Chapter 364: Becoming Grand Elder (3)

 Chapter 364: Becoming Grand Elder (3)

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Ye Chen turned his head and glanced at Grand Elder Sun, but the latter didn't spare a single glance in his direction and had a faint smile on his face.

"Alright. Grand Elder Sun did suffer light injuries during our battle. I can compensate him with ten thousand mid-grade with spirit stones to treat his injuries. What do you think Grand Elder Sun?" Ye Chen's words were completely out of everybody's expectations.


Grand Elder Sun could no longer stay calm, unable to help but show his fury.


The black-robed old man evidently didn't expect Ye Chen's words either. His brows shot up as he said, "So, you refuse to apologize. Have you considered the consequences?"

"I've considered the consequences before I even arrived here. Even though I don't know whether this island has a place for me, Ye Chen, but I think Island Master also shouldn't think I'll apologize."

"Hehe, you're quite courageous."

The black-robed old man smiled and stood up, dark blue lightning snakes with a thickness of human wrist erupting from his body. Amidst the crackling sounds, an aura of Astral Reaching paragon spread out, surging towards Ye Chen.

Pa, Pa!

The court was, after all, made of ordinary materials. How could it sustain the black-robed old man's aura? Cracks started to spread on pillars, walls, and the surface.

Amidst the fluttering long, black hair, Ye Chen stood upright in the middle of court, allowing the aura to batter his body. If the black-robe old man's aura was a tide or berserk thunder, then Ye Chen's aura was like a black reef, a sword, held tightly.

"Powerful. Worthy of an expert who could hurt Grand Elder Sun."

"Although Island Master's aura is not much powerful compared to extreme Astral Reaching experts, with the amplification of martial will, ordinary Extreme Astral Reaching experts won't be able to sustain it. He can actually keep standing without any change in expression."

Some Grand Elders starting discussing through Zhen Yuan.

"Large Success of sword intent, with a power exceeding that of perfect sword intent." The white-robed man sitting across Sub Island Master Wang had a thoughtful expression on his face.

Suddenly, the black-robed old man's aura scattered completely, as if all of it had just been an illusion, "Very well, you have the qualifications to be a grand elder of Bewilderment Fog Island. This is a grand elder command token. Take it."

Shua! A black-painted command token shot towards Ye Chen.

"I wonder what will be my duties?"

"Bewilderment Fog Island is quite lax. What you need to do is manage your own region. Of course, you can arrange help to do so. At the moment, there are no other duties. If there are, you will be informed. As for grand elder's residence, you can stay next to Grand Elder Sun. That area has quite a big vacancy." The black-robed old man sat down once again and said mildly.

"Next to Grand Elder Sun."

The two exchanged a glance; both could see the ill will in the other's eyes.

"Hehe, isn't that interesting?"

Among the grand elders, an attractive middle-aged woman pursed her lips. The arrival of Ye Chen had increased the island's liveliness. She was convinced that nobody below the Sea of Soul realm could leave the forbidden zone. Henceforth, the power struggle on the island would inevitably augment.


Even though he was living next to Grand Elder Sun in words, the two were actually separated by dozens of li. They were not that close.

A ten li perimeter residence was completed within a week. Funnily enough, the construction crew consisted solely of Condensing Reality and Clasping Yuan martial artists, numbering more than five hundred people. The construction speed was frightening, and the structure was done merely in almost two hours.

Of course, the payment came from Ye Chen's own pocket. Condensing Reality martial artists were given ten low grade spirit stones a day, while Clasping Yuan martial artists fifty low grade spirit stones. In Ye Chen's estimation, the construction would take ten days. If it were completed one day earlier, the crew would receive ten percent more than the promised amount, and for three days earlier, they would get a thirty percent increment.

"I have a grand elder residence, but I still need a few subordinates. I can't be on the go every time something happens!" Bewilderment Fog Island had all kinds of people. There were people from South Rudra region, Blood Stone Islands, and also from other regions. These people obviously didn't go head to head against Bewilderment Fog Island, but they were not that polite either. Moreover, Bewilderment Fog Island didn't prevent fights. As long as these fights didn't damage the buildings of Bewilderment Fog Island and didn't cause too big of a commotion, they didn't care much. However, this rule was too vague. There were those who liked to see these fights happening, and there were those who didn't. Therefore, when necessary, Bewilderment Fog Island did personally intervene and conduct negotiations. They must establish a certain degree of control.

"Although an elder's identity is inferior to that of a grand elder, the former would not accept the latter's instruction. But, four elders did show good will towards me. Under Elders are attendants and captions of City Guard Squad. I'll have to gain a few subordinates among them. If anything happens, I can have them handle it."

Bewilderment Fog Island was too chaotic. In fact, the three Island Masters also didn't wish to maintain perfect law and order. Several decades of tranquil everyday life would inevitably become boring. What would be the fun if there were no battles?


"Have you heard? Another grand elder has appeared in Bewilderment Fog Island. He is very young, not much older than my younger brother."

"I heard that as well. Even before becoming a grand elder, this newcomer demonstrated his strength against Grand Elder Sun. A lot of people witnessed it, right?"

"Really? He seems quite powerful."

Bewilderment Fog Island didn't have many clothes and ornamental stores. After all, this was a place cut off from the rest of the world. The raw materials required were not that easy to find. Apart from the majority which could be sought out on the island itself, many others required one to go into the depths of the lake, which required a heavy manpower. This led to high prices for ordinary goods, dozens or even a hundred folds costlier than the outside world. However, even so, which girl didn't wish to look pretty? Therefore, women clothing stores had always been flourishing and were busy all the time.

