Chapter 389: Dragon King Bestows A Talisman

 Chapter 389: Dragon King Bestows A Talisman

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Before returning to the Ye family, Ye Chen left behind large quantities of low-grade spirit stones and martial skill manuals.

In the battle of Bewilderment Fog Island, dozens of Astral Reaching experts died at his hands, including the Island Master. All the belongings in their storage rings fell in Ye Chen's hands, enabling his low grade spirit stone collection to go past the ten million mark and reach the ginormous number of fifteen million. The black-robed Island Master himself contributed more than five million spirit stones.

Low grade spirit stones didn't have much use for Ye Chen. Astral Reaching experts basically didn't use low grade spirit stones for cultivation, and neither could low-grade spirit stones allow them to buy articles of their desire. What Astral Reaching experts needed were mid grade spirit stones. Therefore, Ye Chen left behind eight million low grade spirit stones for Sky Cloud Sect without a second thought.

Only if Sky Cloud Sect possessed sufficient low grade spirit stones would their growing young generation have enough resources to attack higher realms. On the True Spirit Continent, talent and perception were important, but resources were important as well. Fortuitous encounters could also come in the form of resources to a certain extent.

"After visiting the family, I'll be gone from Rudra Region for a long time. These little spirit stones can be considered my farewell gift!"

Above the mountain peak, Ye Chen flew off, cleaving the air.


Luo City, Ye family.

A figure stood before the lake that occupied an area of dozens of mu.

Zi Zi Zi Zi...

On the figure's hands, lightning flickered, sometimes assuming a bear shape, sometimes that of a panther, and sometimes a lion. In the bear shape, the frightening might accumulated in the lightning would be enough to break a mountain. In the panther shape, the lightning was quite agile, unceasingly dancing around, and in the lion shape, the strength, under the supplement of speed, amplified its destructive power. It seemed like the integration of bear shape and panther shape.

"Thunder Beast Transformation... Although it's a hammer technique, it won't stop me from comprehending it. Peak earth grade skills are extraordinary indeed. Within a short time period, even with my perception, I've only comprehended the first three transformations, and I'm still quite far off from the fourth one. I feel that I'll find the opportunity of merging the eighth style of Shocking Cloud Sword Art within the Thunder Beast Transformation.

It was Ye Chen. Three days had passed by since his return from the Sky Cloud Sect. Apart from participating in the full-scale clan meeting on the first day, he was quite idle on the second and third day. If he wasn't chatting with his father and mother or playing with his younger siblings, he was comprehending Thunder Beast Transformation, preparing to evolve his Sky Shattering Clouds.

Sky Shattering Clouds' current might was more or less the same as the eighth style of Green Lotus Sword Arts. But, this was not its full potential. If he could fuse the eighth style, its might would absolutely not be below that of the incomplete ninth style of Green Lotus Sword Arts, and if he could fuse the ninth style, he would have created a low grade profound sword move. Although Ye Chen wouldn't be the creator of the fused, low grade profound sword move, there wasn't any difference whatsoever. It would still be classified as his own profound sword move, and would be the most suitable for him.

"No need to rush the ninth style for the time being. I feel that the fused Sky Shattering Clouds will be born first."

Fusing the various sword moves of Sky Shattering Cloud cost Ye Chen a lot of blood and sweat, and this made him deeply appreciate it. In this respect, it was actually above Green Lotus Sword Arts.

"Wa! Such pretty lightning! Big brother, how are you doing this?"

A young and soft voice could be heard, carrying an intense curiosity.

Ye Chen turned around. In his line of sight appeared two adorable kids who were staring the lightning on his hands with eyes full of longing.

"Little Xuan, Xiaoxiao!"

Ye Chen let out a smile.

These two were his younger brother and younger sister. The former was called Ye Xuan and the latter was called Ye Xiaoxiao. Both were currently three years old, and their voices were quite vivacious and adorable.

"Teach me, big brother." The younger brother Ye Xuan hopped around while clapping his hands.

Ye Xiaoxia was not willing to be outdone, "Teach me too!"

"Little fellas, don't create trouble for your big brother." Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing walked over.

"Father, mother." Ye Chen dispersed the lightning, then swooped up Ye Xuan and Ye Xiaoxiao in his arms, "You can learn it once you grow up."

"Why grow up to learn this?"

Ye Xiaoxiao blinked her eyes and asked.

"Because now is not the time for you to cultivate. I, your big brother, also started cultivation from the age of ten. Why don't you just play for now?" Looking at his younger siblings, Ye Chen remembered that he asked his parents such questions when he was little as well.

Clearing his throat, Ye Tianhao said, "Chen-er, as your father, I didn't wish to cause any hindrance for you. But in these six months, we heard that you were chased by four extreme Astral Reaching experts and were forced into the Bewilderment Fog Forbidden Zone. We didn't know whether you were alive or not. Your mother and I were really worried. This time, you want to leave the Rudra Region and roam the continent. The danger you will face is going to be even higher. I want to know, can't you do without leaving Rudra Region, and maybe stay here? You can become the peak existence here."

Shen Yuqing hadn't spoken, but Ye Chen could see from her eyes that her views were the same.

Ye Chen glanced at them, then shook his head, "Father, mother, do you know how big the True Spirit Continent really is?"


Ye Yianhao was at somewhat at a loss, not knowing what Ye Chen wished to say.

