Chapter 416: Bodhi Pearl, Huge Demonic Evil Stone

 Chapter 416: Bodhi Pearl, Huge Demonic Evil Stone

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"F*ck this, eighty thousand!"

There were all sorts of people inside the building. Duan Lingyun and Murong Qingcheng were not the only were with solid backgrounds. Therefore, even though the price had already reached eighty thousand mid grade spirit stones, there were still a lot of people bidding.

Murong Qingcheng continued without a change in expression, "Ninety thousand!"

"Ninety five thousand."

"Hundred and twenty thousand."

Duan Lingyun decisively raised by twenty five thousand in one bid. It was already approaching the limit of three Demonic Evil Stone's worth.

Murong Qingcheng was obviously prepared. She again raised the bid by ten thousand.

"Lingyun, give up if it goes past hundred and fifty thousand. The auction has just begun, you know?" Ghost Moon reminded Duan Lingyun.

"I know." Duan Lingyun nodded, but said inwardly, "Sorry, Qingcheng. But I must have Demonic Evil Stone. Once I condense the martial soul embryo, I'll give the remaining to you." He raised his hand and said, "Hundred and fifty thousand."

As soon as his bid sounded, the sounds coming from left, right, and center disappeared. The limit price of one Demonic Evil Stone was forty to fifty thousand. Thus, the price was three was around hundred and twenty thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand. If one were to raise the bid, they had to think quite carefully. After all, for peak and extreme Astral Reaching experts, the price of one hundred and fifty thousand mid grade spirit stones was equivalent to their entire fortune. And yet, the auction wasn't even halfway through.

This time, Murong Qingcheng didn't bid but glanced at Ye Chen. She knew that he had a solid wealth. As for how solid it was, she didn't know.

"It should be about time," Ye Chen raised his hand and announced hundred and sixty thousand.


Ye Chen's voice led to a disturbance in the auction. Although Demonic Evil Stones were rare, they were only useful for Astral Reaching experts who had yet to condense their martial souls, and didn't have much use for Sea of Soul realm experts who had already condensed them. Therefore, the person who had issued the bid was certainly an Astral Reaching expert. The Astral Reaching experts who could bring out hundred and sixty thousand mid grade spirit stones were quite sparse.

Ye Chen's bid caused Duan Lingyun to be momentarily dazed. He gnashed his teeth and issued a bid of a hundred and eighty thousand, despite Ghost Moon's warning.

"Hmph, with my wealth, I can crush you to death."

As the disciple of Soul Sunder Sect, he was bound to have a high wealth. At this moment, he had no thought other than suppressing Ye Chen.

The almost four times price caused a lot of people to sigh. How rich and overbearing! These raises of thousands seemed to be a game. Many Astral Reaching expert's insides were twitching, angered to death. Every raise here was almost their entire fortune. But, even if they were to join in, they would only attract a lot of attention, which wouldn't lead to anything good.

"Two hundred thousand."

Unfortunately, just as his bid sounded, Ye Chen again increased it by twenty thousand. Hearing this price, the spectators felt their hearts palpitating. This was too fierce. Moreover, the person who quoted the bid seemed calm, as if two hundred thousand mid grade spirit stones didn't mean anything to them.

"His wealth is at least at five hundred thousand!"

Murong Qingcheng beside inwardly guessed.

Ye Chen sat leaned back in his leather chair. He didn't intend to give up the Demonic Evil Stones. With this thing, he could continue increasing his battle power. As for mid grade spirit stones, as long as they served some use, he could spend them. There was no point in hoarding wealth.

"Enough! One can only become powerful by maintaining their calm in all situations. You won't gain anything by impulsively fighting your opponent." Ghost Moon had, after all, lived for more than a century. He easily saw through Duan Lingyun and stopped him from continuing to bid.

"Damn it!"

With these words, Duan Lingyun had no choice but to give up. But, he couldn't calm himself. Demonic Evil Stone didn't matter much, face was much more important.

"Two hundred thousand one, two hundred thousand two, two hundred thousand three, sold!" The old man struck his little hammer on the platform.

Soon after, a beauty delivered three Demonic Evil Stones to Ye Chen's VIP room. After paying the spirit stones, Ye Chen sized up the stones.

Demonic Evil Stones were an irregular crystallized ore, like coal in appearance. It had a silver color which radiated a black glow. Holding the sparkling stone, Ye Chen could feel the rather gloomy evil Qi inside through his arm, intruding his Sea of Soul between his eyebrows.

"Its effect seems twenty percent less than Blood Evil Stone."

Ye Chen immediately discerned the difference between Blood Evil Stone and Demonic Evil Stone.

The auction proceeded. In between, Murong Qingcheng claimed a pair of sparkling rainbow-colored Gold Trace Gloves for forty five thousand mid grade spirit stones. The gloves had always been rare among treasures, which also meant they were quite in demand. After all, people cultivating in hand techniques were quite a few. Thus, their prices were a bit higher. Usually, the prices of offensive mid grade treasures didn't exceed forty thousand.

"The thirty fourth item is a Bodhi Pearl. I believe not many of you are aware of Bodhi Pearl's uses, so let me give you a simple explanation. Bodhi Pearl is naturally formed. Not only it has a spirit-pacifying effect, it can also increase one's comprehension. Of course, this increase only applies when holding the pearl."

On the stage, the old man spoke while sweeping his gaze through the expressions of spectators.

As he had expected, the auction's atmosphere immediately turned fiery. Being able to temporarily enhance comprehension was indeed amazing. There were a lot people stuck on bottlenecks. With the Bodhi Pearl, they could certainly break through. However, those who were moved by this item were again only Astral Reaching experts. Sea of Soul realm experts knew about Bodhi Pearl as well. Its actual effect was to let Astral Reaching experts arouse their soul power. Once the soul power was aroused, it would naturally increase comprehension. Since Sea of Soul realm experts had already aroused their soul power, it didn't serve them any purpose.

