Chapter 398: The Powerful Wheel Battle Strategy Lineup

 Chapter 398: The Powerful Wheel Battle Strategy Lineup

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Ye Chen did not know it yet, but a group of Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors were planning a huge wheel battle strategy in order to prevent him from achieving his seventieth win in a row.

Of course, even if he knew, he would not care much.

Right then, all he focused on was the winning spirit stone rewards.

On the third day, he got one thousand four hundred mid rank spirit stones for the first battle, two thousand four hundred for the second, three thousand four hundred for the third... He had gotten fifty-nine thousand mid rank spirit stones on that day in total.

For the fourth round of the battles, he had gotten one thousand six hundred mid rank spirit stones for the first battle, two thousand six hundred for the second, three thousand six hundred for the third... Sixty-one thousand spirit stones in total

For the fifth round, he had gotten sixty-three thousand mid rank spirit stones in total.

Added with the ones he had gotten from the first and second rounds, he had already gotten two hundred and ninety thousand mid rank spirit stones. Plus, on the fifth round, he was able to get five hundred top rank spirit stones. It would be basically the number of spirit stones that an Astral Reaching Realm warrior could earn in his or her whole lifespan. Normally, they would be rather happy to have a couple of hundred thousand spirit stones.

"This world is indeed all about the power. We are all Astral Reaching Realm warrior, but we earn so differently."

Ye Chen was suddenly full of emotions. When normal Astral Reaching Realm warriors were still worrying about not being able to find the rightful mid rank weapons, the powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors who were at the top of the power pyramid had enough spirit stones to buy ten mid rank weapons. As for himself, he could even buy fifty of them and still have some left, which did not include the belongings he was carrying, such as the golden armor. It, as a top rank defensive item, would be worth five to six hundred thousand top rank spirit stones. It was only an armor, but it already was worth more than everything he earned combined.

"For contestants, if the warriors achieve their ten wins within the span of three months, he or she would not be rewarded with spirit stones, but they can keep the record. For warriors with twenty wins, the limitation was nine months, two years for thirty wins, five years for forty wins, ten years for fifty wins... It is rather strict, but it definitely prevented a lot of warriors who tried to use this platform to make a fortune. Plus, the higher the record, the longer would the timespan be. As for those of who tried to get through the loophole and purposely did not win their ten wins, there should be ways to deal with that for the Blue Mountain officials since the top five Seas of Souls Realm warriors of the Blue Mountain Nation would always be there, and the consequence of trying to do something reckless would be horrifying. No matter how many spirit stones one would potentially earn, it would not be worth it."

"Since this is the case now, then I will make all the spirit stones I can now."

Putting away his fifty wins tag and twenty-nine boxes of mid rank spirit stones, he turned to leave the battling arena.


"Mysterious Moon Prince, I wonder if you like this idea?"

Inside a private room in a restaurant, an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior of the Blue Mountain Nation with the last name Wu said with a big smile on his face.

The former glanced at him and said: "You guys have quite a plan asking me to help you stop Ye Chen. If I did not guess wrong, you guys had also asked Feng Yanrou, right? In this case, if the success of this wheel battling strategy would increase by at least ten percent, there would be no chance of you losing."

"Prince, you have quite a good guess. Miss Feng Yanrou is also on our invitation list."

"How much is the pay?"

He had thought about battling Ye Chen himself, but he would never do anything without true meaning. So, there had to be some level of profit for him to be involved.

The elder reached out three fingers.

"If you join our side, then we will give you one hundred thousand mid rank spirit stones immediately. Then, if you win against him, two hundred thousand more for you."

"Another one hundred thousand on top of that for winning against Ye Chen."

He said with certainty.

The elder hesitated. In fact, the budget that the official of the nation had given out for the Mysterious Moon Prince was just four hundred thousand, but he did not expect that he would be so greedy and call it right on the budget. But, since he was such a key figure of this whole operation, and the fact that they had not seemed to make any progress with Feng Yanrou, so he said, "Okay, my word as promise."

The elder thought for one second before asking, "I wonder when you would want to go on the stage to intercept?"

The sixty-five wins was not meaningless. He had lost on the sixty-sixth battle, so he wanted to beat Ye Chen one battle before that.


On the second floor of the cafe...

Feng Yanrou brought her thoughts back from Ye Chen while Qingzhu, who was sitting right next to her, looked all surprised. She had not expected that the officials would even invite her sister disciple to take down Ye Chen. She did not think he was that powerful after all, but she knew that the Mysterious Moon Prince would also be on the list since her sister disciple was already there.

"If there is an invite, they must be some kind of reward, right?"

She interrupted.

The Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior sitting in front of them chuckled, "Miss, you are worrying too much. If miss Feng decides to join in on our plan, there would be no less than one hundred thousand top rank spirit stones. Plus, when she wins against Ye Chen, there would be another two hundred thousand."

"So, in other words, winning against Ye Chen would give three hundred thousand mid rank spirit stones, right? It sounds quite good, sis. You should take it!"

Qingzhu looked over at Feng Yanrou.

Feng Yanrou shook her head, "I don't need a reward."

Everyone's expression changed as they all forced a smile.

"No, you have misunderstood me. I don't need a reward, but I will challenge anyways. You can list me as the first warrior to officially take him on. I want to challenge him fair and square."

