Chapter 422: Sky Thunder Cut vs. The Spell of Yin

 Chapter 422: Sky Thunder Cut vs. The Spell of Yin

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"Martial art to affect minds? I will let you see what kind of sword art mentality has the power to destroy everything!" Ye Chen had three different sword will powers. He used the immortal sword intent as the core one while the destroying and killing one as branches. They were all extremely powerful, with the immortal sword intent being the most powerful one. It was unstoppable and unbreakable while the other two were pure attacking will powers which could help him gain a huge advantage during battles, especially his destroying will power, which would be slightly more powerful than the killing intent. With all of those sword intent enhancements, he did not back out and waved his sword in the air. That surreal-looking sword qi was like sharp qi flow, clashing with the pale ghost fire.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two were like fire and water. Neither of them were backing out, as they both kept accumulating power and attacked again, trying to drain the other with their power.

Within a blink of an eye, both the attacks shattered.

It was not that Ye Chen's destruction sword intent was not powerful enough, but because the Ghost Moon Spirit Warrior was being too tricky. Ye Chen had used a kind of secret art to connect his sword intent and his own Zhen yuan, and the resulting attacks had the power to wound a Seas of Souls Realm warrior. The fact that Ye Chen was able to handle and survive itself was already impressive. If he could even break it through, then even the Ghost Moon Spirit warrior would have to escape.

"The destruction sword intent! He has somehow learned that element of the sword intent! It is impossible, impossible! Damn!" Ghost Moon felt a bit embarrassed, as if he had gotten slapped in the face. Ye Chen had continued to block out his attack and not let him realize what he had promised. As a result, he felt like he had been pushed to the edge. But, he was confident that if his sword intent was only as powerful as normal Seas of Souls Realm warriors, then he would definitely be able to beat him. But unexpectedly, Ye Chen had managed to somehow learn an element of sword intent that even Seas of Souls Realm warriors could not achieve.

"So powerful! Is he still an Astral Reaching Realm warrior?"

Wang Tong had traveled around quite a lot, and had also seen a lot. But this time, he was indeed shocked by Ye Chen's power. With only peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm cultivation, he was able to compete with Seas of Souls Realm warriors, which completely reached beyond his imagination. He had no idea how powerful that Thunder Princess was, but in his mind, she would be only of this level, if not a bit weaker.

"Immortal sword intent, destruction sword intent... One warrior with two different types of sword intent?" Murong Qingcheng knew everything about Ye Chen. In the early periods, he had already learned the immortal sword intent, but she was still not surprised, since everyone had different opportunities, and it was only the matter of its size. However, being able to learn the destruction sword intent after learning the immortal sword intent would be a bit out of her expectation, because no one had managed to do so throughout history. I was not because there were not enough opportunities or chances, but because if a warrior tried to have two sword intents at the same time, it would lead to his or her soul exploding immediately, and then being devoured by his or her own sword intent, leaving behind not even a single speck of ash.

"Extraordinary martial genius! If he manages to reach the Life and Death Realm, then he might be able to become the first sword artist of the century, and be even more powerful than the Ancient Sword King."

The Sword King did not get the title of emperor, which was not because he was not powerful enough, but because there could only be one warrior with the title of emperor in the ancient era. But, this rule had been slowly impeached, which meant that there could be more than one warrior as emperor now.

"Miss Murong, what do you think about this battle?" Wang Tong had kept their payment after all. Plus, the fact was that he was very interested in the pattern in the map as well. Therefore, Ye Chen staying alive was very important to him.

Murong Qingcheng thought about it for a while and said, "Half-half, I guess."

"Half-half?" Wang Tong was quite surprised to hear, and reminded, "That warrior is the Great Master of the Break Soul Martial School, so he must have trained the profound sense martial arts. Even if he had not managed to completely master it, he cannot be compared with normal martial arts."

She nodded, "That's why I said a half-half chance. If he did not train the profound sense martial arts, then he would not even have half of the current chance."


Wang Tong found it hard to understand what she meant.

