Chapter 362: Becoming Grand Elder (1)

 Chapter 362: Becoming Grand Elder (1)

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Shua! Shua!

Two figures landed outside the Assignment hall. The man to the left had grizzled, long hair, seeming at least eighty or ninety years old, going by a normal hundred year lifespan. Of course, he was a peak Astral Reaching expert, so his age should be doubled of what it seemed. The other was a middle-aged man with two crisscrossing scars on his face, giving him a vicious appearance.

As the horse-faced middle-aged man saw the two, he shouted, "Elder White, Elder Lu, help me. This man is clearly a mid Astral Reaching expert, but he cheated by claiming to be an early Astral Reaching expert. He clearly doesn't put Bewilderment Fog Island in his eyes at all. Kill him, quick."

A cold light flickered in the withered old man's eyes before he said sternly, "Who are you? Hurry up and release attendant Ma, then face your trial."

"Elder White, no need to waste any words on him. Those who cause trouble in Bewilderment Fog Island shall be killed without exception." The vicious middle-aged man stared Ye Chen as if looking at a dead man.


The illusory summit suppressing the horse faced man crumbled, the created shockwave directly causing him to spurt out blood, leaving him devoid of battle power. Ye Chen turned around, "This person is taking advantage of the newcomers here by relying on his attendant's identity. How would you punish him?

"Whether he is punished or not has nothing to do without you. Allow yourself to be captured without resisting. Otherwise, only death awaits you." How could the vicious-looking Lu elder not know that the attendant was extorting the newcomers? However, he was a man of Grand Elder Sun. Ten percent of the extorted spirit stones were delivered to him. Therefore, if he said he was innocent, he was innocent. Why would he go trouble Island Master or go against Grand Elder Sun?

"Since that's the case, there is no other choice."

With a flicker, a longsword appeared in Ye Chen's with a plain and simple sheath.

"Since you dared to take out weapon before me, you'll die here without a doubt."

Amidst a coiling black light, a weapon appeared in Elder Lu's hand as well. This was a black staff with rhombic-shaped lines on its surface. As these lines were infused with True Yuan, the air nearby starting twisting, and a mighty pressure spread out.

Elder White took a step back and said, "Elder Lu, settle it quickly!"

Elder Lu chuckled before his figure turned illusory. In an instant he was before Ye Chen, thrusting his staff like a black dragon leaving its cave.


Amidst lightning sparks, the thin sword tip resisted the Elder Lu's charge. The three levels of Assignment Hall crumbled apart, turning into quicksand.

Thump thump thump....

Unable to stop the momentum, Elder Lu retreated for eight steps in succession. Every step was heavily implanted in ground, creating long cracks on the surface.

"Elder Lu is forced to retreat?" Incredulity appeared on the face of horse-faced man sitting on the ground as he muttered to himself. Bewilderment Fog Island had a total of ninety eight elders, and every single of which was a peak Astral Reaching expert. Apart from the rare extreme Astral Reaching experts and Astral Reaching paragons, peak Astral Reaching experts were the kings. Ye Chen had forced back Elder Lu in one move. There was no way he couldn't be a peak Astral Reaching expert at the very least.

"Impossible! He is clearly at the peak of mid Astral Reaching expert. A week ago, my finger would have crushed him to death."

The horse-faced man had a sinister expression on his face, believing that Elder Lu hadn't used his full strength and was merely warming up.

Elder White didn't share the same opinion. Admittedly, Lu Song hadn't used his best moves and didn't even use any style, but wasn't that the case for Ye Chen as well? In the current situation, Elder Lu actually wasn't Ye Chen's match. It was no wonder that this kid didn't have him in his eyes. He did have some ability.

"He is a peak Astral Reaching expert. Lu Song, bring out your full power." Elder White's expression was grave as he closely watched Ye Chen, intending to join Elder Lu at any moment if any accident occurred.

"Kid, you've provoked my anger! Black Sea Shark Fury!"

The moment Lu Song retreated for the ninth step, he brandished the staff in his hand. The air all around him was dyed black, seeming like black tides. Meanwhile, his own body seemed to have turned into a whirlpool within the tides, swallowing the True Yuan within a perimeter of dozens of li clean, and converting it into his battle power.


As the staff struck out, the boundless tides converged into staff aura, violently gushing towards Ye Chen. The next moment, a roaring shark appeared. Its enormous body, which carried a frightening might, suddenly pounced.

"What powerful water mentality!" The berserk aura made Ye Chen's hair and clothes flutter. He stood firm without any movement before the Thunder Sword slashed out an arc in the air.


The True Yuan shark that could destroy a mountain and split apart a canyon was completely cleaved in two, lightning dancing in the cut.

"Lu Song's best move was cut open in one sword strike with such nonchalance?"

Elder White sucked in a breath of cold air. If Ye Chen had merely defeated Lu Song, he wouldn't have been too astonished. The power Ye Chen had previously displayed was without a doubt that of a peak Astral Reaching realm. However, peak Astral Reaching realm also had a classification of weak and strong, and thus, victory and defeat. However, Lu Song's best move, his killing move, was dealt with by a single sword strike, a sword move that didn't seem flashy or attractive in the least.

'Do you still wish to continue?"

