Chapter 392: Nine Wins In A Row

 Chapter 392: Nine Wins In A Row

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"Damn! This Liu Zhendong is not that powerful anyway. Let me go meet him!"

The tough-looking man right next to Ye Chen stood up, flying onto the battling platform. All of the contestants who did not manage to win ten battles in a row would have to pay an entrance fee. However, it was not much, only five hundred mid rank soul stones for each battle. But, after winning the first battle, there would be a one thousand mid rank soul stones reward, two thousand for the second win in a row, three thousand on the third one, and so on. After winning ten battles, the contestant would not have to pay any more either.

"You are not my rightful opponent. Get down now!"

Liu Zhendong was a blade artist who had already won nine battles in a row, and was only one battle from winning ten.

The bulky-looking mid-aged man held the Blue Mountain Style Iron Hammer and sneered, "Wanting to win against me? You would have to ask the iron hammer instead."


What answered him was a lighting-speed blade light which was like a shadow, rubbing the air before hitting the iron hammer in the middle-aged man's hand.

That was indeed an extremely fast blade attack.

"Using qi to enhance the power of the blade... He is indeed a powerful warrior."

Ye Chen had already seen though Liu Zhendong's trick. There were countless weapons in this world, each one of them requiring a different way of using it. However, each trick was rather similar. There were basically three ways of throwing a sword attack: using the physical strength to enhance the sword's power, using qi, or will power.

The physical power was from the body, which would be purely physical. Every warrior would be able to do so on some level. However, there were not many people who could do it flawlessly, as a lot of them would waste a lot of power but still end up with a rather dissatisfying result. Some of them were able to have a horrifying effect without much effort, which was indeed the gap between warriors' skill. It required a lot of training.

Using qi to enhance the sword power would be much smarter, since the warrior would be able to do so without even moving his or her body. This so-called qi was the power inside the warrior. However, warriors with extremely high cultivation might still not be able to do so perfectly, since holding Zhen Yuan in their hands before throwing out the attacks would not be using qi; it would only be a rather intensified version of using physical power. Using qi to enhance sword power used qi as the main source of power, while the physical power only acted as an assist. In this kind of a condition, the sword attack would be way faster than other people's attacks, and almost unstoppable.

At last, there was the will power. It was invisible and shapeless. Exactly because it was invisible and shapeless, it was able to increase the sword speed to an unbelievable level. Once that sword attack was thrown out, no one would be able to block it out.

Currently, even Ye Chen could only use his qi to enhance his sword power, being a bit experienced in this area.

As for will power, it was just simply too hard. It was not something that any warrior with sword intent could do. Otherwise, every sword artist who learned the sword intent would be a top warrior, which they were not.

The burning hot spark spilled everywhere. The middle-aged man did not even manage to throw out an attack with his iron hammer before being hit by the long blade and forced to drop his hammer.

"Liu Zhendong! Ten wins in a row! Congratulation to another warrior with the title for ten wins! Now, we shall watch him step down to his new bright future."

The elder in black cheered.

The rule of the battle platform was that there could only be ten winning battles in a row for one warrior. If the warrior with the ten wins wanted to continue to battle, he or she would have to wait for the next day. Without the ten wins, they could participate in any number of battles they wanted to, as long as they did not win ten fights consecutively. Of course, if the warrior really wanted to continue battling, it would not be banned, but the reward would be reset.


Liu Zhendong screamed into the sky, feeling a bit excited. With ten wins in a row, besides the five hundred mid rank soul stones he no longer had to pay for each battle, he had made fifty thousand mid rank soul stones, which was not a small number. It was the amount of property that a normal Astral Reaching Realm warrior would have in total. If he was able to continue winning and gaining more and more soul stones, it would be even faster than robbing people.

"Bad luck."

The middle-aged man stood right back to next Ye Chen as he mumbled to himself.

Ye Chen chuckled. The middle-aged man was not that weak. If it were someone else he battled with, he might be able to win a couple of battles and make some mid rank soul stones.

"Is there any more powerful warrior here wanting to come up? In addition, the warriors who had achieved ten consecutive victories yesterday can also join in the battlefield now. The winning record is now reset."


Just as the elder in black finished talking, a middle-aged man with a buzz cut flew onto the platform.

"Alright, Yan Hanlie appears on the stage now. He is a warrior with ten wins from yesterday. The highest record of his was ten consecutive wins. I wonder if he can make it twenty today. We shall all wait and see! Now, we will wait for his opponents. After winning against him, you will be the new champion, and perhaps you will get your ten wins today."


Letting out a breath, Ye Chen stood up. 'It is time for me to exercise my power. I did not come here for sightseeing. And, the awards here on the battling platform are rather intriguing as well.'

"Young man, you are going to challenge Yan Hanlie?" The middle-aged man was surprised as he said: "Right now, although he is only at ten wins, but amongst all the other warriors, he is one of the most powerful ones. He had frozen his opponent's qi and blood within seconds. You probably should wait until he gets off the stage and wait for a slightly weaker opponent."

"No need, he is good."

His body extended, he soon landed on the wide platform.

"Young people are reckless after all. But, he should at least think about what he is getting himself into." The middle-aged man shook his head.

In the front row of the VIP rooms, a beautiful young woman's eyes brightened. She pulled the clothes of another even prettier woman right next to her gently and said, "Sister Feng, he is the one who stole my chicken puppet. I am still furious. I cannot believe he dares to jump on the stage."

