Chapter 406: Leaving, Learning Session on a Island

 Chapter 406: Leaving, Learning Session on a Island

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"Mr. Chen, we have got most of the things here in the ruins, but please do not tell others about this." Right at that moment, Feng Yanrou said.

Ye Chen thought about it as he scanned around the room, then nodded, "You are right. These ruins are a treasure in themselves. For example, that silver protective layer, the buildings full of mechanisms, and that death tunnel before, any one of them would drive a rank 6 martial institution crazy. Even rank 5 martial schools would want to get their hands on it. Don't worry, I won't take any of them or betray you in any way after this. However, if your Snowy Martial School makes too big a move, it would be hard to manage under the eyes of the other rank 6 martial institutions."

"Indeed, it would be hard to take all of this as our own. Perhaps, we would have to share with the others. But since it was us, the Snowy Martial School, that had come here first, then we should be able to have the first dip. Therefore, I, Yanrou, would want Mr. Chen to keep this as a secret." She responded

Ye Chen laughed. He was not interested in the battles among the huge martial institutions. Since he had gotten enough out of it, this place did not mean much to him anymore. So, he suggested: "Let's go back the way we came from!"

The three left the storage rooms and arrived in front of the path.

The death tunnel would only attack the intruders from entering, but not prevent them from leaving. Of course, Ye Chen did not want to risk it, so after doing a couple of tests, he went out the same way he came in.

Their puppet warriors followed him while leaving the tunnel.

After the time to finish pot of tea, the three reappeared from the gap in the lake. Ye Chen turned his head back to look at that white gold qi and thought to himself, 'This place is more than forty thousand miles away from the Blue Mountain Island, and is well hidden in the deep part of the lake. There is no possibility for people to sense it from dozens of miles away. If it were not for my powerful soul power, and the fact that my sword spirit had improved as well, even I would have missed it.

Searching in the deep sea while covering five hundred thousand miles of area, missing dozens of miles would be almost inevitable.

After arriving back at the Blue Water City, Ye Chen noticed that the foundation of his golden statue had been built. It was both dozens of meters in length and width. Judging from the size, the statue would be about one to two hundred meters in height. Such a tall statue to be made completely out of gold... Wow, the Blue Mountain Nation seemed pretty serious about it!

In the following days, Ye Chen was constantly learning about the Thunder Beast Change and his Sky Shattering Clouds Art. The former was a top rank Earth Realm martial art, and its fourth movement, the Thunder Bird Change, was only a little bit easier to learn than the ninth movement of the Green Lotus Sword Art. However, Ye Chen did not plan to learn it all within a short period of time. He only wanted to use it as a stepping stone for infusing into the Sky Cloud Sword Art's eighth move, Sky Shattering Clouds, since the two were both related to the thunder perspective.

Infusing the eighth movement would be his recent biggest target. It was not that he was rushing it, but that he did not have a choice.

Low rank profound sense martial arts were too powerful. As long as a warrior comprehended even ten percent of it, it would already be more powerful than his green lotus sword spell and his Sky Shattering Clouds of now. If the warrior managed to learn twenty percent, that meant his or her power would increase two times more, which would allow him or her to engage in cross realm battles. Thirty percent would be horrifying, as one could imagine that even a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior who had top rank weapons would be able to compete with him. He would no longer have the confidence to protect himself. The more he thought about it, the more he got scared of it.

Although Ye Chen's battling power was twice that of Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors, he could not afford to be too weak in some particular parts. That was why he was in a hurry in a way.

"Once I have infused the Sky Shattering Cloud with the eighth movement of the Sky Cloud Sword Art, its power should be able to reach that of the ninth movement of the Green Lotus Sword Art, which could compete with the twenty percent of a profound sense martial art. So right now, I have to achieve this as soon as possible, after which, I could try to learn the ninth movement of the Green Lotus Sword Art. After the two tasks, it would be the time for me to create my own low rank profound sense martial art."

Ye Chen was really clear about what he needed to do. He knew that it would be too hard for him now to reach the Seas of Soul Realm, since even the Mysterious Queen had spent six and seven years to do so, and it had only been two years for him at his level. Even if he had higher comprehensive abilities than her, it would still be impossible to become a Seas of Soul Realm warrior within a short period of time.

Therefore, improving his martial arts would be the priority.

But, it would not be the only things that he needed to do. There were a lot of ruins around the Blue Mountain Island, so he would go exploring sometimes as well to obtain some treasures, since his soul power's scanning radius was five times more than a normal Astral Reaching Realm warrior. Hence, it was rather easy for him to go on such an exploration. He had gotten quite a lot so far; the day before yesterday, he had found an extremely rare Blood Yuan Plant from a plant garden. It was not worth more than the petals of the Sky Demon Flower, since it was only a medicinal plant, but it still had an advantage- even without any Zhen yuan inside the warrior's body, he or she could take it and immediately recover, which was something that the Sky Demon Flower could not do.

Spirit plant, spirit stones, weapons, martial arts...