Ye Chen hadn't gone out for real. Regardless of how powerful Lu Song was, he was merely a peak Astral Reaching expert. On the other hand, Ye Chen was among the best of extreme Astral Reaching experts. The two were simply not on the same level. He would be a fool to use his best moves to deal with the former.

"Look, there is a battle occurring again at the Assignment Hall. Even the wall had been destroyed.

There had been a high wall surrounding the Assignment Hall. One wouldn't be able to see the affairs inside from the city streets. However, the aftermath of Ye Chen and Lu Song had been too big. The wall had completely turned into mud. The martial artists on the streets were able to clearly see the situation inside.

"Isn't it Elder White and White Lu? Who is that youngster?!"

"Probably a newcomer. All the battles occurring here happen between native experts and foreign experts "

"Tch! Elder Lu's attack has been destroyed with such ease. This youngster is definitely a powerful character. This time, Assignment hall has finally kicked a iron wall. Extorting is not good to being with, but extorting an extreme Astral Reaching expert? Aren't they courting death?"

"He is indeed strong, but Bewilderment Fog Island has three island masters and nineteen grand elders. Confronting them with force would only result in a miserable death."

On the street outside the hall, many martial artists had gathered. They had no lack of Astral Reaching realm experts. Everybody was discussing the matter, giving their own take.

"Make way. City Guard Squad has arrived."

Right at this moment, groups of martial artists arrived from both ends of the street. The lowest realm among these martial artists was early Astral Reaching realm. The squadron captions were at the peak of mid Astral Reaching experts, and vice-captains had mid Astral Reaching realm cultivation base. Each squadron had twenty members, numbering around hundred in total.

The City Guard Squad wouldn't move easily. Usually, city patrols of Clasping Yuan martial artists were responsible for maintaining order. Only in case of a major event would the City Guard Squad would be mobilized. The City Guard Squad had more than three thousand members. The current members clearly didn't constitute their entire power.

Several Years had passed by since the City Guard Squad had been mobilized.

"All of you, get lost!"

Under the lead of seven Squad captions, the hundred Astral Reaching experts majestically moved together, berating the gathered martial artists.


Seeing that their men had spread all around, a group of powerful men entered the hall.

Elder White had obviously been paying attention to the situation outside. Seeing the City Guard Squad, he inwardly let out a sigh of relief. Two against one, he had no confidence of beating Ye Chen. However, the current situation was different. If a hundred men were to attack Ye Chen together, he would certainly die if he were not an Astral Reaching paragon.

"Surround the Assignment Hall."

Elder White commanded.

"It's Elder White and Elder Lu!"

An elder's position far exceeded that of a commander. The seven commanders voiced their agreements and lead their men, surrounding the hall and ready to attack at any time.

Turning back his gaze, Elder White spoke with full confidence, "It's not too late to hand yourself over. Otherwise, in face of the combined attack, you'll die on the spot."

Hearing his words, Ye Chen smiled indifferently. If it had been an extreme Astral Reaching expert with mediocre agility technique, he indeed had a chance to perish under such circumstances. However, his accomplishment in Shadow Doppelganger technique wasn't something other extreme Astral Reaching experts could compare with. If he used it at full power, he was confident that he would only sustain seven-eight attacks simultaneously at most, and was quite confident in sustaining seven-eight attacks of ordinary Astral Reaching experts.

Of course, his purpose was not to start a battle with Bewilderment Fog Island. His purpose was to become a grand elder of Bewilderment Fog Island. Since he planned to stay in Bewilderment Fog Forbidden Zone for a while, he must take advantage. Otherwise, he had no interest in staying at Bewilderment Fog Island, and would voluntarily get lost in the thick fog.

"Why such a huge force for me? I have actually come to join Bewilderment Fog Island." Retrieving the Thunder Sword, Ye Chen met his eyes Elder White."

"Join Bewilderment Fog Island?"

Elder White and the defeated Lu Song's faces turned unsightly. In their understanding of Island Masters, they would certainly not decline a powerful expert like Ye Chen. Moreover, Ye Chen's actions had been perfectly considerate. He had not killed a single influential person.

With his face twitching, Elder White said gloomily, "Joining Bewilderment Fog Island doesn't require you to hurt someone. Your actions are suspicious. Come with us first and face your trial. Then Island Masters would decide whether you will join the island or not."

As long as he could take Ye Chen in, Elder White was confident that Grand Elder Sun would seal his fate. At that time, whether he was innocent or guilty, it would be based on their word.

"Sorry, but I can't go with you. Attendant Ma has nobody to blame but himself. I merely acted in self-defense, not to mention I'm entering Bewilderment Fog Island with intentions of being a grand elder. You think that a grand elder needs to go through your investigation?"

Ye Chen had prepared two options for himself. Either he would join the island as a grand elder, or he will leave the island. The conditions of Bewilderment Fog Forbidden's Zone would allow him to fear no Astral Reaching paragon. As long as he fled a thousand li away, who would dare chase him? It reduced spirit power by ninety percent, and line of sight was even worse. Several meters or several dozen meters, nobody could keep track of him under such conditions. In the Bewilderment Fog Forbidden Zone, even an almighty sea of soul realm expert would be hard-pressed to chase after someone.

"You think you can become a grand elder just because you say so, how audacious!"

Several li away, an aged voice sounded.

"Grand Elder Sun!"

Elder White as well as the other two showed delightful expressions.