Chapter 374: Unrivaled Strength(1)

 Chapter 374: Unrivaled Strength(1)

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"Capital offense? I don't think so." Even before his battle strength had advanced, Ye Chen had no fear of the Island Master. If he couldn't beat the latter, couldn't he just run? Bewilderment Fog Forbidden Zone was covered in dense fog, and hiding was an extremely simple matter here. As for the present circumstances, he had no need for any fear whatsoever.

The black-robed old man smiled instead of flaring up, "Seems like it has been too long since I have acted myself. A few individuals here have forgotten my existence. That's fine. You'll serve as fine examples today for the others. Everybody will know of the person who controls the life of every single person on this island."


With the seat behind his back exploding apart, he abruptly stood up. Lightning coiled around his body, issuing popping sounds, "Grand Elder Ye, I'll give you a final chance. Hand over your spirit ring and kneel down for your crime, then I'll spare your dog life. Otherwise, don't blame me for being merciless.

The black robed old man was still somewhat apprehensive. Extreme Astral Reaching realm experts were not so easy to kill. If the former decided to escape with all his heart, his odds of success wouldn't be more than seventy percent. Of course, if Ye Chen insisted on not giving over his storage ring, he would show no hesitation.

"Life or death, think carefully." The black robed old man's voice had become quite low, and his breathing had gradually been restrained, like a volcano on the verge of erupting. He was accumulating the strength in his whole body, bracing to instantly finish off Ye Chen.

"You could have continued being the island master. The island's future would have been in your hands for a few decades."

Ye Chen said mysteriously.

"You don't comply?"

"You don't have the qualifications to make me comply."

"Then, don't blame me since it's your wish to die."

The black-robed old man's fury erupted like a volcano. The lightning around his body suddenly converged in his palm. His figure flickered before he issued a long range palm strike, aiming for Ye Chen's brain.

This palm strike contained thunder's fury and lightning's speed. Even the same-ranked Astral Reaching paragons would refrain from facing it head-on.

Ye Chen stood motionlessly in his place. He didn't take out his sword, nor did he brace himself for the impact. Instead, he just raised his finger and pointed in the air.


A deep green sword qi shot out with a speed like that of a shooting star under the amplification of sword intent.


Several arm-thick cracks appeared in the main hall with. Powerful shock waves were emitted out of the main hall, opening up deep holes.


The muffled sound of footsteps resounded. The black-robed artist's palm was stained with blood. After being forced back for several steps, his face was appalled. In merely more than half a month that he'd not seen Ye Chen, the latter's strength had increased to this extent. Although he hadn't used upper rank artifact previously, he believed that he could take care of Ye Chen relying on his two palms. He was, after all, one of the best among extreme Astral Reaching experts before possessing an upper grade artifact. After further bitter cultivation of decades, his strength had kept increasing. Thus, taking care of a young extreme Astral Reaching realm warrior for him was as easy as flipping his hands. However, at this moment, he eventually understood that Ye Chen's strength absolutely couldn't be measured by the standards of outside world.

"So, you were actually hiding your strength. No wonder you dared to go against me. Do you think this little bit of strength can allow you to be presumptuous before me?"

Composing his shocked expression, the black-robed old man spread out his hands. Amidst a flickering blue light, two huge iron hammers appeared in his hands. Each one was a meter long, having a wrist-thick shaft and a cylindrical head. Their entire body was glistening with a black metallic luster. As the black-robed old man infused them with True Yuan, the tip of their heads issued sharp ink-blue colored thunderbolts while an incomparably frightening pressure spread out.

The iron hammers were undoubtedly upper grade artifacts. Middle grade artifacts didn't have even half of their pressure.

"Upper grade artifact, Explosive Thunder Hammers!" Elder Chen let out a cry of surprise.

Holding the Explosive Thunder Hammers, the black-robed old man's eyes were filled with killing intent as he said ghastly, "I found this artifact from an ancient ruins. Relying on this, the count of extreme Astral Reaching experts dying at my hands hasn't reached ten, but it's eight nevertheless, and you will be the next in count."

"A thunder-attributed upper grade artifact is indeed not ordinary."

Among the various attributed offensive artifacts, those having thunder and fire attributes were the most tyrannous. Earth attributed artifacts had the most solid and deep offense, while the metal attributed artifacts were the sharpest. And, the wind-attributed artifacts could increase the attack speed in addition to amplifying the offense.

An iron hammer type of artifact was full of destructive power in itself. Adding the tyrannous thunder attribute to it was simply giving wings to a tiger.


With the longsword appearing in his left hand, Ye Chen slowly said, "I've never crossed blows with an Astral Reaching paragon before. Today, you'll serve to sharpen my sword."

"How rampant! Receive my move then... Thunder Explosion Fury!"

The black-robed old man rose up from the ground. His muscles swelled as extremely rich thunder-attributed Zhen Yuan poured into Explosive Thunder Hammers, which fiercely smashed at Ye Chen, who was not far away.

Even before the hammers arrived, their pressure immediately exploded half of the hall. Lightning snakes coiled frantically, pervading a circumference of several hundred meters.

"Eh, Explosion-encompassing thunder mentality?"

