deep end of the rainforest, and Murong Qingcheng and Ye Chen also landed nearby, on top of a tree.

"This rainforest has quite big trees." The rainforest was always very humid and hot, so trees would easily get rotten. Therefore, it would already be impressive to see seventy to eighty meters tall trees. However, the trees in this rainforest were more than one hundred meters tall. The bushes among the trees were taller than normal buildings. Those vines of the bushes looked like countless huge snakes, all climbing on top of one another.

"Damn! What kind of place is this?"

There were about eighty people who had arrived in this underworld. An Astral Reaching Realm warrior took out his weapon and blew away a skull sized mosquito.


The flies were flying very fast, and its wing flapping sound was nothing different from a bomber. With only a flash of its body, it landed on this man's neck. Its chopstick-long mouth plugged right into his skin and sucked the blood out of his vein like using a straw.


A hysterical cry arose, as the Astral Reaching Realm warrior who got his blood all sucked out started to dry visibly like a mummy. That human skull sized mosquito, on the other hand, suddenly expanded into the size of a tub with its stomach bloated with dark red blood


The Astral Reaching Realm warrior right next to that guy reacted fast. He shook his long spear and punctured it right through that mosquito's head.

Wooo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!

Right then, another couple of skull-sized mosquitos flew out of the bush towards the Rock Spirit Warrior who was standing the closest.

"You are looking for death!"

The Rock Spirit Warrior used two giant iron hammers as his weapons, waving them in the air, bringing up a loud, exploding sound in the air. Within the second, he took care of all those three mosquitos, but the last one was quite tricky. It seized the time gap and flashed right behind the Rock Spirit Warrior, then plugged its head right in.

"Oh no, my back is numb."

The body of the Seas of Souls Realm warrior was just too powerful and tough, as it was no longer a human body anymore. Even though the mosquito had the sharpest spikes, it was only able to stab in for half an inch. However, the mosquitos in this rainforest were not the same as the ones outside. Their spikes contained an extremely intense numbing poison, which had numbed the whole back of the Rock Spirit Warrior.

Before the poison spread out in his whole body, the Rock Spirit Warrior smashed his own back with a hammer.


The blood spilled everywhere, as the mosquito had been smashed into pile of flesh which ended up sticking on the back of the Rock Spirit Warrior's clothes.

Seeing what had happened to the Rock Spirit Warrior, Ye Chen said in a low voice, "This place seems quite complicated. If I have guessed it right, these mosquitoes should be the ancient rank 3 beasts, Dragon Blood Mosquitoes. Although their battling power is not that great, they can puncture through the protective layer of a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior's protective Zhen Yuan. Without the Zhen Yuan layer, even Astral Reaching Realm warriors would die after being attacked."

Due to the great knowledge of the Battle Emperor, Ye Chen knew a lot, including about the rarely known Dragon Blood Mosquito.

"Ancient beast!" Hearing him, Murong Qingcheng was quite surprised. The ancient beasts were more powerful than the normal beasts, and could even do cross level battles.

"Eh? The numbness is weakened."

After killing the dragon blood mosquito, the poison on the Rock Spirit Warrior's back disappeared on its own. So, he let out a breath and wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead.

Right then, even more buzzing was heard. Judging from the sound, they should be dozens of miles away. But, what was horrifying was that those mosquitos were extremely sensitive to fresh blood. So, being in this area and getting caught up would be the path to doom.

"Let's go!"

No one dared to wait up, so they flew in the opposite direction of the sound.

The rainforest was very hot and humid; the trees and weeds were everywhere, growing extremely tall. The people walking in the front kept waving their weapons, cutting down the plants blocking their way.

"Be careful! This world seems to be suppressing mental power." Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng were walking in the middle of the group. As he walked, Ye Chen would spread out his soul power and scan the surroundings. He noticed that his soul power would not reach beyond three hundred meters, and his mental power was even more limited than that. Its detection radius was less than ten percent of the soul power, considering that his soul was way much more powerful than the other warriors. In that case, even Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior's mental power would not reach beyond ten meters.

One could not see much within a radius of only ten meters. Even without Zhen Yuan, Ye Chen could reach out to hundreds of meters within one-tenth of a second.


