Chapter 400: Sword Step, Mirror Flower Water Moon Attack

 Chapter 400: Sword Step, Mirror Flower Water Moon Attack

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''Whether it is working or not, it would have to be judged on your power after all. You have trained the mysterious arts, which are designed to confuse your opponents. I would like to see if you can confuse my mind.'' Ye Chen had seen him fight before, so he knew that his attacks were extremely mysterious. They would seem to be defending but actually be attacking and defending at the same time. The mode of his martial arts changed smoothly between attack and defense, with no concrete distinguishing line in between. They were indeed the mysterious arts, using the mysteries to lead the other characteristics of the martial arts.

''Everyone knows how to talk a big talk, but not many of them can actually follow their words with actions. There is no point in us talking more. Take my Water Moon Palm Attack!''

His body lifted up into the air as the Mysterious Moon Prince threw out a palm attack at Ye Chen lightly. The wind that the palm had brought up was horrifying. It was so powerful that it had folded the air around the whole area.

"Damn, my eyes are going blurry!"

"Which of them had the most attacking power?"

''The Mysterious Moon Prince is indeed as powerful as his reputation. If it were a normal warrior that was competing with him, he or she could probably not even bring out eighty percent of his or her power.''

The powerful warriors could know of one another's power by simply battling with them. No one had actually seen the serious Mysterious Moon Prince, even from his sixty wins to his attempted seventy wins. Although he seemed to have used all of his power, but in truth, there was still a gap with his real power. For example, in his first battle, he did not even need to use all of his power before beating his opponent, and the second battle was the same. However, for the third battle, he had actually burned out a lot of his Zhen yuan, so even if he had used all of his power, it would not be his actual peak power. Right now, he was at his peak condition. His Zhen yuan, will power, and physical condition were perfect, so his power now would be truly unpredictable.

''I don't need to guess your move when I know you would be paying attention to my sword attacks.''

Ye Chen's mind was as clear as it could be, with not even a single impure thought. He knew it very clear that if his opponent were following his tempo, then he would be able to control the rhythm of the battle and attack whenever he wanted. It would be no longer him defeating his opponent, but the other way around.

His sword qi tore apart the air while his sword traveled right by his side like it had a mind of its own. Ye Chen immediately shattered the incoming palm attack before he drew half a line in midair with his sword in his hand.


A surprised expression flashed once on the prince's face. Although he had tried to put Ye Chen down verbally aggressively, he had mentally listed him as one of his top opponents. This Water Moon Palm attack was indeed designed to test Ye Chen while actually trying to attack him. However, he had not expected that Ye Chen would not care about it at all, and actually decide to battle at his own pace all of a sudden. He did not know how exactly it had happened, but Ye Chen had instantly stolen the advantageous position in this battle.

''So, really no special or specific style, huh? However, my mysterious art also contains trickery as well.''

Mysterious Moon Prince smiled creepily as his wrist twisted suddenly. As a result, his palm power increased drastically, though he did not seem to want to change his style of battling.

Paw! Pap! Paw! Pap!

The sound of his qi exploding was heard constantly. Within a blink of an eye, the two had already fought for dozens of rounds. And, in just this short period of time, there had only been one attack.

''Creepy Spike!''

All of a sudden, Mysterious Moon Prince took out a chopstick long iron spike from his sleeve, which shot out like a polar light and punctured through the qi field between the two.

The Water Moon Palm Attack was only a surface attack, while this spike was the real killing attack. Normal warriors would die under this one spike attack.

''My sword arts do not focus on whether there is enough or not. I only care about the result, as the process does not mean a thing.''

Ye Chen was not fooled by it as he shattered the iron spike with one sword attack and then continued attacking as if nothing affected him. Or, in other words, he simply did not care about what his opponent had done or was about to do. For him, all of the tricks did not matter. All that mattered was actually the result.


Mysterious Moon Prince looked shocked as he turned his body like a reflected light, leaving the ground within a second and getting away from Ye Chen's blasting zone.

''As I have said, there is no use in doing such things.''

Ye Chen looked extremely cold. As he moved extremely quickly in the air, he turned his body and waved the sword. That sky-tearing sword qi sliced the space on the platform in two, leaving his opponent literally nowhere to hide.

''Damn! Double Flower Double Moon Heart Folding Palm Attack!''

Layering his right and left hands above each other, Mysterious Moon Prince pushed out this palm and pressed on the surreal space in front of him.


It was like a super bomb had just exploded. The whole platform was blown into the air as Human-sized metal pieces spread out in the area at an extreme speed.

''What the heck is this level of battle?! So exciting!''

''If it were me on the stage, I would not be able to handle, not even half of such an attack. I would be killed within a second. Actually, the power gap makes the gap between their skills even bigger. They are just way much more powerful than us.''

''Such a horrifying generation! I had already heard that right now is the peak time for new martial geniuses to rise up. Not only in the southern regions, it is the same in the other three regions. Especially the middle part, the Sky Warrior Region, I heard that there had been two completely different but similar beings to the Mysterious Queen from there. Before, I would believe a word of it, thinking how it could be so easy to have such kinds of martial geniuses. From the ancient era until now, there had only been a couple of times after all. But now, I totally believe it. This is only the Blue Mountain Island and there is already this level of battle. I cannot even imagine what is happening in the rest of the land.''

''Who did you hear this from?''

''How impressive! Perhaps, this is one of those horrifying years for the martial geniuses.''

In the audience seating, everything held their breath, keeping their eyes wide open. When they could no longer hold it in anymore, they would then gasp for air and chat with the others once a while. The more they talked, the more excited they became. Although it did not make a difference in their lives anymore, being able to live in this era meant they would have a chance to witness the miracles that happened during this year and how they grew up. They would like to see which one of them all would manage to make it in the end.

