Chapter 363: Becoming Grand Elder(2)

 Chapter 363: Becoming Grand Elder(2)

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Ye Chen didn't need to turn around. Within the perception of his soul power, an old man in grey robes had flown over from the middle of the Bewilderment Fog Island, but his high speed didn't produce a trace of air-cleaving sound. It seemed as if the flowing air not only didn't hinder him, it instead propelled him forward.

Extreme Wind Mentality!

"To attain extreme Astral Reaching realm, every single person indeed possesses their own moves." In Ye Chen's memories, every single Astral Reaching experts except Shen Tujue had attained extreme mentalities. Of course, Shen Tujue had condensed a martial soul, so how could his battle be not above normal extreme Astral Reaching experts? Absolute power and will could supplement the gap of mentalities.

Amidst the silence, the grey-robed old man called Grand Elder Sun arrived in the air above the hall.

"So, you injured attendant Ma?" Grand Elder Sun coldly stared Ye Chen.

Raising his head, Ye Chen replied, "You failed to discipline your junior, so he was injured."

"Too arrogant!"

The City Guard Squad was stupefied.

Grand Elder laughed in fury and said with killing intent in his eyes, "Failed to discipline my junior? Let me have a look as to what makes you so arrogant."

A silver colored pike appeared in his hand before Grand Elder Sun and rushed down head-first. He stabbed with his pike, tearing apart the sky as if poking a huge dark hole.


Astonishingly quick!

From the moment silver pike had appeared to the moment it had stabbed at Ye Chen, it had all happened within a snap of fingers. Many individuals couldn't even trace the movements with their eyes.


He was quick, but Ye Chen was even quicker. Unsheathing the Destruction sword, he directly pointed it towards the pike's tip. It was smooth and simple, like a breeze, like drifting clouds, quick to the point of being illusory.

Even though the two seemed as if crossing blows casually, the destructive power brought about could only be termed as frightening. The huge Assignment Hall was razed to the ground, wiped from the face of the island. The surrounding City Guard Squad members spat out blood as they retreated with appalled faces.

"So fast, actually faster than my pike!" Grand Elder Sun was startled. His expertise lay in wind mentality, and his every move was astonishingly fast. However, Ye Chen could block his suddenly issued full power strike, and apparently with some strength to spare.

"As far as wind mentality is concerned, this person is number one among those I have seen. But, to be faster than me, it is still lacking. Fast mentality is purely fast, without a trace of impurity, whereas the fast concept that wind mentality contains can't be pure."

After exchanging blows, Grand Elder Sun's battle power and specialties laid bare in front of Ye Chen.

"Your sword is really fast. Take my move, Flowing Wind Nine Pikes!"

Sha! Sha!

Grand Elder's previous attack made no sound, but at this moment, his pike's speed had reached the peak. Sharp air-piercing sounds stung the ears as he issued three strikes in a flash. The third strike seemed almost at the same moment as the second, seeming as if he'd only issued two strikes.

"Four Swift Sword Strikes!"

Clang, Clang, Clang!


The first three strikes counteracted the spear strikes, and the fourth swiftly attacked the former's Protective True Yuan.


The Protective True Yuan was slashed open, and Grand Elder Sun flew back with a pale face and blood at the corner of his mouth.

Four Swift Sword Strikes had restrained the Flowing Wind Nine Pikes!

Flowing Wind Nine Pikes had also issued three spear strikes, but the fourth sword strike was much quicker and much more coordinated, allowing no time for the fourth spear strike.

"Grand Elder Sun is injured!"

Elder White and Elder Lu Song shook their heads in a complete loss.

"Damn it! How could he be so much faster than me?" A swift sword would have an equivalently low might. Therefore, Grand Elder Sun had only received light injuries, which didn't affect his battle power. However, in terms of speed which he'd been the proudest of, he had been completely outdone by Ye Chen, making him unusually furious.

"Roar! Go die!"

Stamping a deep ditch in the ground, Grand Elder Sun shot up, condensing wind mentality as well as metal mentality on the spear. The two kinds of mentalities complemented each other. It cast aside the speed and transformed into an invincible assault power.

"Sun Nian, why don't you stay your hand?"

A huge yellow-colored earth True Yuan palm suppressed Grand Elder Sun back. Even though Elder Sun hadn't built up his full power, even a casual attack of an extreme Astral Reaching expert could seriously injure a peak Astral Reaching expert. Even though he wasn't ready with his peak power, he shouldn't have been suppressed this easily.

"What a fine ability to grasp perfect timing! The palm suppressed him exactly the moment his spear aura was about to be released, saving a lot of strength."

Without even thinking, Ye Chen knew that an island master had made his appearance. Only an Astral Reaching Paragon could suppress an extreme Astral Reaching expert in such a casual manner.

The sky distorted, and a figure appeared thirty steps away from Ye Chen.

He was wearing a yellow-colored robe, and both his hands rested behind his back. His dry yellow cheeks seemed to carry something special. The ripples emitted by True Yuan in his body were deeply concealed, making one indistinctly feel a terrifying sensation, as if a dormant volcano could erupt at any time, burning everything in its wake.

"Sub Island Master Wang!" Grand Elder Sun said in indignation.

The yellow-faced man waved his hand, "You don't need to say anything, go back. I'll handle this matter impartially. The rest of you should go back as well."


The City Guard Squad orderly retreated.

