Chapter 384: A Pack Of Barking Dogs

 Chapter 384: A Pack Of Barking Dogs

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Contemplating for a bit, Sikong Ba's figure suddenly flickered, and the space warped. No, the space warped so rapidly that it almost seemed like a teleportation. Leaving the palace hall, he arrived at tall dark green mountain in the back of the summit.

"Why is Sect Leader here?"

A voice came from within the layers upon layers of peaks and mounds.

Sikong Ba's lips moved faintly, "I suppose it's your time to go."

After speaking, he directly flew back inside the palace hall.

The palace hall was completely empty besides him. After a few moments, a grey-haired elder walked inside the hall and faintly nodded towards Sikong Ba with a respectful expression.

The grey haired old man said, "Is it still about that matter?"

Sikong Ba nodded slightly, "That's right. According to Jin Huang's description from that day, the expert behind Ye Chen should be a Sea of Soul realm expert who hasn't attained the Master realm. This time, I've sent Elder Li and Elder Fu to assist Shen Tujue. The success is guaranteed. But, to prevent that expert from interfering, you would be the most suitable to go."

Jin Huang was not clear of the strength of the sky covering palm's owner, but how could Sikong Ba not be clear. After Jin Huang's detailed description, he could ascertain that the former was a Sea of Soul realm expert and couldn't have been a Life and Death King. In fact, a Life and Death King would rarely intervene for the sake of a genius, unless this genius had already matured into an expert of Sea of Soul realm. That was the reason he sent people to kill Ye Chen without any misgivings. Of course, he couldn't go overboard and send Sea of Soul realm experts. Not to mention others would doubt his sanity, even that expert would be furious. At present, all the experts he had sent were Astral Reaching experts. If Ye Chen were to be killed by them, he believed that expert would have nothing to say about it. However, just in case, he felt like sending a supreme elder so that the latter could prevent that expert from saving Ye Chen.

"In that case, I'll leave right away!"

The grey haired elder was quite clear why Sikong Ba had asked for him and not the other elder. In the entire Hanging Mountain sect, apart from Sikong Ba himself, his strength was the highest. Of course, he couldn't go himself, as that would be too troublesome.

"I hope he doesn't interfere, which would for the best. Otherwise, I've already cultivated Pulse Crack to a large success, and I'm just lacking an opponent to test it."

The grey-haired old man smiled coldly as he stepped out of the palace, then disappeared without a trace.

Sikong Ba smiled coldly as well. The grey-haired old man was his senior by several generations, and had a cultivation base of mid Sea of Soul realm. Although the latter was somewhat weaker than him, he was an existence that absolutely couldn't be disregarded among ordinary Sea of Soul experts. With him present, the expert behind Ye Chen wouldn't be able to do anything.

"A little genius has attracted two Sea of Soul realm experts. Ye Chen, you do have qualifications to be arrogant."


Windy Nation, Rudra Sect...

The three thousand meters high waterfall poured down, issuing loud rumbling sounds. From inside the bamboo house, a woman in her thirties who carried a dignified appearance walked out.

"After three years, he has actually made such a huge progress. In the end, I still underestimated him...A genius worthy to be raised with full power."

In the lawn outside the house, the black-clothed scout said, "Sect Leader, Floating Mountain has already dispatched three experts to deal with Ye Chen. I'm afraid Ye Chen's situation isn't optimistic."

Long Biyi shook her head, "A pursuit of Astral Reaching realm... he needs to survive by himself. I can't help him out there, though there is no harm in taking a look I suppose. Perhaps, something unexpected will occur."

As her voice sounded, the space behind her body warped like a gale blowing over a pool. When the black-clothed scout raised his head, there were no signs of Long Biyi.


Ten days later...

Heaven Star City, Nine Star White Jade Tower...

"Where did Ye Chen go?" As soon as he arrived, Shen Tujue established his authority over all the Astral Reaching experts present on the seventh floor. If someone dared to rebel, he would be killed without exception.

Under the pressure from the three, some people pointed towards the north.

"Star Lake!" Elder Li's brows creased.

Shen Tujue gloomily swept his gaze through the Astral Reaching experts, "Keep hoping that your words are the truth. Otherwise, your bodies won't find a place in Rudra region."


Flicking their sleeves, the three left in the direction of Star Lake, which was ten li away.

Seventh Floor's Lobby...

Nobody said anything, all having ashen expressions. Floating Mountain was too tyrannous. For better or worse, they were reputed Astral Reaching experts themselves, but were still threatened in such a manner. If not for Floating Mountain's reputation being too powerful, or if it had been a seventh rank sect, they would have flared up long ago.

Above the boundless lake waters, three figures sped through the air.

"Finding one person in such a vast Star Lake is not going to be easy." We might have to waste some efforts." Elder Li said.

Shen Tujue nodded, then turned his gaze towards Elder Fu who had yet to speak a word, "Elder Fu, your Inspecting Heaven Listening Earth technique can feel movements up to a perimeter of eight hundred li. For the time being, we'll be relying on you."

Elder Fu said, "No problem."

