Chapter 404: Puppet Storage Rooms

 Chapter 404: Puppet Storage Rooms

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This battle lasted fifteen minutes, but in the end, the puppet warrior's attacks became slower and slower. Its moves got stiffer and stiffer as well, which were indeed signs of lacking power.


Feng Yanrou put her sword into her left hand and pressed her right palm onto the chest of the puppet warrior. Once the power had been lashed out, she had not only blown it away, but also caused a thick layer of frost to accumulate on its body. It contained the ice element Zhen yuan, which was tough enough to block out a full attack from a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior. No matter how hard the puppet tried to release its power, it was unable to shatter the frost. With the excessive use of its energy, its power level got lower and lower, and eventually, the light blue qi flow disappeared completely.

Feng Yanrou let out a breath, then looked at Ye Chen and said, "Mr. Chen, I will not try to excuse myself then."

Ye Chen nodded, "Of course. It should be like this."

Although it was him who had found the ruins, he would not be able to know of its existence at all without Feng Yanrou. So, in the end, it was her finding it after all. Since she was the one taking the puppet warrior out, it was reasonable for her to have it.

Walking right next to the puppet warrior, Feng Yanrou shattered the frost and tried to seal a mental mark on the core of the puppet warrior. It was located right on the chest area, where the heart should be. Soon, she managed to build a connection between them successfully.

"Sister, perhaps you should try to put in some top rank spirit stones?" Qingzhu hurried.

Feng Yanrou nodded as her palm was pressed against the chest of the puppet warrior. All she could hear was a massive crack before the abdomen part of the warrior had a neat crack opened, which was filled with used top rank spirit stones. Roughly calculating, there were more than twenty of them there. Ye Chen had tried to sense it from behind, and knew instantly that there were twenty-four of them in total. Half of them were colorless already, while the other half still had a bit of color; it was obviously a sign of them running out of yuan qi. After giving in some thoughts, he knew what was going on. Before, the puppet warriors had already used up twelve of top rank spirit stones worth of yuan qi, and used up the remaining of twelve spirit stones while fighting against Feng Yanrou. In other words, the real power duration of the puppet warrior would be half an hour.

Digging up the used top rank spirit stones, Feng Yanrou filled the cavity up with new top rank spirit stones.

In the next second, a bright blue light shot out from the eyes of Puppet Warrior, with a visible energy vibration coming out of its body.


Feng Yanrou pushed her mental power, ordering the Puppet Warrior to attack Qingzhu.


The blue light flashed once, and the puppet warrior appeared immediately in front of Qingzhu, attacking her with its fist. The horrifying fist power had brought out an intense electrical flow.


Qingzhu was caught off guard as she jumped backward.

"Alright, stop!"

Feng Yanrou smiled lightly, quieting down the puppet warrior.


Ye Chen was rather emotional. His puppet chicken was rather smartly designed already, but this puppet warrior was even more complicated. Especially the energy inside the warrior's body, it was not simply drawn from the top rank spirit stones. It came from special channels, making it even more powerful. This power was not as powerful as Zhen yuan, which affected the power of the puppet warrior at some level and was limited to normal Astral Reaching Realm. But, if the filled spirit stones were extremely high rank, the battling power would increase drastically and even reach the Extreme Astral Reaching Realm.

Of course, no one would have the extremely high level spirit stones at disposal.

Regardless, a puppet warrior's value would be worth beyond ten mid rank weapons, since mid rank weapons would only increase the Astral Reaching Realm warrior's power. But, a puppet warrior would be like having an Astral Reaching Realm warrior on one's side. Besides that, because of the fact that the Puppet Mechanism Art had been lost for ages, puppet warriors could be collected as a treasure which would intrigue every Sea of Soul Realm warrior.

"Hurry up and move forward. I want to have a puppet warrior as well."

Qingzhu did not want to wait.

Putting back the puppet warrior into the storage ring, Feng Yanrou said, "Don't worry, this should be the first time that anyone has been in here, so there should be more puppet warriors here."

The palace was deep, and the three of them had only covered one-fifth of the whole place. When they reached two-fifth deep, the wall on two sides suddenly cracked open while two puppet warriors rushed out. One of them was green colored while the other was gold colored. The first attacked towards Qingzhu while the second went for Ye Chen.

Qingzhu was a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior after all, so blocking out a puppet warrior was not a problem at all. Ye Chen did not need to explain more, as he repeated what he did before and flicked his finger to shoot out a beam of green lotus sword qi and blow away the huge gold sword in the warrior's hand, before flashing his body and throwing a fist attack on its chest.


The puppet warrior crashed from midair.

While Ye Chen's sword art increased its power more and more, his achievement in sword spirit was getting higher and higher. His Five Mountain Godly Fist Art was rarely used nowadays, but right now, it came in handy, since hitting the puppet warrior with only rich fist power should not break it completely from being used in the future.

Feng Yanrou stood on the side watching. Sometimes, she would look over at Qingzhu, comparing her to Ye Chen. Soon, she seemed to notice something.

