Chapter 395: Wheel battle

 Chapter 395: Wheel battle

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After Liu Zhendong, Ye Chen gained two more victories and easily obtained a twenty win streak.

For the first ten consecutive victories, the first victory's reward was a thousand mid grade spirit stones, the second's two thousand, then three thousand... and so on.

From eleven to twentieth consecutive wins, the first victory's reward was one thousand two hundred mid grade spirit stones, then two thousand two hundred, three thousand three hundred... and so on.

Summing up, Ye Chen's current gains were fifty seven thousand mid grade spirit stones. Since one didn't require to give the fee to enter the stage, these spirit stones all belonged to Ye Chen.

In merely two days, Ye Chen had earned a hundred and seven thousand mid grade spirit stones. One had to admit that Blue Mountain Island's Elimination Tournament was basically delivering spirit stones into the hands of experts. As for the martial artists who were ordinary in their respective realms, they could only play the role of spectators.

A ten win streak had a ten-win-streak token, and twenty win streak had a twenty-win-streak token, though one had to exchange it for the previous one.

"Old Wu, what do you think about this kid?" Inside a VIP room, six Astral Reaching experts, who were either middle-aged or old, were sitting alongside each other. If Ye Chen had been here, he would have certainly been able to tell that all of these six individuals were extreme Astral Reaching experts, and two were experts that could rival the likes of White Robed Blade Artist. The one who had spoken was seated in the second position, seemingly about fifty years old.

The old man surnamed Wu beside him said irresolutely, "For now, I can't see his depths. We'll have to consider him a target worth monitoring."

The middle-aged man nodded and smiled bitterly, "Mysterious Moon Prince is already at a sixty win streak and Feng Yanrou at fifty. Both of them are troublesome experts. It seems we must deal with them using tag team strategy. This elimination tournament is not your usual tournament. There is no room for rest in between. Regardless of how strong they are, after five successive battles, they would certainly have a heavy energy and Zhen Yuan consumption."

"En, we'll first deal with Mysterious Moon Prince. He can't be allowed to go on. A seventy win streak is already over our bottom line." The old man surnamed Wu rubbed his temples and continued, "As for this kid, we'll arrange people to go feel his depths after his forty win streak."

All the six of them were Blue Mountain Nation's experts, and were the core strength that kept winners in check. Every single of them was powerful. Perhaps, they wouldn't be able to beat Mysterious Moon Prince and Feng Yanrou one on one, but by relying on the tag team strategy, they would be able to cut off their advances as long as their strength didn't surpass theirs by too much. In so many years, there had been only one person to claim perfect completion in the elimination, in other words, the record of a hundred win streak. Their accomplishments were quite good.

Ye Chen was unaware that he had already been included in the list of targets worth monitoring. Of course, even if he did know, he wouldn't care. Not to mention tag team, even if it were a full-on team, he wouldn't care. If he didn't fear that nobody would come to challenge him, he could settle each fight of his with a single sword strike.

But, as far as Mysterious Moon Prince and Feng Yanrou were concerned, their biggest challenge was coming.

The following day...

The Blue Mountain City, where Mysterious Moon Prince was present, was exceptionally fiery. The air was shaking, and the frightening clamor could be heard up to several hundred li away.

On the stage, Mysterious Moon Prince wasn't at leisure like before. He was sweating profusely, and there were traces of bloodstains on his body, which originated from the cuts and bruises on his body.

He was wounded!

Until this moment, he had fought five matches. Every single opponent had been an extreme Astral Reaching expert. In terms of strength, all of these five were somewhat weaker than him. Usually, he would never put them in his eyes. But, every fight cost him thirty percent of his Zhen Yuan. Even though he had been swallowing supplementing Zhen Yuan pills, they weren't enough to keep up with the consumption. His first battle was a completely dominating one, while the second one was a little intense, and the third was evenly matched. The fourth was exceptionally challenging, and the fifth was the first time he was at a disadvantage. Although he was ultimately able to turn the tables, he lost so much more in the process. Not only did he sustain heavy injuries, he was left with less than forty percent of his Zhen Yuan and completely exhausted. His condition wasn't even sixty percent of the usual times.

During the sixth battle, he could only accept his defeat. However, his sixty win streak was enough to gain great admiration from the spectators.

"A sixty five win streak... As expected of the absolute genius of Cloud Billow Region. I reckon nobody will be able to beat this record until the next year."

"En, his sixty five win streak is already enough to place him at the fourteenth position in Blue Mountain Island's win streak rankings, not to mention he is so young. If he fights again in the future, who can say he won't be able to achieve a seventy win streak?"

"Blue Mountain Island is becoming more and more prosperous. Sigh! In the past, although some peak geniuses came here, it's nothing compared to the present. Every year, there are three to five geniuses coming here and challenging the Elimination Tournament Rankings."

Amidst the discussions, Mysterious Moon Prince stepped down the stage.

"Sure enough, Blue Mountain Nation is not to be looked down. Even you could only sustain five matches." A tall youngster walked over with his arms crossed.

Mysterious Moon Prince said indifferently, "Although I couldn't enter top ten, this year's first place is fine too. Let's leave and take a look around the city."

On the dueling stage of Blue Ridge City, Feng Yanrou's tenth match had begun.

