Chapter 396: One Sword Cleaves The Stage

 Chapter 396: One Sword Cleaves The Stage

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At the critical moment, Huang Kaishan's expression suddenly turned grave and his eyes turned into slits. Moving his left foot back, he clenched the air before him. A berserk Zhen Yuan condensed into a gigantic Zhen Yuan beast head, which had two long whiskers and eyes as big as lanterns. As it opened its mouth and roared, the air violently swirled like water and formed funnel-shaped whirlpools.

"Red Water God Fist, Dark Beast Roar!"


The next moment, the sword qi slashed in, ripping through the vortices and creating frantic explosions. Zhen Yuan splashed like a fountain, sprinkling everywhere and enveloping more than forty li. The black-robed old man, who was within the proximity, immediately retreated. The next moment, the splash immediately created several meters deep holes on the surface where he had been standing. It should be known that even if the stage weren't made of special materials, the metal plank was still quite expensive. The aftermath of their battle could even pierce the metal plate several li away and leave behind several, meter deep holes. If that splash had fallen on his body, it would have been even more dreadful. He would have been gravely injured, if not dead.


The Zhen Yuan beast head and sword Qi fiercely smashed into each other. Blood curling howls resounded, and frightening sound waves twisted the air, warping the scene.

"Trifling sword Qi, don't think it will make me take a single step back. Break for me!"

Huang Kaishan was astonished after making a wrong estimate of Ye Chen's strength, so astonished, in fact, that he immediately aroused all his Zhen Yuan. The beast head became increasingly real, so much so that it was even dripping Zhen Yuan saliva from the corners of its mouth. It fell on the surface and created arm-thick deep holes.


The sword Qi exploded, and its fragments slashed at the beast head. The enormous backlash made Huang Kaishan's right arm tremble, gradually going numb.

Fortunately, the sword Qi could not sustain for long, and it inevitably dispersed. On the other hand, the Zhen Yuan beast head breathed along with Huang Kaishan, thus possessing a sufficient Zhen Yuan support.

"B*stard! I really looked down on you."

Dispersing Zhen Yuan beast head, Huang Kaishan moved his right hand behind his body. He was stretching his fingers away from plain sight, pacifying the numbness in his palm and arm with a gloomy face.

Ye Chen didn't take the opportunity to push his advantage and said indifferently, "If you have just this much strength, you'd better leave. You can't stop my streak."

"I admit that I seriously underestimated your strength. However, don't think you can really contend with me with your little skill." Getting rid of the numbness in his arm, Huang Kaishan grinned, revealing a set of milky white teeth. An incredible tyrannous aura rose, "I was intending to teach you a lesson, and leave it be. But, since you fail to appreciate kindness and are living in your own grand delusions, don't blame me for making you lose face here."

As Huang Kaishan spoke, his aura became increasingly grand, raising funnel shaped vortices around him. Ye Chen's sword Qi had indeed made him astonished, but it was not enough to move him. With regards to strength, he was at least in the top eight of Cloud Billow Region. There were only two or three people that could wholeheartedly convince him, and among them, one was his eldest senior brother, Little Master Red Water. If his eldest brother knew that he lost in the hands of some nameless individual of the same generation, the former would undoubtedly be furious. Moreover, his most powerful move had yet to be used. He absolutely didn't believe that Ye Chen could turn the tables.

Ye Chen shook his head. This person had no idea of how high the heavens were, 'Sigh! I'll just open his eyes to the truth. Let's see who ends up losing face here."

"Are you finished? Three moves, and I'll have you leave the stage."

Huang Kaishan's face immediately froze. As he stared Ye Chen, a thick and strict expression emerged on his face, "Very good. I'll see how you make me leave in three moves, though that's assuming you can hold on for three moves."


The stage began to fiercely shake.

It was, in fact, Huang Kaishan. He stamped on the stage, creating several cracks on the sturdy surface as he charged forth in a dark yellow beam of light. Zhen Yuan surged behind his body, forming a huge demonic beast.

"Try my Red Water Sect's profound martial skill, Water Beast Fist Wave!"

One fist, two fists, three fists...

In an instant, Huang Kaishan issued eighteen punches, with each punch condensing out a Zhen Yuan whirlpool. Eighteen Zhen Yuan whirlpool seemed like a surging flood. They integrated into groups of three, instantly tripling the fist energy as they completely surrounded Ye Chen, leaving no place to hide and forcing him into a head on confrontation.

"Even the Pavilion Master admires Red Water Sect's Water Beast Fist Wave. It's a technique that combines both offense and defense. After three moves, the one leaving the stage won't be Huang Kaishan, but Ye Chen." After losing his sixty sixth battle, Mysterious Moon Prince was feeling somewhat gloomy. At this moment, however, he was watching the battle with a smiling face. He seemed to have already seen Ye Chen ending all battered and pale-faced.

In another VIP room, Qing Zhu muttered, "This is good. It will teach him not to be too cocky in future. His defeat is already settled."

"The match is not over yet. Just watch, we'll naturally know what happens." Although Feng Yanrou said so, she was somewhat worried inwardly. Although Ye Chen's strength seemed comparable to his opponent, he didn't have an exceptionally powerful move. If the Ice Snow Sword Domain were a defensive technique, Water Beast Fist Wave would be an offensive move. Moreover, his speed was not faster than Huang Kaishan's quick punches. He had nowhere to hide and could only be surrounded.

