Chapter 401: The Glory of One Hundred Wins

 Chapter 401: The Glory of One Hundred Wins

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The sixth battle had begun.

It was a flirtatious-looking young woman who walked up the stage to challenge Ye Chen. But because Astral Reaching Realm warrior had twice as long lifespans than normal mortals, even if she looked like a young married woman, she might very well be in her sixties or even seventies. It was all about maintenance.

"Little bro, I, as the sister, am very impressed by your power. Maybe try to be gentle with me!" She winked at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled lightly.

"He!" Right then, the lady flashed her body which made her sleeves expand. A long whip that was full of bone spikes was whipped out, looking like it was about to catch Ye Chen as a whole. Up until now, there actually had not been any warrior that managed to even touch Ye Chen. After their analysis, they agreed that Ye Chen's defense would be his weakest point. And indeed, they were right. Compared to his speed and attacking power, his defence was indeed relatively weaker. Plus, on this platform, great weapons were not allowed. Therefore, his defence would even be a bit weaker. However, it was only relatively weaker. For Ye Chen, who had trained his Green Lotus Sword Spell to thirteenth peak level, even if he was still not at peak level Late Astral Reaching realm, the quantity and quality of his Zhen yuan would be much more and greater than the others at the same realm.

Ye Chen did not have to be arrogant and use his defense to test that lady's attack, because he could tell that she had planned to waste time with him, using that whip and tightening it up. Once he was wrapped up by it, the more he moved, the more damage it would cause. Adding her martial arts, it should be able to break open most defensive layers. And once the defense was down, the warrior would be like a hairless chicken, ready to be taken.

He lifted his left index finger gently, and a beam of green lotus sword qi was shot out. It cut through that bone spike whip instantly, bringing up burning hot sparks. The next second, he used his right hand to hold his sword relaxedly.

The lady saw that her first attack had failed, but she did not panic. She dragged her long whip, causing a huge noise to be produced while tearing apart the ground. It raised up a wall-like metal chunk from the ground, blocking between the two.

A giant smile appeared on her face seeing that her plan was working. She then twisted her wrist, straightening the bony whip and making it twist at a high speed. It then attacked towards Ye Chen through the hole that was at the back of the wall.


The metal wall looked like it was made by tofu as it was punctured through easily.

However, she had already lost her chance. At the second she brought up the metal wall, Ye Chen had already taken out his sword. A bright sword light flashed once before slicing the wall into two. He then did not wait any longer before stabbing into the lady's protective Zhen yuan. His sword went through smoothly since it was already filled with his green lotus Zhen yuan, which made it unbreakable. All of that happened during the lady's movement of throwing her whip out.

Fast! It was so fast!

Within the time of forming a thought, the lady had lost.

She froze a bit, as if she was just getting to understand the fact that she had lost, even though she had not even started yet.

"Little bro, you are not a man of your word. You said you would be gentle and at least give me a chance to show off my power." The lady was angry as she said while stomping on the ground with her feet.

Ye Chen shrugged, "I was just about to say yes when you started to attack."

She did not what to say to that. She was planning to attack Ye Chen when he least expected it, but she had definitely not foreseen that it would happen so fast and completely opposite from what she was expecting. She was a bit regretful for what she had done, as she knew she should have just battled like normal and tried to complete her mission. She could not deny how flawless this young man standing in front of her was.

"It has been sixty-six battles now. Is he not tired at all?"

"It would be hard to say. I am just afraid that our wheel strategy is not going to stop him."

All of the Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors here in the Blue Mountain Island did not know what more they could do.

In fact, they were right. In the seventh, eighth, and ninth battle, Ye Chen won them all. He had kept each battle within ten attacks. The reason that he managed to win all nine was not because of his rich Zhen yuan, since it was about the same as Mysterious Moon Prince and Feng Yanrou. But, each time he battled, he did not burn much of it as none of the warriors had managed to battle with him for more than dozens of attacks, including the prince and Feng Yanrou. Therefore, after nine battles, he had only thrown out one hundred attacks or so, which were not that many for him. It would just be equivalent to a normal battle between two top warriors. Of course, once he showed a sign of slipping down from his peak condition, then it might become a vicious cycle. After the battles in that case, he might be out Zhen yuan and energy. However, it would definitely not happen to him right now, since he had not even revealed his real power yet, and there was no possibility for him to slip up.

Right then, everyone in the audience seating thought there would not be anyone that would be able to stop him, since he had already lasted nine battles, and would definitely not lose the tenth. Once the wheel strategy failed, then eighty wins, ninety wins, or even one hundred wins could be expected.

"After all this time, I cannot believe that there is going to be another one hundred win warrior."

"Yeah, it is almost certain at this stage, unless there could be another warrior that is even more powerful than Ye Chen. But, I don't think that would be the case."

"Yeah, there should not be any more powerful ones in the Blue Mountain Island. Even if there are, he or she would not be here. Besides the top young generation of the power pyramid, the powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors are all hidden in the rank 5 martial institution, with Life and Death Realm warriors guarding the places. I heard that some of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors who are one step from making a breakthrough have already trained their low rank profound sense martial arts to at least forty or fifty percent. Perhaps they can even understand the meaning directly already."

