Chapter 385: The Hand Covering the Sky Appears Again

 Chapter 385: The Hand Covering the Sky Appears Again

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Following the sword Qi, Ye Chen issued ten consecutive sword strikes, completely surrounding the three, "As I said, you're nothing but a pack of barking dogs. Just come at me together. It would spare me the time in dealing with each of you individually."

As of now, any Astral Reaching expert within the Rudra region was nothing but a harmless chicken before Ye Chen, unable to withstand a single strike from him. Not to mention an extreme Astral Reaching expert, even if one were three times as powerful as the former, it wouldn't matter at all. Of course, if it had been usual circumstances, Ye Chen would have probably exchanged a few moves for fun. But, as far as pursuers from Floating Mountain were concerned, there was no need to hold back at all.

Peng Peng Peng...

Sword Qi crisscrossed.

The three inside didn't even have the opportunity to counterattack as their protective Zhen Yuan shattered one after another, and blood splattered. This was still because Ye Chen was somewhat apprehensive and didn't wish to expose his full power for no reason. After all, once his exceedingly frightening strength was exposed, it would inevitably lead to other troubles. It should be known that extreme experts represented the peak of Astral Reaching realm in South Rudra region, and if an extreme Astral Reaching realm possessed an upper grade artifact, he or she would be unrivaled. If he were to kill all three of them in mere seconds, the sensation created by it would be simply unimaginable, as he knew they were not alone. There were others who were keeping an eye on this battle. After all, as far as strength of soul was concerned, he wasn't one bit inferior from Sea of Soul experts.

Despite restricting his strength, Ye Chen far surpassed Astral Reaching Paragons, or one could say that he was the sole paragon.

"Impossible! I have a defensive upper grade artifact amplifying my defense by seventy percent. How am I unable to resist his sword Qi?"

Shen Tujue lost his mind quickly. Among the three of them, his defenses were the most powerful, but even so, they still crumbled before Ye Chen's sword Qi. Elder Li and Elder Fu were in a much more miserable condition. Their bodies were drenched in blood, dyed red as if their flesh had been sliced thousands of times.


Shen Tujue roared and struck out the palm that had the cover of the black glove. Several barren hills were uprooted, soaring up. High in the air, they shattered and shot towards Ye Chen. The broken rocks rubbed against the air, erupting into astonishing flames like a huge meteor rain.

"Green Lotus Splitting Mountain, Cover Heavens and Lands."

Ye Chen used the sixth style of Green Lotus Sword Arts, the Green Lotus Splitting Mountain. Slashing vertically and horizontally, a cross-shaped sword light encompassed the heaven and earth. Destroying the endless meteoric stones, it crashed into Shen Tujue, smashing him into a barren hill until his figure disappeared within.

"Golden Waterfall Chop!"

"Dragon Serpent Merge Strike!"

Taking advantage of Ye Chen being occupied with Shen Tujue, Elder Li and Elder Fu fiercely attacked Ye Chen with their respective upper grade battle blade and long spear.

"Back off!"

Ye Chen's sleeves fluttered as he swept his sword across.

Sword Qi slashed the upper grade artifacts, and a frightening power was transmitted through the bodies of the blade and spear. Only two "katcha" sounds resounded as the arms of the two elders ruptured, and they flew back while spurting out blood.

Three extreme Astral Reaching experts, no Astral Reaching paragons, couldn't even face a single sword from Ye Chen, and had been heavily injured.

There was no need to talk about Shen Tujue, whose life and death seemed uncertain. Elder Li had been frightened to his wit's end, and even the silent-type Elder Fu was shaking.

Too frightening! How could such a frightening character appear in the Astral Reaching level? Not to mention meeting before, they had not even heard of such a person. It was simply unprecedented.


The barren hill exploded, and Shen Tujue emerged out. He pointed towards Ye Chen and said, "Kid Ye, don't be too pleased. After offending my Floating Mountain, don't think about a day of peace in the future. All that awaits you is pursuit after pursuit!" After saying these words, he turned his head towards the two elders and said, "We'll leave."

He absolutely didn't think that Ye Chen would dare to kill them. After all, they were different from Daoist Jin Huang. The latter was merely a core elder with strength quite inferior compared to them. They were, after all, the strongest Astral Reaching experts of Floating Mountain. They were valued quite a bit. If he killed them, it would be the same as declaring war against the Floating Mountain Sect. Therefore, regardless of how big his guts were, he wouldn't dare kill them. At this moment, they would leave since they wished so, and their opponent wouldn't be able to do anything. This was the strength of a great sixth rank sect.


Ye Chen faced the sky and loudly laughed, his voice filled with killing intent.

"You wish to leave without my sword's permission? Die!"

As the Greenwood sword fluttered, the air whirled intensely. Green lotuses emerged out of thin air one after another, expanding from the size of a thumb to dozens of meters. With only a shake of Ye Chen's arm, the Greenwood sword let out layers upon layers of sword light, which rapidly expanded and rushed towards the three.

"You really dared to attack! Don't tell me you wish to declare..."

Before Shen Tujue could complete his sentence, the sword light had reached him.

Shen Tujue's reaction was to push to protective Zhen Yuan to the limit, shining with a green-jade-like, dark green colored light. However, he still underestimated Ye Chen, who was filled with a killing intent. The sword light, which contained a frightening sword will, pierced through his protective Zhen Yuan like a charcoal fire lighting up a piece of cloth. Following that, even more sword light crushed his hands, and the impact on the dark-green armor made him unceasingly spurt blood.

