Chapter 413: Break Soul Godly Eye

 Chapter 413: Break Soul Godly Eye

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"You disrespectful thing, how dare you to attack Qingcheng and me?"

The young man with the silver crown used a rather intimate name title when addressing Murong Qingcheng, seemingly wanting to impress her. His eyes looked extremely bright, as a circle of invisible light spread out in all directions. Within the shooting range, all of the attacked warriors went dizzy, their battling power decreasing drastically. That horrifying green dragon qi power continued to spread out, and whoever was attacked had been shattered into pieces. Blood spilled out like rain, and no one could handle that killing vibe.

Murong Qingcheng frowned, but she did not say anything.

''Back out!''

The two saw that he was too tough to take on, and had lost hundreds of warriors when they could not even touch him.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!...

The crowd had lost their will to battle, and after hearing the order, who would dare to stay behind to continue facing him? They all pushed to activate their Zhen Yuan and started running everywhere.

That young man wanted to chase after them, but Murong Qingcheng said lightly, ''No need to chase after them.''

''Huh? I will let them go now since they ran so hard. Qingcheng, are you okay?'' The young man stopped running, flying back to Murong Qingcheng.

Murong Qingcheng shook her head, "Mr. Duan, please call me Murong."

The young man with silver hair changed his expression slightly, Murong Qingcheng and he was not old friends - they had met in the Extreme Ying Place. After meeting her for the first time, he could not move away his eyes. As the head disciple of the Break Soul Martial School, a rank 6 martial school, his power was equivalent to Red Water Man. Countless women had a crush on him, but those beautiful ladies were nothing compared to Murong Qingcheng. He could hardly imagine how South Rudra Region could have such a beauty. He was on his way to a mega city, the Extreme Ying City, but after seeing her, he changed his mind and said that his destination was also Three Ying City, just so he could travel with her together. Unfortunately, during the whole trip, Murong Qingcheng was quite cold to him, which made it quite hard for him to find a way into her heart. The good thing was that the Extreme Ying Place was extremely chaotic, and a group of powerful robbers appeared out of nowhere. Although he sounded furious, he was secretly quite happy, because a relationship would be easier to form under pressure. However, right at this moment, Murong Qingcheng's tone had let him know that it would still take him a long way before he would get to know him.

Revealing a friendly warm smile, the young man changed the subject, "The Sky Demon Great Art is indeed famous. I think it is compatible with my Break Soul Godly Eye Art."

"You are flattering me. The Break Soul Godly Eye is a top rank Earth Realm martial art which the Godly Eye Emperor had created. Wherever he looked, the person or the thing's soul would be affected." Murong Qingcheng was not trying to please him, but stating the facts. The Break Soul Martial School was just like the Floating Mountain Martial School. There had been Life and Death Realm warriors, among whom, the Godly Eye Emperor was one of the top. His battling power might have been quite normal, but his power could make even more powerful people scared of him, all because that pair of eyes of his were just too creepy.

The young man looked quite proud. The Godly Eye Emperor was the pride of his marital school, and he had the confidence that he would become an existence like him one day. He was just about to say something before noticing that Murong Qingcheng was looking at something else. So, he could not help but follow her eyesight.

In his eyes, a young man in blue was flying towards them at extreme speed. Although he did not look as good-looking as him, what he felt threatened by was that aura he carried, which was quite special. It was like a great sword that was hidden inside a scabbard.

"Qingcheng...Oh, I mean, Murong, who is he?"

He unconsciously started to target him as an enemy.

Murong Qingcheng said with a light smile, "A friend of mine, named Ye Chen."

"Ye Chen? I have never heard of him."

It would be impossible for the South Rudra Region to give birth to great martial artists, so he did not take Ye Chen seriously. However, that smile on Murong Qingcheng's face and that "friend" title was pissing him off. He squeezed his eyes.


The human figure flashed once, and Ye Chen landed right next to Murong Qingcheng.

"Long time no see."

She retouched up her long hair that had been blown up into the air, then said, "Indeed. I will introduce you. This is the head disciple of the rank 6 martial school, Break Soul Martial School."

The silver-haired young man, Duan Lingyun, cleared his throat and looked right at Ye Chen, "I wonder which martial school you are from. I don't think I have ever heard of your name."

With his sensitive feeling as a sword artist, Ye Chen could sense the enmity from him, but he did not care too much about it. This was a world all about power after all. With or without enmity, he did not have to care about anything about warriors at the same cultivation.

"My marital school is not worth mentioning."

He looked calm, and did not answer his question directly.

Duan Lingyun's expression changed. If Murong Qingcheng were not here, he would not mind teaching him a lesson, and let him know how rude he was.

"Ye Chen, are you heading to the Three Ying City?"

Murong Qingcheng did not mean to change the subject. In fact, she did not think that Duan Lingyun could beat Ye Chen, so did not intend to be the one trying to fix an awkward conversation. She was wondering about it, so she asked the question. She always did what she wanted to do.

"Yes, indeed."

Ye Chen nodded.

