Chapter 393: Shattering the Ice Snow Sword Realm

 Chapter 393: Shattering the Ice Snow Sword Realm

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"Interesting! It is a disciple from the Snowy Palace,"

In another VIP room, two young people were sitting right next to each other. The speaker was a tall young man, while the man right next to him was rather attractive. He wore his hair up with a golden crown on top. If there were someone who had traveled a lot, he or she would have recognized him as the head disciple of the Mysterious Moon Pavilion, the Mysterious Moon Prince.

He said, "There must be some kind of personal business involved. Before reaching twenty wins in a row, there should not be many powerful warriors challenging him, since you would have to give the other people some chance, right?"

"Yeah, I think so too. This Ye Chen is going down. Knowing that the ten wins were right in front of him, but losing it in the last battle... But, I think it is rather okay, since he was getting cocky from all the wins. He must be thinking that he is so powerful that he would reveal all his power already. Now, there is going to be a strong blockage in his path. Well, he deserves it."

In the tall man's eyes, Ye Chen had already used all of his power. Even if he had some more power hidden away, it would not be much, and he would lose in no time.

Little did he know that Ye Chen had already tried his best to cover his power, but the opponents in the previous nine battles were so weak that he did not even want to play around.

Qingzhu was also a sword artist. She took out her longsword, pointing at Ye Chen as she said, "Give me my Chicken puppet, and I will give you an honorable loss."

'She does not seem like she will ever give up...' Ye Chen said lightly, "Alright! If you win against me, I will give you the chicken puppet. But, if you lose, don't ever come back and bother me."

"Damn! Who do you think you are?! Check this out!"

Heard him, Qingzhu got furious. Ye Chen's tone was pissing her off, like she could not win against him at all.

The sword arts of the Snowy Palace were famous for their unpredictable nature and coldness. Once a sword attack was thrown out, the air would be frozen, with ice chips everywhere. The shapeless sword qi would be hidden in that freezing cold wind, which would get heavier and heavier. Soon, there would be snow falling from the sky, which acted as the eyes for the sword qi - no matter where the snow landed, the sword qi would attack.

Ting! Ting! Ding! Ding!

Facing this much sword qi, Ye Chen took out his longsword, slicing through in the air. It not only stopped the sword qi's attack, but also drew all of the snow towards the side, messing up Qingzhu's sword qi pattern. The snow accumulated more and more, eventually forming into a huge snowball that landed on the tip of Ye Chen's sword. Seeing this, he smiled while stabbing out his sword.

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!

All of the snow flew in different direction before exploding in the air. The sword qi that belonged to Ye Chen tore apart the air, shooting out with an unstoppable sharpness.

"Not good! The sky is covered with snow now!"

Qingzhu was shocked at what she saw while she kept backing out. Her sword art was thrown out again, but this time, it was also unstoppably sharp, unlike the one before. The freezing cold sword qi suddenly brought up another huge wave of snow. Amidst that poetic scenery, the powerful sword qi and that sharpness was unbelievably horrifying.


The two sword qi clashed, and the platform, which was made with special metal, suddenly cracked open. The huge cracks did not stop before spreading out, covering the whole platform.

A sneer appeared on Qingzhu's face. Her body turned into a ghost-like figure, floating and stepping around the weakest blasting zone. She looked like a sharp wave of cold breeze, attacking right towards Ye Chen.

"Did no one tell you before that you have a lot of extra steps in your step art?"

Ye Chen's voice went into her ears, along with a sword attack from a seemingly normal sword, which looked extremely sharp in Ye Chen's hand. The sword light was cold and sharp, as it cut down some of her long black hair. That unbearably bright sword light almost blinded her during the process.

"Extra movement... Yes, indeed. Qingzhu also tried to perfect her mentality of the martial art, but forgot the practical part of it. Instead of the most powerful step art, there should only be the most suitable step art for a warrior."

Feng Yanrou frowned slightly, but soon her expression was relieved. Qingzhu was just like her, as they both trained the low rank Snowy Palace sword art - the Ice Snow Sword Realm. It was created by the leader of the martial institution. Because both of them did not train any of their Earth Realm top rank sword arts to completion, they could not understand the deep meaning of the mentality. However, the fact of them being able to use mentality to activate the attack should not be understated, since it was the leader who created this move. Even if they could perform ten percent of its original power, it should be enough to take down other similar cultivation warriors.

"However, Ye Chen is indeed very powerful. His sword attack is very fast. I don't have one hundred percent confidence that I can win against him either if it were me on that stage. But, it is indeed a bit stretchy for Qingzhu to be up there and challenging him. Ah well, never mind! No matter if she wins or loses, after the competition, I should try my best to solve their problems. She is a kid after all."

After cutting down some of her long hair with one sword attack, Ye Chen did not throw out another attack. If he went too hard, then that sword attack would have killed her.

Landing dozens of meters away, he said, "You are not my rightful opponent."

"The battle is not finished yet. Do not underestimate me. Ice Snow Sword Realm."

Qingzhu was caught off guard by Ye Chen's sword and got furious again. She did not expect that not only she would not manage to teach her opponent a lesson, but would get humiliated instead. Her left hand performed the sword art while her protective Zhen yuan suddenly shattered and infused into her body. The next second, a white halo expanded out, protecting Qingzhu in the center. The white light cover was constantly spinning. Countless golden white sword lights were growing within, all connected by their heads and tails, creating layer after layer of mysterious defense.

"Lose now!"

With the protection of the art, she gave up on her step art as she jumped towards Ye Chen. She did not believe that he could break open her art. Among her fellow disciples, besides the head disciple, only her sister Feng could break it open with the attack of the same art. Normally, it would take at least three sword attacks to cause any damage to this self-created profound martial art by the leader, which was even more powerful than the other normal low rank profound martial arts.

