Chapter 410: Get Out of Here

 Chapter 410: Get Out of Here

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

The beast yuan clashed with the Zhen yuan, bringing up waves of qi. The three Earth Dragons were full of wounds and covered in blood after being attacked by all of the warriors there.

"The Earth Dragons are about to die! Everyone, let's keep up!"

The leading head guard attacked the Earth Dragon while cheering up his teammates.


Right on the other side, the butler was fighting against an Earth Dragon, his blue colored great blade being waved in the air like a light blue lightning bolt. After a short while, the Earth Dragon's tail had been cut down, leaving only the main body struggling on the ground.

After taking care of the Earth Dragon, he turned to help the others. With the help from the butler, the remaining two Earth Dragons could not do much more damage. Eventually, one died while the other escaped.


A guard was gasping for air as he looked at the dragon corpses on the ground, still feeling scared. "Luckily, it was only a rank 7 Earth Dragon. If there were a rank 8 one amongst that three, then we would not be able to make it even with all of us combined."

"Don't jinx it! A rank 8 Earth Dragon is not that common to appear around here, since they are the existences that could kill Astral Reaching Realm warriors within seconds."

"I am just saying, you know?"

Right then, someone looked at the carriage where Ye Chen was sitting and said with a hint of judgment, "Miss had invited him into our group to take him to the Black Water City, and how great he is that he gets to chill in there and not care about what is happening out here. Who does he think he is?"

"I think miss should not have invited him. He is just relaxing all the time."

"No, this is not okay. I will go talk to miss and ask him to leave."

"Yeah, he should leave."

The butler heard the chatter on the side, so he walked over and said, "What are you talking about? Pack up now and let's get back on the road."

"Butler Liu, we are not happy. Why does he get to chill out in the carriage when we are fighting for our lives?"

The butler glanced at the direction where Ye Chen was, "He is a guest."

"Huh? If a guest sees that there is trouble, then he should reach out to help. It was not that life and death kind of moment, but you know that Li is hurt too now, and we are one man down."

"Stop complaining. Let me talk to miss later." After saying that, the butler yelled, "Alright, pack up! Let's go!"

The group continued traveling at a high speed.

On the track, the butler said to the young lady, "Miss, even the guards were complaining."

"It is targeted at that mister?"


"It is a bit tricky. It was me who invited him. Plus, there had not been a promise, so I cannot just ask him to leave because he did not help. Also, there might not be any more danger, so we will just give him a ride."

"You are right. How about this? If there is another trouble and he doesn't help, then we will have to ask him to leave politely. Otherwise, it will affect our team's unity."


The young lady was a bit distressed. She knew that he was not that cold-hearted of a person. But, why wasn't he helping?

Sitting in the back, Ye Chen did not hear the chatters. And even if he had heard, he wouldn't have cared since it was such an easy obstacle. He would help when it was needed.

Right now, he was fully concentrated on his martial art realms.

He had been stuck on the thirteenth level of the Green Lotus Sword Spell for more than two years. Recently, he could feel a breakthrough being imminent. Once that happened, his battling power would increase drastically, knowing that only Seas of Souls Realm warriors would reach the fourteenth and fifteenth level of a top rank Earth Realm normally. If Astral Reaching Realm warriors wanted to achieve that, it would be almost impossible. Even the fact that he reached the thirteenth level of top rank Earth Realm martial art at the Astral Reaching Realm alone was already really impressive.

"After a breakthrough to the fourteenth level, my nine green lotus sword qi would form into a lotus heart sword qi. According to the manual, the lotus heart sword qi is horrifyingly powerful which could be used as an ace attack. It would only be more powerful than the Heaven Thunder Cut, since it would be more secretive and unpredictable."

Letting out a breath, Ye Chen sat on the soft squab with his hands held together, as if he were holding an invisible round ball.

Inside his body, the green lotus Zhen yuan followed the Zhen yuan route map and traveled around his body. Vaguely, it was easy to see that there was something different from the usual one, as there seemed to be something more.


In the Extreme Yin Place, the earth qi was very rich and the yang qi was lacking. The sky seemed to be a bit lower than the outside world. It was very suffocating and without any bright color, seeming extremely depressing.

There was a short hill in front of the group, and another group of powerful warriors stood on the peak of the hill.

"Brothers, prepare yourself! Another batch of fat sheep is crossing over."

"Hehe, we have not gotten a spirit stone last month at all. But this month, we seem to have hit the jackpot. This will be our third batch! I hope they are carrying some valuable things."

"Don't worry. According to our third brother, this group contained dozens of Astral Reaching Realm warriors. That girl who is with them is not simple either. She would have all the cash money we need. Plus, their carriages are not that simple either. They are the rare mechanic ones, so each one of them would be worth more than a little bit of mid rank spirit stones."

"Wow! Is it from the Mo Family in the Black Water City?"