Inside a big clothing store, several girls in their twenties were laughing and chatting.

"You said there is a new grand elder?" Zhao Yushang asked.

"That's right! Yushuang you still didn't know?"

"She was out hunting with her grandfather the whole time. How could she know these things? Yushuang, don't be mad, but you should also get married. The women here are relatively less. Finding a good catch will be all too easy. You can see us. We don't need to do anything the whole day. We can use a whole amount of spirit stone pellets and can buy whatever clothes we want. Then there is you, going more than half a year to buy a single thing."

"Exactly! You better find a powerful Clasping Yuan martial artist. Ordinary Clasping Yuan martial artists don't even have enough spirit stones for themselves. If you can find an Astral Reaching expert, that would be nothing but your good fortune."

Zhao Yushuang pursed her lips. She had grown up together with these sisters of her. But, not all of them were married to various peak Clasping Yuan realm martial artists. One of them were even married to an early Astral Reaching expert. However, all of these experts were above forty, not much older than her father. So, she felt a bit uneasy.

"Miss, this dress will cost three low grade spirit stone and five spirit stone pellets."

Ten spirit stone pellets were equivalent to a low grade spirit stone. On Bewilderment Fog Island, the lowest form of currency was spirit stone pellets. There was no gold or silver, because such things had no usefulness whatsoever. One could neither eat them, nor they could be used for cultivation. The spirit stone pellet was a low grade spirit stone cut into ten parts. However, cutting a spirit stone required special means of preservation. Otherwise, Yuan Qi inside would slowly dissipate, and it would turn into a useless stone.

Of course, cores of demonic beasts could also be considered as currency. A rank three demonic beast core was equivalent to a low grade spirit stone, and a rank four demonic beast core to ten low grade spirit stones. If one felt that the deal was unworthy, they could go to alchemist shop for the exchange. Sometimes, a high quality rank three demonic beast core might be exchanged for two or three low grade spirit stones.

"I'll take it!"

The profit of three thousand low grade spirit stones from Ye Chen was almost equal to Zhao family's several months' profits. Thus, Zhao Yushuang had a few spirit stones in her hands.

"Yushuang, a dress worth a few spirit stones is too unpresentable. How could you wear a dress like this? I'll buy you one." At this moment, a middle-aged man who looked in his forties entered the shop. He directly went to the luxurious clothes shelves of the shop and picked an extravagant dress.

As the shopkeeper saw a big client coming, his face lit up with smile, "You have good eyes, sir. This dress is made from the hundred-year soul silk present at a depth of ten thousand meters in the Star Lake. Not only is its appearance beautiful, but it's also resistant to both ice and fire, and won't tear that easily. Even ordinary Clasping Yuan martial artist wouldn't be able to damage it one strike."

Zhao Yushuang's brows creased up. This man was an early Astral Reaching expert and was in his fifties. His stature was bulky, but was a bit short in height. He'd been pursuing her for several months now.

"Manager, how many spirit stones does this dress cost?"

"You, Sir, are a big customer of our shop. I'll give you a twenty percent discount...Eight hundred low grade spirit stones." This dress originally cost nine hundred low grade spirit stones, so a twenty percent discount should put it at seven hundred twenty. However, it was also big customers that could be cheated. How could the shopkeeper not be aware of this reasoning?

"It's cheap. I'll buy it."

Zhao Yushuang bit her lip and said, "Many thanks to you Sir, but Yushuang can't accept it."


"Yushang has no intentions of marrying for the time being."

"I have been pursuing you for several months. Is there any other Astral Reaching expert who would go to such lengths? Yushuang, if you marry me, your family wouldn't need to go out for hunting. Although I, Li Tao, am not filthy rich, I have no lack of low grade spirit stones." Star Lake's depths were boundless and powerful demonic beasts usually resided in its deepest region. Even a Clasping Yuan martial artist could dive a thousand meters, while an Astral Reaching expert could more than ten thousand meters and easily kill sixth ranked and seventh ranked demonic beasts, thus making a lot of spirit stones. On Bewilderment Fog Island, Astral Reaching experts rarely lacked low grade spirit stones, and they even had some supply of mid grade spirit stones. Fortunately, Bewilderment Fog Forbidden Zone was not some barren desert. In the lake by Dense Fog Bewilderment Island, there were also many spirit veins. Although the supply was not up to demand, the island could sustain overall.

"Excuse me, I have to go back."

Not daring to offend the man, Zhao Yushuang lowered her head and prepared to leave.

"Hmph, seems like you want the hard way. I've already given you a lot of face. If you don't want to return it, you can't blame me." Blocking her path, the bulky middle-aged man's face turned malicious.

Bewilderment Fog Island was chaotic, and he also didn't fear other people competing with him. After all, powerful Astral Reaching experts were old and already had families. He also had a family before he got stuck in Bewilderment Fog Forbidden Zone. After several years, he had long since wished to marry again.

"What are you doing?"

Zhao Yushuang's complexion changed.

"What am I doing? Obviously have you quietly come with me."

At the same time, he grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the shop, heading towards his home. On the streets, Ye Chen was about to leave the island and investigate the surroundings, trying to look for any clues to leave this zone.

"Help me!"

Vaguely, he could hear a woman's cry for help, sounding quite familiar.

"It's her!"

His brows creased as he rushed towards the sound.

After traveling several li in a flash, he saw Zhao Yushuang being carried by an early Astral Reaching expert. Ye Chen could tell without thinking what had happened.

"Bewilderment Fog Island is truly a bit too chaotic."

Shaking his head, Ye Chen swatted his palm in the air, slapping the man back to the ground.