Chapter 405: Passing the Test and the Flying Puppets

 Chapter 405: Passing the Test and the Flying Puppets

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"I don't know whether we can find the control pad or not."

Feng Yanrou frowned. "To be honest, although I have ten to twenty percent of confidence to make it through the path safely, I am worried more. With the worry in my head, I will be even more likely to be killed, since I will be so distracted.

Ye Chen looked the same as always, as he touched his storage ring and took out another great weapon. It was not a low rank one but a mid rank one. After pouring in his green lotus Zhen yuan, he threw it out the same as before.

Poosh! Poosh! Poosh!...

The mid rank weapon was indeed tougher than the low rank one, as the first light beam did not shatter it. Then there was the second attack, the third, the fourth... There were thirteen of them in total. Finally, the mid rank weapon that even Ye Chen could not damage shattered before their eyes. The fire that had been brought out by the explosion lit up the whole corridor; it was extremely bright.

"It is impossible!"

Qingzhu's month widened.

Feng Yanrou shook her head as well. She did not have the hope to make it through anymore, unless she managed to find the mechanism for each of them. But, it would not be that easy to find.

Ye Chen said lightly, "I shot out the low rank weapon at four times the speed of sound, and when it reached four hundred and twenty meters, it was hit. So was the mid rank weapon. Therefore, if pushed to the speed to six times the speed of sound, it would make five hundred and sixty meters. Do you think if I manage to reach five hundred and sixty meters without being hit, I could make it out of there?"

"Of course you can... Six times the speed of sound? You won't have to worry about the first five hundred and sixty meters. If you reach there and still not get hit, then you can move another five hundred and sixty meters. But, how to avoid being hit? In addition to that, five hundred and sixty meters without being hit... you think you can manage that?" Qingzhu was not that stupid as she asked some key questions.

Ye Chen said confidently, "I could use something to block out the light. But, it would have to be big enough to cover one side of the body, because one would not know where the light was going to hit. Therefore, the mid rank defense on my body would not be able to ensure my safety."

"Hiding one part of your body and you could block out one attack of the light beam... The puppet warrior!" Feng Yanrou was thinking fast, and she pointed out at the best solution.

Ye Chen nodded, "Indeed, I was just thinking the same. The defense of the puppet warrior is definitely powerful enough."

This time, it was Feng Yanrou who was asking the question, "However, just like you have said, the puppet warrior can only hide one side of the body. Would the light beam not shoot out from the other side? Once it does, then you will be full of holes!"

Ye Chen laughed, "The low rank weapon I threw out was leaning towards the middle to the left, and the light attack came from the left as well. The mid rank one was leaning towards the above. If I guessed it right, then if I threw it a bit to the right, then the light would come from the right. Since the entrance is square, it means if we connect the two opposite corners together, then there would be four triangles. Let's not worry about the triangle from the bottom. When we are located within one of the triangles,, then we would potentially get hit from the wall that is connected to the triangle. To put it simply, whichever part we are closer to, the wall on that side will shoot out attacks."

"Impossible! You have only tested it twice, and you already found a pattern?"

Qingzhu did not believe what she had heard. She took out some useless things from her storage rings, trying to test out Ye Chen's theory. In the end, it was exactly as Ye Chen had said. The attacks were easily predictable.

"Mr. Chen, have you seen this before?"

Feng Yanrou asked confusedly.

Ye Chen shook his head, "This is the mechanism which is different from the puppet, so there would be a pattern. If it were a puppet warrior, then I would have no way of telling."

The puppet warriors were designed way better than this little mechanism. Of course, the lesser flaws within the hidden mechanisms, the better. But regardless, there would always be flaws. The more important thing was whether one could spot it. Ye Chen did not know what its designer was thinking. But, if it were him, he would get rid of all the so-called patterns, and design it to shoot out attacks from three different walls whenever someone tried to enter.

Perhaps, the person who designed this wanted to save power. Or perhaps, he or she was considering the disciples' abilities, but there was no way of knowing it now.

"Let's go inside!"

Qingzhu was excited.

"Not yet. There is one last experiment."

Ye Chen took out two low rank weapons, one big and one small. He threw both of them out at the same time. The two low rank weapons were traveling parallel to each other and at the same speed and height. The big low rank weapon was leaning towards the left side of the wall, covering the smaller low rank weapon.


A light beam shot out from the left side, hitting the big low rank weapon, while the small one was completely safe and sound, making it pass through the tunnel.

This time, Ye Chen threw them out at six times the speed of light.

"Now, we can go."

Ye Chen let out a breath.

