Chapter 402: Oblivion Bone Disappearing Qi

 Chapter 402: Oblivion Bone Disappearing Qi

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On the same day, the two big cities outside the Blue Water City had all found out about the news of Ye Chen getting the one hundred wins in a row. After three days, there was no one on the whole Blue Mountain Island who did not know about the news. The Blue Mountain Nation had a thousand-year-long history, but the platform competition had only been created hundred years ago. At the time, it was not as popular, nor was it attended by any powerful warriors. It was only until a few dozen years ago when it started to get picked up and attracted countless warriors from the top four regions. Seven years ago, the first warrior achieved the one hundred wins in a row, and his glory was immortalized into a golden statue. The golden statue was located in the Blue Mountain City and admired by everyone. Now that seven years had passed, the second warrior with the same title had appeared. Compared to the first warrior, the second one was way younger, seeming only twenty-one years old.

It was very hard to judge an Astral Reaching Realm warrior's age. However, it was only for most of the normal Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Ye Chen looked like he was twenty-one years old, which meant that he had reached the realm at the age of twenty-one years, since the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors could not prolong their aging process. However, the problem was that the warrior who reached the realm at the age of twenty-one years could not reach the extreme level in the same year. So, judging from the growth of a martial genius, Ye Chen had probably reached Astral Reaching Realm at the age of eighteen. Meanwhile, Astral Reaching Realm warriors could live for two hundred years, and their appearance would age twice slower than normal warriors. It would take six years to grow from looking eighteen to twenty one years old. And, it would mean that Ye Chen would definitely be younger than twenty-four years old. Perhaps, twenty-one years might be his actual age.

Regardless, an age of less than twenty-four would be very young already, and twenty-one would be even rarer. Furthermore, such a young warrior had managed to achieve a hundred wins in a row, which would definitely be more famous than the first one, and even more legendary. Once the golden statue was built, it would not disappear in the history anytime soon.

Looking at the foundation of the golden statue, Feng Yanrou revealed a rare smile and said, "Right now, you are a legend of the Blue Mountain Island."

Ye Chen shook his head, "It is only a title. I think some of the warriors from the young generation in Snowy Region and Cloudy Region could also do it."

Qingzhu made an expression, "Of course! If my head disciple came to the island, it would be an easy piece of cake for him."

"One year ago, I had fought with him. At the time, I would think it to be rather hard. But now, I don't know. As for the first warrior of the young generation, I suspect he would have the power to do so too. But, the other ones might be just as powerful as the Mysterious Moon Prince and me." Feng Yanrou was judging based on facts, but did not underestimate her head disciple. In her point of view, the head disciple would not win against Ye Chen for sure unless he had made a huge progress in the past year.

Hearing her, Qingzhu was a bit frustrated. Just like her sister disciple had said, one year ago, it might have been hard for the head disciple to achieve it, but he should be just as powerful as Ye Chen right now. In other words, Ye Chen was very powerful, so powerful that he could be regarded at the same level as her head disciple. That fact alone had made her a bit angry. Of course, she did not hate Ye Chen for that, but she was just not happy to hear that.

"Let's not talk about this. The matter of us searching for the Puppet School ruins is more important." Ye Chen said.


Feng Yanrou nodded. She had randomly found out about the ruins, but she did not know exactly where the location would be. Therefore, the two of them had spent the past three to four days thinking about the plan of the search. It was only until now that they started their search.

After leaving the Blue Mountain Island, the three appeared above the Star Regional Lake.

Feng Yanrou said, "Most of the ancient ruins were found in the Blue Mountain Island. There were a lot on the surface of the island, and quite a few well-hidden ones as well, at least ten of them. The possibility of the ruins of the Puppet School being there would be rather low. So, let's rule that out for now. There are a lot of spirit plants and three colored pearls at the bottom of the lake, but a lot of warriors go there each day, so it would be quite unlikely for them to be there either. Otherwise, they would have been spotted by now. So, ruling out the eastern and southern side, we should target the western and northern side. Shall we start from the north?"

"You and your sister disciple should team up while I go alone and search. Let's regroup here at noon and go through our findings." Ye Chen suggested.

"Alright, we will be on our way now!"

Feng Yanrou and Qingzhu flashed their bodies, turning into two lightning bolts that dove into the lake. Within ten blinks of time, they had disappeared from Ye Chen's soul power range.

"It seems like there would not be much of a result within ten days or half a month."

Ye Chen let out a breath, then dove into the lake from another angle.

The pressure inside the lake increased drastically as he dove deeper and deeper. When he reached five thousand meters, even Ye Chen could not keep his normal speed. After ten thousand meters, he could only maintain the speed that allowed him to travel two hundred meters within a second. Meanwhile, his Zhen yuan usage was increasing as well, roughly three times more than on the ground. And, that was still a result of him training Green Lotus Sword Spell, which made him extremely sharp and allowed him to travel underwater way faster than the other warriors.

The Blue Mountain Island was about one hundred thousand miles big. After reaching ten thousand meters deep, he managed to see the bottom of the island, which was inclined.

There were a lot of fishes under the lake. On rare occasions, one could also see the underwater beasts. They all seemed to recognize the fact that Ye Chen was not someone they could mess with, so they traveled around him or dove into the mud.

After putting down a mark, Ye Chen let out his soul power and directed it straight ahead, then started to move forward. His plan was to walk for about fifty miles and then turn to the direction that was eighty miles from the mark. The reason for that was because he had formed his sword spirit, which allowed him to form a will power light, and increased his soul power range to eighty miles.

