Chapter 397: Hundred Percent Assurance

 Chapter 397: Hundred Percent Assurance

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"I told you that he killed thirty late Astral Reaching experts with one sword strike, but you didn't believe me. You believe me now?" Someone said among the spectators.

"Doesn't it feel too exaggerated? Moreover, you said that his sword was swift, not mighty."

"That's true. Although this sword strike can kill thirty late Astral Reaching experts, it belongs to the crusher style. Back then, he flitted past those thirty people, slitting their throats. That was absolutely a swift sword style. It was different from this one."

"Don't tell me he is still concealing strength?"

"Frightening, what a frightening sword artist! He barely seems twenty one! Does our south sector have some twenty one year old absolute geniuses?"

"There are plenty of absolute geniuses. We have Red Water Sect's eldest disciple, Little Master Red Water, though his age is twenty four. Misty Snow Palace's eldest disciple Misty Snow Prince is also twenty five years old. Finding a twenty one year old is really hard. But, these two make the upper elites of absolute geniuses. Ye Chen probably can't keep up with them."

In the eyes of the spectators, Ye Chen was of the same level as Mysterious Moon Prince and Feng Yanrou. Of course, Ye Chen was currently only at a thirty win streak, so the majority favored the latter two. When Ye Chen had attained a sixty win streak, he would have gained the qualifications to compete against them.

After being forced out of stage by Ye Chen, Huang Kaishan's face was a shade of red and green, and concealed within depths of his eyes was malice. However, when he again thought about Ye Chen's last strike, he still had some lingering fears.

"Although Water Beast Fist Wave has some accomplishments and can amplify fist energy by three folds, the energy is not perfectly harmonized. It can be scattered without much difficulty. In true efficiency, it's only a two fold increase, or else he surely wouldn't have been able to break it."

"It's not as if I didn't have any gains. Water Beast Fist Wave will only strengthen upon encountering powerful adversaries. It will only be perfected through battles. Next time, I will return you both the principal and interest for this defeat."

Ashamed to stay on the even ground outside the platform, Huang Kaishan's figure flickered and entered into the VIP room.

"Seems like an easy victory. But senior sister Feng, you would surely be able to suppress him, right?" Qing Zhu cocked her head towards Feng Yanrou.

Feng Yanrou shook her head, "Don't underestimate him. During that last strike, he deliberately slowed down. So, you can tell that he holds complete grasp on this move. You should know that at our level, we don't have a complete certainty in case of our true ultimate move."

Feng Yanrou was herself a sword artist, moreover an extreme Astral Reaching one. She could make out many details from Ye Chen's body.

On the stage, Ye Chen sheathed his sword.

"This Huang Kaishan can barely be considered a high level extreme Astral Reaching expert. Considering him equipped with mid grade defensive and offensive artifacts, he would be a mid level extreme Astral Reaching expert, somewhat lacking in comparison to Feng Yanrou and Mysterious Moon Prince. A pity that he could only force out thirty percent of my strength. My fifty percent strength can suppress an Astral Reaching paragon. Be it among young generation or older ones, I have yet to see anyone reaching the paragon level existence without putting on upper grade artifacts. Perhaps there are, though it wouldn't make a difference regardless."

Ye Chen understood his own state. His battle power was twice that of an Astral Reaching paragon. Once out, it would simply be appealing to behold. Therefore, he didn't wish to put on too much of an exaggerated show. The elegant tree in the forest would be the first to be cut down- this saying was very true. If he displayed his full strength and ended up incurring hatred and jealousy of others, there might be Sea of Soul realm experts chasing after him. After all, he could only contend against an absolute bottom of Sea of Soul realm experts, and even then, his victory wouldn't be too likely. If an ordinary Sea of Soul realm expert were to come after him, he could die quite easily.

However, what made him not know whether to laugh or cry was that even after suppressing the majority of his strength, others still thought that he was too flamboyant. If he wished to be flamboyant, ten out of twenty extreme Astral Reaching experts he had fought wouldn't even have seen him.

The thirty win streak concluded Ye Chen's matches for the day.

The following morning, the Wheel battle strategy targeting Feng Yanrou had been executed.

Since Mysterious Moon Prince's journey had concluded at a sixty five win streak, the Astral Reaching experts of Blue Mountain Nation all flocked to the Blue Ridge City, wishing to end Feng Yanrou's streak. Blue Mountain Nation didn't allow too many people to attain a win streak of seventy. This was equivalent to their bottom line.

In the spectator stands, none of the people who had some belief in their strength stood up and challenged Feng Yanrou. This was because the experts of Blue Mountain Nation were going on the stage one after other in close succession. There was no pause in between at all. The crux of wheel battle lied in not allowing the opponent any breathing room.

The first three victories had been quite easy for Feng Yanrou, not even needing the Ice Snow Sword Domain. During the fourth battle, Feng Yanrou, who had consumed a lot of her strength, had her battle power falling. Thus, she had no choice but to use Ice Snow Sword Domain and knock her opponent off the stage. In other words, she was somewhat relaxed compared to Mysterious Moon Prince.

She wasn't above Mysterious Moon Prince in terms of strength, but endurance. Mysterious Moon Prince's skills and methods were mysterious and ever-changing, not allowing opponents to make out any traits. Therefore, during early phases of battle, he was more relaxed than Feng Yanrou, obtaining clean and crisp victories. But during the later stages, Feng Yanrou exceeded him. The stronger the enemy, the greater was the toughness of Misty Snow Palace's skills demonstrated. Especially Ice Snow Sword Domain, which was a skill that seemed to cost a lot of Zhen Yuan when used. But once used, one didn't need to invest Zhen Yuan on other skills, which in turn, actually allowed the user to save Zhen Yuan.


