Chapter 394: Which is faster, the blade or the sword?

 Chapter 394: Which is faster, the blade or the sword?

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"Mr. Ye, please wait."

After putting away his winning tag and fifty thousand mid rank souls tones, Ye Chen did not have the interest in continuing watching. When he was just about to walk away, Feng Yanrou walked over with Qingzhu following right behind her.

He turned around, not looking surprised at all. Feng Yanrou was a powerful warrior, with forty consecutive wins. He had heard about it before, so he naturally knew that she was in the Blue Mountain. Plus, the fact that Qingzhu used the exclusive sword art from the Snowy Palace School made it very clear that they were from the same martial school. It was reasonable for the two of them show up together.

"Miss Feng!" Ye Chen nodded as he stopped walking.

Feng Yanrou smiled lightly and said: "If you don't mind it, perhaps we could go to the cafe for a cup of tea? Last time, I didn't have the time to say thank you to you. And, I want to do it right this time."

"Of course, since you have asked. Miss Feng, please lead the way."

Ye Chen looked very calm. In fact, there were not many things that could shock him. No matter how powerful his opponents were, or how beautiful, no one could shake his mind, unless his opponent was couple of realms higher than him and deliberately targeted him.

The Qingyou Cafe was one of the famous cafes int he Blue Water City. Although the building looked very ordinary and a bit shabby even on the outside, only with peaceful observation could one see its uniqueness. It was just like a good cup of tea, that one must taste slowly.

On the second floor of the cafe, the three sat by the window.

"Mr. Ye, I was informed of the incident between you and my sister disciple Qingzhu. I would like to apologize for her. I hope you would not mind it anymore." Once they seated, Feng Yanrou said with sincerity.

Ye Chen smiled, "It was nothing to be remembered."


Qingzhu made a face and a slight noise to protest.

Feng Yanrou rolled her eyes at Qingzhu, but did not say anything. Her cool eyes landed on Ye Chen once again, "Before, it was all because of your help that I got to take revenge for my dead sister disciple. If you have any needs in the future, please do tell me."

"There is no need. I just did what I could. Plus, it was rather interesting. If it happened again, I might have done it differently."

Ye Chen did not think he did something special, and he did not do it for anything in return either. By this moment, the tea had been served, so he lifted up the teacup and took a sip.

"Mr. Ye, you are being too humble. No matter what, I owe you a big one." She then picked up the cup as well, but put it right back suddenly. She used her Zhen yuan and asked, "Mr. Ye, I wonder if you have studied the Puppet School which especially designed the puppet spell?"

"Indeed. Judging on the disciples' personal abilities, this martial institution is a normal rank 5 one. There were two Life and Death Realm warriors, but they were relatively normal ones. However, in the years when the puppet School existed, it was so powerful that its name spread out in the whole True Spirit continent. Also, they also had some tricky ones, so the school's general power was one to two times higher than estimated. Their work was considered priceless in the whole of the continent."

"Is Miss Feng having some news on them?"

Ye Chen did not think it was only a random chat. He could tell the power of the Puppet School from some small details. For example, in the Wood Man Challenge in the Sky Cloud Martial School, all of the wooden men inside were only at the Condensing Qi realm, but it was already a lot for the outer disciples. While battling with the wooden men, they did not have to worry about killing them accidentally, which allowed them to explore the limits of their power. As a rank 5 martial institution, the Puppet School must undoubtedly have hundred times better puppets than those wooden men.

Feng Yanrou nodded, "Near the Blue Mountain Island was a ruin of a former branch of the Puppet School, hidden in the deep ends of the lake where the waves are extremely dangerous and unpredictable. It is very hard to approach, and without any special tricks, it is impossible to reach the outer area of the ruins. Mr. Ye, if you are interested, we can go there together and have a look at the suitable time."

"Thank you, Miss Feng. I indeed am very interested in these kinds of things."

Before, that Puppet Chicken with zero battling power had already raised up Ye Chen's interest, not to mention the treasures in that ruins. It must not be missed indeed. Plus, she seemed to want to make amends, so why not?

The tea smelled great, and the two stopped talking, quietly enjoying the pureness and the nice smell of the tea. However, Qingzhu was not as patient as them, and was very curious. To her, her Sister disciple Feng was very calm all the time. There was a reason for her to be like that all the time, but she wondered how come that Ye Chen was also this calm and relaxed. Normally, the sudden silence should be rather awkward, but these two gave out a kind of a peaceful and quiet atmosphere when they stopped talking. She felt like she had heard a stream of water slowly running down the hill, giving rise to an extremely poetic scene.

This small gathering lasted for about an hour, most of which went past in this kind of a peaceful quietness, which pained Qingzhu quite a lot. After the small get-together, Ye Chen found a restaurant and checked himself in, while Feng Yanrou and Qingzhu lived in the Blue Mountain City.

Time flew, and soon, it was the second morning.

After playing with the puppet chicken for a while, Ye Chen left the Blue Water City and walked towards the Blue Mountain City.

The Astral Reaching Realm competition was still going strong. Feng Yanrou, who was on the stage had already obtained forty-three wins in a row. With another seven more, she would become the rare warrior with fifty consecutive wins. The title not only meant glory, but the soul stones alone were already something that would make other warriors go crazy.

In her forty-fourth battle, she encountered a powerful opponent, who was a warrior with fifty wins in a row from a couple of months ago. The warrior used two short spears, one of which was surrounded by an ice cold breeze while the other had a burning hot vibe to it. It was a twin extreme trainer.

