Chapter 382: Profound Sense Skill, Black Dragon Tyrant Fist

 Chapter 382: Profound Sense Skill, Black Dragon Tyrant Fist

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The prince didn't stop Yan Beidao either. Admittedly, the reason for his visit this time was to invite Ye Chen to become his bodyguard. However, he was also clear that Ye Chen was not a sword artist that would easily comply with the notion of being an underling. He was already prepared for his rejection. But, Yan Beidao was the number one Astral Reaching blade artist of Black Dragon Empire as well. He was quite ruthless and extremely frightening. By using him to probe Ye Chen, the prince would be able to make some assessments. Of course, if Ye Chen were to suffer defeat at his hands, that would be even better. If one couldn't obtain a genius, one should destroy him before he could develop.

Ye Chen's gaze narrowed, "What are you?"

Hearing these words, the Astral Reaching experts on the seventh floor had their jaws open. If one wished to beat a dog, they had to consider its master as well. Ye Chen's words almost made them spit out their wines. As for the prince who was sitting across Ye Chen, his face immediately sank. The wine cup in his hand exploded, and the wine and splinters immediately evaporated into a light blue mist.

"I'll skin you alive." Yan Beidao's face flushed and breathing quickened. Everybody could clearly see the thick blue veins on his neck which looked like cyan-colored earthworms. With a roar, his ruthlessness erupted as he chopped his palm towards Ye Chen, brimming with a berserk blade aura.

The energy in this palm was restrained, extremely quick and frantic. With a wave, the palm's edge was aimed straight for Ye Chen's face like a huge blade or an axe cleaving the void.

He was quick, but Ye Chen was quicker.

With a little green lotus blossoming, Ye Chen's pointed his sword towards the palm's edge.


Yan Beidao's feet bore through the hard floor before his figure shot back like a shooting star, with his feet stiffly rubbing through the ground. He went straight through the white jade wall of the seventh floor, smashing a big hole, and flew out three to four li away, destroying anything that he made contact with en-route.

He then staggeringly glided and spurted out a big mouthful of blood.

In contrast, Ye Chen's face was not even red, breathing was unhurried, and the chair under him hadn't broken down either.

"So, this is the strength of the person who leads South Rudra region's geniuses? How frightening! Smacking his opponent three-four li away with but a finger, and he couldn't retaliate at all."

They all had heard that Ye Chen had suppressed one of the three most powerful ghost generals- White Bones, and caused him to miserably die inside the mouth of a blood evil beast. Furthermore, he exchanged several moves with Shen Tujue and showed no weakness, then escaped from the chase of four extreme Astral Reaching experts. However, since they didn't see it all with their own eyes, they thought his feats were somewhat exaggerated, or there was more to it. However, at this moment, nobody had such thoughts. Ye Chen was even more powerful than their imagination. For better or worse, Yan Beidao was an expert under the great prince, yet he couldn't actually last one move against Ye Chen.

The prince's face was exceptionally grave. The others didn't understand fully, but how could he not? Yan Beidao was an Extreme Astral Reaching expert. Even if he couldn't be compared with the leader of great blade artists, the White Robed Blade Artist, he wasn't too far off either. With his maddening ruthlessness, even those with a higher strength than him might not be able to suppress him.

"His strength is above the White Robed Blade Artist, similar to Pei Youdao."

As he thought this, the prince sent a Zhen Yuan transmission to Yan Beidao, who was several li away, "Beidao, take out your weapon, do whatever you can, and help me probe his limits."

"I'm gonna kill him for sure."

Yan Beidao didn't need the encouragement from the prince's words. A light flickered in his hands, and a one and a half meters long saber with an extremely thick back-blade appeared suddenly. Holding the blade, Yan Beidao's blade aura surged further. The air around him warped and ruptured, revealing cracks of vacuum. Smacked by Ye Chen's finger, he had lost all his face. During that palm strike, he had used at most seventy percent of his strength, and he wishfully thought that Ye Chen must have used at least ninety percent or even his full strength in that finger. At this moment, he was holding onto a peak mid grade saber, which would allow him to exhibit his peak strength. With bloodshot eyes, he pointed towards Ye Chen with his left hand and shouted, "You lowlife, come out for battle."

"There is no need to go out. I can take care of you from right here."

Ye Chen smiled coldly. His fingers, as if playing a flute, shot out strands of Zhen Yuan, which transformed into stabbing longswords.

Clank Clank Clank...

Yan Beidao waved his blade. The blade danced at such a speed that even water droplets wouldn't be able to enter, forming a cover of blade light around his body.

However, Ye Chen's Zhen Yuan longswords were not ordinary. They carried with them a frightening sword intent. Each one of them carried the power of an extreme Astral Reaching expert's full power strike. If several dozens of such strikes landed on Yan Beidao's protective blade light cover, the destruction caused would be simply appalling.

Only repeated screeching sounds were heard, and the flesh between Yan Beidao's finger and thumb started bleeding before his figure shot back once again. At the same time, several Zhen Yuan longswords caressed his body, covering him in cuts and bruises.


The prince's eye completely shrank, and he couldn't help but stand up.

"Too powerful. Just sitting here, he knocked off the great prince's man who was many li away."

Everybody was astonished!

Ye Chen retracted his palm, then spoke to the great prince of Black Dragon Empire, "Great prince, if you have any powerful men, have them all come together! Sitting here with nothing to do, I'm feeling quite bored as well." After saying these words, he glanced at the black-robed old man standing behind the prince.


