Chapter 379: Feng Yanrou in Shock

 Chapter 379: Feng Yanrou in Shock

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"If you hadn't tried to stop me, then you would not have been killed, and this is called karma. Now, we are all going to die! Extreme Disorderly Blade, explode!" Gao Qianhe seemed to have a death wish as he ignited his zhen yuan. His meridians had been damaged to a level that was beyond repairable, and all of his organs had moved out of its original position. All of this had made his attacks now even more powerful than in the battle with Feng Yanrou. Dozens of whip shadows which looked like garden balsams exploded drastically, puncturing the air into fragments of vacuum space.


Feng Yanrou was full of guilt. If Ye Chen died, then it would be all her fault.

Ye Chen took out his Destruction sword and said calmly, "Miss Feng, it should be okay for you if I kill him, right?"

His voice almost arrived at the same time as the attack, which was less than one inch away from Ye Chen. It was indeed a critical moment, which was why it was strange for Feng Yanrou and Gao Qianhe that Ye Chen decided to say that at this time. What was he thinking?!

Feng Yanrou did not have time to reply, so Ye Chen just assumed that she allowed it.


Seeing that his body was stabbed through, Feng Yanrou was about to scream before realizing that it was only a body shadow. Soon, more body shadows appeared like a wave of ocean which attacked towards Gao Qianhe.

The body shadows were shattered one by one, but Ye Chen's real body was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly, a light sword light appeared out of the blue in the sky. The blue clothed Ye Chen appeared all of a sudden in front of Gao Qianhe as the Damage Sword stabbed out.


The tip of the sword stabbed through the protective layer and into the throat of Gao Qianhe. It then came out from the back of his neck, as a stream of blood was brought out as well, dyeing the air red.


An Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior had died under one attack of Ye Chen's.

And, this sword attack was only a normal attack without any additional tricks or mystery. If one had to pinpoint something, then it would be that it was extremely fast, so fast that Gao Qianhe had not time to react or defend himself. Therefore, when the sword arrived, he simply died.

As he took out the sword, blood spilled everywhere while Gao Qianhe pointed at Ye Chen with his fingers. His eyes were wide open, and his mouth opened as if he wanted to say something. But, because his throat had been damaged, he could not make out a word. Up until the moment he died, he had no idea what had happened. The sword artist who seemed slightly tricky in his eyes had killed him with only one attack, and he did it so casually and gently as well. It was only at the moment when Ye Chen threw out the sword attack that he came to know how sharp it was.

Keeping the posture when he was dying, Gao Qianhe fell backward.


The word that had been stuck in Feng Yanrou's throat had finally made its way out. However, it was not what she planned to say.

It was too shocking for her to comprehend what had just happened. She was just like Gao Qianhe, thinking Ye Chen was just a relatively slightly more powerful sword artist. She assumed he was just another top level Astral Reaching Realm warrior who would be able to fight against an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior for a while, but definitely not able to survive an ace attack of the warrior, since Extreme Astral Reaching Realm was already the highest realm within Astral Reaching Realm that could be. The only people who were able to fight against the level of power would be at least Seas of Souls Realm, or a warrior having a top rank weapon. But, reaching the Seas of Souls Realm was extremely hard. Even though her talent and comprehending ability was the top of the region, her leader had still said that she would not make it in at least the next five years, no matter what kind of great opportunity she encountered. No matter what kind of enlightenment she got to have, there was zero possibility within five years. Not everyone could become someone like the Mysterious Queen; otherwise, she would not be regarded as the most unpredictable warrior of all time.

On the other hand, a top rank weapon was not that easy to come across either. Besides the rank 6 martial institutions, there were rarely any top rank weapons out there in the world. They were mostly in some unknown hidden forbidden places which would be extremely dangerous to get in even for Seas of Souls Realm warriors, not to mention Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Plus, even with the possession of the top rank weaponry, there would be a low chance for the warrior to survive an attack from Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior, since Seas of Souls Realm warrior would not mind killing an Astral Reaching Realm warrior and get his top rank weapons. Therefore, the warriors with a top rank weapon were either Seas of Souls Realm warriors or hidden from the people. Even Feng Yanrou did not have a top rank weapon of her own. It was not because her school did not want to give her one, but because they were worried about endangering her. Being the disciple of a rank 6 martial institution would not be enough to keep some lone Seas of Souls Realm warrior away. It would not change even if the person were the child of the leader.

If an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior carried a top rank weapon, then he would be regarded as an Unstoppable Astral Reaching Realm warrior, which was something that everyone in this world agreed upon.

Unfortunately, those level of warriors were even rarer than Life and Death Realm warriors, not even half of the latter. Plus, all of them were hidden well. Only at the most critical moment would their identities be revealed.

Gao Qianhe was no doubt an Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warrior. Although he was just a normal warrior, the attacks he threw out right before he knew he was going to die was the kind that even Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors would want to avoid. Before, Ye Chen looked nothing special, and only his movement art was impressive. However, when he took out his sword and was about to kill something, it was only then that Feng Yanrou had realized how powerful he was and how sharp his sword light was.

One sword attack!

Only one sword attack!

Gao Qianhe, who had been chased by Feng Yanrou for three straight months, who she had no way of getting rid of, had been killed with one sword attack to the throat. It was so smooth.