In the stands, spectators had regretful expressions.

In their opinion, Ye Chen would be stopped at merely a streak of twenty nine. After all, who could have expected that Huang Kaishan would appear for his thirtieth match? The latter was, after all, the second disciple of Red Water Sect. It was a pity indeed! If not for Huang Kaishan's appearance, Ye Chen would have at least attained a forty win streak, and even a fifty win streak was not impossible. How unfortunate!

The air froze, and even the time seemed to have stopped.

Eighteen whirlpools integrated into six tub-sized whirlpools, completely locking Ye Chen in. The space itself seemed to be raining down fist energy.

"It seems more troublesome than Black Dragon Tyrant Fist."

Ye Chen didn't move, leisurely analyzing the intricacies of Water Beast Fist Wave. Both Black Dragon Tyrant Fist and Water Beast Fist Wave were same in the way that they required comprehension of water's profound. But, the former applied this profound entirely in an offensive manner, making it purely offensive. Therefore, it should be much harder to comprehend, which made the technique in the hands of the imperial prince inferior to Huang Kaishan's Water Beast Fist Wave.

"Green Lotus Sky!"

Lightly increasing the sword intent and holding the sword with both hands, Ye Chen poured pure Green Lotus Zhen Yuan into the longsword. As the sword slashed out, the thick sword light tore open a several hundred foot long opening in the frozen air, breaking the lockdown of Water Beast Fist Wave. The next moment, a thick sword light frantically slashed out like a shining moon and instantly smashed into the six whirlpools.


The whirlpools scattered in succession without putting any resistance whatsoever. Planting its root in the void, the sword light became increasingly magnificent, and the frightening energy wrapped around Huang Kaishan, soaring into sky.

"Impossible, Water Beast Fist Wave broke."

The teacup in Mysterious Moon Prince's hand exploded.

Qing Zhu's mouth wide opened as disbelief covered her face. Feng Yanrou's eyes repeatedly shone with a peculiar glint. First, Ye Chen broke Qing Zhu's Ice Snow Sword Domain, and now Huang Kaishan's Water Beast Fist Wave. His sword was actually so powerful!

"You broke my Water Beast Fist Wave? How is this possible? Impossible! Wrapped in sword light, the demonic beast surrounding Huang Kaishan's body was turning increasingly dim. His eyes reddened before he roared. The demonic Beast shuddered, and the brilliant sword light scattered away at once.

Before he even landed back, Huang Kaishan aroused his Zhen Yuan and made a short arc, again charging towards Ye Chen. The fierce Zhen Yuan ripples tore open another ditch into the stage.

"Have another fist and lose."

Eighteen whirlpools appeared and condensed into six big whirlpools. This time, the whirlpools were spinning much faster, completing draining off water Yuan Qi from the surroundings.


This time, Ye Chen didn't intend to break it again. His longsword danced, sprouting green lotuses. A magnificent sword light bloomed, turning from feeble to rich and overflowing. It almost covered the entire stage, not only dispelling Huang Kaishan's fist energy, but further pinning him down on the surface.

Huang Kaishan still wished to counterattack, but Ye Chen was no longer interested.


Holding the sword with one hand, Ye Chen chopped straight down.


Before the sword qi, the thundering sword gales stormed in, horrifying Huang Kaishan. In his perception, a huge sword was about to cleave through a mountain in the void. If he didn't escape, he would absolutely die. Although killing on stage was prohibited, how could he cover the fear that emerged from deep within him?


Disregarding face, he exploded with an unprecedented potency, madly escaping from Ye Chen's attack.

Ye Chen's lips curled up. This was what he had been waiting for, to make Huang Kaishan leave the stage on his own accord. After all, he had used this move precisely to scare Huang Kaishan. If the latter kept thinking he could squeeze a narrow victory, it might end up creating many disturbances. Thus, Ye Chen had no worries as Huang Kaishan left the stage.


A three hundred meters high and a li long, transparent sword light appeared in the void and cleaved the stage in two, setting off sharp gales which marked sinister-looking sword scars on the even ground around the stage. These gales were frightening enough to turn metal into powder.

Following this sword strike, the spectators watching it suddenly felt their hearts stop. Even separated by ten li, they could feel the terror of this strike. They even thought that this strike would cleave the stands in half and turn all of them into mincemeat.

"Too frightening! This is what you call a sword artist, a sword artist with an exceptional offense."

"This strike felt as if it was slashing at my heart. F*ck, my heart almost stopped."

As the spectators calmed their hearts, the metallic stage split opened with a rumble and tilted on either side.

This time, the black robed old man was stupefied.

The stage was twenty li long and wide, with a further thickness of hundred meters. Its sturdiness was beyond comparison. Even a low grade artifact's strength was only between one and two folds of an ordinary metal. What kind of power would be required to cleave the entire stage in two? On top of that, the cleaved surface was so smooth that it could be used as a mirror.

"Attack power is good, but this is actually your trump card. How stupid!"

A sneer appeared on Mysterious Moon Prince's face.