Chapter 420: Ghost Moon

 Chapter 420: Ghost Moon

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"The twelfth sun image... I know where it is. In the east of Extreme Yin Region, there is the Golden Desert that stretches over a few thousand li. That's the place where earth Qi and Yin Qi are the lowest, symbolizing the sun of Extreme Yin Region. In the Golden Desert, a broken shrine appears indescribably every now and then. The image of a sun on the shrine is more or less the same as depicted on the map. I saw it in an ancient text." Murong Qingcheng put down her bowl and chopsticks, then took out an ancient text from her storage ring and handed it over to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen accepted it and carefully inspected it.

After a few moments, he laid it down and said, "From the description, this shrine ought to be a construction of the ancient era and is in another dimension. It will only connect with this world the moment the sun rises. But, this will only happen at most three times every month, and the timing is also not fixed."

Murong Qingcheng faintly nodded, "We know where the twelfth image is, but we are not aware of the previous eleven images. There is no conclusive end to this map. Who knows what's after the final image."

"Yeah, we'll have to find a person well-versed in the history of Extreme Yin Region. But, I want to break through into the peak of Late Astral Reaching region during the next three days. I'll have to trouble you to look for that person."

Ye Chen actually didn't have a burning desire for the undying body. However, since opportunity was before him, he couldn't disregard it. Who knew that he might discover something in the course of the search.

"Alright, you can cultivate without a worry!"

Upon hearing that Ye Chen was on the verge of another breakthrough, Murong Qingcheng was no longer astonished. As for looking for a person well-versed in the history of Extreme Yin Region, it wasn't too hard. Regardless of the era, there would always be people who were fond of researching history. If she couldn't find one in Three Yin City, she could go to other cities.

After eating breakfast, Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng bid farewell and returned to their rooms.

"The most urgent matter right now is to increase strength. Once my cultivation base attains the peak of late Astral Reaching realm, I'll surely be able to contend against ordinary Sea of Soul realm experts." Without contending Sea of Soul realm experts, he wouldn't be able to gauge their strength. Rather than hoping to rely on Dragon King's will, he'd be better off raising his own strength. Only when he himself became more powerful would he gain confidence.


Sitting cross-legged on his bed, Ye Chen took out two upper grade spirit stones and began cultivating.

The Yuan Qi inside the upper grade spirit stones was exceptionally pure. There was no need for refining, as it could be directly converted into Zhen Yuan. The only difference between its Yuan Qi and Zhen Yuan was that the former was quite thin, and wasn't as condensed as Zhen Yuan. It would take a hundred threads of spirit stone's Yuan Qi to make one thread of Zhen Yuan.

Three days passed by in a flash.

At the dawn of the fourth day...

Intense Zhen Yuan ripples propagated from Ye Chen's room and swept through the whole inn like a storm. A piercing Qi of Green Lotus Zhen Yuan soared, even shredding the flowing wind.


In the room across, Murong Qingcheng raised her head with a pensive look.

With his bones creaking, Ye Chen slowly opened his eyes. A lightning sharp glint flickered in his eyes, even freezing the air.

"I've finally attained the peak of Astral Reaching realm. From now on, my Zhen Yuan won't increase even the slightest before breaking through to the Sea of Souls realm."

Depending upon varying constitutions and souls, one's capacity to hold the amount of Zhen Yuan also varied. Ones with strong constitution and soul might be able to hold several folds more Zhen Yuan compared to their counterparts, even ten folds. However, there were also other operating factors in between. For example, one with a strong constitution but a weak soul would only be able to hold Zhen Yuan up to the limit of their soul, and the limits of their constitution wouldn't be attained. This was the same principle as the bamboo bucket which could only store as much water as the shortest bamboo straw allowed it to.

Ye Chen, who had cultivated the Jade Body Refining Art and further strengthened his body by using Heavenly Demonic Flowers, had an absolutely peak quality body. Until this point, the only one who could surpass him in this aspect was Xu Jing. On the other hand, compared to his body, Ye Chen's soul was even more powerful. This made the Green Lotus Zhen Yuan be limited by his body. It was still not at the limits of his soul.

In other words, even if were to breakthrough into the fourteenth layer, the amount of Zhen Yuan wouldn't increase, but only its purity.

"It's time to leave!"

Standing up, Ye Chen felt his whole body to be filled with an indescribable energy. This was because he was at the limit of Astral Reaching realm. Although his cultivation base had been quite close to the peak before, this difference was not insignificant. This was a sensation of being at the perfection of the realm, the feeling as if he were about to loosen the shackles of heaven and earth on him.


Outside the Three Yin City...

Three figures were charging towards the east, one in front and two in back.

"In Extreme Yin Region, the rooster image is said to signify three places. First is the Rooster Valley, second is the Rooster Town, and third is the first eleventh grade Demonic Beast King's Yangface mountains. But, there is another one which only a few people know of, the Roostercrown Tree. I too saw it by coincidence in an ancient text."

Leading the group was an old man in his seventies called Wang Tong. Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng both called in Old Wang. His cultivation base was not weak at all, and had attained mid Astral Reaching realm since long. He'd been traveling outside throughout the year and just recently returned to his hometown, the Three Yin City. Murong Qingcheng came across Old Wang at the Antique Street. Seeing his profound knowledge, she conversed with him a bit, then finally picked him for their journey.