With the speed of traveling two hundred meters within one second, and around three hundred miles within one hour, Ye Chen moved around at an extremely fast speed. Sometimes, he would notice that something was different, and would then stop, search, and examine it. During this period of time, he ran into some other warriors who were searching something underwater as well. Every time it happened, the warrior would suddenly change their expression and leave the area, since Ye Chen was the second warrior with one hundred wins in a row, and this was the deep end of the lake. They knew that if Ye Chen wanted something from them, they would have no chance of fighting back.

The searching days were very boring. One day passed, and another half day was gone, yet Ye Chen had only covered twenty-five thousand miles. Of course, it was because he had to make it back to the meeting point at noon, and had to reserve some traveling time for that.

At the meeting point.

Feng Yanrou said, "I did not find anything special."

"Me neither."

"This is a bottle of Zhen yuan repairing Hundred Spirit Pellet. You should take it. The Zhen yuan burning speed is faster than I expected." Feng Yanrou handed over a jade bottle.

Ye Chen took a look at her, reaching out for it, "Thanks a lot!"

Hundred Spirit Pellet was not like the common pellets which one could just purchase in a store. It would be regarded as one of the top pellets in the category of Zhen yuan replenishing pellets. Judging based on its class, it would be the top of mid rank pellets. One pellet would cost five hundred mid rank soul stones, and the bottle Ye Chen received contained twenty of them, which would be worth ten thousand mid rank soul stones. It was really expensive for supplies.

Since the two were corroborating, Ye Chen was too polite to say no, and also knew that once they found the remains of the Puppet School, the value of that would be way more than one battle of Hundred Spirit Pellets.

After a short rest, the three went back on searching.

Within what seemed like a blink of an eye, half of a month had passed, yet none of them had seen even the ghost of the ruins. Feng Yanrou was lucky to find a small piece of ruins which contained some small items worth something, while Ye Chen had also found some rare rock in the depth of mud in some area. These special rocks that contained special metals would be great materials for weapons which might come in handy in the future.

On the eighteenth day, Ye Chen was moving forward like his routine.

"Although we had separated into two groups, we have not even covered one percent of the area so far. Now, it is all coming down to luck."

Without luck, even if one spent one hundred times more effort than the others in searching for the ruins, one might not find anything. But, once there was luck, it might happen in even one or two days.

Ten thousand meters under the surface of the lake, time seemed to travel much slower. There was not a single sound. A blue beam of light was traveling very fast, but it looked extremely small.

After taking out a giant fish, Ye Chen frowned, 'It is almost the gathering time. Let's go back first.'


Ye Chen was about to move up, when he suddenly sensed a powerful vibration through his soul power.

"Tear, cut, shatter... What kind of vibration is this?"

With his curiosity aroused, Ye Chen moved quickly towards its source.

The closer he got, the stronger he could sense it. This vibration contained the power to take down a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior. And, it was only his estimation, as its true power would have to be felt personally.

Soon, he arrived at the place.

In his sight, there was a huge gap at the bottom of the lake, absolutely pitch dark. In between the gap was a white-gold qi flow that had been shooting out constantly. Wherever it touched, the lake water could not get in anymore and turned into nothingness. It turned the whole space into a blurry golden- white area.

Ye Chen took out a low rank weapon from his storage ring and threw it in.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

A surprising scene happened in the next moment. That extremely tough low rank weapon started to dissolve at a visible speed. The scene was even clearer under Ye Chen's soul power that that qi flow was made of countless tiny needle-like light. Under their effect, the weapon had been cut into particles by the needle-like light before disappearing completely.

"Oblivion Bone Disappearing Qi! This is the Oblivion Bone Disappearing Qi!"

Ye Chen took a deep breath.

With the great knowledge of the Battle Emperor, Ye Chen knew the name of the white gold qi flow immediately.

The qi was also yuan qi actually, but was made of more than two kinds of yuan qi. If there were more infused, then it might turn into a godly light such as the Destroying Godly Light in the lake outside The Heaven Dream Battle Palace. It only existed in the third realm, which had the power to kill even a Seas of Soul Realm warrior. Only Life and Death Realm warriors had the power to compete with it. Although the disappearing qi in front of him was not as powerful as the godly light, it was also extremely dangerous. Some of the qi that had combined three to four yuan qi had already attained the power to potentially kill a Seas of Soul Realm warrior.

Oblivion Bone Disappearing Qi was made of both gold and wind yuan qi. It was unquestionable that the gold yuan qi would be extremely sharp, and so would the wind one be. The power of the two combined would hence be horrifying. Once one was touched by this qi, it would be worse than being sliced by thousands of blades at the same time. The human bodies would instantly disappear with the touch of the qi, hence the name.

Of course, no matter how powerful the Oblivion Bone Disappearing Qi was, it was only made with two yuan qi. Ye Chen still had the power to compete with it. But, he was just not sure what was behind that qi, so he needed to be careful. Otherwise, he would have no way to back out.

"Let me have a look first!"

Ye Chen took a hundred spirit pellet and pushed on his Zhen yuan, forming a light blue protective light layer around his body. He then slowly entered the qi flow.

Shoo! Shoo! Pap! Pap!

All of a sudden, his protective Zhen yuan seemed to be under countless attacks. The Zhen yuan outside slowly disappeared, but the good thing was that he managed to continue running his Green Lotus Sword Spell and ensure its balance.