The sharp increase in Ye Chen's strikes started to make Shen Tujue afraid. He didn't expect that Ye Chen would completely ignore Floating Mountain's threat and act without the slightest bit of hesitation. Unable to endure the intense pain, he let out a miserable scream. He lowered his heads and saw his two arms missing right from the shoulders. Henceforth, he would be a trash. His terrified expression turned into a begrudging one, "Damn it, damn it all! You dared to cut my arms, I, Shen Tujue, and you cannot live under the same sky. I'll annihilate your Ye family and Sky Cloud Sect, killing down every last dog and chicken."

Ye Chen's expression turned cold. This person absolutely couldn't be spared.


Urging his Green Lotus Zhen Yuan, Ye Chen was about to slash again.

"Kid Ye, you need to think very carefully. If you kill Shen Tujue, nobody will be able to save you. My Floating Mountain will certainly march down the south and storm the Windy Nation."

Elder Li's face lost all color before he threatened.

Elder Fu said in a chilly voice, "Go ahead and try it. Elder Fu and I guarantee you that not a single person related to you will survive."

"Not just him, I'll kill all three of you. You can come and leave as you so wish, is there such a good thing in the world? You can proceed onto the road to hell one step sooner."

As the sound of his words fell, Ye Chen's Greenwood sword slashed out resolutely.

Dozens of li away, the grey-haired old man watching the scene suddenly had his expression transformed. An intense killing intent appeared in his eyes, and the air around him exploded.

This time, his mission was to prevent the expert behind Ye Chen to save him. After all, Shen Tujue and the other two elders had four upper grade artifacts. Under their combined assault, any kind of Astral Reaching expert would fall, and so should have Ye Chen. How could he have imagined that the situation would go completely out of control? Not only the three couldn't kill Ye Chen, they were instead about to be killed like dogs and chickens. If he said it out loud, the absolute majority of people would definitely not believe him. Even he himself was in a kind of disbelief.

The grey-robed old man changed his plan. It was impossible for him to see Ye Chen killing them. Unfortunately, at this moment, he was too far away from the island. At this moment, he regretted for not taking the fight between them seriously. If he had done so, he would have moved near the island long ago. Relying on his Sea of Soul realm methods, he absolutely wouldn't have been discovered.

Even with his speed as almighty Sea of Soul realm expert, he couldn't cover several dozen li in an instant, nor did he have the time to attack, since Ye Chen had already moved.

The only thing he could do was to warn with his words.

"Little b*stard, stop right now. If you dare kill the three of them, this old man will let you experience a pain worse than death. Your entire Ye family and Sky Cloud Sect would be thoroughly wiped away from the world."

Packed inside Sea of Soul realm Zhen Yuan, his voice traveled at an explosive speed. In a mere one tenth of a second, it arrived on the island and entered Ye Chen's ears.

"Dream on!"

Ye Chen was determined in his heart. Upon arriving at the perfect angle, the Greenwood sword in Ye Chen's hand emitted sword Qi, which instantly drowned the three like a tide.

Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi...

Chopped apart, absolutely and thoroughly chopped apart...

Under the flood of sword Qi, the their bodies had turned into a blood fog. Only the area under the protection of upper grade artifact was left intact. As for mid grade defensive artifacts, although Ye Chen couldn't destroy them, the high-frequency vibrations produced from the impact of sword Qi still turned everything into blood fog.

One sword strike killed all three of them.

The grey-haired old man was stupefied for a few moments, then turned extremely astonished and furious. He had already warned, but the latter dared to disregard it.

"Little b*stard, you dared to disregard this old man!"


The space suddenly warped, and the old man "teleported" out.

With three flickers, he appeared in the air above the island.

Ye Chen looked straight at the old man. He could tell that the latter was a Sea of Soul expert, and an extraordinary one at that. His frightening might was even purging off the air. The region around him was vacuum, and all the broken objects within several li of his surroundings were swirling up.

Bang! Bang!

The ground suddenly exploded, unable to endure the pressure of an almighty Sea of Soul realm expert.

"This old man originally didn't intend to kill you, as you're not worthy. But today, this old man will create an example. Dying at the hands of this old man, you can be proud of yourself."

The old man didn't care whether his actions were just or not, nor did he care about the expert behind his back. If he wished to kill, he would kill. Ye Chen had succeeded in provoking his anger.

As he raised his right hand, greenish dark Qi clouds started whirling one after another, expanding from a few meters to several hundred meters like if a gigantic millstone. As the millstone took shape, gales started blowing from every direction and black clouds converged in the sky, accompanied by thunder and lightning. The speed of the ground crumbling increased with every passing moment, and it started cracking.

"After killing you, this old man will make a trip to the Windy Nation, although you won't be able to see the rivers of blood."


Along with a roar from the old man, the huge millstone was unloaded and shot out. It completely ignored the spatial distance and arrived before Ye Chen in a blink of an eye.

If Ye Chen were struck, he would die without a doubt even if he had the protection of the Gold Armor. However, his expression was calm, without a trace of panic.

"Let me see how you will kill him and make a trip to Windy Nation, outta here!"

At the critical moment, a huge hand covering the sky suddenly appeared and clenched. The millstone, as if being caged, didn't even have the chance to struggle before a muffled sound of explosion came from within the hand. The black clouds dispersed and lightning stopped as the huge millstone was crushed into nothingness by a soft clench of the huge hand.

After several years, the hand covering the sky had appeared again.