Chapter 412: Seeing her again

 Chapter 412: Seeing her again

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With Ye Chen's protection, all of the guards of the Mo family had finally relaxed. In this Extreme Yin Place, as long as it was not a Seas of Souls Realm warrior, there would be nothing to worry about now. In their opinion, Ye Chen would have to be at least an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior, and definitely one of the top ones. Even those top dark power parties would have to be concerned about his existence. Unless there was some personal business, they would not dare to challenge him.

In the dark evening, the group finally reached the Black Water City.

The Black Water City was one of the cities that were on the edge of the border, and had a population in millions. The city wall and most of the buildings inside the city were made of a special black stone material from the Extreme Yin Place, which made them all look extra cold and serious, seemingly full of deaths. The whole city gave people the feeling of an evil beast awaiting its prey.

"Mr. Ye, my Mo family is right at the east side of the city." Mo Li looked at Ye Chen with her big eyes.

Ye Chen knew what she meant by that, she wanted him to be a guest in her house in order to show her gratitude. But to him, it was meaningless, since it was nothing for him to help someone within his power range during his travels. If he had to waste time on being thanked, then he might as well not help people in the first place.

"No, thanks. I will stay in a hotel."

Ye Chen jumped off the carriage and looked for the closest hotel. Mo Li wanted to say something, but her butler stopped her, "Miss, we are not living in the same world as him, you should know it by now."

Hearing him, Mo Yan stopped herself. Indeed, in his opinion, they were only passengers of his life whom he would never see again. "Let's go home!"


It was Ye Chen's first time seeing the messiness of the Extreme Yin Place. During the period of time for him to look for a suitable hotel, he had seen at least three killings. The first one was a group of people killing a young beggar in a lane, the other was a husband killing his wife's lover, and then torn his wife in halves; the third time was in front of a restaurant. Two Clasping Yuan Realm warriors had drunk too much and started arguing about something, which eventually turned into a life and death battle. It resulted in them destroying that whole hotel, which pissed off an Astral Reaching Realm warrior, who eventually tore down their dantian and all eight limbs. He then hung them both on the column in front of the hotel.

As for assaults, it was even more frequent. The whole Black Water City was filled with the kind of darkness which was even more horrifying than the dark night. The air smelled like blood.

"Mister, are you staying with us?"

Ye Chen would have to admit that power mattered for everything in this Extreme Yin Place. After seeing Ye Chen punch an Astral Reaching Realm warrior who tried to mess with him to bleeding, then toss him out of the building effortlessly, the attitude of the owner had changed drastically, welcoming him with a huge smile on his face.

"How many nights will you be staying with us for?" Ye Chen took out a huge pile of low rank soul stones from his storage ring, one thousand of them in total, and threw them all on the counter. The Extreme Yin Place was different from the other places, as the pricing of everything was extra expensive and extremely twisted. However, it was understandable for such an environment. Besides all of the city rivers, the forests around the city was very dangerous, full of deadly beasts and cold-blooded robbers. Without the power of protecting oneself, it would be suicide to go out there. Also, because of all the dangers, the resources inside the city were extremely lacking, since all of the food inside the shops and restaurants was not coming out of nowhere. It would have to be collected from outside. It was all done through fatal missions. Mo Li's group would be a good example. Twenty-something Astral Reaching Realm warriors and a couple hundreds of Clasping Yuan Realm warriors had gone out for collections, and only fifty percent of them made it back, which was an extremely high death rate.

Of course, there would be advantages and disadvantages. With the whole place being this chaotic, the cultivation of the warriors grew at a fast speed, since they all had this sensitive instinct, which pressured them into working harder and harder to perfect themselves. Once they reached the Astral Reaching Realm, the Extreme Yin Place would not be that horrifying for them anymore, since it would be very unlikely for a lone traveler to encounter robbers, unless they were very unlucky. In that case, they would not have a choice anyway.

With the help of the owner, Ye Chen arrived in a guest room on the second floor.

After eating and showering, it was already midnight. He did not notice this earlier, but now that he had calmed down, he realized how noisy it was here. There were moaning, yelling, knocking, and the sound of walking everywhere. With all of them combined together, no wonder there were rarely any Astral Reaching Realm warriors living in a hotel.

"Shut up!"

After a low yell, Ye Chen's qi exploded and spread out in the whole hotel, a killing vibe mixed in his voice. It contained the power that could shock any soul. It was a sensation of fear that could shave off will power from their souls, which scared everyone inside the hotel to be quiet. There was not a single sound now.

"Finally, I can train in peace."

Shaking his head, he forced a laugh. It would be useless to reason inside the Extreme Yin Place, as the most direct thing would be to use extreme power against power.

Sitting on the bed, Ye Chen closed both of his hands, activating his Zhen yuan according to the thirteenth level Zhen Yuan mapping. He continued trying to find the breaking point for it, and forgot everything else. Visibly, a blue colored qi rose up from his head appeared out of nowhere like a layer of light flame.


It was early in the morning when a vague popping sound was heard from his body. At the same time, his qi vibration seemed to become richer.