Watching Feng Yanrou get her fifth win, Mysterious Moon Prince's complexion turned somewhat unsightly. Regardless of whether she won this match or not, her sixty five win streak had already been nailed. Of course, if she won, his number one position of this year would change masters. This made him quite unwilling. It wasn't as if he didn't have any interest towards Feng Yanrou. In fact, he didn't wish to be surpassed by her only because he had an interest in her. This was a matter of dignity between men and women.

Huang Kaishan forced out a laugh and said, "In a one on one, she is not your match."

"You can't look down on her. Breaking the Ice Snow Sword Domain is very hard. But, regardless of how strong its defense is, body itself has a limit." Although he spoke such words, he already had an answer inwardly. In a match with her, his chances of victory didn't exceed fifty percent. But even then, he was confident that the final victor would be him. This was because he valued victory more than anyone.

The sixth match for Feng Yanrou was exceptionally arduous.

Her opponent was a lot weaker than her in usual condition. Unfortunately, the current her didn't even have sixty percent of her usual strength. She was completely relying on her exquisite skills to fight, completely avoiding head on confrontation.


Relying on a sword artist's patience and the ability to look for holes in the opponent's defense, Feng Yanrou gnashed her teeth and issued a deadly strike, breaking her opponent's defenses.

Sixth match, victory.

As of now, Feng Yanrou had surpassed Mysterious Moon Prince by one victory, achieving a streak of sixty six wins, and ranking fourteen.

Before the seventh match began, Feng Yanrou voluntarily gave up.

If it had been a life and death fight, she was sure that she could win. But, she might sustain heavy injuries. However, this was not a life and death fight, but an Elimination Tournament.

"Sixty Six win streak, more than Mysterious Moon Prince."

"Ferocious! I wonder if there is anyone who can beat this record."

"Now the only interesting matches are in Blue Water City. Perhaps, we'll find our answer there."

As soon as Feng Yanrou's battles concluded, many spectators lost all interest. Now, what they most wished to see was how far Ye Chen would go.

Ye Chen didn't watch Feng Yanrou's matches. It didn't matter to him whether he watched them or not. Matches from sixty to seventy were the hardest ones, whereas the matches from seventy to eighty were somewhat easier. At the very least, the challengers would be the previously faced Astral Reaching experts. So, one would be somewhat aware of their style.

Blue Water City Dueling Stage...

The spectators in the stands shook their hands.

"Forty wins, still too easy!"

"Every duel is settled within five moves, with no waste of Zhen Yuan at all."

"Over there, Feng Yanrou stopped at sixty six. Let's see whether Ye Chen can beat that."

Another day passed.

Ye Chen again broadened his accomplishments, attaining a fifty win streak from forty. The eight peak Astral Reaching experts dispatched from Blue Mountain Nation posed no problem to him. The other two opponents were actually experts who had previously gained fifty win streaks, and had a strength of extreme Astral Reaching level. Ye Chen played with them for a few moves, then won smoothly.

In the VIP room...

The old man surnamed Chen had a grave expression as he spoke in a low voice, "We made a mistake. This guy is even more troublesome than Mysterious Moon Prince and Feng Yanrou."

"Then, should we prepone tag team battle?" The individual beside him spoke.

"Not possible. There is a reason wheel battles are fixed for matches between sixty to seventy. At the very least, we'll be able to see a lot more from the remaining ten battles."

"That's fine too. I truly wonder where this kid came from. He can already give both Mysterious Moon Prince and Feng Yanrou headaches."

The old man surnamed Chen suddenly thought of something and smiled, "Actually, we don't need to be too worried. He absolutely won't attain a seventy win streak."

"What do you mean by that?"

Everyone was skeptical. Even after observing him for so many days, they had not been able to see through Ye Chen's depths. They were quite worried about their chances of success in a wheel battle, which were not more than seventy percent. It should be known that they had long since known the depths of Feng Yanrou and Mysterious Moon Prince, and were ninety percent confident in the success of the wheel battle. Mysterious Moon Prince was topped at sixty fifth match and Feng Yanrou at sixty fifth, and there were even more frightening matches that awaited them.

The old man surnamed Chen said enigmatically, "We are only seventy percent sure. How about we add Mysterious Moon Prince, Feng Yanrou, and even other more than fifty streak winners in the mix?"

"Are you saying they will all join the formation of tag team battle?"

"That's right! Both Mysterious Moon Prince and Feng Yanrou are much stronger than us. Even those fifty streak holders are stronger than half of us. With them, what do you think about our chances?"

"Hundred percent, hundred percent for sure!"


All the individuals in the room laughed heartily. In the history, the strongest wheel battle arrangement had been made for the individual who gained the hundred win streak. Although they lost, they made it extremely hard for the former. In comparison to that person, Ye Chen simply wasn't even worth mentioning. It was like a difference between a child and an adult.

"Mysterious Moon Prince might be possible, though I suppose Feng Yanrou won't agree. A few days ago, she was seen with Ye Chen in a tea house." Someone pointed out.

Elder Chen said confidently, "No, you're wrong. They are young and hence have a strong desire for supremacy. Mysterious Moon Prince will agree, and chances for Feng Yanrou are eighty percent. Not to mention, even without Feng Yanrou, our chances are hundred percent. Mysterious Moon Prince will be the core of the formation; he alone could make for five people. With him, there wouldn't be any problems whatsoever.