It was a merely a gaze, but the black-robed old man felt as if an extremely sharp, peerless treasured sword was slashing towards him, and he couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

"Great prince, this person is more troublesome than we had imagined. This old dog is not his opponent." With trembling lips, he spoke to the prince with the help of Zhen Yuan.

The prince moderated his astonished expression and replied, "I know. He is at least an expert at the level of Heartless Sect's core elder, Pei Youdao."

Pei Youdao's fame in South Rudra region was much more than that of Shen Tujue. After all, before the latter had condensed his martial soul, Pei Youdao had been occupying the position of number one Astral Reaching expert for a long time. Moreover, since they never crossed blows, who could possibly know if Shen Tujue could defeat Pei Youdao.

"Pei Youdao's level..."

The black-robed old man sucked in a breath of cold air. On top of being an extreme Astral Reaching expert, Pei Youdao was also a sword artist. He had both a powerful strength and fierce sword intent. He couldn't think of anybody else with such achievements. The latter was basically unrivaled among Astral Reaching experts of the South Rudra region.

"Haha!" The prince suddenly laughed heartily, then applauded while saying, "Good strength! You've expanded this prince's horizons. During this time's visit, apart from getting to know brother Ye a little bit, this prince also wanted to exchange some pointers. Let's exchange one move, so as to not hurt each other. Is that fine?"

The prince was quite apprehensive of Ye Chen. He feared that as time went on, he would only lose more face. If it were only one move, he had the confidence of settling the matter. After all, he was riding a tiger right now and getting off wasn't that easy. He had no choice but to find a way out of this embarrassment on his own. He had arrived in such a grand manner, so leaving with a loss was not his style.

"I'll humbly accept."

How could Ye Chen not see through prince's thoughts?

"It's too narrow. We'll fight outside the city."

The prince turned around and went downstairs


Ten li to the city's north, by the Star Lake...

Ye Chen and prince stood hundred meters away from each other. Their robes fluttered in the wind, issuing rustling sounds.

In their surroundings, tens of thousands of spectators had gathered. Almost all the Astral Reaching experts in the city had arrived, but of course, the majority was composed of Clasping Yuan and Condensing Reality martial artists.

Ye Chen said indifferently, "Let's begin!"

The prince didn't reply, as the palm concealed within his robes clenched into fist. A black smoke rose, indistinctly carrying a blazing thunder. The smoke became increasingly dense, and in the end, it completely shrouded the prince's body and soared towards sky. The space around several hundred meters instantly distorted, making the scene indistinct.


At some point in time, the sky darkened, and a purple colored lightning struck down.

The moment lightning bolt struck, the prince acted. His figure pierced through the void while flickering in lightning and suddenly struck out with his right fist, which was covered in curling black Qi.

"Black Dragon Tyrant Fist!"

Zhen Yuan rapidly condensed into an enormous black dragon. The dragon was three hundred meters long, and its head was as big as a house. Its two eyes opened, shining with a golden light before it bared its fangs and dove down towards Ye Chen. In its wake, the ground cracked and collapsed, and the lake water by the side surged into raging waves. It seemed as if the end of the world had arrived, and a new era, the era of the tyrant demonic dragon, was there.

"It's the Black Dragon Empire's martial skill, Black Dragon Tyrant Fist!" Some people recognized the prince's fist technique.

"It's said that this skill is an existence above peak earth grade. One fist can change the color of heaven and earth. That Zhen Yuan dragon should be accompanied with a spiritual shock as well."

"Above earth grade? Then, is it not a heaven grade fist technique?"

"Correct! Heaven grade fist techniques are also known as profound sense fist techniques."

The Black Dragon shrouded the heaven and earth. Its claws and teeth ripped void, opening sections of vacuum as if tearing a huge cloth. Its aura was astonishing and soul shocking.

"A profound sense martial skill yet again."

How could Ye Chen not know this technique's rank? It was the same as Feng Yanrou's Ice Snow Sword Domain; both were heaven grade martial skills, in other words, profound sense martial skills. Profound Sense martial skills could only be created by almighty Sea of Soul realm experts, because they had already touched upon the existence of profound sense. Higher the profound sense, higher would the martial skill's power be. Sea of Soul realm experts could at most create low grade profound sense skills. Mid grade techniques were out of their capabilities, and was a job for Life and Death Kings. As for the high rank profound sense skills, only the Emperors had the ability to create them. It was unknown whether Xuan Ho was able to create a high rank profound sense skill. After high rank, there was also a top rank. A person who could create a high rank profound sense skill was already comparable to peak Kings of the ancient era.

The prince's Black Dragon Tyrant Fist had at most scratched the surface, and could only bring out less than one tenth of its full might. Thus, Ye Chen concluded that this technique ought to be a low rank profound sense skill.

'Hmph! Black Dragon Tyrant Fist is a technique created by the Ancestor. Once this move is released, even those stronger than me would be temporarily suppressed. Let's see you ending up with a pathetic appearance!'


The Black Dragon opened its huge mouth, radiating incorporeal ripples of the spiritual shock.

Ye Chen was completely unafraid. His forehead swelled, as if a diamond bead had appeared, and shot out a ripple of formless and intangible sword intent, which immediately destroyed the spiritual shock as if blowing away dust.


Unsheathing the Destruction Sword, Ye Chen issued three sword strikes towards the black dragon.

The strikes were unimaginably quick. The first pierced the dragon's head, the second impaled its neck, and the third directly skewered through the dragon's body.

After these three strikes, Ye Chen sheathed the sword and calmly stood at his spot.