"It has no use for me." Ye Chen. Thanks to the experience of Battle King, Ye Chen knew the secrets of the Bodhi Pearl. His soul power was already on the level of powerful Sea of Soul realm experts, and thus had no use for it.

"Humph, it's just a trifling Bodhi Pearl. My Soul Sunder Sect has a ten thousand year old tea plant that could similarly increase perception. Moreover, the Soul Sunder Eyes I cultivated can also arouse soul power, allowing my comprehension to be much higher than others." Duan Lingyun disdained Bodhi Pearl beneath contempt.

"The starting price is seventy thousand mid grade spirit stones, and every raise must be at least a thousand mid grade spirit stones. Begin!"

Seeing the hurried expressions of the spectators, the old man revealed a faint smile.

"Eighty thousand."

"Ninety thousand."

"Hundred thousand."

Nobody made a thousand spirit stone raise, directly issuing raises of ten thousand. Such an extraordinary thing wasn't even heard normally.

"Hundred and fifty thousand."

Murong Qingcheng's issued her bid.

"I don't want this thing. But seeing that so many people are bidding, its price is going to go quite high." Ye Chen said.

"You don't want it?"

Murong Qingcheng's expression turned strange. The person she was most worried about was precisely Ye Chen. Ye Chen's wealth was at least five hundred thousand, not something she could compete against. How could she have thought that the latter didn't have intentions of competing? She let out a sigh of relief, rejoicing that she didn't buy Demonic Evil Stone before. If she had, she wouldn't have sufficient funds at the moment. The Bodhi Bearl was undoubtedly a treasure that could drive people to madness. Its price might even reach two hundred or three hundred thousand.

"F*ck! Fifty thousand raised before anybody could even bid."

Bodhi Pearl was good, but if one didn't have sufficient spirit stones, it was same as being useless. This made a lot of Extreme Astral Reaching experts gnash their teeth.

"Hundred and sixty thousand."

The facts were clear. There were still Astral Reaching experts with a solid wealth. Especially the leaders of some dark influences, their wealth had accumulated from plundering.

"Two hundred thousand."

It was Murong Qingcheng again. With Ye Chen out, she didn't have many worries. The pearl was more or less in her grasp.

"Two hundred and ten thousand."

Inside a VIP room, a majestic-looking black-robed middle-aged man made his bid.

"Two hundred and fifty thousand."

Murong Qingcheng again raised her hand.

"Room number three hundred and ninety eight, I've remembered you. This Bodhi Pearl will return to me sooner or later." The black-robed middle-aged man gave up. It was not because he didn't have enough spirit stones, but he felt that it wasn't necessary. As for the previous bid, it was purely because he didn't wish for any mishaps. After all, obtaining the pearl right now would give him peace of mind. However, the counterpart's every raise was forty-fifty thousand, seemingly determined to obtain the pearl. This aroused his killing intent. By killing Murong Qingcheng, not only would he obtain the pearl, he would also save hundreds of thousands spirit stones. It would be killing two birds with one stone.

"Two hundred and seventy thousand."

After being quiet for a few moments, another bid sounded. The bidder were three brothers. None of them had so many spirit stones by themselves, but they could manage them after combining what they had. The Bodhi Bead wasn't a single use item, so they could take turns to use it. Of course, people wouldn't normally choose such a method, as it wasn't too safe. But, their brotherhood ran deep, and they didn't have such a problem.

"Two hundred and eighty thousand." Murong Qingcheng wasn't stupid. The bid of two hundred seventy thousand already didn't have competition, so there was no point in raising it by forty or fifty thousand again.

As expected, the three brothers could only give up in disappointment. They had combinedly two hundred thousand mid grade spirit stones. Adding in their two unused mid grade artifacts, two hundred seventy thousand spirit stones was their limit.

Holding the Bodhi Pearl in her hands, Murong Qingcheng let out a sigh of relief. Her visit to Extreme Yin Region was worthwhile. Not only did she obtain a mid grade glove type artifact, she even managed to get her hands on an exceptionally rare Bodhi Pearl. However, these two treasures had almost exhausted her entire fortune.

"Congratulations." Ye Chen smiled.

Putting away the Bodhi Pearl, Murong Qingcheng asked in an interested tone, "Why don't you want the Bodhi Pearl?" If the former wanted the Bodhi Pearl as well, her chances of getting it wouldn't exceed thirty percent. Even if she were to loan her useful possessions, it wouldn't have been more than fifty percent.

Ye Chen said, "My comprehension is enough already." He would, of course, not tell her that his soul power was several folds that of ordinary people, and was comparable to Sea of Soul realm experts.

Murong Qingcheng revealed a pensive face, involuntarily assuming that Ye Chen already had such a treasure.

"Forty eighth item is a head-sized Demonic Evil Stone. Starting price is two hundred and fifty thousand mid grade spirit stones. Every raise must be at least five thousand."

Just at this moment, the old man threw a heavy bomb. This Demonic Evil Stone's size was around fifteen folds that of the previous ones. Moreover, the black radiance on its silver surface was dazzling enough to make the spectators palpitate.

"Haha... A head-sized Demonic Evil Stone. Let's see how you compete against me this time." Duang Lingyun couldn't help but reveal a sneer. At the same time, he was extremely grateful to Ghost Moon. Without his warning, he would have spent his spirit stones on those small stones. It would have been quite a disadvantageous trade-off.

Murong Qingchen's eyes also brightened, but she immediately shook her head. Her wealth had already been spent. She didn't have the qualifications to compete. She couldn't help but glance at Ye Chen, only to see his corner of mouth curling in a faint smile.