"What an impressive sword art genius! Before, I was a bit full of myself. I wonder if you are from the Thunder Region or somewhere else?" Feng Yanrou had regarded Ye Chen as a warrior of her level. It was not her underestimating Ye Chen again; instead, it was already a great compliment. When Gao Qianhe was just about to die, although he seemed extremely powerful and unstoppable, in the eyes of sword artists, he was full of flaws. Also, for a sword artist, if he or she did not seize the flaw and attack it, then he or she was not a qualified warrior. Therefore, killing Gao Qianhe when he was about to die was something Feng Yanrou could also do. But before, she thought Ye Chen was only a top Astral Reaching Realm warrior, which was the reason why she was so shocked at what had happened.

As for where exactly Ye Chen was from, she had never thought about South Rudra Region, since she thought it would be impossible to have a powerful top warrior out of a region that had not had a Life and Death Realm for hundreds of years. She knew that the South Rudra Region had started to decline thousands of years ago.

It would only be possible for Ye Chen to come from a region like the thunder region or the other ones.

After shaking off the blood on his sword, he put it back into its scabbard, then turned to say to Feng Yanrou, "Sorry, it was kind of a forced habit."

Actually, with Ye Chen's power, he could block out Gao Qianhe's last attack like drinking water and eating food. However, after being trapped in the forbidden area for almost half a year and being constantly desperate and almost breaking down for more than four months, that evil gloominess in Ye Chen's head had never disappeared. Before, he did not know the story behind, which was why he did not do anything to him besides simply blocking him out. But now that he wanted to kill him for real, that wave of evilness had exploded again in his head, using the opportunity of killing him to release that frustration.

After killing the man, Ye Chen felt so much better.

Feng Yanrou shook her head, "No, if you hadn't killed him, he would have killed you. I have not said thank you to you yet, how would I blame you for that?"

Not being able to kill him herself was slightly disappointing for Feng Yanrou. But now that he had been killed, she also felt quite relieved. Therefore, that hint of disappointment disappeared instantly.

Ye Chen chuckled and asked, "You are from the Misty Snow Nation?"

"Yeah, I am a disciple from the Misty Snow Martial School. And, you are from the Thunder Region?" She asked back.

"No, I am from the South Rudra Region."

"South Rudra Region?"

She was a bit surprised. She had never heard that there were any martial geniuses worth noticing in the South Rudra Region. Only Sikong Sheng had a relatively famous reputation. Of course, she had not updated her knowledge for years. Back then, Sikong Sheng was only a peak level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, and she was already at Astral Reaching Realm. After all these years, Sikong Sheng should not be much weaker, since he should already have reached the Astral Reaching Realm as well, which would rank him in the top twenties, and perhaps even top ten. All in all, he represented a generation that was full of potential.

"Yes? Is there something wrong?"

Feng Yanrou shook her head, "So, in the last Hidden Dragon Rank competition, it should be you who had beaten Sikong Sheng?"

"Yes, he was very powerful, which took me a great effort to beat him. Now that he has gone to the other regions, he should have made a great progress as well."

Ye Chen never underestimated others. Sikong Sheng, Yan Chihuo, Murong Qingchen, Li Daoxuan, Tuobaku, and Bing Ling were all his competition, and being in the lead now did not mean staying that way forever. The true meaning of a martial genius was that you would never foresee when he or she decided to explode and grow, because once it happened, the results would be horrifying. The Mysterious Queen also had a period of quietness where she did not make much of progress. But when it happened, it had shocked the whole world.

When one was underestimating the others, one would also underestimate oneself in a way. There were a lot of martial geniuses who were full of themselves, but amongst them, there were people who had accomplished a lot. Even amongst the great Life and Death Realm warriors, there were a lot of arrogant ones. They were all humans after all.

Therefore, personalities meant nothing. As long as one would spend the effort and be hardworking, then no matter who one was or where one was from, one would be able to make something in the world for oneself. The same went for people who were born evil.

Feng Yanrou did not spend more time thinking about this, "This time, you were able to kill Gao Qianhe for me, so I would have to really thank you. I had chased after him for three months, and now I will have to go back to the school and report the matter. Oh! What is your name?" She had already told him her name.

"Ye Chen."

"Ye Chen...Alright, I will remember it now. See you again someday!"


That ice-cold aura slowly disappeared as she flew into the distance, disappearing into the horizon.

Looking at her gradually receding figure, Ye Chen thought to himself, 'South Rudra Region has been regarded as weak for so long now that no one in the world right now pays much attention to it, thinking that it would only get weaker and weaker.' However, everything would change from now on. He, as the current number one martial genius of the region, would naturally become more and more powerful. And, all of those young warriors who were ranked below him would also work harder to chase after him. In three to five years, the region would change drastically.

"Wanting to change the competing environment is actually quite easy. It just needs a powerful leader, and I will take that responsibility for now."

For Ye Chen now, being humble had lost its meaning. As the leader of the young generation, he would have to have a certain level of self-recognition.

He turned his head back at the forbidden area and forced a laugh. Within three to five years, he would definitely not go inside there. That place had the potential to drive him crazy. When unlucky, it would be normal to be trapped in there for years. Luckily, he had made it out.


His body turned into a beam of light, shooting through the clouds and towards the South Rudra Region.

The South Rudra Regions was closer to some of the cities in the Star Region Lake, people there were still talking about Ye Chen. To them, he was an extraordinary martial genius who accidentally got trapped in the forbidden area for almost half a year. They thought that without any special opportunity, he would be stuck there for years at least before he reached the Seas of Souls Realm. Even the Mysterious Queen did not reach the realm until she was twenty-five. They felt pity that there would be no more Ye Chen in the South Rudra Region for at least another five years.