Grand Elder Sun sighed inwardly. Sub Island Master Wang's words implied that he wouldn't make things difficult for Ye Chen. Otherwise, there was no need to have the others leave. He would have killed the latter on the spot.

"Yes, Sun Nian shall withdraw!"

Grand Elder Sun didn't speak anymore and flew back towards his dwelling.

Seeing Grand Elder Sun leaving, Elder White and Elder Lu Song could only leave as well with gloomy hearts.

The Assignment Hall, which had been razed to the ground in an instant, only had three people at this moment. Sub Island Master Wang, Ye Chen, and the heavily injured horse-faced middle-aged man.

"What are you planning to do?" Sub Island Master Wang glanced at Ye Chen. Sensing the oppressive power from the former's body, Ye Chen retrieved the Destruction Sword and said, "I wonder if Bewilderment Fog Island could accept this Ye?"

"You wish to join Bewilderment Fog Island?" Sub Island Master Wang had actually guessed Ye Chen's intentions already. Not killing attendant Ma or anybody else, either his heart was too compassionate or he had some misgivings.

"That's right."

Sub Island Master Wang measured Ye Chen with a glance and said, "Your strength is definitely on the level of a grand master. Our Bewilderment Fog Island is different from sects, as there are no rules. Come to Great Assembly Court! Island Master will personally appoint you as the twentieth grand elder."

After speaking, Sub Island Master Wang left immediately.

"A terrifying man." The former's actions were swift and decisive. Even though he didn't say much, his suppressive effect spoke volumes.

The horse-faced middle-aged man was hoping that Sub Island Master Wang would teach Ye Chen a lesson, but as he witnessed the conclusion, his face turned ashen, and he tremblingly glanced at Ye Chen.

"Your spirit stones, I'll be taking them!"

Ye Chen didn't spare a glance for the former. He turned around and headed to the city streets on the first layer.

On the streets, there was an endless stream of martial artists. Zhao Yushuang and the rest had also returned with bountiful harvests.

"Eh, there is no Assignment Hall!"

Zhao Yushang said with an astonished face.

"Right, there was a big battle here!" Zhao Heng said while looking around.

"A big battle? Who would dare destroy Assignment Hall? Under Sea of Souls realm, whichever Astral Reaching expert comes here, he would be subjected to Bewilderment Fog Island's supervision."

The one who spoke was Zhao Heng's son, the bearded middle-aged man.

Zhao Heng said, "Would everybody care about that? The vastness of the world outside is beyond imagination, with experts as common as clouds. Who could say for sure there isn't any Astral Reaching expert that could contend against the Bewilderment Fog Island. Don't judge things that you don't know about with our gaze."

Zhao Yushuang changed the topic, "I wonder how Ye Chen is faring. Attendant Ma is a blood sucking vermin. He has killed quite a number of experts from outside. Fortunately, there is no corpse of him hanging at the city gates. He should have settled by now."

"Can't say that for sure. The corpses hung at the city gates are people who brazenly showed disrespect for the administration of Bewilderment Fog Island. Some of the abiding but rich people could also be killed, and they wouldn't be hung at the gates. Otherwise, it would impact their gains." The bearded man refuted.

Zhao Yushang shot a glance towards the father-son pair.

"Alright you two, let's go back. This time's harvests are enough to make for the last several trips. Let's celebrate."


On the next day's morning, Ye Chen walked out of the restaurant and headed to the Bewilderment Fog Island's peak.

Bewilderment Fog Island had a total of nine layers. Every layer's city required an entry fee. The first layer city required a lower grade spirit stone, the second four spirit stones, the third seven, fourth ten, fifth thirteen... and ninth level required twenty five spirit stones. Throughout his journey, Ye Chen had to pay a total of hundred and seventeen spirit stones. Of course, each layer had its own identity token. With second layer's token, one wouldn't need to pay the layer's entry fee. Otherwise merely entering and leaving a city would cost an unsustainable fee.

Ye Chen didn't mind this fee, since he wouldn't have to pay anything the next time.

Upon entering the ninth layer, Ye Chen headed straight towards the Bewilderment Fog Palace at the summit.

"Halt your steps, or you will be killed without exception."

The martial artist guarding the palace barred Ye Chen's way.

"Sub Island Master Wang had asked me to meet Island Master."

"You have any proof?"

At this moment, Sub Island Master Wang walked out, "Let him in."


Following half a step behind Sub Island Master Wang, Ye Chen moved his gaze around. The palace seemed to be made of quite an ordinary material, but its appearance was grand and magnificent.

"Island Master is somewhat overbearing, so speak with care!"

Ye Chen stared blankly, then said, "Many thanks!"

Soon, the two passed through plaza and arrived outside the palace court.

"Wait here!" Sub Island Master Wang stepped forward and entered inside.

At the head seat, a black-robed old man was sitting, looking completely different from an old man. His body was tall and sturdy like a bear, palms like leaf fans, and knuckles comparable to small chicken eggs, carrying a frightening power.

"Island Master, he's here!"

Sub Island Master Wang took the seat left to the head seat, sitting opposite to a white-robed old man. Around them further sat nineteen more Astral Reaching experts with different appearances, and included among these was Grand Elder Sun.

"En, come in!"

The old robed old man's voice could be heard outside.

Ye Chen entered inside.

"So, you are Ye Chen?" The black-robed old man narrowed his eyes.


"Apologize to Grand Elder Sun, and yesterday's matter would be left as it is."

The black-robed said indifferently.