Both Ye Chen and Qingzhu were trying to oppress the puppet warrior. Qingzhu only knew to simply burn out the warrior's energy while Ye Chen threw out each of his fists after carefully calculating the blasting effect, which would cause the puppet warrior to use more energy in countering it. In addition, Ye Chen did not only aim to control the puppet. He would throw a fist attack right at the incoming fist attack from the puppet warrior while producing a suction force, compelling it to compete in power with him, leaving it no other chance of attacking.

"How horrifying! Not only is our power not as great as his, the battling techniques are also incomparable! Is he actually only twenty-one years old?"

Feng Yanrou suddenly felt a chill down her spine.

A little bit after fifteen minutes, Ye Chen had burned the energy out of the puppet warrior completely, while Qingzhu was still battling.

"The power this puppet warrior accumulated was gold element energy, which is famous for its sharpness. Combined with that big sword, it should be called the puppet sword artist."

After leaving a mental mark on the core of the puppet warrior, Ye Chen made a grabbing gesture in the air, and that huge gold sword flew towards him from the ground. He replaced it back into the hand of the puppet. Then, he turned on the switch and dig out the used top rank spirit stones, replacing them with new ones.


The middle of his eyebrows raised up as he used his mental power to ask the puppet to attack the space in front of it.


There was a golden light flashing in the eyes of the puppet warrior. It bent its knees and then jumped into the air within the same second. It waved its gold sword with an exploding power, tearing out a vacuum sword mark.

"Indeed, my soul power is strong enough, so my mental power is also strong. It definitely helps in controlling my puppet warrior."

Ye Chen believed that if he controlled his puppet warrior to fight against Feng Yanrou's, hers could only block out three attacks, because speed decided the outcome of the battles. Of course, in a real battle, he would not be able to control the puppet with all his focus, so he would have to let the puppet fight on autopilot. In that case, there would not be much difference.

"Hehe, I did it!"

Over on the other side, Qingzhu finally finished her battle.

She left the mental mark on the puppet and refilled it with new top rank spirit stones. Now, she was so happy that she controlled her new puppet to make all kinds of strange poses, seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Next, the three got another two puppet warriors each, which meant they all had three each.

Among Ye Chen's three puppet warriors were a sword artist, an axe user, and a sword and shield artist. Each of them was at normal Astral Reaching Realm, which meant he had three additional help on the side.

Qingzhu wanted to play, so she made Ye Chen use his puppet to compete with hers. But, her mental power was not as powerful as Ye Chen's, and only after two to three attacks, her puppet had lost completely.

Feng Yanrou shook her head, "Stop messing around now. Let's continue searching."

"Huh! Unfair! His puppet must be better than mine!"

She made an expression out of frustration while following behind Feng Yanrou.

After leaving from the back of the palace, the three searched each of the buildings there, and found quite a lot. Ye Chen had obtained a set of one hundred and eight premier wooden men, which would be equivalent to top Condensing Reality Realm warriors. He also found ten puppet guns, which would shoot out light beams to attack opponents after being loaded with low rank spirit stones, and should easily break open Condensing Reality Realm warriors' defensive layers. Besides that, he also got three puppet canons which worked the same as the guns, but with much bigger blast effect, and would be able to break open Clasping Yuan Realm warriors' defensive layer.

In addition, there were more non-battle-related puppet works such as the puppet house that would allow him to live outside, and came with tables, chairs, and beds. It was expandable and shrinkable; when not being used, it could be folded into two meters long and wide squares. And the most valuable part was that it came with protective layers. After being filled with some mid rank spirit stones, it could have a defensive layer that was strong enough for Clasping Yuan Realm warriors' attacks. For someone who traveled all the time like Ye Chen, it was a great gadget that allowed him to train wherever he liked. When he had a girlfriend, he could live with her together, which would be rather romantic.

Feng Yanrou and Qingzhu had also found a lot of different puppet works, which pleased Qingzhu a lot. After remembering the time when she was fighting against Ye Chen for that one puppet chicken, she felt kind of sorry and regretted it.

Soon, they arrived at the core area of the school.

They did not find any treasure yet, but their breathing speed increased because they had found the storage rooms. It was needless to say what they would be for; they would obviously have puppet works, and premium ones at that.

Unfortunately, it would not be an easy access. Before it was a thousand-meters-long path.

Taking out a low rank weapon, Ye Chen threw it into the tunnel.

The low rank weapon with Ye Chen's Zhen yuan was traveling at lightning speed, and its air-absorbing sound would be unbearable for normal human beings.


A dark purple light beam shot out from the side at the low rank weapon accurately. The weapon exploded within the second, its remains shooting out in different directions.

Qingzhu quietly gasped. It seemed like the dark purple light beam was worse than the bone disappearing qi from before, "I don't think I can make it without being hurt. If I have guessed it right, the purple light would not stop attacking before the subject disappears completely. And that is the problem."