''Green Lotus Blossom! Power Boost!''

On the disappeared stage, the battle between the two had reached the climax. Of course, Ye Chen was still restraining his own power, as he wanted to beat his opponent with the same amount of power. His longsword sliced through the sky while lotuses appeared out of the ground, and the killing vibe was brought out at the same time. Wherever the sword qi touched, the foundation of the platform was torn down into pieces.

Some of the hairs from the Mysterious Moon Prince's forehead and clothing on his body were missing. He looked angered while he used his own Zhen yuan to oppress the air around, controlling the space that belonged to him. At the same time, he was also fighting against the powerful field that was created from Ye Chen's sword attacks. Waves of shadow-like palm powers exploded and spread out in the area.

He had reached the peak of his power, and it was all because of Ye Chen. And because of him, he wanted to be the one that finished the battle.

Mysterious Moon Prince knew it that if he managed to win this battle, then he would be able to reach the next level and compete with the top martial geniuses of the power pyramid. If he lost, then he would stay on the slope for a while in the future.

''Ye Chen, this battle... you will lose.'' Mysterious Moon Prince screamed.

Ye Chen did not bother responding to this as he stepped on his sword steps. It was the special movement art that belonged to Ye Chen. Of the top three sword arts, he had learned a part of them all. With the three parts of them combined together, the sword step art was indeed the first result. The sword step was indeed a movement art of battle. Each step could shatter the air around and turn it into sword qi kind of sharpness. It was like an arrow on a bow that was ready to be shot out.

Using sword steps to fight against the Mysterious Moon Prince was a bit over the top. However, if he did not use the step art, then it would never gain the experience it needed. Ye Chen thought that his opponent's mysterious art was indeed trickier than the others, so perhaps it would be enough to test his arts.

Once he performed his sword step, Mysterious Moon Prince's qi field was shattered completely. His mind and heart had also been influenced at some level, being at the edge of falling apart.

Tearing apart the air, Ye Chen appeared in front of Mysterious Moon Prince out of the blue, waving his longsword.

''Mirror Flower Water Moon!''

Mysterious Moon Prince yelled. At the same time, his body had been broken into pieces like the reflection of moon in the water, breaking at any mere touch.

''Green Lotus Qi!''

Countless huge green lotuses had been accumulated outside Ye Chen's body, wrapping him in the center. The green lotus blossomed, sweeping the area with the powerful sword qi. Not even a single area could avoid being its target.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The Mysterious Moon Prince's body kept flashing. Each time he reappeared, he would disappear immediately right afterward, avoiding being attacked by the sword qi. He was already out of breath, and his clothes had been torn apart while his blood covered his body.

''Mirror Flower Water Moon, The Real Attack!''

The Mirror Flower Water Moon was the low rank profound martial art from the Mysterious Moon Pavilion. It shifted continuously between real and surreal. There were no real flowers and moon, but where did they all come from? All of them were formed based on reality, but out of thin air, and that was the level that even a Life and Death Realm warrior could not achieve.

A beam of bright moonlight appeared. It was so pure that people would think twice before destroying it. It was so beautiful and calm that it created an illusion for the warriors to not want to ruin it.

This attack was the Mysterious Moon Prince's most powerful attack.

''My sword spirit would only take one attack to hit the target.''

Using his sword step again, Ye Chen flew across the air, dragging an obvious sword mark which kept growing as well, forming a powerful aura. It was so sharp that the moonlight was shattered as well. Ye Chen did not care about it, as he only had one target. It was indeed the Mysterious Moon Prince, who had been changing in between the real and surreal.


The blood spilled in the air, shaped like a sickle. Ye Chen scratched lightly past the Mysterious Moon Prince and landed behind him. He had already put his sword back into its scabbard.

Kneeling on the ground with one knee, Mysterious Moon Prince was already soaked with his own sweat. His mind was just like those wounds on his body, heavily damaged by Ye Chen's attack. Within a short period of time, his condition had been decreased drastically to the bottom. After getting past this low, there might be a brand new future for him. But, if he could not getting past it, then it would mean a lifelong block. He would never be able to stay the top martial genius he was, and would be eliminated out of the era of the rising martial geniuses.

The competition between martial geniuses was this cruel indeed. For the martial geniuses, the failure in both body and heart at the same time would never be forgiven.

''Even the Mysterious Moon Prince could not stop him? What is going on?'' Inside the VIP room, all of the Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors were exchanging looks, not knowing exactly what to say.

''This boy's achievement in sword spirit is too unbelievable. Feng Yanrou had lost in his hands, and Mysterious Moon Prince had lost as well. Within one day, two top warriors have fallen. What else can he do now?''

''Can we not stop him from reaching seventy wins in a row?''

''With five battles in a row, his Zhen yuan must be burned to certain extent. I don't believe that he can win all of the ten battles today.''

In the other room, Feng Yanrou whispered, ''Even Mysterious Moon Prince's mysterious art has been broken. My sword spirit would lose even more obviously when facing his sword spirit. The South Rudra Region had fallen for hundreds of years, but now, there seems to be a new rising. Give him enough time, and I believe he would be able to take on all of the martial geniuses in the world.''

''Sister Feng, what are you talking about?'' Qingzhu came back to reality as she asked with her eye wide open.

Feng Yanrou warned her, ''Right now is the crucial time for martial geniuses. You have to work hard and do your best, unless you want to marry soon and exit this world.''

''I don't want to marry this early. I want to make a name of my own.''

''In that case, you are still far off. The head disciple had gone out once a couple of months ago. Ever since he came back, he had locked himself inside to train. Do you know why? It was because the martial geniuses out there are much more powerful than we had imagined. Especially the Sky Martial Region in the middle region, that is the place every martial genius goes to. If we go there now, we will amount to nothing.''