Confronting the black robed old man's iron hammers, Ye Chen still had the mind to study his opponent's mentalities. As everybody knew, mentalities were divided into various attributes. Apart from the mentalities of natural attributes, there were many illusory attributes. Similarly attributed-mentalities also varied from people to people. The Island Master's thunder mentality contained a sort of explosive power. As soon as the hammer's struck out, half of the hall instantly exploded. It possessed much greater offensive nature than a normal thunder mentality.

'My Heaven Disintegrating Cloud contains a powerful eruption power. So, let's see whose thunder mentality is superior.'


Unsheathing the thunder sword, Ye Chen slashed out, holding it with one hand. Brimming with eruptive power, the sword's speed made the void tremble.

Peng peng peng peng...

Thunderbolt like explosions echoed out one after another. In a few moments, Ye Chen and black robed old man had exchanged dozens of moves. Both of them opted to clash head-on, as neither side was willing to give up even an inch.

Eventually, the hall could no longer sustain their exchanges and disintegrated into thousands of pieces, which sprinkled out everywhere.

"Who is fighting in the palace?"

The numerous elders and grand elders were alarmed alike. With alarm on their faces, they immediately rushed towards the palace.

Sub Island Master Residence.

Sub Island Master Wang raised his head, and his brows creased. From the fight's aura, he could sense that one was clearly Island Master, and other was somewhat strange. He seemed to have met the counterpart, but was not sure.

"Island Master and I are more or less the same in terms of strength. But, he has two upper grade artifacts- one is the Explosive Thunder Hammers while the other is a defensive one- Gold Armor. With this armor, even if Sub Island Master Cui and I joined hands, we might not be able to breach his defenses. Therefore, the master of this island is him, and not me, Sub Island Master Cui, or anybody else. This person can evenly match against Island Master, which means his strength is not below mine. Unfortunately, Island Master inherently owns an invincible position. At the level of Astral Reaching realm, nobody can defeat him."


Sub Island Master Wang lightly stamped and soared up.

In the other house, Sub Island Master Cui awakened from his cultivation, pushed open his door, and streaked across the horizon like a blade light.

Sub Island Masters, grand elders, and elders all lived not too far away from the palace. Apart from those who were out for work, all the experts on the island had gathered together.

As their eyes fell near the destroyed hall in the middle of the palace, they were immediately left stupefied. The one exchanging blows with Island Master was none other than newly-appointed grand elder Ye Chen.

"This kid is too bold, too reckless. To fight against Island Master..." A middle-aged grand elder said.

Grand Elder Sun's eyes shone with schadenfreude, "I already told you this kid is bad news. Seems like the position of grand elder wasn't enough to satisfy him, and is now eyeing the position of island master."

"Just by himself? He simply doesn't know what death is."

Shua! Shua!

Sub Island Master Wang and Cui arrived at the scene.

"Sub Island Masters!"

Everybody cupped their fists towards them.

Sub Island Master Wang said, "Do you know what happened?"

"We've also arrived just now!"

Faintly nodding, his gaze fell on the black-robed old man momentarily before immediately retracting it, seeming as if nothing was amiss. But inwardly, he was astonished.

"Forcing Island Master to use Explosive Iron Hammers... This strength is not below you and me."

Hearing these words, Sub Island Master Cui said gravely, "He still has strength remaining."

"Still has strength?"

The former was quite amazed. If these words had come from someone else's mouth, he wouldn't have believed them. However, the latter was an expert blade artist, and thus, had a powerful eyesight. He would naturally not have spoken such words without a careful observation.

Gradually, elders and grand elders could also see the situation a little clearer. Even after a while, Island Master was unable to gain the upper hand. Did this mean that this kid's strength could already rival Island Master's?

"Impossible! Island Master's killer move is not out yet." Grand Elder Sun denied immediately.

"Indeed! It's not as if there haven't been experts who had exchanged several moves with Island Master. However, there has been nobody who could come out alive after his killer move. This time also wouldn't be any different."

"Hehe, let's see how he will die!"

Sub Island Master Wang also shook his head, "Too impulsive."

Island Master hadn't used his killer move, and even the Gold Armor hadn't been activated. Even if Ye Chen's strength were to be as high as the heavens, he would still be helpless before the former.

Since the battle had been going on for a while, the black-robed old man also began to feel irritated. He roared, "Good! To be able to exchange so many blows with me, you're the third in several decades. But, this next move will claim your dog life."

"Thunder Lion Transformation!"

With his step cracking the ground, the black-robed old man soared in the air, holding the iron hammers high above his head. One after other thunderbolts frantically converged at the hammers' head, converging unceasingly. They quickly formed into a lion that bared its teeth and claws. As it roared, a frightening pressure encompassed the heaven and earth.


The two hammers suddenly struck downwards, setting off the lion which dove at Ye Chen.

"Green Lotus Blossoming!"

Sheathing the Thunder Sword, Ye Chen took out the green colored wooden sword and slashed, still holding it with one hand. Sword light suddenly unfolded, facing the thunder lion.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Like a firework exploding, the lion was engulfed within the sword light.

However, this move was the black-robed old man's best move indeed, and contained a highly condensed power of thunder. The sword light immediately dimmed as soon as it made contact. However, shortly afterward, the dimmed sword light erupted with an even more frightening might, becoming more brilliant from dim. Not only did it rip apart the lion's body, a streak of light even pierced the lion's head.