"Who cares? If the family leader were here, I might be worried. But right now, who gives a sh*t? Brothers, kill whomever you want! As for that lady, we can keep her for a couple of days and enjoy her. I believe that the stupid old man would be furious! Hahaha!"

The leading evil-looking man laughed carelessly.

The Astral Reaching Realm warriors and many Clasping Yuan Realm warriors laughed as well. The Extreme Ying Place was a lawless place, and being robbed would be extremely common which happened everyday. The Black Wing Gang was quite infamous around here, as they had killed countless people and at countless places.

"Here they are. Let's surround them!"

From ten miles away, the evil man already saw the group from the mist and rushed down the hill, flying at an extreme speed.

"Follow up!"

More than thirty Astral Reaching Realm warriors and hundreds of Clasping Yuan Realm warriors were traveling like a fast moving, dark cloud towards the group.

"A killing vibe!"

The butler on the carriage squeezed his eyes. He looked up and saw countless people flying towards them, and all of the people in front were peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors.

"No! Let's run!"

The butler could not care about anything else and yelled.

There were dozens of Astral Reaching Realm warriors before with the group, but they had been through a few gangs who robbed them, killing and wounding many of them. Otherwise, they would not be in this vulnerable situation. Right now, the only way for them to survive would be running, because once they were surrounded, no one would make it out.

The young lady opened the curtain, "Butler, what is happening?"

He forced a smile and said, "We are in trouble. There is another gang who has their eyes set on us. They might be the Black Wing Gang!"

"Oh!" The young lady looked rather serious. Back in the days, her grandpa, who was the leader of the Mo Family, had attacked the second leader of the gang, which had resulted in a bad rivalry between the two. If they were caught this time, then it would be more than just being robbed.

The horses stepped on the smoke and ran as they pulled the carriages with them. All of the guards on top looked horrified.

"They have killed so many people, and rarely leave anyone alive. I am afraid we will not make it this time."

"We will fight against them with our lives. We have dozens of Astral Reaching Realm warriors, with three Late Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Our butler is even at the peak level. So, even if they want to kill us all, we will make an impact."

"That young man in the carriage seems to be at the Late Astral Reaching Realm."

"What use does he have? Without any surprises, he would be the first to run later. Alright, let's put ourselves together and get ready to do this!"

The group was traveling at an extreme speed. However, they were still a bit slower than the Astral Reaching Realm warriors running at full speed. The dozens of miles of distance had been shortened within a second.

"Miss Mo, you are not going to get away. Stop now, and we might let you stay alive."

The evil man lifted up his long spear and shouted using his Zhen yuan.

The butler had already taken out his great blade, "Do not dare to be disrespectful! Aren't you afraid that Mo family is going to find out and kill you all?"

"Who gives a sh*t? Plus, if I kill you all, then how will anyone find out?"


A spear light shot out, tearing apart the carriage in the back. The intense vibration had shaken the whole team.

"Piss off now!"

The butler naturally would not watch him attack the group. The blue colored great blade was waved in the air, and an aggressive blade qi shot out.


The spear broke open the blade qi with a slight attack. Meanwhile, the evil looking man kept up his speed like nothing had happened.

"Your power is nothing in my eyes. If it were coming from the leader of your family, it might be something. Brothers, let's go stop them!"

"Sh*t! The guy seemed to be more powerful than our leader." The butler looked very scared. The leading man was way much more powerful than they expected. He was almost a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior. In the Black Water City, top Astral Reaching Realm warriors were already the top existences, and Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors were tyrants. As for Seas of Souls Realm warriors, they only appeared in the huge auctions.

In a moment, the group had finally been surrounded.

The young lady called miss Mo walked out of her carriage and said with her eyebrows frowned, "If you want the money, I can give it to you!"

The top three leaders laughed, "Since Miss Mo is being so direct, then take out one million mid rank spirit stones, and we will guarantee your safety."

"One million?" Miss Mo looked a bit embarrassed. They obviously did not look like they wanted to give them an opportunity. With all of their mid rank spirit stones combined together, it would not be more than twenty thousand of them. Even for a rank 7 family as the Mo family, one million mid rank spirit stones were still too much for them to afford.

"Since you cannot take it out, then you all have to die!"

The leading man waved his hand in the air, preparing his killing attack.

All of the warriors in the group could feel their heart tightened. They were outnumbered and outgunned. It would be useless trying to run for it now, so they might as well fight for it.

Inside the carriage, Ye Chen woke from his training after hearing the noises from outside. He shook his head lightly, opened the curtain, and walked out.

The butler, Miss Mo, and even the rest of them noticed him, thinking that he was planning to avoid being associated with them.

However, what happened had exceeded their expectation.

Ye Chen lifted up his head and looked at the leader, a sharp light shooting out his eyes, "I will give your three blinks of time. Get out of here."

His voice echoed in the hill.