Chapter 399: Three Sword Spirit, Battling Techniques

 Chapter 399: Three Sword Spirit, Battling Techniques

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"Miss Feng, you should bring out all you have!"

Ye Chen walked forward as he made a swinging gesture with the sword in his hand. As a result, ice flowers in a huge area shattered completely. The after wave of his sword qi continued to travel, leaving countless huge cracks on the platform. Some of them even ended up shaving off the edges of the stage. Fortunately, the stage was made of special materials, so even if it was ruined on the days of battles, it could be replaced quickly during the night. Therefore, before each day of battles, the stage would already be perfect yet again.

Feng Yanrou bit on her lips as her left hand twisted her wrist and changed her sword spell. A shockingly powerful zhen yuan vibration spread out in the area, and that intense power field made her long hair fly into the air.

All of a sudden, the snow pattern in between her eyebrows flashed once. In the next second, a layer of silver white light appeared and covered her whole body. Inside the cover, the sword lights twisted, connecting together with their heads and tails. Its speed was twice as fast as Qingzhu's, though the size was somehow one size smaller. However, the layers of protection were tighter and flawless.

Under the pressure that Ye Chen had given, Feng Yanrou had finally decided to perform her Ice Snow Sword Realm.

After actually battling with Ye Chen, Feng Yanrou had finally experienced that hopelessness due to being controlled during the battle personally. Each sword attack from Ye Chen was so unpredictable, because they always looked extremely simple and casual, made without any effort. But, it was this kind of relaxedness that made it horrifyingly powerful, because no one could predict when it would actually explode and find one's flaw to attack with an extreme power. If there were levels for sword artists, and some of them were considered unbreakable wolves, snakes that were waiting for the right moment to attack, or tigers that were full of powerful aura, then Ye Chen would be the fully armed hunter who controlled everyone and everything around him.

Feng Yanrou had never felt this kind of soul-deep pressure from any Astral Reaching Realm warriors before; today was her first. Therefore, without another choice, she had to perform the Ice Snow Sword Realm.

With the protective layer, her sword power increased drastically. She threw out a sword attack and covered the whole platform with her sword qi. The unbearable cutting sound did not seem to stop as it rose like a storm.

Facing that sword qi, Ye Chen suddenly reached out his left hand, looking extremely calm.

All of the people watching the game had no idea what was happening, neither did they know what Ye Chen was doing. What the hell was he doing? Did he think he could handle that sword qi with his bare hands? Was he kidding? Under that kind of a power enhancement, each sword qi of Feng Yanrou's would be the sharpest it could ever be. It would be like steel needles.

Feng Yanrou was also confused as she locked her eyes on Ye Chen while the longsword in her hand disappeared in the air because of its lighting speed.


Combining both the index and middle finger on his left hand, a beam of gentle sword qi appeared out of nowhere. It sliced all of the space it was surrounded with as Ye Chen drew lines in the air and extended them. The space was layered over one after another. The string-like sword qi was actually transformed by the Green Lotus Sword Qin inside Ye Chen's body. It was only one-finger-thick before, but right now, it was like steel strings and shone with a blueish-green, dim light.

Pop! Pap! Pop! Pap!

In the next second, the endless sword qi poured down from above, drowning Ye Chen as a whole. However, looking from Ye Chen's perspective, that needle-like sword qi had broken out from within, and not a single of them landed on him. Instead, they had all been sliced open by his extended green lotus sword qi.


Ye Chen's left hand shot out a layer of sword qi while his right hand also made a swinging gesture. The sword qi broke open in the air and landed on Feng Yanrou's Ice Snow Sword Realm. One of the sword light sliced right through the layer and went through above her head. With only one glance, it looked like as if the layer had already been broken open.

With this, Feng Yanrou backed out by ten steps before regaining the control of her body. She looked very pale from what had happened.

"He is so powerful! How could he control me so easily?"

She was shocked. Meanwhile, she activated her heart spell, trying her best to control the boiling qi and blood in her body and recover to her former peak condition.

"Green Lotus Qi! Countless Attacks!"

Controlling his attacking power at about thirty-five percent, Ye Chen stood on his tiptoes and floated into the air before making another slicing gesture in the air. One, two, three... Five whole huge green lotuses were formed in the air, all made up of his sharp qi flow. With one slight vibration, all of the five turned into thousands of tiny sword qi and shot out. If Feng Yanrou's sword qi before was stormy rain, then Ye Chen's sword qi now would be a flood, washing over on his opponent's protective layer.

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!...

All of a sudden, Feng Yanrou did not even know how many attacks she had just handled, but she knew that her Ice Snow Sword Realm protection was wearing off.

"Oh no! It is not going to last much longer."

No matter how powerful the defence was, there would always be a limit. Perhaps one drop of water could not make through a rock, but with time, it could.

Feng Yanrou could already hear the cracking noises.

"Sword Realm..."

Just as she was about to change her Ice Snow Sword Realm into attacking mode to break the disadvantaged situation, the attacks suddenly became stronger and more dense, as if Ye Chen had seen through her mind. It forced her to step backward. With each step back, each square of the ground was shattered into ashes.