It was not impossible for someone to have two polar opposite element Zhen yuan. A lot of warriors decided to train two different types of martial arts at the same time. However, being able to fuse the two together and train them both to an extremely high level would be very rare. These kinds of warriors would have a rather high battling power. But of course, there could be another situation where the trained martial arts allowed the trainer to check the Zhen yuan's element. This warrior in front of her was obviously the latter.

Facing this kind of a powerful opponent, Feng Yanrou used all of what she had beside her ultimate Ice Snow Sword Realm attack.

After one hundred attacks from both sides, this warrior finally lost to Feng Yanrou.

Judging by the general power of the two, he was not as powerful as her after all. He did not even push her to use her ace attacks.

The ones after this battle were rather boring. The warriors who went on for a challenge wanted merely to see how big of a gap they had between Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors and them in order to prepare for the future. Eventually, the official organizer of the competition could not watch it longer, ao they sent out two Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors to try and stop her.

After these many battles, her style and movements were exposed clearly. They had planned a strategy against her battling characteristics. As a result, once the battle started, Feng Yanrou was immediately put in the disadvantaged position in the battle. She had almost lost on the spot then. Left with no other option, she performed her Ice Snow Sword Realm attack. Using the powerful defensive and attacking mode, she beat her opponent with extreme power.

With the powerful Ice Snow Sword Realm, she continued to win and got the fiftieth consecutive win. There had been twenty-five warriors who had gotten this title on the whole Blue Mountain Island throughout history. Now, with Feng Yanrou, there were twenty-six of them.

After leaving the Blue Mountain City, Ye Chen continued to go to the Blue Mountain Island.

The battle platform with the Mysterious Moon Prince of the Blue Mountain City had also reached the end. He was extremely powerful as well. From the fifty wins he got yesterday, he had gotten the title of sixty consecutive wins today. It seemed be a bit easier for him compared to Feng Yanrou.

Of course, It did not necessarily mean that he was more powerful than her. With Ye Chen eyes, he could tell that in the last couple of his battles, the Mysterious Moon Prince seemed to always change his battling style, which would be very challenging for the people who wanted to create a battling strategy according to his style. It would be very likely for the opponents to lose the advantageous position.

"If I did not decide to travel, I would not have seen these many different powerful warriors. On this one island alone, there are already two such powerful warriors. The quality of Feng Yanrou is that she is always very sharp and decisive, while the prince is more mysterious and unpredictable."

"There have been a lot of battles on the platform today, I should take care of my wins together."

His body flashed, disappearing from the audience seats.

On the battling platform in the Blue Water City...

"The seventh win! Ye Chen had already won seventeen times. Who is now willing to take him on? Alright! Liu Zhendong has walked up to the stage. He is also a warrior with ten wins from yesterday. His blade art is fast like lightning, which is quite similar to Ye Chen's style. Right now, let us open our eyes and see whether it is Ye Chen's sword or Liu Zhendong's blade that is faster."

Liu Zhendong had left quite a big impression on people. A lot of them had thought that he had the potential to reach thirty, or perhaps even more wins. That was why a lot of people did not understand why he made the decision of coming onto the stage now. Once he reached the level he wanted to achieve, then challenging Ye Chen would not be too late. And now, even if he managed to win the battle, he would have revealed his actual power.

"Even if it means that my wins would have to be reset, I won't care. I, Liu Zhendong, am not afraid of anyone."

Liu Zhendong, who was holding his long blade given by the Blue Mountain Island, walked on to the stage.


Ye Chen stood where he was, without moving an inch.

Liu Zhendong held the blade in his right hand and bent his body as he said, "Be careful. Yesterday, what I showed was not my limit."

"The battle between you and I will last three attacks. Let's begin!" Ye Chen did not plan to win against his opponent with one attack. He had noticed a trick in this whole competition - one should not expose one's power too early, on no one might want to battle anymore. How awkward would that be!

"Blade Out Spell!"

This simple sword spell seemed to have a special effect in the hands of Liu Zhendong. With him taking out his blade, the blade light flashed through the sky and sliced right towards Ye Chen's chest.


A sword appeared out of nowhere and blocked out that attack. It was, of course, Ye Chen's sword. There was rarely anyone who could see how Ye Chen drew out his sword. All they could see was that once the blade attack appeared, Ye Chen's sword was already waiting there.

"Such a smart method of using the qi to enhance the power of the sword."

Liu Zhendong suddenly frowned. He was about to back out, avoiding that sharp sword light for now. However, Ye Chen would not give him the opportunity as he threw out another sword attack, followed by another attack, hence blowing away the long blade in Liu Zhendong's hand. The last attack of his tore a part of his opponent's protective Zhen yuan and landed on his throat.

With all of the three attacks connected in a row, there did not seem to be any time gap in between at all.

Looking at the sword in front of his eyes, Liu Zhendong's tensed body suddenly relaxed, "I lost. Your sword is faster after all."


Suddenly, the platform which was made with special metal suddenly cracked open. The breaking speed of the platform was not as fast as Ye Chen's sword speed.

Inside the guest rooms. The Mysterious Moon Prince and the tall man were both there. The latter touched his chin, "It seems to be a bit tricky. His sword is very fast, and very smooth."

The prince said lightly, "Increase the distance, and avoid close up battle. As long as there is enough distance in between. It would be useless no matter how fast his sword can be. Your distance attacks can control him completely. The sword artists do not have high defense."

"I am not worried about the close-up fight. It would be a bit tricky is all that I meant. I cannot wait for tomorrow to come." The tall man licked his lips.