Chapter 425: The Element Sword Intent

 Chapter 425: The Element Sword Intent

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"There are undead monsters! I don't think I can make it."

"Damn! How can these beasts still be alive? They are just unbeatable. Come on, everyone. Let's join forces."

"Indeed! Only by doing this together can we all survive."

The hundreds of Astral Reaching Realm warriors that were already in the main palace had started as individual groups with the largest group being eight warriors. But, under the attacks of the undead monsters, they started to gather together and ultimately formed up into one united group, with different assigned roles.

Once the group had been formed, the success rate of the beasts killing the warriors dropped drastically. With hundreds of mental powers detecting around at the same time, there were bound to be one or two of them who would notice a beast attacking toward them.

In the deep end of the main palace, Ye Chen and the other two were walking as they battled.


Without stopping, he would throw out a sword attack with each step he took. Then, there would be a beast getting its throat sliced, bringing up that dark blood to spill in the air.

Murong Qingcheng's Sky Demon Great Art was happened to be the archenemy of the beasts. Within the area of her Sky Demon Power Field, there was not a single beast that could make it close. They had all been noticed at the same second, and were blown out after being twisted by force.

"It seems like I only need to protect myself."

Wang Tong thought that it would be very dangerous for him, but he found out that being in between the two as he was ended up extremely safe. There was Ye Chen with his horrifyingly powerful sword arts leading the way while Murong Qingcheng was continuously cleaning out the beasts in the back. All he needed to do or could do was be careful.


Suddenly, those large numbered beasts started to scream, and the sound wave attacked every inch of the place. At the same time, seven or eight undead beasts ambushed the three from a strange angle.

"Use your Zhen Yuan to cover your heart and head."

Murong Qingcheng and Ye Chen had fought against the beasts before, and knew that the sound wave was extremely powerful. So, they hurried to remind Wang Tong, who did not know about this.

Hearing them, Wang Tong bit on his tongue and did as he was instructed.

"Fast Four Sword attacks!"

He changed his sword to the Destruction Sword, then twisted his wrist and shot out a beam of sword light. With that, those four undead beasts that were closest to him were blown away. The first one had had its arms cut off, the second got its waist cut in half, while the third lost half of its head, and the fourth got its heart stabbed through.

"Sky Demon Huge Palm Spell - Sky Punishment!"

In the back, Murong Qingcheg threw out her hands to form a beautiful bow in front. Three beasts seemed to be pushed out by the power field, as they came at a fast speed but left at an even faster speed like lightning. A huge amount of entrails spilled out, and the air smelled like blood.

Ye Chen glanced at Murong Qingcheng, thinking to himself that she was getting better and better at her skills. According to the characteristics, as long she managed to continue to become stronger and stronger, then warriors within the same cultivation would be easily beaten by her. The attractive and repulsive powers would be unstoppable once they reached the profound sense level.

The three were traveling at a high speed. But, no matter how fast it was, they would not be faster than the Sea of Souls Realm warriors. Wherever they went, those undead beasts trying to attack them would be blown away immediately, not even having the chance to get close. Of course, there were a couple of Sea of Souls Realm warriors who were slower than the three of them, since they were all spiritualists who were not even as powerful as the Ghost Moon Spirit Warrior.


An undead beast exploded as the Yin Demon Master arrived in front of the wall. A light smile appeared on his face as he said with a purposely louder voice, "There are patterns from the map."

"What? Where?"

The people in the back heard it and got intrigued.

"Isn't this the Yin Demon Master?" Iron Wood Man, who was close to the master, was a bit surprised to see him being there, since there were a lot of people from the Extreme Yin Place who knew about the Yin Demon Master, but people who actually saw him were quite rare, since he never revealed his tracks, and was extremely unpredictable and powerful. Even amongst the master level warriors, he was still above the middle level. The Yin Demon Master had used his black robe to cover his face earlier, so Iron Wood Man did not recognize him. But after hearing his voice, he knew that it was him for sure.


The Yin Demon Master laughed weirdly once before flying outside the main palace.

Iron Wood Man was shocked with every single fine hair of his body rising up. He thought that he was trying to kill him so he would not tell on him. If they were in the normal world, he might still have ten to twenty percent of confidence that he could escape. But inside this sun palace, with his Zhen Yuan being largely limited, his escape skills had been limited. If the Yin Demon Master wanted to kill him, then it would not take him a lot of effort.

"He did not care that I had found out about the pattern. There must be a reason for that. Never mind, I will just not do anything right now to not put myself in some tough situation."

Earlier on, he had also thought about killing him, since the fewer people that knew about the secret of being immortal, the better. But now, he had changed his mind. It would not change anything if he killed all those Astral Reaching Realm warriors, since he would have to take on Sea of Souls Realm warriors in order to take out the competition. Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not do much damage, and could only mess things up at most.

"You guys are lucky today."

After marking the patterns on the wall, the Iron Wood man flew out of the main palace without looking back.

"Mister Ye, do you think they would kill us in order to keep the secret?" Wang Tong suddenly remembered it and asked using Zhen Yuan.

Ye Chen said lightly, "No, and we would not have to worry even if they tried."

