Chapter 408: Daoist Six Fingers, Two Senior Brothers

 Chapter 408: Daoist Six Fingers, Two Senior Brothers

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Star Lake stretched to the belly of Misty Snow Region and was connected to Extreme Yin Region's Nightmare Lake, its principal stream and tributaries. In fact, almost all the lakes and rivers of the South Rudra Sector were connected to Star lake. It was the number one great lake in the sector.

Extreme Yin Region was to the northwest of Star Lake. As Ye Chen flew towards it, the temperature increasingly dropped. The lake water had already begun to freeze into thin ice chunks.

Amidst the sea of clouds, Ye Chen leisurely drank wine.

"Extreme Yin Region...Sea of Soul realm experts are kings, and Astral Reaching realm experts are the lead characters. Although, Sea of Soul realm experts usually won't come out. They have probably hoarded quite a bit of shabby treasures. Once they catch the public's eye, it would be hard for them to avoid the pursuit of big sects- sects of grade six and higher, which are more powerful than Misty Snow Palace. A Sea of Soul realm warrior alone would be too weak. Only Master Sea of Soul realm experts will have methods to save their lives, but even they would be hard pressed to escape. However, these things have nothing to do with me."

Clearing out the clouds with a punch, Ye Chen peered down, looking where to go.


This casual glance almost made him break in cold sweat. Ahead were three figures engaged in a pursuit- one ahead and two following behind. Their speed was an astonishing thirty folds that of sound. Moreover, it was still increasing. Wherever they went, the air tore into almost irreparable vacuum strips, and the space rippled like water.

Three Sea of Soul realm experts!

Every single one of them was much stronger than the gray-haired old man of Floating Mountain Sect, almost seeming at the level of Sect Leader Long. The person at the rear left in particular had an aura as deep as an ocean. Ye Chen couldn't tell if the former was a Sea of Soul Master or not, but was an powerful Sea of Soul realm expert for sure.

"This is bad. They're coming over."

Ye Chen's complexion changed and he immediately retrieved the leopard cougar puppet. A harmless person could easily arouse trouble on account of a treasure. The instruments of Puppet Sect were almost going extinct. One could tell at a glance that the cougar puppet was anything but ordinary. If it fell into their eyes, Ye Chen would have nowhere to escape.


In almost an instant, the first person arrived. His eyes fell on Ye Chen, who was about to sidestep. Without a thought, he casually swept his hand, clearing out the path.


The surging Qi energy, like a thousands of meter high ginormous wave, swept through everything, instantly destroying any hindrance in its wake. The clouds were completely wiped, as if the sky itself had parted.

Ye Chen grumbled inwardly and took out Thunder Sword, slashing out his recently comprehended Heaven Thunder Cut.


While Heaven Thunder Cut was quite powerful, the difference between their strength was too big. Spurting out blood, Ye Chen tumbled back dozens of li.

'Just a casual sweep can injure me heavily.'

Several li away, Ye Chen wiped blood from his mouth, his eyes shining brightly.

That person didn't pay attention whether Ye Chen had died or not. He was currently escaping, so how could he care about such a thing? As for striking at Ye Chen, it was entirely to clear his path. Otherwise, had he used a profound sense martial skill, even ten Ye Chens would have died.

"Daoist Six Fingers, stay where you are."

The person in the rear left used some unknown technique that suddenly increased his speed by thirty percent. Transforming into an illusory arc of light, he intercepted the person from the front.

The Sea of Soul realm expert called Daoist Six Fingers was a long-bearded, middle-aged man. He gave off a cold and gloomy aura, and had sharp, long eyes. He said coldly, "You have chased me for two hours. You're pushing it too far."

The yellow-faced middle-aged man, who had intercepted him, smiled and said, "Take out the thing you grabbed at the auction, and we'll no longer chase you."

"This is something I've purchased with sixty thousand upper grade spirit stones. You tell me to hand it over, but who will compensate my spirit stones?"

During this time period, the Sea of Soul realm expert in the rear caught up. He said in a thick voice, "Doesn't matter where you got it from or who will compensate you. This upper grade artifact is my junior brother's. Don't think about escaping with it, or today will be the day of your death."

Daoist Six Fingers said furiously, "Nobody can make me, Daoist Six Fingers, hand over my possessions. Since you're looking for trouble, bring it on. Let me have a look what you two can do to me, Daoist Six Fingers. Hmph!"

"Senior brother Wang, you don't need to act. Let me have a taste of what moves Daoist Six Fingers have."

A meteor hammer appeared in the hands of bulky middle-aged man. The hammer's tail was bound with chains, which were dozens of meters long. With one hand holding onto the chains and the other holding the handle, the bulky middle-aged man circulated his Zhen Yuan. The surging Zhen Yuan rippled like raging waves, instantly arousing to the peak.

"Fire Burst Strike!"

The bulky middle-aged man threw out the hammer, and it instantly transformed into surging flames.

"Get lost!"

Daoist Six Fingers raised his right hand. From dozens of li away, Ye Chen observed that his right hand had one extra little finger than normal people. It was no wonder that he was called Daoist Six Fingers.

Daoist Six Fingers roared and issued a palm strike at the hammer that was charging in. With that, a black colored, six-fingered palm appeared, with its hand lines clearly visible. This palm seemed to be moving according to a unique profound, and carried a powerful, eroding energy. The six fingers clenched around the blazing hammer.


The flames of the bound meteor hammer exploded fiercely; it was the profound of fire. A powerful explosive force instantly parted the palm open.