Since seven Astral Reaching experts had left the Blue Mountain City while there were only ten or so to begin with, there were only extreme Astral Reaching experts left for Feng Yanrou. After two or three fierce battles, her next battles were relatively easy. Of course, she herself only fought with ninety percent of her strength, and didn't reveal any of her trump cards.

Her tenth opponent wasn't much powerful, and she easily achieved a sixty win streak.

"Sixty win streak, another sixty win streak... Usually, there wouldn't be a fifty win streak in several years, and now we have two sixty win streaks within a month this year."

"Mysterious Moon Prince and Feng Yanrou, both of these individuals are this year's champions of Blue Mountain Island. Moreover, both are such charming individuals."

"Speaking of which, another youngster has appeared in Blue Water City. He should be even younger than Mysterious Moon Prince, and he is already at a twenty win streak at the moment. His sword his extremely quick; some people are saying that he previously killed thirty people with one sword strike outside the city. His strength is higher than he is revealing on stage."

"You are talking about Ye Chen, right? I saw his match. He is powerful, alright. Though, when compared to Mysterious Moon Prince and Feng Yanrou, he seems a bit lacking. As for killing thirty people with a sword strike, I reckon those people were ordinary mid Astral Reaching experts. Rumors usually turn more exaggerated the more they are spread. Don't mind those things."

"Right, to kill thirty people with one sword strike? I too feel it's really excessive. It would only make sense if his opponents were weak. Feng Yanrou's battles are over, so let's head over to Blue Water City and take a look. Seeing is believing, after all."


Ye Chen had been observing Feng Yanrou's battles. Sure enough, taking a fifty win streak to sixty was not that easy. Among the ten challengers, two were extreme Astral Reaching experts while four were peak Astral Reaching experts. It was fortunate that the one facing the onslaught of tag team battle was Feng Yanrou. Had it been someone else, they would have lost long ago. One had to admit that disciples of big sects had a great advantage during tag team battles. First, they had peak quality Zhen Yuan supplementing pills. Ordinary pills had no use during such intense repeated battles. Second, their cultivation techniques were all top notch, allowing them to possess a rich Zhen Yuan and long lasting endurance. Third, they cultivated some supplementary techniques that allowed them to save Zhen Yuan and amplify their battle power. These three qualities combined was the reason they could obtain a sixty win streak.

"Battles from sixty to seventy will be the true wheel battles. The qualifications to overcome this challenge are exceptionally high. One must have a martial soul embryo condensed as far as the will aspect is concerned, and they should have a good understanding of realm as well. The other aspects also need to top notch too."

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen left the Blue Ridge City's arena.

In Blue Water City's arena, many people were waiting for the appearance of Ye Chen. After all, his previous twenty victories had garnered him some fame. Moreover, he was so young!

Living up to the expectations, Ye Chen continued to win nine matches back to back, and every match was settled within ten moves. None of his nine opponents could be looked down upon. Among them, six were ordinary late Astral Reaching experts.

Perhaps they understood Ye Chen's swift sword, and thus, disregarded speed. They tried to suppress Ye Chen by trying to pull open a distance and fight long range battles.

But it was all in vain. Ye Chen's long range attacks were much more powerful than theirs. Green Lotus Sword Arts' sixth style, Green Lotus Splitting Mountain, produced an enormous sword light, and it left no place unchecked as it swept across.

"Twenty Nine consecutive victories. Now, just one more battle remains for Ye Chen today. Now, who will be the one to stop his march?" The old man said with his beaming face.

"I'll take him on! Let me enjoy to my heart's content." A tall youngster ascended the stage. He was none other than Mysterious Moon Prince's companion.

"Huang Kaishan, the second disciple of Cloud Billow Region's Red Water Sect has gone up the stage!"

"This guy hasn't participated in the Elimination Tournament. I wonder what his strength is like."

"It's certainly not low. As the second disciple of a sixth grade sect, even if his strength can't be compared to Mysterious Moon Prince, he has to be quite strong."

Many people recognized Huang Kaishan, and their expectations for this battle increased by several folds.


As if a tsunami was swirling, Zhen Yuan surged around Huang Kaishan's body. Dark yellow colored steam engulfed everything like a tide, and the black robed old man couldn't help but retreat a step. Huang Kaishan's aura was too powerful, and it suppressed his blood and qi, making his chest feel stuck.

"Take this fist of mine!"

With a muffled shout, his feet slightly parted before he explosively punched at Ye Chen, generating a frightening, rumbling sound.

The air instantly ripped, covering the void with frightening vacuum tears. This punch felt as if a huge dam had exploded, and Ye Chen was a small tree standing in the wake of the flooding waters.

Ye Chen's face remained impassive as he lightly pulled out his longsword and slashed three times.


Sword light interweaved, cleaving the fist energy into several sections.

"Take the second. The punch just now was merely an appetizer. If you can resist this one, you might have the qualifications to make me use my full strength."

Huang Kaishan curled his lips. Ye Chen's strength was somewhat out of his expectations. His Zhen Yuan violently rose before he issued his second punch. This punch had an immense aura, and the fist energy even caused lightning to be generated, not on account of lightning mentality, but due to the energy being powerful enough to spark some.

"No need to resist. Why don't you have my sword first?"

With a flicker, Ye Chen's longsword directly pierced through the fist energy. Sword Qi ripped the sky, creating a huge vacuum tear and making it seem as if the whole space surrounding the stage was cleaved in half.