Old Wang's price was not small at all. He requested a high level earth grade cultivation, three high level earth grade battle skills, an agility boosting skill, thirty thousand mid grade spirit stones, and five hundred and seventy thousand low grade spirit stones. Summing it all up, it was an extraordinary wealth.

Of course, he wasn't being too greedy. People like him who researched history bought rare things of historical antiques even at the cost of their food, and thus, often lacked spirit stones. Furthermore, traveling outside alone, their strength couldn't be lacking. They needed both cultivation technique and battle skills, and even more importantly, an agility boosting technique that could allow them to flee at the critical moment.

The high level peak earth grade cultivation technique and two skills were provided by Ye Chen, while the third battle skill was Murong Qingcheng's Demonic Hand. If this skill were cultivated to the late stages, it could allow one to condense out a small demonic force field. Be it offense or defense, it was outstanding in both aspects, which caused Wang Tong to beam with smiles. As for agility technique, Ye Chen didn't have one, so Murong Qingcheng had to provide it as well, while the spirit stones were solely settled by Ye Chen.

Hanging the longsword at his waist, Ye Chen followed behind Wang Tong, "Out of these four, which place do we go first?"

Wang Tong said, "Rooster Valley and Rooster Town can be eliminated. Their histories are too shallow. Yangface mountain range and Roostercrown Tree are the places we need to go. Let's head to Yangface mountain range first."

"Hehe, you are not going anywhere!"

At this moment, two figures suddenly arrived before the three from the summit beside. To the left was a handsome youngster with a silver headband, and the other was an old man wearing a ghost-swallowing-moon robe.

Ye Chen's expression didn't change. He already knew that Duan Lingyun wouldn't let him off the hook so easily. His corner of mouth slightly curved upwards before he stepped forward. "That's fine. Let's settle all the troubles today."

Duang Lingyun took Azure Dragon halberd and pointed towards Ye Chen, "That's right. It's to settle the score. Today, this place will serve as your burial ground."


A green light burst forth from the halberd as Duan Lingyun tightened his grip. The two meters long halberd attacked toward Ye Chen with a maddening rumble. A green light streaked on the horizon as if an azure dragon was baring its fangs. The dragon's body pierced across the summit and its head stretched out, tearing toward Ye Chen. Duang Lingyun had immediately issued his killer move.

Pushing Wang Tong several li away with a wave of his hand, Ye Chen's right hand gripped the sword hilt, unsheathing the Greenwood sword. A peerless sword light appeared, as if tearing through the heaven and earth and brimming with a piercing will, and enveloped the frantically charging azure dragon energy.

The azure dragon energy disintegrated, but Duan Lingyun had already arrived before Ye Chen during this time, and heavily smashed down the halberd.


The sword and halberd collided, letting off flying sparks everywhere. The mountain forest was ignited in a blazing fire, and summits were burned and cleaved. Wherever the two went, destruction ensued.

"Bewitching Eye!"

With his offense blocked, Duan Lingyun immediately retreated. But during the process, his eyes let out a godly light. Circular misty ripples spread out, acting on Ye Chen's body.

"Yep, it's here."

Ye Chen was prepared. Although he didn't have any means like Duan Lingyun's Bewitching Eye and could only use his sword intent to shake it off, the difference in their battle strength was too high. It was not something that one skill could make up.


Withdrawing his Zhen Yuan, Ye Chen slashed out a strike filled with sword intent.


Duan Lingyun's first style of Bewitching Eye broke and his face turned exceptionally pale. Gnashing his teeth, he forced the second style, Soul Chaos Eye, which was also forcing the limits of his ability.

As the name implied, Soul Chaos Eye could render the opponent's soul chaotic. There was no pattern to the ripples that were spreading out in the form of vortices with varying sizes. Depending on how far one was, they would feel as if their soul was being sucked out. Wang Tong, who was watching the battle from afar, was aghast. He was standing several li away from the battle, but he could still feel the might of Soul Chaos Eye. His entire being felt dizzy, and if not for Murong Qingcheng covering him with her martial will, he would have completely lost his being. He couldn't help but be astonished at the might of Duan Lingyun, and even more so of the one who was suppressing him.

"You're not my opponent, so just let the old guy come!"

Amidst the vortices of Soul Chaos Eye, Ye Chen raised the Greenwood sword and slashed it down, his strike brimming with sword intent.


Duan Lingyun spurted out blood and his complexion turned dejected. He'd not only use Soul Sunder Eye to influence Ye Chen's battle strength, but also mounted a surprise attack. But, the latter's battle power exceeded his imagination. He forced him back with a single strike, and Soul Sunder Eyes weren't effective either.

"Lingyun, get back!" The old man moved. His figure flickered, and the surrounding air swayed before his entire being strangely appeared hundred meters across Ye Chen like a silhouette in a mirror.

With his hands folded over his chest, he looked down on Ye Chen," Kid, for you to walk to this stage is not an easy feat. I, Ghost Moon, can't perform a deed so outrageous to suffer heaven's fury and people's resentment. Let's do it like this! I'll give you a chance to live. Break both your arms and legs, then cut your tongue off. What do you think?"

In his eyes, Ye Chen was already a dead man. His words should be an honor for the former. He was also not like other Sea of Soul experts who would have just gone ahead and buried the former in an instant. He liked to destroy the faith of his opponent first, letting them know that regardless of how much they struggled, there would be no change in the outcome. Then, he would employ cruel means for their end.