Inspecting Heaven Listening Earth was a supplementary technique passed on through ancient times. It didn't offer much use in terms of battle power, but was extremely useful for tracking a person or some object. By operating the technique at full power, Elder Fu could bring all the movements within a perimeter of eight hundred li within his perception. It was important to note that spirit power of an Astral Reaching expert could only cover a few dozen li. Even comparatively stronger ones wouldn't exceed twenty li. Within twenty li, nothing could hide from them, but after twenty li, one could only feel ripples, and after fifty li, even ripples couldn't be sensed anymore, unless the opponent was deliberately creating a large disturbance.

After one day, their appearance looked rather exhausted.

It was especially the case for Elder Fu, as the wrinkles on his aged face seemed to have increased somewhat. He said in a low voice, "Although this technique of mine is quite useful, I've used it too much during this time period. I have already taken some damage to my spirit. If we can't find his traces in three days, I must return to recuperate, or else I'll even lose my final remaining ray of hope to enter the Sea of Soul realm."

Elder Li and Shen Tujue nodded in understanding.

Shen Tujue snorted coldly, "When we find that kid, I'll let him know the meaning of death being better than life."


On a desolate island in Star Lake...


A barren hill split opened, sword Qi overflowing from it. A surging sword intent surged in every direction, not scattering for a long time.

"Green Lotus Sword Arts' ninth style is quite unrelated. In terms of Wood mentality, I have attained the limit since long ago. My Water mentality is also nearing its limit, and won't budge an inch. It must be due to the application. When the mentalities are same, the one who can utilize it better would naturally be superior."

Mentality was merely the cornerstone, as the application was also the key. Those who couldn't do it would undoubtedly be weaker in battle. For example, the black-robed Island Master's thunder mentality contained an explosive power. This was a kind of application. However, the application in Green Lotus Sword Arts' ninth style was even more obscure.

"One more time!"

Holding the wooden sword with both hands, Ye Chen calmed his mind until it was without the slightest ripple. His eyes suddenly opened as he slashed his sword through the void, striking another barren hill that stood not too far away.


The hill split into two halves. The upper half obliquely slid down, crashing to the ground with a bang.

"En, there is a little hint."

Ye Chen let out a smile. But suddenly, his smile stifled, and his brows shot up before he spread his soul power out.

"Someone is using spirit power to scan this place. It's so thin, but it allows to increase the range by more than ten folds."

Ye Chen's soul power surpassed spirit power, so he was able to immediately pull out the mysteries within this spirit power.

Five Hundred Li away...

Elder Fu's face revealed a smile and he said with a nod, "Found him. On a desolate island five hundred li to the west."

"Haha... What are we waiting for? Let's go."

Shen Tujue was delighted.

The three had sped through at a speed that was five-six times that of their normal. At this moment, however, their speed was completely out of control, instantly attaining three to four times that of sound.

As the three moved, a figure suddenly "teleported" there.

"Seems like I don't need to give them any directions."

The former was precisely the grey-haired elder of Floating Mountain. He was intending to help them a little if they had no method left. After all, the spirit power of a Sea of Soul realm expert was much broader, and quite ingenious at its application. He could easily obtain the same range as that of Elder Fu's technique.

Amidst the complete silence, the grey-robed elder leaped and disappeared from his position. When he reappeared, he was already far away from his original position.

"Floating Mountain actually sent a supreme elder? Could it be they feared I would take action? This should be the case."

Even farther away, a woman in her thirties was floating in the air. Before her was a water screen which was connected to the void. On the screen, the grey-robed elder's figure flickered by. If there were Sea of Soul realm expert in the vicinity, she would certainly discover him. This water screen was activated through the use of profound. Others mainly cultivated battle-type profound martial skills, and those who cultivated supplementary profound skills were quite rare. After all, comprehending battle skills that could amplify one's battle power was much more sensible, unless one had already comprehended several profound battle-type martial skills. Only then would they have the leisure of comprehending other skills.

The water screen scattered, and the woman disappeared from her place.


"We're here."

The three had arrived at the desolate island.

"Ye Chen, get out here!"

Shen Tujue activated his Zhen Yuan and roared.

"Three extreme Astral Reaching experts... The Floating Mountain thinks quite highly of me indeed." Ye Chen appeared on a barren hill with the longsword on his waist.

Elder Li said densely, "You're an astonishing genius. If you continue to grow, you'll quite likely reach high realms. A pity, but you shouldn't have offended my Floating Mountain and killed elder Daoist Jin Huang. Now, if you allow yourself to be quietly captured, we'll leave you a full corpse. Otherwise, you'll be chopped in thousands of pieces."

In their eyes, Ye Chen was already a dead man. Not to mention all three of them were exceptional extreme Astral Reaching experts and could easily suppress Ye Chen, they were further carrying four upper grade artifacts. An upper grade artifact could amplify offense or defense by seventy to eighty percent. One wouldn't find such a strong lineup of Astral Reaching experts throughout the South Rudra region.

"A pack of barking dogs, not much. This desolate island shall be the burial ground for you three.

Ye Chen had already decided to kill.

"Courting death!"

Shen Tujue shouted. He then waved his palm, uprooting a barren hill and smashing it towards Ye Chen. At the same time, his own body flickered, rushing towards Ye Chen.


Cleaving the incoming hill, the sword Qi was like the first ray at dawn that would spread across the horizon, slashing at Shen Tujue's protective Zhen Yuan.

Shen Tujue had absolutely no time to react. With the corner of his mouth leaking blood, his figure shot backward.