"You are so clever!" Qingzhu found herself starting to admire Ye Chen as well. Just like she had said before, if they managed to make it through five hundred sixty meters without being hit, then what could they do when there was an attack at five hundred and seventy meters? When Ye Chen said that they could use the puppet warrior to block out the attacks, she had forgotten about the last possibility, which Ye Chen had found the answer to now with the two items. Indeed, the puppet warrior could help them get past the attacks in the condition of them being able to avoid another attack when they continued flying. Otherwise, all of it would be wasted. As for the possibility of controlling the puppet warrior to block one side would be even less practical, since the blasting power would push the puppet onto them, which would also be deadly.

Feng Yanrou was also very impressed. Normal people would also be able to find a solution, but it would take them a long time. Plus, anyone would rarely have the same calmness as him at all times.

"Let me go first!"

Ye Chen stood right at the entrance.

Six times faster than sound might be hard for some other Extreme Astral Reaching Realm, but Ye Chen had learned the sword steps, which would increase his speed to that level within a short period of time. Plus, since his sword intent had formed into the sword spirit, it also could enhance his speed. But, this was his hidden card, so he would not reveal it too easily.


He extended his body, before shooting into the tunnel, leaning towards the left side of the wall.

When he had just reached five hundred fifty meters, he got ready beforehand, taking out an axe art puppet, blocking on the left. The second that the puppet appeared, Ye Chen arrived right at five hundred sixty meters.


A beam of light hit the puppet, so Ye Chen threw it away and maintained his speed, moving forward rapidly.

Finally, Ye Chen reached the other side of the tunnel. However, the puppet did not make it after getting attacked by those light beams, and eventually exploded brutally.

Seeing that Ye Chen had succeeded, Feng Yanrou and Qingzhu did not have a reason to worry about it more. As for the six times speed of sound, they were not afraid about it either, since they had quite a lot of secret arts to increase speed at the school as well. Of course, it could only last for a short period of time, but that was already enough.

In fact, even if the speed were not as fast, it would be okay, but they would have to do it twice, which meant it would cost them two puppets, which would be quite a waste.

After destroying another two puppets, the two successfully passed through.

Feng Yanrou was about to talk to Ye Chen before she saw him looking at some place with full attention. She could not help but follow his sight.

There was a billboard on the corner, with a sentence written on top.

"Congratulation. You have passed the death tunnel within time. You are eligible to choose one top rank puppet from here. We, the Puppet School, need disciples like you."

Feng Yanrou was surprised, and exclaimed, "It is used to test their disciples!"

"No wonder it was so easy."

Ye Chen had been thinking that it was rather an easy mechanism to guard an important room. Feng Yanrou and Qingzhu had still not figured it out yet, which was because that they had not gotten the time to relax yet. Secondly, they did not know that it was a test, so they had not treated it as one. But of course, plenty of more people could not think of it within this short amount of time.

Without spending more time on there, Ye Chen said, "Since we had passed it, then let's have a look! Top rank puppets would definitely be more powerful than the normal puppet warriors, but I wonder what they would be like though."

Ye Chen started to walk towards the storage room.

There were a lot of rooms in the factory. Walking past the rooms, the three did not seem pleased by what they saw - there was not a single puppet in there.

Soon, they got to a room at the corner.

As they opened the door, they were finally not greeted by emptiness. There were five puppets stored there in a perfect manner. They were huge; the two on the left were flying beast puppets while the other three were beast shaped puppets. No matter if it was a flying beast or a land one, they all had wings, which meant that they were the kind of puppets that they could travel with.

"Five top rank puppets! Using top rank puppets to travel, the speed must reach Seas of Soul Realm level. After filling in some premium soul stones, the speed would easily reach even beyond that level."

Feng Yanrou said surprisingly.

Ye Chen laughed, "Five of them... How should we split it?" Getting only one, he would probably not be happy about it, so he let them decide.

Feng Yanrou said, "Although it was me that told you about this whole thing, but it was you who find the actual location, and helped us pass the tunnel. So, you should take two, while the remaining three will be for my sister Qingzhu and I. How about that?"


Out of the five flying puppets, Ye Chen took a flying puppet and a beast-shaped puppet. The former was in the shape of a giant swallow, while the latter was a cougar shaped puppet.

The flying puppet had not been used before, so he branded it with his own mental mark and filled in some top rank soul stones. After using his mental power slightly, the wings of the puppet started swinging aggressively, bringing up a powerful qi flow. The wings were sharp as blades.

Of course, these wings were not designed to increase speed but to steer. The acceleration function came from the three pipes, each of which were bowl sized.

With the two of them in hand, Ye Chen felt happy to have come here.