Chapter 411: Evil Powers World

 Chapter 411: Evil Power's World

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The black disappearing horses started to groan after being frightened. But luckily, there were still those Clasping Yuan Realm warriors there to control them, so they did not scatter and run away.

''B*stard, who are you?'' Ye Chen's voice was full of killing sword intent, making the leader of the gang suddenly hallucinate for a second. He could not help but back out for dozens of steps and yell in anger.


Ye Chen did not answer his question, but put his right hand on his sword.

''Let's go! All of you! Go kill them all!''

The leader of the gang waved his hand, looking very incensed.



Thirty Astral Reaching Realm warriors and hundreds of Clasping Yuan Realm warriors rushed in from all different direction. It was obvious that the gang was outnumbering them.

''Let's bet our life on it!''

The butler and Miss Mo did not think that Ye Chen could take on the whole Black Wind Gang by himself, but the fact that Ye Chen stood up in this critical time was soothing. They were a bit regretful for what they had thought about him before.


After saying the last number, Ye Chen took out his Destruction sword and threw out three different attacks. All of a sudden, nine sword lights layered over each other, creating a sword light net that wrapped around all the members of the Black Wing Gang.

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!...

Blood spread out everywhere along with human flesh. All of the dozens Astral Reaching Realm warrior and hundreds of Clasping Yuan Realm warriors had been chopped into pieces without the chance to even scream out their last words. Ye Chen's sword attacks were way faster than their comprehensive senses. By the time the pain finally reached their brain, their lives were already ending.


Both sides were shocked beyond words at what they had just witnessed, and stopped what they were doing. With only one attack, Ye Chen had taken out one-third of the gang without any effort. All of the people combined could not take even three of his attacks. They were wondering who Ye Chen was.

Miss Mo mumbled to herself, "No wonder he did not help us before. It was because that he did not care about it, since it was too easy for him to even help."

At the same time, all of the guards of the Mo Family had also realized it, and were all a bit ashamed of thinking otherwise before.

"No way! Now, die!"

The gang had lost a lot of its members, which was so severe that it would take at least three to five years to recruit that number of warriors. It was basically impossible. And, Ye Chen had used just one attack to take out all of them, so it would be unreasonable for the leader to not get furious. The anger had sparked his battle condition to its peak. He held red long spear as hot flame that could even melt metals appeared out of his body. He then attacked Ye Chen like a human-shaped fire column.

"Red Flame Kill!"

As he launched out one spear attack, the aggressive flame spread out in the whole area. The leader of the gang was at Extreme Astral Reaching Realm level as well. Even Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not take a fiery spear attack of his lightly.

"Do not fight him head on for now!" Miss Mo could not help but yell out.

Ye Chen held his sword up high with his right hand as he said lightly, "It is nothing. No need to worry."

By the time his words were over, his longsword had been waved down.


The whole place seemed to be separated into two parts. The unbearable bright sword light had lit up the whole dark underworld. Soon, everyone stared at the leader of the gang, watching his extremely huge, powerful body being cut in two halves. That dark blood sprinkled into the dark sky, creating an extraordinary impact on everyone's minds.

"The leader is also killed! How is this possible?"

"Run! Run! This guy is not for us to take on!"

Screams were heard everywhere from the gang's side, as the remaining members were like ants on a hot pan, running towards different directions. They wished right now that they could grow an extra pair of legs.

Ye Chen did not plan to let them go. The Extreme Yin Place would not tolerate mercy, and someone had to die. Letting go an opponent would mean creating a future worry. Even if he did not worry about it, he would have to think for the Mo family. If he decided to help, then he had to help all the way.

Green lotuses appeared out of his body as countless sword qi spread out in every direction at an even faster speed. Every warrior on the other side had to face at least three to four, sharp sword qi.

It looked like it was raining, as all of the members who made it out started to fall from the sky, letting the unbreakable sword qi puncture through their bodies. The sword qi did not stop after that, as it continued to attack until reaching far away into the distance. By then, all of the remaining members had been killed already.

"So powerful! Killing all of them by himself. All of those people meant nothing to him. I think even our whole Mo family would not be able to block him out. Perhaps this is the power of a top martial genius?"

Miss Mo and the butler both gasped.

Floating in the air, Ye Chen used his soul power and spread it out the whole area, then raised up his left hand and created a huge sucking force. All of a sudden, hundreds of storage rings had been collected into his hand. Without looking, he put them all into his storage ring.

After landing back on the carriage, he looked at Miss Mo and said, "The trouble is now gone. Let's get back on the road, shall we?"

"Ah! Yeah!"

Miss Mo froze a little, then she yelled, "Everyone pack up! We are getting back onto our trip!"

The group started traveling again, but everyone had changed a bit.

On Ye Chen's carriage, Miss Mo said with both of her hands held in front of her chest, "Thank you so much for saving our lives. We had not understood you before. Please forgive us!"

"It was nothing. Plus, I have received a spot on this carriage, so I will return the favor."

"My name is Mo Li. I am the daughter of the Mo family from the Black Water City. Before we met you, we had been robbed by few groups of robbers, so we had lost quite a few good men. Therefore, I had invited you into our group, hoping that you could give us a hand when we needed the most. But since we had not made any deals or any sort, complaining about you and blaming you was unreasonable. It was our fault."

Ye Chen said, "If it were me, I would do the same. As long as you don't have an evil heart, then we don't need to care about the rest."

"Mister, you are so big-hearted. I, Mo Li, am very impressed." She let out a breath and laughed, "This must be mister's first time in the Extreme Yin Place! If there is anything you don't know, I will explain for you."

Ye Chen nodded, "It is indeed my first time. Are there a lot of powerful parties in this place?"

In the outside world, there were a lot of evil, powerful parties, but they were not as reckless as the ones in here. Plus, because there were plenty of martial institutions, the evil power parties had been hunted, and normally stayed well hidden.

"Yeah, the evil parties here are quite huge in number. Only near the Black Water Town, there are already five strong evil parties, and the Black Wind Gang was only a second tier one. The normal top evil parties would be ten times more powerful than the second tier ones. They would have hundreds of Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Any normal branches of theirs would be more powerful than the Black Wing Gang from before. Our Black Water City would pay the protection fee to them every year. Therefore, the evil parties would not go out and rob people normally."

"It is a place of evil power, I see!"

Ye Chen had a general idea of what this place was by now.