Over at the audience seats, people who recognized the art were all chatting amongst each other.

"She has somehow learned the Ice Snow Sword Realm! With this attack, even warriors who are stronger than her will not be able to break through!"

"The leader of that martial institution could make it to the Sea of Souls Realm warrior before reaching his fifties, and creating this martial art was one of the reasons. This low rank profound sword art is so powerful because it can switch attacking mode and defense mode at will. It is extremely hard to take on. It seems like the martial school has already gotten powerful warriors who are ready for this level of martial arts. It is rather smart, since the disciples now have the power to keep themselves safe."

"I think that not only is the Snowy Martial School doing something like this, all the other powerful institutions are making some changes. It seems like the world is about to change dramatically."

Qingzhu was not that famous, but even she had already trained this level of sword art, from which, it was not hard to sense the changes.

"Ice Snow Sword Realm? I always wanted to see it."

Before, he had held back a lot, one of the reasons of which was that he wanted to witness this martial art. If she had not trained it, then he was prepared to end this battle.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sword qi was like rain as it targeted the flaw of the Ice Snow Sword Realm.

But, if the Ice Snow Sword Realm was that easy to shatter, it would not deserve its reputation. That sword light kept spinning, and soon, it burnt out Ye Chen's sword qi easily.

"With thirty percent of power, it would be boring if the protective layer was this easy to break open." Ye Chen's ultimate power was not his cultivation, nor martial arts and sword intent. Before he managed to learn the will power, he was as powerful as a normal Seas of Souls Real warrior. But with the will power, he would be able to compete with powerful Seas of Souls Realm warriors. With all of his sword intent being activated, he could not think of anyone within the Astral Reaching Realm warriors who could compete with him and not be killed easily. But, there would be many chances in the future for him to encounter the low rank profound martial arts, and right now was a great opportunity.

Countless green lotuses blossomed, surrounding Qingzhu within as they continued to tear down the power of the Ice Snow Sword Realm. That unbreakable sword qi penetrated any visible cracks on the protective layer, searching for the true flaw of the defense.

"A*shole, I dare you to challenge me upfront."

Ye Chen's sword was way too fast for Qingzhu to react on time. Within the time she threw out three sword attacks, Ye Chen could at least throw out six sword attacks. As a result, she could only take the attacks while her sword qi did not manage to even teach Ye Chen.

"Competing head on? Okay."

Letting go of his green lotuses, Ye Chen changed his style of attacks. Thunder suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and the exploding sword lights shot out, landing on the protective layer.

Boom! Boom! Pow! Pow!

The electricity traveled like a snake everywhere while the thunder and lightning appeared in front of people's eyes, forcing Qingzhu to back out at least ten steps.

"Sky Shattering Clouds!"

There was a sharp look in his eyes as he waved the longsword. An arm-thick sword light drew a line in the air, attacking the most quickly vibrating area of the Ice Snow Sword Realm.


A sound of clothing being torn open arose. Qingzhu's Ice Snow Sword Realm had been shattered by force, revealing all the sword lights shooting out everywhere, puncturing the floor of the stage. It was so powerful that the audience could not help but gasp.

"The Ice Snow Sword Realm had been shattered!"

Feng Yanrou stood up suddenly.

If Ye Chen had used one hundred percent power to break open the Ice Snow Sword Realm protective level, she would not be this shocked, since it would be reasonable for a warrior with extreme power to win against anyone he pleased. But, it seemed like Ye Chen had suppressed his power and used the same amount of power to break open the Ice Snow Sword Realm, which was very impressive.

"Ice Snow Sword Realm is perfect on its own, but once it loses that perfect balance, it would be impossible to maintain it. The sword lights are connected by the heads and tails. Therefore, even with one failed sword light, it would fail altogether."

Feng Yanrou was also martial genius after all. After giving it some thoughts, she had seen through Ye Chen's strategy. Of course, it also had something to do with Qingzhu's unfamiliarity of the martial art. If it were herself, then it would not be this fragile. Also, the art itself did not have any flaws. The true Ice Snow Sword Realm is very perfect, but because they both had not trained it to perfection, there was always some level of lacking. But, Ye Chen's unique way of breaking it shone some new light on where they could improve more.

With her Ice Snow Sword Realm shattering, it meant Qingzhu had lost, which made her very unhappy. She thought that if she had learned more, then she would not be in such a passive position, and would not be beaten by Ye Chen.

"Ten wins in a row! Another warrior reaches this title. Congratulation Ye Chen for becoming the fourth warrior with this title. Can he continue his wins in the battles tomorrow and create the wonder of twenty wins? Let us wait to behold that wonder. Now, we shall applaud again as he walks off the stage to claim his tag and soul stone rewards."

The elder in black walked onto the broken platform and yelled.

The tag representing ten wins in a row was a special iron tag. There were ten characters carved on it, which represented the ten wins the warrior had won. With it, no matter where the warrior went and bought, he would get a five percent discount. Besides that, all of the mid rank soul stones that had been accumulated with the ten wins would amount to fifty-five thousand. After taking out the entry fee for ten battles, he could still keep fifty thousand soul stones, which was something that every Astral Reaching Realm warrior dreamt of.

"This guy seems rather powerful, but that is the limit to his power." Mysterious Moon Prince said lightly.

The tall young man chuckled, "If he still manages win so many battles in a row tomorrow, then I will pay him a visit the day after. But, after ten wins, that is when the challenge truly begins. Perhaps some warriors who had already won thirty or forty battles will not be able to wait to get onto the stage and torture someone. You will never know."