Murong Qingcheng nodded, as she had already tried and found that her mental power would only reach nine meters far.

After a while, the bushes around them disappeared. Instead, there were patches of flowers with the height of dozens of meters. These flowers had roots that took up eighty percent of their whole length, and were thicker than a human waist. Their crystalline texture had a hint of green in them.


Without a sound, a flower blossomed quietly in the back of the team. Its root bended, swallowing an Astral Reaching Realm. After a couple of blinks, this Astral Reaching Realm warrior disappeared completely.

Soon, someone finally realized that something was wrong. Those flowers they surrounded themselves with seemed to be harmless, but they were all man-eating flowers. The fluid inside the flowers contained an extremely powerful devouring power, which would digest a whole human body within a short period of time, without the need to even spit out bones.

"It is the Bone Devouring Man Eating Flower!"

Ye Chen had been looking at the flowers the whole time, and only until then had he gotten the information on the flowers from the Battle Emperor's knowledge.

The Bone Devouring Man Eating Flower was an ancient breed. When looking at them, their flowers would seem rather harmless. But once they attacked, they would expand to meters in width within a second. Even smaller sized beasts would be swallowed by them.

In fact, no one had been caught off guard, but the flowers seemed to only attack the least noticed ones in the edge of the group.

"Let's cut off its roots!"

People started to take out their weapons and aim at the roots, preparing to cut them down.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

But at this point, something surprising happened. The flowers moved its roots and spread out in different directions, disappearing into the depths of the rainforest.

"F*ck! What kind of creepy place is this?"

As Astral Reaching Realm and Seas of Souls Realm warriors, they had not been frustrated like this in a long time. After coming to this world, not only had their Zhen Yuan disappeared out of nowhere, their mental power had been limited to only ten meters, which basically made it useless. Each one of them was extremely on the edge and paranoid right now.

What was more disparaging was that they had no idea how to get out of there, since they were ten thousand miles away from the surface.

Including the Ying Demon Master and the Green Water Spirit Master, everyone was not in a good mood.


Ye Chen suddenly squinted his eyes; with his soul power's detection, he noticed that there was something moving very fast two hundred meters away. It was neither a beast, nor some strange plant; it was a human being who was not that different from them. The only thing different was that the person was topless, and wore only a leathery skirt, a beast bone necklace, and had a strangely patterned tattoo.

Murong Qingcheng saw that Ye Chen's expression had changed, so she asked quietly, "What's wrong?"

"Someone is watching us."

"Someone? There are humans here?"

Ye Chen said: "Yes. Our situation not looking good right now."

The beasts and the plants were not that scary. Instead, it would be human beings that were most horrifying, since humans had the highest intelligence, and knew how to plan a strategy.


Just as he answered her question, a sharp arrow shot at them with a loud sound explosion. It went through an Astral Reaching Realm warrior's body and pinned itself onto the huge tree behind the warrior, the end part of the arrow continuing to shake.

"Arrow! Someone's there?"

"Hello! You are also a fallen human, right? Let's talk this out. Do you think you can take us out?"

Someone could not help but ask.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!...

What answered his question was a huge wave of arrows. They suddenly created hundreds of blood holes on his body, and some even shot towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took out his destruction sword and shook his wrist as his sword speed increased drastically. The vague sword light flashed once, and all of those sharp arrows were broken down. What shocked him was that these arrows were covered with an invisible power which had shaken his hand into numbness, and affected his sword speed.

"Intent...? No, it is different from intent. It is even more powerful and smoother... It seems to be an application of intent."

Ye Chen was really surprised.

"They are looking for death!"

The Three Veins Spirit Warrior bended his knees and jumped into the air. As a Sea of Soul Realm warrior, even without his Zhen Yuan, he was still extremely powerful. Normal Astral Reaching Realm warriors could not break through his defenses. He flashed his body and turned into a beam of black light, jumping into the depths of the forest.

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!

More arrows shot over, as the Three Veins Spirit Warrior use his soul power to sense them and avoided ninety-nine percent of the attacks. But, the remaining two-three arrows only went through his skin's surface, which did not cause much damage.


He threw out a punch and broke the giant tree in front of him in half. The top part of the tree fell down and landed on three or four humans. He then grabbed one of them and came back into the group.