Chapter 376: Will, The Key to Leave

 Chapter 376: Will, The Key to Leave

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Ye Chen's face sank. At the very least, there would be eight hundred thousand people who heard the black-robed old man's cry just now. He could tell that the latter didn't dare be certain that he had the Nine Turn Spirit Grass on him, and could only harbor suspicions at most. However, the latter's target was precisely to make others suspicious. It wouldn't matter whether he had the grass or not. It would be very hard for him to clean his hands from this matter.

Even in death, this old fellow would let him have an easy time, ah!

Ye Chen didn't need to look, as he could feel peculiar gazes on his body from every direction, including those of the two sub island masters with whom he had recently joined hands.

"Grand Elder Ye, no... Brother Ye, you really have a Nine Turn Spirit Grass?" Sub Island Master Wang asked.

Ye Chen glanced at him. This sub island master's impression on him was quite good. Unfortunately, as long as one was a martial artist, who wouldn't wish to become stronger? He said indifferently, "Whether I say I have or not, would you believe me?"

Sub Island Master Wang stopped. Indeed, whether he had the grass or not wasn't important. The important thing was what people believed. For those who believed, he had the grass, and for those who didn't, he didn't. It was only possible if Ye Chen had some method with which he could prove he didn't, or he directly took out the grass and proved that he had.

"Whether you have it or not has nothing to with us." Sub Island Master Cui retracted his gaze. He was quite clear. Even if he had the grass, it wouldn't end up in their hands. So, why even bother thinking?

"I have no interest in the position of Island Master. If you have, do as you please!" Ye Chen peeled off the shining Gold Armor, then took off the Island Master's storage ring as well, and left without looking back.

Sub Island Master Wang could see the reason for Ye Chen's disinterest. After all, at this moment, who didn't know who the number one expert on the island was? The identity of Island Master didn't matter at all. As for why he became Grand Elder before, it was probably to avoid annoying problems on the island.

"Brother Cui, let's both be Island Masters without any difference in status. What do you think?"

"I have no objections."

The night descended, and a thick fog enveloped the island.

A golden light pervaded the spacious house. Its luster was thick, and its source was the Gold Armor in the hands of Ye Chen.

"Gold Armor, metal-attributed upper grade defensive artifact... Its value is simply immeasurable."

A defensive artifact was much costlier than an offensive one. On the True Spirit continent, the most important thing was life. Without life, there was no meaning in anything. Due to this reason, upper grade defensive artifacts were too hot to touch. The experts of Astral Reaching realm simply couldn't do so without burning their hands. Only the almighty experts of Sea and Soul had this qualification, and even for them, it would be hard to avoid battles for a defensive upper grade artifact. This was simply unavoidable.

Fortunately, the people outside the Bewilderment Fog Forbidden Zone had no idea that Ye Chen was holding onto an upper grade defensive artifact. When he would go out, it could reduce his troubles a lot, and at a crucial moment, it could even save his life. At the moment of life and death, who would worry about the consequences of showing an upper grade defensive artifact?


The Zhen Yuan entering the Gold Armor not only purged the remaining Zhen Yuan of the black-robed old man, even his aura was completely removed.

However, when he wore it on his body, Ye Chen felt somewhat uncomfortable.

Scanning it with soul power, Ye Chen soon discovered the problem. The armor was branded with the black-robed old man's spirit imprint, which caused him to feel uncomfortable.

Removing the imprint was only too simple for Ye Chen. His sword will went inside and thoroughly cleared the imprint.

"So, the upper grade artifacts need the owner's spirit imprint. Only with the spirit imprint would one be able to keep the artifact's might restrained."

With the black-robed old man's imprint as reference, Ye Chen rather habitually branded his own spiritual imprint. Under his mind's control, Gold Armor's radiance was slowly contained. When it was controlled without the slightest ripple, he wore it inside his clothes. From outside, people would be absolutely unable to feel the presence of an upper grade artifact.

Ignoring the other upper grade artifact, Thunder Explosive Hammers, Ye Chen's attention fell on his storage ring.

Inside the storage ring, there were fifty thousand mid grade spirit stones, five million low grade spirit stones, and even several hundred upper grade spirit stones.

Upper grade spirit stones contained an exceptionally pure Yuan Qi, pure to the extent that one couldn't refine and directly absorb them. Of course, this was only applicable to the level of Astral Reaching realm. At Sea of Soul realm, Zhen Yuan was not merely limited to purity.

"These upper grade spirit stones should be able to take my cultivation base to the next step. Although, they are still a bit insufficient for reaching the peak of late Astral Reaching realm."

Apart from the spirit stones, the ring also had many martial skills- four high earth grade skills, a dozen mid earth grade skills, and even a peak earth grade skill, named [Thunder Beast Transformation]

Thunder Beast Transformation only had four transformations. Compared to nine-styled Green Lotus Sword Arts, it was quite lacking.

Four transformations allowed one to condense four thunder beast images respectively. The first transformation was a bear, second panther, third lion, and fourth a bird.

The black-robed old man had evidently only cultivated up to the third transformation of thunder lion.

"Although it's a hammer technique, the thunder mentality inside would benefit my cultivated thunder mentality quite a bit."

The night deepened, and silence reigned over the heaven and earth.


Three days passed in a flash.

At this moment, the entire island was talking about Ye Chen and the Nine Turn Spirit Grass.

In a certain restaurant, a few Astral Reaching experts were discussing in low voices.

"Have you heard? Island Master was killed by the recently-appointed Grand Elder Ye. Before his death, Island Master said that Ye Chen has the Nine Turn Spirit Grass."

"Nine Turn Spirit Grass?"

One of the listeners cried out in surprise.

"That's right! It's that grass which can increase life expectancy by nine years and strengthen soul. I don't need to tell the importance of soul, you know yourselves!"

"Of course, soul is bearer of will. The more powerful soul is, higher will be chances of entering the Sea of Soul realm."

The news spread like wildfire. Soon, the entire island knew that Ye Chen had the Nine Turn Spirit Grass. There was almost nobody who was unaware.

Walking on the street, as Ye Chen heard the voices with the perception of his soul power, he inwardly shook his head. Too many people knew, and controlling the information would be impossible, 'Whatever, let it leak if it leaks!" Bewilderment Fog Island was completely isolated from the world. As long as his luck wasn't worst to the extreme, this news wouldn't reach the outside world. Otherwise, Island Master also wouldn't have been biding his time here with two upper grade artifacts, waiting for an opportunity to advance to Sea of Soul realm.

"It's time to leave the Bewilderment Fog Forbidden Zone."

Raising his head, Ye Chen's vision went pierced through the city and fell onto the thick fog regions.

At this moment, Ye Chen had finally ascertained that the key to leaving this zone lied in nothing but will. The more powerful the will, the more one would reject this zone's effect. Those with weak will could only be trapped forever inside, regardless of whatever method they tried.

The question was that Ye Chen didn't know if his will was sufficiently strong. It should be known that even almighty Sea of Soul experts were quite unwilling to enter this zone. His current will was equivalent to that of an ordinary Sea of Soul realm sword artist. A sword artist will had to be always resolute, and thus, should be somewhat stronger than that of ordinary Sea of Soul realm martial artists.

Furthermore, his soul was what he relied on. He was quite certain that even the majority of Sea of Soul realm experts wouldn't be as powerful as him as far as soul was concerned. This was his advantage.