In the normal world, he might be scared of Sea of Souls Realm warriors at times, but with this powerful limitation, his advantage had gotten much more obvious. Ever since his sword spirit had developed to the current level, he was only a small step away from the true sword spirit. After that, his sword intent would get to a whole new level, and would be basically unstoppable within the same level. The same level of sword intent had much greater attacking power than a warrior intent after all, and that was the advantage of being a sword artist.

Walking in front of the wall painting, Ye Chen scanned it quickly.

There were four patterns on the wall; the first two he had already been, the third was the thirteenth pattern on the map, and the fourth was a pattern that was not on the map at all. It looked like a sacrificial altar with six columns placed around the edges, with a bright beam of light shining and a tornado screaming in the back.

"There were fourteen patterns on the map. Perhaps, there are fifteen of them in total, eh?" Wang Tong thought to himself.

Murong Qingcheng said," Perhaps it is the last pattern, which would be the place that we need to go to ultimately."

Ye Chen asked, "Elder Wang, do you think you can tell what this pattern would be representing?"

Elder Wang shook his head, "Not at the moment. After going to the places the thirteenth and fourteenth patterns represent, I might be able to tell."

"Since that is the case, then let's go outside for now! There seem to be more and more of those undead beasts coming up." After throwing out a sword attack and "killing" one of the beast, Ye Chen said to the other two.

They followed the way they had entered and got out of the main palace. But, they then realized that there were just as many beasts out here as there were inside. With the full moon in the sky, these undead beasts were dancing under the moonlight, looking extremely creepy and horrifying.

"Rock! What do you think these beasts are about? What is their connection with the immortal body?" The speaker was Yuan Gold Spirit Warrior, and the other was the Rock Spirit Warrior who was standing right next to him.

The latter said, "It must be that power oppressing sh*t. I saw a beast that looked just like a person I had seen before."

"You are not kidding, right? Those people who had been killed in the Sun Palace would turn into an undead monster?" The former was shocked at what he had heard.

"I think so. Just be careful regardless. Perhaps, there would be Sea of Souls Realm warriors killed and turned into one of those monsters. That would be really tricky."

"You definitely have jinxed it. There comes one."

Yuan Gold Spirit Warrior lifted up his head as he saw a pale looking beast dive down, with a hint of red on its body. When it flew up again, it grabbed two Astral Reaching Realm warriors. With one bite after another, both of their blood had been sucked out completely. But, that beast still seemed unsatisfied as it looked over to that Yuan Gold Spirit Warrior and the Rock Spirit Warrior.

"Come on! Why would I be scared of you?"

Although he joked that the Rock Spirit Warrior had brought bad luck, he was not that scared of those Sea of Souls Realm undead monsters. He did not believe that he, as an alive man, could not take on an undead monster.


With the first exchange of attacks, it turned out to be an even contest.

"Rock Attack!"

The Rock Spirit Warrior standing on the side grasped the chance and flashed his body once before reappearing in front of the beast's body. He threw out a punch that was enhanced with the power of rock profound sense, puncturing right into the beast's body.


The beast screamed on the ground in pain with a high pitched voice.

"Hehe... die!" The Yuan Gold Spirit Warrior took out a golden long spear that was made of Zhen Yuan and waved his arm before throwing it out. It immediately went through the head of the beast.

Right then, with the guidance of a beam of moonlight, the wounds on the beast's body started to heal at a visible speed.

Seeing that, the two frowned. These monsters seemed to be unkillable in the dark.

This undead monster seemed to understand that the two were too tricky to take on, so it did not seem to want to attack them again. If it got enough blood, then its power would definitely stronger than the two, since even Sea of Souls Realm warriors would have limited power inside the sun palace. The only reason that this beast seemed so weak was that before it turned into an undead beast, the warrior had gotten his or her blood all sucked out. This was also why they would have this strong instinct to such the blood out of Sea of Souls realm warrior, because only their blood would increase its power.

Those eyeballs which were lacking human emotions twisted - this undead beast had noticed Ye Chen and the other two who were standing not far in the distance. He could sense that there was enough powerful qi and blood within those humans, especially inside Murong Qingcheng, who had extra powerful qi and blood which was completely different from normal human beings. The beast did not care whether the blood came from a human or a non-human, as long as it was powerful.


Its body disappeared and it attacked towards the three.

The Yuan Gold Spirit Warrior laughed after seeing that, "The two young brats and old pal are going down with bad luck."

The Rock Spirit Warrior sneered, "Greed is a sin. Why would they come here when they were so weak? It would not be a waste for them to die."

The two did not think that Ye Chen and the other two had the power to stop themselves from being killed so they just watched.

"This undead monster seems to be more powerful than the others."

Ye Chen had noticed the incoming beast which was different from the ones he met before. He squeezed his eyes and the destruction sword in his hand shone with an unbearably bright light. Within a second, it shot out forty-nine attacks which all contained the unstoppable killing sword intent.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The sword light formed into a web and the undead beast was blown away, covered in blood. Even with the healing power of the moon, that beast was still recovering at such a slow speed. Only Ye Chen knew exactly what was going on, since the killing sword intent was not a child's play. That killing vibe would stop anything from recovering quickly. If there were enough of the killing sword intent, even if one had an immortal body, it would be useless, since the killing qi would neither disappear nor be treated. It was indeed the most powerful characteristic of the element sword intent.