A sound of clothing being torn apart was heard.

The Ice Snow Sword Realm Art had been broken through.

Everyone over at the audience seating was shocked at what they had just witnessed. It was the ultimate power that Ye Chen had just displayed, leaving his opponent no chance of fighting back even though the Ice Snow Sword Realm Art was so powerful already, Ye Chen just attacked back with ten times or even one hundred times more intense power. The sharpness of a sword artist had been demonstrated thoroughly by Ye Chen.

"I lost!"

Feng Yanrou was sad. She had never thought that she would have no power to even fight back at all one day during a battle with a warrior at the same cultivation. She thought to herself that what the point would be if her most powerful attack could not even touch him.

Inside the VIP room, Qingzhu's mouth was wide open. She did not know what to say anymore. How could an Astral Reaching Realm warrior shoot out so much sword qi?! judging from the quantity, he would even break open more powerful defenses.

Inside all of the VIP rooms that had countless Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors, no one said anything.

The elder with Wu as last name had finally drifted back to reality as he massaged his temple, "I think we had underestimated him after all. Perhaps, our plan would take it to the seventh or the eighth battle to succeed."

"The seventh? The eighth even?" The people next to him were shocked, "We have Feng Yanrou and the prince. Still, it would take that long?"

"Yes. Although he has beaten Feng Yanrou, he must have burned a lot of his zhen yuan."

"Elder Wu, you are worrying too much."

"Really, though?" The elder had seen so many young warriors in his life, but he had never seen anyone so calm and in control.

"Perhaps I am thinking too much. But, we should be able to see something from the second battle to the fourth one."

After all of the sword qi disappeared, Ye Chen said, "Your sword... is broken."

By the end of his sound, the longsword in her hand suddenly exploded, turning into thousands of iron pieces.

A rare blush flashed across her face as she asked, "I would like to know, if this is your real power?"

For this battle, she had thought about it a lot. She knew that the biggest possibility was that Ye Chen had still not revealed his true power yet. For a brief second, she had seen it in the deep end of Ye Chen's eyes. That coldness and that extreme sharpness was the kind that could tear apart everything and ignore everyone. The sight of that alone had made her heart skip a beat. She knew how scary Ye Chen really was now.

"Perhaps yes, perhaps no."

He did not answer directly.

"I see."

She knew he had already given her an answer.

After she stepped down the stage, the second Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior stepped right onto the stage.


After stepping onto the stage, he started to attack Ye Chen immediately. It was almost as if he was afraid that he would lose his opportunity to attack if he did not.

Ye Chen was still his normal calm self. After resolving the incoming attack, he attacked back and again and again, until his opponent gave up with a pale face.

The third Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior was more careful. Up until now, he had studied Ye Chen's style of battling, and came to the conclusion that he had no style. All he seemed to have was his sharpness. Instead of wasting time trying to conclude his style, they rather want to try to extend the battling time and burn our his zhen yuan. It was the last plan of all.

That warrior lost after five attacks.

He lost even faster than the last just because he was too careful and would not fight against Ye Chen face to face, trying to attack him from distance.

"Forget about the strategy. We are all not his rightful opponents. He is already at master level in battle experience."

Elder Wu reminded the fourth warrior.

"Yes, sir."

Even without that, the warrior already knew what he had to do.

On the battling stage, Ye Chen looked at the fourth warrior who stood in front of him. He was a bit bored frankly. He had been controlling his battling power at twenty-five percent. Feng Yanrou's Ice Snow Sword Realm Art was too powerful, so he increased it to thirty-five percent, trying to create the illusion that he was just as powerful as them. However, unfortunately, the warriors at the same cultivation and attacking power could still rarely last for more than ten attacks. But, he was also very clear that it was not because that these people were weak. It was because that his skill in his martial arts was just too powerful. His immortal sword art, destroying sword art, and killing sword art were all just too powerful. Even if he did not directly increase his battle power, he was still unbeatable.

Battle Emperor, Iron Sword Emperor, Double Sword Emperor, which of them were not the top existence of this whole land? Their power was unimaginably unlimited.

If Ye Chen one day managed to combine them all together, then he would reach Life and Death Realm on the spot and grow up into an existence just like them.

Ting! Ting! Dang! Dang!

On the fifth exchange of attacks with the fourth warrior, Ye Chen had broken his weapons with one sword attack, then pressed his sword against his opponent's throat.

"Is he a monster? Four wins in a row already, without any difficulties."

"Indeed horrifying! I am frankly a bit scared."

Just as everyone was chatting, Mysterious Moon Prince opened the door of the VIP room.

"He has finally shown up. I wonder if he can win against Ye Chen!"


Just like the moon in the water, his body flashed once while making waves in the air as he landed on the stage without any sound.

"If this is all you've got, then there would be no chance of you winning against me on this stage. I wonder if you can keep your calm attitude when you lose to me." He was not Feng Yanrou, and did not have the Ice Snow Sword Realm Art. But, he learned the martial arts that could very well compete with it. In his eyes, fighting against Ye Chen would take more than good defense art. His attacks were great because they were also very unpredictable.