That beautiful woman wore a spotless-white dress with blue strings carved all over. Her eyes were like stars, and there was a snow pattern in the middle of her eyebrows, making her look extremely majestical. She was indeed Feng Yanrou. Seeing that Ye Chen had appeared, she was a bit surprised as she said: "Qingzhu, don't mess around. He was the one who helped me killed Gao Qianhe two months ago."

"No way! Him?!"

"Do not underestimate him. His power should not be weaker than mine."

"Huh! That Gao Qianhe had been wounded so badly by you already. That guy had only taken its advantage. I want to see how powerful he actually is."

Qingzhu stopped talking and locked on Ye Chen's figure.

On that huge platform, Yan Hanlie was standing in front of Ye Chen. The platform was two miles in length and width, surrounded by empty fields which also took up a huge space that was more than ten miles wide. The blasting waves of a powerful Astral Reaching Realm warrior could only reach dozens of miles, which could not wound the guests in the audience seats.

"Who are you? Name?"

Yan Hanlie held a pair of specially-made boxing gloves as he yelled.

"Ye Chen!"

Ye Chen sounded very relaxed. He answered as his right hand was sharpening his tough longsword. It was not a luxurious weapon, but its toughness would be tougher than low rank weapons, which was strong enough to take on the Zhen yuan from Astral Reaching Realm warriors.

"Alright Ye Chen, I will be the one to send you off stage."

Yan Hanlie was extremely confident. His right feet stepped on the platform before he jumped at Ye Chen, throwing his right fist, which was covered in an extreme coldness, towards him. That powerful Zhen yuan vibration caused climate changes on the spot, as waves of freezing cold water poured out.


The sound of the sword was heard, as a sword light flashed in Yan Hanlie's eyes. The next second, Ye Chen's sword was already less than one inch from Yan Hanlie's throat.

"You have lost."

The sword light was extremely sharp on the longsword, and the ice-cold aura did not even manage to get close before being torn apart.

"How is this possible? How could I not see him doing that?"

Yan Hanlie's eyes widened.

Over in the audience seating, those of who had seen Ye Chen throwing out an attack before said without thinking, "It is him, the person who had killed thirteen people with only one sword attack! He is indeed very powerful. Today's ten wins will surely be him."

"Thirteen people with only one sword?! Can that be even possible?!"

Someone questioned.

"You will see."

On the platform, the elder man in black walked over with a huge smile, "Young warrior, that was such a fast sword attack. You beat Yan Hanlie, who had ten wins from yesterday. This kind of power is indeed impressive. Right now, you shall be the winner of this platform. Is there anyone who wants to challenge him? Of course, if everyone here does not feel confident enough to challenge him, I will not force of course."

The elder in black was very good at stimulating everyone's emotions. Although Ye Chen's attack was extremely fast, he did not perform all he had got. Therefore, it should still be in everyone's acceptance. Combined with what the elder had said, there were bound to be people who thought they could give it a try.

"I, Gao Tianyu, would have a go."

One of the people who were standing in the front stood out. He did not carry a sword, but that intense sword aura that leaked out of his body was hard to miss. He was obviously a sword user.


Taking out his longsword, Gao Tianyu had cold light in his eyes as he stared at Ye Chen, trying to find some flaws. Ye Chen smiled for his sake and created a flaw on purpose, since he did not want to waste time with him.

"There is a flaw!"

Gao Tianyu squeezed his eyes, as his longsword shook like a poisonous snake crawling out of the hole. A horrifying sword light appeared, stabbing towards Ye Chen in a weird unpredictable angle.

As the sword light was about to get to his body, Ye Chen took out the sword and threw out an attack.


The hair right in front of his forehead had been cut. Gao Tianyu stood still on the spot because he thought for a second that he had died. Ye Chen's sword attack was way faster than he had expected. It had even exceeded his five senses. He did not know how powerful he actually was before actually fighting against him.

"Wow! That powerful!"

The middle-aged man who sat right next to Ye Chen before could not help but gasp.

"Using qi to enhance his sword attack."

Liu Zhendong's expression was full of excitement, because apart from winning mid rank soul stones, one of his favorite thing to do was to watch powerful warriors battling each other. There would rarely be people dying from battles, because according to the Blue Mountain Nation's official laws, no killing was allowed unless necessary. One might say that if someone was relatively more powerful and could not stop himself from killing once he revealed his true power, the national security would sentence the warrior in question for murder. The minimal sentence would be expulsion from the nation, and the maximal would be death.

Third win!

Fourth win!


Eighth win!

Ninth win!

Soon, Ye Chen had already won nine battles in a row. With one more win, he would be entitled to the ten wins tag, which could get a five percent discount on everything he bought there. Plus, there would be fifty thousand mid rank soul stones.

"No, I cannot watch this anymore! Who does he think he is?! Sister Feng, I will go challenge him!" Qingzhu stood right next to Feng Yanrou grumpily, then pushed open the gate of the VIP room.

Feng Yanrou did not stop her, but shook her head. Qingzhu was not weak; instead, she was one of the top Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Most importantly, her step art was spectacular, and so was her flying art. There had been times before when she battled with Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Within one hundred attacks, even they would not be able to do anything to her. Since she had the power to compete, even Feng Yanrou wanted to see if Ye Chen was as powerful as she expected.