"With my understanding of him, he must have prepared for it, and knows the fact that the spirit warrior has trained a profound sense martial art." She said slowly.

At that time, Duan Lingyun was a bit stressed. He had thought that the Ghost Moon Spirit Warrior should be able to take on Ye Chen like drinking water. But, the situation had exceeded his expectation. Ye Chen's power was way too great, to the extent of being horrifying. He must be having the power to take on Thunder Princess.

"Before the auction, his cultivation was at the late stage of Late Astral Reaching Realm, but right now, he is at peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm. If I had known it before, then I should have taken care of him in the Three Ying City, even if it would mean pissing off the mayor of the city." Duan Lingyun could see Ye Chen's growth, and was extremely regretful about not killing him before because of worrying about doing too big a damage, since there was no official rule forbidding battle. But, because of their high cultivation, it would be impossible to wound Ye Chen without destroying the city. Once he pissed off the mayor of the city, although it would be unlikely to be killed because of this, being hurt badly to the extent of not recovering within three to five years would already be quite bad. If the mayor happened to be in a bad mood, then being killed would be possible as well. Even if the other people were terrified of the Break Soul Martial School, the Three Ying City would not.

"Very well, you have pushed me to this level." The Ghost Moon Spirit Warrior had changed his expression to a more serious one. Regardless, Ye Chen's power had threatened him. If he did not try his best now, then he would most likely lose this battle and be wounded, which would be something he did not want to see.

His clothes flew into the air as Ye Chen floated into the sky like a great sword. His body released a killing vibe, which shot out a creepy aura and brought up a heavy sword-like wind. He locked down on his opponent, who was standing in the distance, and said lightly, "I know that you have trained the profound sense martial arts. So, you better use it! Otherwise, you would be running away like a stray dog."

"Huh! If you really want to die, then I will help you out!" The pale ghost fire over the Ghost Moon Spirit Warrior's body started to burn even more. If one could get close right now, then he or she would even feel a soul-penetrating coldness.


The space vibrated, and under everyone's stare, the spirit warrior drew with both of his hands in the air and formed a spell.

With his spell being formed, the space he was in started to bring up patterns in the air, as an evil-looking ghost skull made of pale ghost fire was formed completely. It was extremely narrow and had a sharp jaw. The eye socket and the spot where his mouth should be were empty, filled with darkness. Looking into them, one might even feel their soul being sucked out.

The people in the surroundings could hear a vague, creepy laughter.

"Profound sense martial arts... Haha! He is dead!" Duan Lingyun had recognized the martial arts that Ghost Moon was using. He now felt completely relaxed, because he knew that Ye Chen would not make it through.

After forming the spell, the spirit warrior screamed once, and the spell started shooting toward Ye Chen.

"The Spell of Yin!"

That skull was like a mark of a stamp which shot out without a single sound, melting everything it touched.

"It is the Profound sense of Yin!"

Murong Qingchen had seen a lot, so she had noticed it in the beginning when that warrior was forming it. The most common elements of profound sense would be those of wind, gold, wood, and so on. The rarer ones would be the profound sense of fast and slow, clouds, or the even rarer ones of Yin and Yang, chaos, etc. As a part of the profound sense of Yin and Yang, the ultimate meaning of Yin focused on will power attack, which was extremely tricky. With the slightest mistake, the opponent could be wounded heavily.

Ye Chen would not dare to underestimate it, since there were so many warriors in the world, and there was bound to be one who was more powerful than the ones he had met till present. However, after seeing his opponent performed his profound sense martial art, a smile appeared on his face. The profound sense of Yin and Yang was indeed powerful, but with them being separated, the advantages would not be guaranteed. And unfortunately, the thunder perspective that he had trained happened to be the archenemy of the element of Yin. Although the two were not on the same level of power, the gap between had been definitely shortened.

"Sky Thunder Cut!"

Holding the sword with both of his hands, Ye Chen stepped out with his sword step, throwing out a sword attack accurately at the skull in the air.


A creepy hysterical groan was heard, which made Murong Qingcheng, Duan Lingyun, and Wang Tong back out to safe area.