Duan Lingyu Could see that it was all headed towards a result that he did not want. This Ye Chen seemed about to join them on this trip of him trying to get together with Murong Qingcheng. Therefore, he had a bad look on his face all of a sudden, then said sarcastically but full of smiles, "Brother Ye, I think your destination should be Extreme Ying City! Don't you think?"

Duan Lingyun said the last three words with emphasis.

Ye Chen looked at him, the light in his eyes sharp like swords, "Brother Duan, please watch yourself. Wherever I want to go, it's not something I need your opinion for. You don't have the right nor what it takes."


Duan Lingyun bit on his teeth, and that breath which sneaked out through the gap between his teeth still carried a killing vibe. He was furious as he thought to himself, 'Since you don't want to be nice, then don't blame me for being brutal. When I find an opportunity, I will let you know what regret is.'

"Then let's go, shall we?"

Murong Qingcheng glanced at him. She meant to ask Duan Lingyuan to leave, since they had nothing common to talk about. But, if she did ask him to leave now, then he would hold a grudge. Although one Duan Lingyun was nothing and Ye Chen alone could take him out, but the Break Soul Martial School should not be ignored. They had Seas of Souls Realm warriors, which would be way more powerful than the Floating Mountain Martial School.

"I wonder what level Ye Chen as reached."

Without paying more attention on Duan Lingyun, who Murong Qingchen really wondered about was Ye Chen. Each time she saw him, she could feel that he had gotten stronger, but to what extent, she had no idea. It was impossible for her to tell. It was like Ye Chen had an immortal body, as he did not seem to have lost once to any warrior within his cultivation. Every time she thought she might catch up with him, she would find out that there was still a gap between their power level. Among all the warriors at this level of cultivation, Ye Chen was the one who left the deepest impression on her.

The three were traveling at a high speed above that black stone grassland.


All of a sudden, a surreal human figure appeared from the ground and shot out into the sky at an unbelievable speed. It was so fast that even Duan Lingyuan was a bit shocked, since it had reached beyond eighteen times the speed of sound. It could only be a Seas of Souls Realm warrior, and not a normal one. Therefore, without any surprises, this person would be a normal Seas of Souls Realm warrior with extreme speed, or a master of the Seas of Souls Realm.

'I had not expected to see three powerful little guys in front of my home> They should have found out about my hidden nest.'

That man in the sky was full of killing intent.

'Never mind, as long as I can find the secret of being immortal, so what f they find one of my nests. If I kill them, then it might actually mess things up. So perhaps I should stay away from trouble and go straight to the auction and put in my item that I want to sell.'

With his speed increased, the human figure disappeared immediately.

'This is a master of the Seas of Souls Realm. His qi is so powerful, his level must be higher than Long Biyun's. It was impossible to detect with soul power.' Within Astral Reaching Realm, Ye Chen could release his soul power as much as he wanted, without being afraid of being found out. But, Seas of Souls Realm warriors could already use their soul power, so with the slightest sense, they would find out the difference about him, not to mention a master of the Seas of Souls Realm. Ye Chen feared that if he continued to be reckless, then he might be killed.

"We should get back on our road."

Murong Qingcheng relaxed her eyebrows. This Extreme Yin Place was not the South Rudra Region. Judging from the level of danger, the Blood Demon Battlefield would be less than one-tenth of here. This was not a forbidden place, but was even more dangerous than one. Of course, within a forbidden place, one would face the possibility of being attacked at all times, and it was not that severe in the Extreme Yin Place. Therefore, as long as their luck was not that bad, they should be safe.

Two days had passed when the three arrived at the Three Ying City.

The Three Ying City would be more of a nation, with a higher wall than a normal city. There were mountains and rivers, city roads, and unknown small paths, along with a small grassland. Countless powerful warriors were flying past it, drawing beautiful lights in the sky.

"Little Murong!"

In the distance, an elder with a head full of white hair spoke with Zhen Yuan.

Murong Qingcheng said politely, "Greetings, Great Master."

"Hehe, come over here."

The elder revealed a smile.

"You two, please wait for a second." Murong Qingcheng excused herself from Ye Chen and Duan Lingyun, then flew towards the elder.

A straight light flashed through Duan Lingyun's eyes. Waiting until Murong Qingcheng had left, he blocked in front of Ye Chen and spread out his impressive aura.

"Ye Chen, we have already arrived in the Three Ying City. Shouldn't you change your place by now? Don't worry, I will explain to Qingchen for you, I will not embarrass you."

Ye Chen looked at him and only said two words, "Piss off."

"Rude! I have tolerated you all this way. I will ask you one more time. Are you going to leave or not? Otherwise, I will make you lose everything. If you try again in the future, then I will surely kill you."

While he spoke, Duan Lingyu shot out horrifying light from his eyes, which seemed to be able to tear apart souls. Even without looking at it directly, warriors would feel that dizziness and fear of not knowing where they were, along with a pain in their hearts. Right then, Duan Lingyun had pushed his Break Soul Godly Eye Art to its limit. He believed that Ye Chen could never block it out. Even if it were a warrior who was more powerful, he would not dare to get closer.