Feng Yanrou had her own principles. Ye Chen was already her friend; although it was the most normal kind, a friend was a friend after all. She did not think that taking a reward for such things would be the right thing to do. But, accepting the invitation to challenge was because if she said no to the challenge, then it meant she was afraid on some level and did not want to fight him unconsciously. It would not be good for her future training, since no one should be afraid of each other in the young generation.

The people who came to invite her showed a sincere smile.


The night arrived, and a guest also arrived in Ye Chen's guest room in the hotel; it was Feng Yanrou.

After pouring some tea for his guest, he observed her expression, "Is there something you would like to tell me?"

She nodded, "On the day after tomorrow, I will be challenging you in your first battle. If I did not guess it wrong, there would be Mysterious Moon Prince as well."

"Alright." He touched his chin and laughed. "This wheel battle lineup is indeed powerful."

"Are you not worried at all?"

"What should I be worried about?"

She studied him. After giving in some thoughts, she said, "Perhaps, I made a mistake in coming. However, on that day, I will use all of my strength during the battle."

"And I will too."

After sending off Feng Yanrou, Ye Chen revealed a strange expression. He shook his head, closed his door, and walked into the bedroom.


On the second day's battles, there was nothing special that happened.

Ye Chen had won against all of his opponents and achieved sixty wins in a row. Some of the very observant people had noticed that he did not even break a sweat.

It had stressed out the Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors in the VIP rooms, but when they thought of the Prince and Feng Yanrou, who would be helping them very soon as well, they were a bit relieved. Luckily, this time would be different from before, as Feng Yanrou would challenge Ye Chen in his first battle of the round. Even if she lost, she would be able to burn out most of his power, since she had achieved sixty-six wins before, and trained the extremely powerful Ice Snow Sword Realm Art, which had an extremely powerful defense, and would be almost impossible to break through. And for the sixty-five battle, the Mysterious Moon Prince would challenge him as well. By then, Ye Chen would be exhausted, and there would be no chance for him to win. In other words, Ye Chen's winning record would be most likely end on the sixty-fifth battle.

"When it is one hundred percent settled, what is the point worrying?"

The elder with the surname of Wu picked up the teacup and took a sip relaxedly.

Over in the audience seating, seeing that Ye Chen had won sixty battles, they could not help but started to chat excitedly.

"Finally sixty wins. No one had predicted this for him."

"Yeah, fifty wins in a row is already very impressive. There have been only three warriors who managed to get sixty wins in a row this year so far. Before, it would be great for us to have even one each year."

"However, from now on, the real challenge would soon begin. Both Mysterious Moon Prince and Feng Yanrou had lost their winning record on this level. I wonder if Ye Chen has the hope to get through it."

"There would, of course, be hope. But obviously, it is very small. What I care is that how many more battles he would get through, since the prince lost on the sixth one at this level, and Feng Yanrou gave up on the seventh."

"I feel... Ye Chen might be a bit stronger than the two of them."

"I feel that too!"

"I do not think so. He seemed all powerful in the first part of the competition, but it does not mean that he would continue like this. From sixty wins onwards, each one of the opponents would be Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors. That pressure is not endurable for everyone. Perhaps, he would not even last until the fifth battle." Someone disagreed.

This kind of intense discussion lasted until the next morning.

Early in the morning, the battling arena was already full of people. A lot of the people spent fifty mid rank spirit stones in trying to get a seat, but failed. They had to stand the whole time, but it did not seem to stop them at all.

"Ye Chen is here!"

Right after one person had finished his seven wins in a row, Ye Chen flew onto the stage. As for that person, he was forced the leave the stage. He had to wait for Ye Chen to finish with his battles before going back on stage.

Standing in the middle of the platform, Ye Chen looked at somewhere in the distance.


The door to the VIP room was pushed open, and Feng Yanrou walked out.

"What? The first challenging opponent is Feng Yanrou?"

"What is going on? If she is the first opponent challenging him, then it would be hard for him to reach the seventy wins in a row... Almost impossible!"

"Feng Yanrou seemed to be just as powerful as Ye Chen. He now might even lose in the first battle. Even if he won after trying hard, it would be hopeless for him to compete in the second battle of the day."

It was too surprising a news for the public to comprehend. They thought the people who would be challenging him would be the same batch of Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors. No one had foreseen that Feng Yanrou would be the first one walking onto the opposite end of the stage.


As she flew onto the stage, her right hand rested on her longsword as she said, "I am sorry for any consequences, but I am glad to be able to do this with you."

Ye Chen nodded, "Let's do this!"

"Snowy Day!"

She took out her longsword and performed her earth realm top rank sword art right off the bat. The sword art in her hand was twice more powerful than Qingzhu's. All people could see was snow covering up the whole sky, as her sword qi brought up waves of storms to attack towards Ye Chen. It was hard for the human eyes to even look at the scene.


The storms shattered while the sword qi was exploded. Ye Chen, who wore blue clothes, walked out with no wounds or scratches. All of those incoming attacks had been shattered completely by his one sword attack.

"Ice Flower Competition!"

Feng Yanrou frowned as her body flew up into the air and waved out a sword attack. Countless ice flowers were created in the air. Under the reflection of the sunshine, it brought out colorful light beams in the air, along with countless sword qi as it attacked towards Ye Chen in a twisted fashion and from different angle.