"Wow, forty percent to fifty percent is already so horrifying! The low rank profound martial arts between ten to twenty percent are already equivalent to the most powerful attack from top rank Earth Realm martial arts. Forty to fifty percent would be the next level. Who in the Astral Reaching Realm would be able to handle that?"

"Rank 5 martial institutions are indeed special and full of top warriors. But, it is not that hard to believe, since they would be able to get instructions from Life and Death Realm warriors, so it would be impossible for them not to be powerful."

"But, there are also limitations in the rank 5 martial school. For example, the cultivation would be a hard topic for every warrior, no matter where he or she is. Without cultivation, a lot of things would be affected."

"Speaking of which, a lot of warriors from the young generation have already reached a certain level that they are able to compete with top warriors in another regions."

"They are indeed powerful, but only for the four regions that are close to the Blue Mountain Island, I think the Thunder Prince from the Thunder Region would be the most powerful."

"Yeah, he was already almost a monstrous existence. I cannot believe what kind of level he must be at now."

As people discussed, the tenth battle had started officially.

Elder Wu was one of the most powerful warrior of the Blue Mountain Nation, and was rather strong. The wheel strategy targeted at the Mysterious Moon Prince and Feng Yanrou did not even need him to appear, since he had always been set as the tenth warrior to challenge.

Right now, he had to go on stage because Ye Chen had taken all of them down.

"Thunder Wind!"

The elder had an arm-thick big sword as his weapon, which carried the thunder power and tore apart the sky while causing the air around to explode.

"Sky Shattering Cloud!"

Ye Chen crossed both of his swords and threw out a huge attack. The bright sword light had shocked the incoming attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The elder had a very aggressive aura, and judging on power, he was not much weaker than Mysterious Moon Prince and Feng Yanrou. His attacks could be both wide-ranged and highly compressed. They were all full of extreme power, as each sword attack seemed to contain the power of a huge mountain.

At the same time, Ye Chen's power was even sharper. No matter how powerful his opponents were, he would always manage to shatter all of their attacks.

At the most critical moment, he managed to block out the elder's battling tempo, forcing him to obey his rhyme of the battle, and making him unable to employ the power he wanted to use.

The previous power ran out before the supposed power was yet to rise up, which described elder Wu's status right now perfectly.


With one sword attack failing, the elder had run out of attacking opportunities, and his big sword was shattered into pieces by Ye Chen. One of the tiny pieces had even scratched his cheek, bringing out a stream of blood.

"I lost. Congratulation on the seventy wins."

The elder had already foreseen it happening, so he did not make too big a deal out of it.

The tenth battle had officially finished, and all the audiences boiled up. They were all excited about Ye Chen's performance over the next three days, and wanted to know if he could get one hundred wins in a row.

On the second day, Ye Chen did not disappoint the audience, as he achieved eighty wins in a row. As for his opponents, they were all just normal warriors who were nowhere near those powerful warriors in the wheel strategy. The Blue Mountain Nation had just sent a couple of more normal Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors as a mere gesture of trying.

Soon, Ye Chen had reached ninety wins in a row. Even if he did not make it to one hundred wins, it would already be one of the highest honor possible in the Blue Mountain Nation.

But of course, it would be impossible for him not to make it.

On the third day, he won the tenth battle of the day, causing the whole Blue Water City to boil up again. One hundred wins! Another warrior with the one hundred wins title had finally arrived. It had been seven years since the last warrior managed to earn the title.

"One hundred win warrior, the Blue Mountain Nation is probably going to make a golden statue for him."

"There is already one in the Blue Mountain City, but this time, it would finally be in the Blue Water City. How lucky we are to be able to witness this? In the future, everyone who sets foot in the city would be able to see his statue."

Ye Chen himself did not care too much about this new title. The power gap between him and the warriors was just too big, that even after winning one hundred battles, it did not bring him much thrill.

The only thing that intrigued him was the reward.

In the sixth round, he got two thousand mid rank soul stones for the first battle, three thousand for the second one, four thousand for the third battle, and so on. So, he earned a total of sixty-five thousand mid rank soul stones on that day.

In the seventh round, there were two thousand two hundred mid rank soul stones for the first battle, three thousand two hundred for the second... So, he made sixty-seven thousand mid rank soul stones in total.

He made sixty-nine thousand in the eighth round, seventy-one thousand in the ninth round, and another seventy-three thousand in the last round.

Adding them all together, it would be three hundred and forty-five thousand mid rank soul stones. Adding the two hundred and ninety thousand from before, he had earned six hundred and thirty-five thousand mid rank soul stones in total. It was definitely a huge fortune.

Plus, for the fifth round and the last round, there were top rank soul stone rewards on top of the mid rank ones. There were five hundred top rank soul stones for the fifth round, and three thousand for the last round.

Ye Chen was just in need of top rank soul stones. Now that he had three thousand five hundred of them, reaching the peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm should not be a problem.

The competition was finished, so Ye Chen planned to go digging into the ruins and searching for some treasures. He had already made a plan with Feng Yanrou to go to the bottom of the Star Regional Lake in order to trace down the Puppet School's ruins.