"Three breaking points... I have finally broken through the first one."

Slowly letting out a breath, Ye Chen opened his eyes.

The higher the level, the harder the Green Lotus Sword Spell got. Going from the thirteenth to the fourteenth level would take three breakthroughs. He had already seen signs of it during his travels. Right now, he had finally broken through the first one. Judging by this speed, it would not take much more time before he could reach the fourteenth realm of the Green Lotus Sword Spell. By then, even if he encountered a Seas of Souls Realm warrior with top rank Earth Realm martial arts, he would be able to compete for a while.

On the second morning, Ye Chen had deliberately gone out and bought an Extreme Yin Place map. It was very detailed, containing thirty-eight pages, with each spread out to be two meters long and wide. It had noted all of the significant geographical facts with extremely realistic drawings. Now, he basically would not have to worry about getting lost. But, this map was not cheap, as it cost Ye Chen five hundred low rank soul stones.

On the third day, Ye Chen checked out of his room and left the Black Water City.

There were no nations in the Extreme Ying City, only parties and city powers. The parties were, of course, dark power ones, while the city powers would be the countless river cities. Amongst the countless cities, there were four gigantic ones, with the Three Ying City being the closest to Black Water City. It had a population in trillions, which included more than twenty Seas of Souls Realm warrior and thousands Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Judging from the general power, even two to three normal six rank martial institutions would not be able to compete with it. If there were a Life and Death Realm warrior, then it would be equal to a rank 5 martial institution.

In the Three Ying City, there would be a huge auction held every three months. A lot of rare treasures which could not be seen anywhere else would appear there. Of course, if one had something worth selling, then one could also give it to the auction to sell it for oneself. No matter if it had a dishonest background or not, they would take it regardless. In that way, the warriors would not have to worry about being chased after, since the auction would not release the sellers' information.

The Extreme Yin Place was just like a super black market in the south region, the birthplace of chaos.


The earth was surrounded by a black fog, as a group of human figures flew at extreme speed while maintaining couple hundred meters' height and a proper lineup.

''The Black Water City was two hundred something miles from the Three Yin City. Once we go around the black stone mountains ahead, it would almost be there.''

It had been five days after leaving the Black Water City, and during this period of time, Ye Chen had encountered a robbery once. They were not normal robbers, but one of the top gangs in the whole area. Their general power level was ten times greater than the Black Wing Rob Gang.

Unfortunately, even though they were strong, Ye Chen was stronger. He used one sword attack, and most of them were killed already. Three out of the five leaders had been killed brutally, while the remaining two ran away, screaming in fear. They had never expected that there would be someone this powerful in the Astral Reaching Realm. It would not be crazy to consider Ye Chen a weak Sea of Souls Realm warrior.

After passing the black stone mountains, there was an endless black stone grassland.


''It's Murong Qingcheng!''

Ten miles away, a huge group of people were battling.

Two people had been surrounded, one of them being a young man in a silver robe. He was tall and lean, his silver colored hair tied together, and his attractive face looking like it had been shaved, full of angles. Those huge eyes under the thick eyebrows looked extra dangerous. They seemed to contain some kind of mysterious, special power that could confuse any opponent. He was using a Blue Dragon Halberd; he waved it effortlessly, bringing up a blue colored light shaped like a mad dragon, easily tearing down all of the people attacking him.

Meanwhile, those who were attacking him were obviously way slower. If Ye Chen had guessed it right, he must have trained an eye art, just like that king warrior amongst the will power statues, the Godly Eye Emperor. But of course, in comparison, his martial arts were like children's play.

''At only the Astral Reaching Realm, he could already train his eye art to this level. This guy's cultivation must be higher than Feng Yanrou and the Mysterious Moon Prince, and that too by a lot.''

'It is not until after I left the South Rudra Region that I got to see all of these top warriors, such as the head disciple of the Snowy Palace Martial School, and this extremely handsome young man. Plus, I heard that the Thunder Princess from the Thunder Region would be even more powerful. I wonder to what extent though.

Moving his sight away, he noticed a beautiful girl right next to him. She was still wearing a purple dress, with a light veil covering her face. It was indeed Murong Qingcheng. After all this time, Ye Chen was not sure whether if it was his illusion, but he felt that the beauty of hers had deepened. If she was only a bit more attractive than the other pretty girls before, then now, she would be one of a kind.

On the contrary to her slightly ameliorated beauty, her power seemed to have increased drastically. She performed her Sky Demon Great Art, and areas after areas of powerful warriors had been blown away; it was literally raining warriors. The next second, that horrifying power field had spread out, making even an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior puke out blood.

''Peak level Late Astral Reaching Reaching Realm cultivation!''

Ye Chen had noticed her power change immediately, but he had not expected her to catch up so fast. However, he was not that surprised after all. Judging on talent, Ye Chen was not that good, definitely not as great as her in this area. Before, he was able to reach beyond all of those young warriors from the young generation was because of all the opportunities he had encountered luckily. But, the competition between martial geniuses would be a long game. Since she was the head disciple of a rank 6 martial school, she would have all those great medicines at her disposal.