"Daoist Six Fingers, hand over that upper grade artifact."

The bulky middle-aged man's left hand shook, and the chains on the hammer vibrated. The meteor hammer circumvented the black palm, obliquely charging towards Daoist Six Fingers again.


Forced into a corner, Daoist Six Fingers took out a resplendent golden shield. The shield was extraordinary, directly blocking the meteor hammer's strike.

Right at this moment, the middle-aged man's expressionless face suddenly changed. His body flickered and arrived above Daoist Six Fingers like an eagle, punching down.


Daoist Six Fingers, who managed to use the shield to block, was not in a good condition at all. His figure shot back, looking in a terrible shape.

The yellow-faced middle-aged man followed behind closely and spoke in a light and gentle voice, "Daoist Six Fingers, you can't hold onto that shield. If you keep resisting, I can only kill you. The fist just now only contained sixty percent power. Do you wish see how my full power fist will taste?"

Daoist Six Finger's face convulsed. He had underestimated the strength of his pursuers. The bulky middle-aged man seemed to be slower than him somewhat, but cultivated the profound of fire, and had a fierce offense. Even then, he would still have some confidence of contending against him. However, the problem was the yellow-faced middle-aged man; he couldn't see through him at all. The fist just now didn't contain any profound. In fact, the profound had been restrained inside the fist energy, not allowing it to exhibit its full power. If he continued to battle, he would be gravely injured if he didn't die.

"Damn it! Didn't think that the Mysterious Armored Shield will change owners so quickly." To say that Daoist Six Fingers was furious and anxious would be correct, but to say that he was feeling wronged would be wrong. There was not much fairness in the Extreme Yin Region. If nobody was interested, it was good luck. If someone chased, then he could only rely on his fist. Unfortunately, his fist wasn't strong enough.

"I'll give the Mysterious Armored Shield to you. I hope you'll keep your promise."

Daoist Six Fingers had no intentions of wasting time.

The bulky middle-aged man sneered, "If we want to kill you, this shield won't save you."


Daoist Six Fingers snorted and tossed over the shield to the yellow-faced middle-aged man. The bulky middle-aged man's words were quite offensive, but not baseless. With the yellow-faced man's strength, he didn't have much confidence in escaping.

Accepting the shield, the yellow-faced man said indifferently, "You can leave. Oh right, don't act against that kid."

He could tell that the former had the intentions of venting his anger on Ye Chen, who had escaped far away from the scene.

After Daoist Six Fingers left, the bulky man said gloomily, "Senior brother Wang, didn't I tell you to let me fight by myself. You didn't have to interfere."

The yellow-faced man smiled, "You haven't discovered who that kid is?"

"Who is it?"

The bulky man had indeed not paid any attention to Ye Chen.

"The genius in South Rudra Region that sect leader had taken an interest in, Ye Chen." As he spoke, the yellow-faced man sped towards Ye Chen.

It was not strange that Ye Chen escaped. It would be too dangerous for him to stay while they settled their affairs. Therefore, after watching for a few moments, he decided to leave."


Two figures intercepted Ye Chen suddenly.

Ye Chen's face turned unsightly, "I wonder why two seniors sought out this junior?"

The bulky man chuckled and said, "That would be because I and Senior Brother Wang are your senior brothers. Although you aren't sect leader's disciple, neither are we anymore."

"Sect leader, senior brother?"

Ye Chen suspiciously asked, "Seniors are from Dragon God Celestial Palace?"

The yellow-faced man said, "That's right. Me and junior brother Yan were both once sect leader Dragon King's disciples. Unfortunately, our talent wasn't sufficient, and we eventually aged enough to not be able to remain disciples. But, we never forgot the disciple's duty. Since sect leader favors you, we've already recognized you as the sect leader's disciple. We don't mind you calling junior brother!"

Between the two, one was called Wang Shi, and the other Yan Shi.

"So, it's senior brothers from Dragon God Celestial Palace. Please pardon Ye Chen for being rude." Ye Chen let out a sigh of breath, 'So they're actually on my side and don't need my life. Oh right, how did they recognize me?' He immediately expressed his doubt.

"We have seen your picture. In fact, anyone with a little bit of status in the palace has seen your picture. So, I recognized you at a glance." Wang Shi explained.

"Senior brother Wang, what's the matter with Daoist Six Fingers?"

Recalling as he almost died and suffered heavy injuries, Ye Chen still had lingering fears. However, with the Heavenly Demonic Flower Petal, this level of injury didn't pose any problem to him.

Yan Kui snorted coldly, "One of our junior brothers was killed, and the peak upper grade shield on his body ended up in Extreme Yin Region. Senior Brother Wang and I were tasked to bring it back. If we find out who killed our brother, he would certainly die a nameless death."

"Speaking of which, Junior Brother Ye is indeed worthy of being a genius that caught the eye of sect leader. To resist a strike of Daoist Six Fingers, you really put us to shame."

Yan Kui nodded, "Daoist Six Fingers is a powerful expert of Sea of Soul realm. If the word got out that you survived a strike from him, your name would resound among the young generation."

Ye Chen smiled bitterly, "A casual strike from him heavily injured me. If he had been serious, even ten of me wouldn't have been able to resist. Senior Brother Wang, Senior Brother Yan, you don't need to praise me."

"Kiddo, don't be greedy. Back then when we had your cultivation base, not to mention Daoist Six Fingers, any Sea of Soul realm expert could have casually killed us. When compared to you, we can only be ashamed." Yan Kui smilingly scolded.