Chapter 375: Unrivaled Strength (2)

 Chapter 375: Unrivaled Strength (2)

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"Thunder Lion Transformation was destroyed? Impossible! This move is condensed from a combination of two techniques. Nobody at the level of Astral Reaching realm should be able to break it. I must have made an error somewhere, and kid, you must die by my hands! Thunder Lion Hundred Fission!" Disbelief covered the black-robe old man's face. He had killed countless people with this move. Nobody had ever broken the move in such a straightforward manner. His face twisted as he let out a roar. The two hammers vibrated, and amidst crackling thunder sounds, another thunder lion dashed out. It exploded into hundreds of shooting palm-sized lightning balls, which rained down on Ye Chen, enveloping him within.

"So, an Astral Reaching Paragon's strength merely amounts to this."

Ye Chen had more or less estimated the black-robed old man's bottom line. His sword aura soared as he slashed out, instantly destroying the countless lightning balls.


An incomparably sharp sword Qi streaked across the void, slashing at the black-robed old man's body. The old man shot out to a distance of a thousand meters.

"Island Master was defeated? Am I seeing things wrong?"

"Breaking Island Master's killer move with one sword... Even Sub Island Masters can't do that. Could it be we judged him wrong, and he is actually a wolf in sheep's clothing?"

The moment Island Master shot out, complete silence reigned on the surroundings. But in the next moment, all sorts of discussions immediately exploded along with several sharp intakes of breath.

Grand Elder Sun clenched his fist, and his veins bulged. He couldn't accept Ye Chen having such a strength. When the two of them fought, even though he was at a disadvantage, the latter would need hundreds of moves to actually defeat him. In just these few days, Ye Chen's battle power simply couldn't have increased to such a degree.

"Don't make a fuss. Island Master can't lose."

Grand Elder Sun yelled with a strict voice.

Sub Island Master Wang and Sub Island Master Cui exchanged a glance. Unable to conceal it, they saw the graveness in each other's eyes. Whether Island Master fought with all he had, they knew the best. If the Island Master was unable to resist Ye Chen's attack with all his efforts, they had no doubt that the latter's battle power had already surpassed theirs.

A several meters wide, and more than thousand meters long trench opened in the palace, dividing the major part of the palace into two halves. At the trench's end, dust soared and lightning coiled.


A scorching gale rose, whirling out smoke and dust within. When it cleared, the black-robed old man stood there. A layer of golden light covered his body, and electric current pervaded the light.

Raising his head, the black-robed old man gazed at Ye Chen from afar, "I have to admit that you are the most powerful extreme Astral Reaching expert I've ever encountered. However, defeating me will not be so easy. The reason I can sit on the throne of Bewilderment Fog Island is not merely because of the Explosive Thunder Hammers, but also due to this Gold Armor on my body. With this upper grade defensive artifact, there is not a person under the Sea of Soul realm that can break my defense, and neither can you."

"Upper grade defensive artifact, Gold Armor. Island Master actually has two artifacts, one offensive and one defensive!"

"In this case, this kid's death seems certain. Who cares how much his battle power exceeds Island Master's. By relying on Gold Armor, Island Master can slowly wear him down to his death."

"That's right. Defensive upper grade artifacts can amplify one's defense by seventy to eighty percent."

Compared to the young Ye Chen, island residents were much more willing to comply with the black-robed old man's administration. Perhaps it was due to a subtle jealousy, the most willing one was of course Grand Elder Sun.

"Upper grade defensive artifact, Gold Armor. Good, I like it."

Ye Chen didn't have much interest in his Explosive Thunder Hammers, but he actually was interested in the Gold Armor.

"Cut the arrogant crap! With this Gold Armor on my body, my position is invincible. You have no hope whatsoever. Thunder Lion Hundred Fission!"

Completely disregarding Ye Chen's offense, he rushed out straight towards him while crazily smashing his hammers forward.

This seemed like a stance of 'my life for yours'.

Of course, the black-robed old man had no intentions of laying down his life.

"Then, let's see how hard your tortoise shell is!"

The longsword above his soul sea shook, and a sky-tearing sword intent gushed forth under the astonished gaze of Sub Island Master Cui. Taking one step out, Ye Chen effortlessly slashed with the Greenwood sword.

Clank Clank...

The sword intent contained in that slash was too powerful. Under its effect, all the broken things in the surroundings shot towards the black-robed old man. Even many of the elders fell under the effect of the sword intent, and the artifacts in their hands started to tremble intensely.


The black-robed old man, who was charging forward like no tomorrow, immediately shot back with blood leaking from the corner of his mouth.

Even with the defense of the Gold Armor, the frightening sword Qi injured him. It seemed as if an upper grade artifact's defense was rendered completely useless.


With a second step, Ye Chen slashed out his second strike, which was much more powerful than the previous one. The black-robed old man's all seven apertures leaked blood, and his hair, which were tied in a bun, came loose.

With the third slash, he eventually spurted out a mouthful of blood.

"Ah!" He roared while being absolutely terrified inwardly, "Come... All of you come here and kill him! Hurry up!"

At this moment, Ye Chen gave a pressure that was unbearable for the old man. He understood that if this continued, even if he had Gold Armor's protection, he would be quaked to death. This twenty something youngster completely destroyed his understanding and the iron rule of Unbeatable Astral Reaching Paragons. He was like Xuan Hou back in the day, who disregarded all rules, disregarded everything. Any normal theory would lose its effect when applied on her. Currently, Ye Chen was another such person.