"True Spirit Continent has four big sectors, east, south, west, and north. Apart from these, there is also a central region, the Celestial Martial Region. Just the south sector has eight regions, and there are more than thirty regions throughout the continent in total. Rudra region among these is an existence at the very bottom, with the minimum number of geniuses. What does it matter if I can stand above the Rudra Region as its sole tyrant? There are too many geniuses on the continent, but in every hundred years, the number of newly born Life and Death experts doesn't exceed ten. Who knows how many youngsters are born in a hundred years. Those who are born in my generation would at most occupy five or ten years of these hundred years. So, in a hundred years, there would be a dozen of new generations competing. With so many young talents, not even ten can become a Life and Death King, so you can imagine the struggle yourself. Therefore, if I stay in peace and leisure, I'll inevitably lose my edge. If you don't forge ahead without fear, others will step past you. Not making progress is the same as going backward. This world doesn't belong to anybody in particular; if you want to walk to the peak of this world, you can only rely on yourself."

Ye Chen never considered that he would become a leading character of the world by overcoming the Sea of Soul realm. During these years, he had strived for every bit of improvement. If his thinking was of becoming a leading character but he didn't wish to take the initiative, he could only watch himself being reduced to a mere spectator. As a guest from the other side, he didn't wish his life to be limited within such a scope. He would merely be wasting this life then. He wished to attain one peak after another with his own hands. The mysteries of True Spirit mysteries of the entire cosmos, he wished to understand it all.

Feeling Ye Chen's determination and strong will, Ye Tianhao laughed bitterly. He couldn't persuade Ye Chen, and ended up being persuaded instead.

The determination to become strong, how could it be changed so easily?

Suddenly and for no apparent reason, Ye Tianhao felt extremely proud. He, Ye Tianhao, was merely the leader of Ye clan, which was nothing but one of the eight clans of Windy Nation. Even in the Windy Nation, he didn't amount to much, nothing to speak of the South Rudra Region. And Considering True Spirit Continent as a whole, he was no different than an insect. But, what did it matter? He had a son with aspirations as high as the heavens, a son who he thought would shake the entire True Spirit Continent in the future. Others said that a lion's son could not be dog, but his son was a true dragon!

After chatting for a while, Shen Yuqing wanted to leave with Ye Xuan and Ye Xiaoxiao, so as to not have them disturb Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled, "You two go ahead! I'll bring them back. It's better than cultivating."

'En, big brother will leave after a few days. Xiaoxiao wants to stay with big brother some more." Ye Xiaoxiao clung on Ye Chen's neck.

Shen Yuqing and Ye Tianhao could only smile helplessly. After not seeing Ye Chen for such a while, Ye Xuan and Ye Xiaoxiao instead became more closer to Ye Chen.

Once they left, Ye Chen gave up on cultivating and thoroughly enjoyed his hard-to-come-by time of relaxation!

"You wanna fly?"


"Good. Come one by one. Big brother will make sure you fly."

As they were playing around, the space above the lake water suddenly split open, as if a transparent mirror had been torn apart.

At the same time, an amiable-faced old man walked out from therein.

"You are...Senior Dragon King!"

Ye Chen recognized the old man. It was none other than one of the oldest Life and Death Kings of True Spirit Continent. Battle King had some impressions of this person.

Dragon King arrived before Ye Chen in one step and stroked Ye Xuan and Ye Xiaoxiao's head, "These are your siblings? How adorable!"

"Let me thank Senior Dragon King on their behalf."

Retracting his hands, Dragon King's gaze shifted on Ye Chen's body. He nodded in satisfaction and said, "Your appearance is kind of an oddity. Xuan Ho and I speculated that the rise of South Rudra Region is still a long time away, but you broke it. Thanks to you, the entire Rudra Region has begun to rise. Destiny is gathering here as well. It's exceptionally faint, but I can feel it."

"Oddity?" Ye Chen thought inwardly. It was indeed an oddity. Nobody could know that he came from a different world. Even Life and Death Kings couldn't.

Suddenly, Dragon King pointed his finger at his forehead, and a mysterious power poured into his Sea of Soul. Ye Chen couldn't react whatsoever.

Retracting his finger, Dragon King said grimly, "This time, I'm here to give you a protective talisman."

Ye Chen put down his brother and sister, then felt his forehead. In his Sea of Soul, a small resplendent light of will was floating underneath his sword soul embryo. It didn't occupy the leading position, as if it were just a guest. It was neither under Ye Chen's control, nor Ye Chen could feel its might.

"A protective talisman for a genius I favor is quite common. It's not exclusively for you. You don't need to feel that you've been treated specially. This is a strand of my will, and you'll only be able to use it at death's door. Once you use it, it will be completely gone. In other words, it can protect your life and give you another chance. But, don't get complacent, as there are a lot of geniuses with protective talismans. If you bring them at the door's death, their talismans would activate as well. Since you can't use this will yourself, it can only act as a passive defense. Of course, it will increase your defense to a frightening extent. The might of a living King's will is far beyond your imagination."

"Many thanks to senior Dragon King!"

Ye Chen didn't reject it in hot-bloodedness. Among the same generation, he didn't fear anyone. But, he couldn't deny the possibility of Sea of Soul realm experts chasing after him. At that time, Dragon King's will would be his defensive talisman. He, who had experienced the will sculptures, clearly knew how frightening the will of a King could be. Although Dragon King's will could only be used as a passive defense, it was sufficient.

"No need to thank me. Someday, I may also need your help."

Leaving these words behind, Dragon King retreated a step, and at the same time, the space behind him parted open, revealing pitch-black darkness inside. The Dragon King entered the darkness, and the space closed up again.

"Grandpa is too powerful. He just disappeared!"

Ye Xuan raised his head and spoke.

Ye Chen stroked his head, "Later on, big brother will show you the same trick."