Ye Chen had gotten quite a lot, so he started to think about leaving the Blue Mountain Island.


On top of the endless Star Regional Lake, not even a single cloud could be seen, as a light breeze brought up light waves.

A human figure fell from above, stepping on the surface of the lake.

"This place is hundred thousand miles away from the Blue Mountain Island, so there should not be anyone who would walk past here. I will travel with the flying puppet now!"

It was indeed Ye Chen. There were just too many people in the Blue Mountain Island, so it lacked quiet places. Therefore, after searching through most of the ancient ruins, he chose to leave the island, preparing to infuse the eighth movement of the Sky Cloud Sword Art into the Sky Shattering Clouds. Also, he had learned quite a bit, and wanted to test it out as well. As he arrived here, he found this location to be the best.


The air vibrated, and the cougar-shaped puppet appeared in front of Ye Chen.

It was four meters long, and two and half meters high. It had wings as well, which extended to eight meters, along with the extremely sharp claws. The eyes were made of two bowl sized stones. Besides the fact that it did not breath, it looked just like a normal cougar. From far away, no one could tell that it was a puppet.

He jumped onto its back, then used his mental power and asked it to run.,

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

It did not extend its wings, but started running on the surface of the lake at an extreme speed. Because its paws had an immense power, its steps were very stable and fast.

"Yeah, the running speed of the puppet is about three times faster than sound."

Ye Chen nodded, as the speed had already satisfied him. He knew that even the rank 9 beasts could not run this fast. It was only with beast yuan qi that they could reach ten times the speed of sound. It was the same even for Seas of Soul Realm warriors.


After being ordered, the puppet swung its wings aggressively, causing waves of lake water to be brought up hundred meters high.


Seven times!

Eight times!

Nine times!

Ten times the speed of sound!

Soon, the speed of the puppet reached ten times faster than sound, which was only a little bit slower than the Seas of Soul Realm warriors. At the tail of the puppet, the burning hot qi flow shot out from the three pipes in the back, which could melt gold and iron, and even burn air into nothingness.

"So fast!"

Ye Chen was shocked, because the first time for him to experience such a speed was when Long Biyun brought him back to the Windy Nation.

"With the flying puppet, I will not have to burn my Zhen yuan anymore. As for the top rank spirit stones, it is indeed going to be a problem."

One hundred and twenty top rank spirit stones in the puppet would last a travel of twenty four hours at full speed. But with this consumption, Ye Chen would use all of his top rank spirit stones within days, so it was rather expensive.

"Let me see what the mid rank spirit stones would do, since I don't need to travel that fast anyways."

Ye Chen had a thought suddenly, asking his puppet to stop.

After digging out the top rank spirit stones, he put in another one hundred twenty mid rank spirit stones.

He then traveled at full speed.

Three times!

Four times!

Five times!

With the mid rank spirit stones, the highest speed was five times that of sound.

"This speed is completely working, I will use the mid rank spirit stones from now on."

Unlike the top rank spirit stones, Ye Chen had more than two million mid rank spirit stones, so it was definitely affordable. Plus, it would actually be cheaper than consuming his own Zhen yuan, since he would have to take replenishing pellets when using his own Zhen yuan, which would cost way more than that.

Of course, using mid rank spirit stones to source the puppet could only last six hours.

Traveling at five times the speed of sound, Ye Chen soon arrived at an island that he was satisfied with.

The island was gigantic, with a radius more than thousands of miles. There were plenty of land beasts as well as rare amphibious beasts on the island.

Landing amongst the mountains on the island, Ye Chen put away his puppet.

"I will study here."


Time traveled fast and steadily like water, and Ye Chen had already lived on the island for three days.

During this time, Ye Chen had a successful learning process.

There were four changes in the thunder beast changes, which were thunder bear, thunder cougar, thunder lion, and thunder bird. Since a long time ago, Ye Chen had already learned the thunder lion change. And now, he had trained it to completion, and made a progress on the fourth change.


With both of his hands on the sword, Ye Chen threw an attack at the mountain in front.


A thunder electronic lion with wings rushed out, hitting the mountain brutally.

Only a loud thunder sound was heard as the huge mountain exploded into pieces. Burnt out black stones shot out in different directions as if it were the end of the world.

"After combing the thunder lion and the thunder bird change, there seem to have been a certain degree of changes, especially with the new-formed wings. It is now time to study the Sky Shattering Clouds. I believe this time would be a success."

Actually, for Ye Chen to be successful, it would only require an opportunity, which was why he went to study the thunder beast change first. He was hoping to sense the thunder perspective and find something special, then infuse it into his movements.

The hard part was that this fusion was related to the Sky Cloud Sword Art, but was not supposed to cover its cloud perspective, as they were two different things in terms of perspective and profound sense. There would ultimately have to be only one profound sense. Judging based on it, he now knew that fusing the cloud and thunder perspectives was a shortcut at times, but it was a mistake in the long run, because when two perspectives reached their highest level, they would have to be separated. Now that Ye Chen had made a huge progress on thunder perspective, he would have to separate out the cloud perspective.