"Island Master wants us to act. Should we do it or not?"

"Even the Island Master is defeated, so what can we do if we went? If we try to kill him and fail, we all will die once he comes back."

Grand Elder Sun sucked in a deep breath, "No need to be afraid, everybody. He just has a powerful attack, but isn't wearing an upper grade defensive artifact on his body. How can we not kill him if we join hands? We number in hundreds. Killing him would be as easy as flipping hands."

"Seems reasonable."



Almost half of the people charged out. Among the remaining ones, some seemed to apprehensive, some seemed to be observing the situation, and some were simply enjoying the show, without any intentions of joining in.

"Brother Cui!" Sub Island Master Wang glanced at Sub Island Master Cui.

The latter said indifferently, "If you want to go, then go! I won't."

"Hehe, I won't either."

Headed by Grand Elder Sun, several dozens of people with weapons in their arms attacked towards Ye Chen from every direction. A frightening chaotic aura converged, shaking the island.

Ye Chen smiled coldly. Before his sword intent had progressed, perhaps he would have feared encirclement. However, at this moment, as long as he didn't wish, nobody could encircle him.


Who said that sword intent could only amplify offensive power? Sword intent spread out on Ye Chen's body. Breaking the limits of the previous speed, his figure flickered, instantly leaving the encirclement.

"Green Lotus Qi Transformation, Corpse Field!"

The Green wood sword slashed out in the front, and an enormous green lotus shattered. With that, numerous and densely stacked sword Qi shot out. Opening in a fan shape, it encompassed all the grand elders and elders within his line of sight.

Chi Chi chi....

The sword Qi contained a frightening sword intent. Wherever it swept through, people fell. Be it protective Zhen Yuan or mid grade defensive artifacts, all seemed like soft clouds.

A wink...A mere wink was all it took.

Less than half of the several dozens of people remained, and those who survived all carried injuries and terrified faces.

Ye Chen spared them no time for regret, and used the most tyrannous move of Green Lotus Sword Arts- Splitting Mountain Green Lotus. A sword light streaked across the horizon, sweeping away the corpses and leaving no survivors.


The people alive had their stomach turned green with regret. Who the fu** said killing him would be easy? This kid was a freak. Group encirclement was simply of no use. Only if large numbers of extreme Astral Reaching experts surrounded him and attacked together would there be some results. Otherwise, regardless of how many people joined, they were nothing but fodder.

"Sub Island Master Wang, help me!"

One individual rushed towards the sub island masters, hoping to seek their protection.

Sub Island Master Wang shook his head and got out of the way.

Sub Island Master Cui was even more decisive. He slashed out, cleaving the man in two.

Watching this scene, elders and grand elders who didn't rush out let out a breath of cold air. Even the two sub island masters had revolted. Fortunately, they didn't act recklessly.

"You two dared to betray me?" The black-robed old man didn't expect Sub Island Master Cui to act so ruthlessly. He directly killed a man who was crying for his help.

Sub Island Master Cui said coldly, "When did I ever pay my allegiance to you? After ruling over the island for so many times, you should step down."

"Good, I'll remember you all! Wait for my return... Not one of you will live." After saying these words, the black-robed old man was thinking of escaping.


Sub Island Master Cui intercepted the path in front of him and said to Sub Island Master Wang, "Don't let him escape, or you know the consequences."

Sub Island Master Wang sighed. His figure flickered and arrived on Island Master's other side, "You need to stay here!"

The black-robed old man's face turned green and body started shaking.

"Why did iit turn out like this?" Grand Elder Sun couldn't understand why the situation changed in such a manner. He resentfully glanced at Ye Chen, 'All of this happened because of him."

Stealthily, Grand Elder Sun flew off, trying to escape far away.

Ye Chen sneered and extended his right hand, pointing in the air with the index finger. A beam of Green Lotus Sword Qi shot out and instantly pierced Grand Elder Sun's head.

Shortly afterward, all the people who had decided to fight died.

The only one left behind was the black-robed Island Master.

He was battling against the two sub island masters. The three individual's battle power was more or less the same. However, the Island Master's defenses were much stronger than the other two. In a short while, nobody could harm the other side.

"Green Lotus Sky!"

A streak of sword light cracked open Island Master's defenses, and sword Qi ripped apart one of his arms. It was none other than Ye Chen. Even at this moment, he hadn't used his full strength. He felt that there was no need to reveal his full strength, since that would be too shocking.

Even so, Ye Chen being able to breach Island Master's defense made the two sub island masters gasp in surprise. They were perfectly clear on how powerful the defense of an upper grade defensive artifact were. After all, they had also fought a great battle against the black-robed old man back in the day.

Bang Bang!

Taking advantage of the situation, the two sub island masters' attacks turned more fierce, causing the black-robed old man to unceasingly spit out blood.


After the sword light, a fist-sized green lotus rapidly expanded before the black-robed old man's eyes. His already chaotic protective Zhen Yuan instantly tore open, and a bloody hole appeared on his forehead.

Blood splattered, covering black-robed old man's whole body.

"You won't have a good ending. The Nine Turn Spirit Grass is not something you can keep." As he spoke his last words, Zhen Yuan contained in his body dispersing away in all directions.

With a chuckle, the black-robed old man fell down, facing the sky.